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					            Pennsylvania Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

                         FCCLA Hotline
Volume 22, Issue 1       Editor: Tylinn Bitner, VP of Middle Level Chapters

Fall 2010
                          Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
                          Pennsylvania State President’s Message
                              Hello everyone! I hope      FCCLA . Pennsyl-
                          that everyone who attend        vania FCCLA mem-
                          the 2010 National Leader-       bers have taken an
Inside this issue:        ship Meeting this summer        interest in their com-
                          had a wonderful time. To all    munities and made
                          those who competed in           differences in others’
                          STAR Events, congratula-        lives. Many students
                          tions!                          over the past 64 years
NLC In Review        2        This year’s theme is “65    have taken part of
                          Years of Leadership!” Our       the State Executive Council    students, and state FCCLA
                          organization has come a         to help lead our state or-     staff who have been a part
                          long way in the past 64         ganization. We have even       of FCCLA in the past 64
State Emphasis       2    years; from the Future          had students run to become     years, I find myself stag-
Project, CMN!             Homemakers of American          a member National Execu-       gered by the sheer number
                          (FHA) to a name change of       tive Council, so that they     who have taken part in this
                          Family, Career, and Com-        could serve a bigger part of   organization. Today’s stu-
State Officer In-    3    munity Leaders of America       FCCLA. All of this and         dents, advisers, and state
formation                 (FCCLA). Pennsylvania           more has been done by cur-     staff are part of something
                          FCCLA has done their part       rent and past members, and     bigger than any one person.
                          in making this organization     I find this an awesome         We are part of a group, a
Can You Lead     3        one of the best student-lead    achievement. Yet, as stu-      group that has been here for
From the Middle?          organizations in the country.   dents we could not have        64 years, and will be here
                          Everyone who sees the           done any of it without our     for a long time to come. Let
                          value in being a part of this   advisers.                      us take part in this great
National Pro-        4    organization has done what          Our advisers are the       organization by making the
grams                     they can to make it stand       leading force behind our       65th year of Family, Career
                          out. Pennsylvania students      success. They have stood by    and Community Leaders of
                          have shown their enthusi-       us, encouraged us, pushed      America be one of the most
Membership           4    asm by taking part in Na-       us, and helped us grow.        memorable of all! “65 Years
                          tional Programs and STAR        Without them, we would         of Leadership,” is not just a
                          Events. Some of our mem-        not be able to take part in    theme, but a way that
                          bers over the past 10 years     this wonderful organization    FCCLA makes a difference.
Competitive          5    have even been able to take     called FCCLA. Some of the      This is the 65th year of
Events                    part in the wonderful op-       advisers today used to be      FCCLA, we are members of
                          portunity of the Japanese       former student members of      a leadership organization, let
                          Exchange program! We            our organization. Some         us show others what Penn-
Recognition          6    have culinary artists that      have been impacted so          sylvania FCCLA can do!
                          create wonderful creations      greatly, they became Family
                          including Jessica Hatheway’s    Consumer Science teachers.        -Guiliana Angione
                          birthday cake design that       Thank you, advisers! When           2010-11 State
                          was selected by National        I think of all the advisers,        President
NLC in Review

   There were a lot of great    of the State Executive         accepted an award for the largest
aspects of the 2010 FCCLA       Council I had the chance to    membership increase on the North-
National Leadership Con-        attend Regional National       Atlantic Region. On the fourth day
ference this year, which was    Officer Candidate speeches     members attended FCCLA’s 65th
held in Chicago, Illinois.      to support Pennsylvania’s      Birthday
This was a great experience     own, Jarrett Miller! After     Gala,
to not only go back to the      attending the regional         where
birth place of FCCLA, but       speeches, members also         students
to also celebrate “65 Years     attended At-Large National     and
of Leadership”. We cele-        Officer Candidate speeches.    adults
brated with not only the        The Opening General ses-       alike got
state of Pennsylvania, but      sion was also held on the      to
also with 49 other states,      second day where members       danced
the Virgin Islands and          heard a great keynote          and met           Chicago’s Navy Pier
Puerto Rico.                    speaker, Aaron Davis. Mr.      new peo-
    The first day of the con-   Davis was very inspiring       ple.
ference was a great experi-     with his presentation that        On the fifth and final day , stu-
ence,. The National Execu-      evoked laughter, and emo-      dents who participated in STAR
tive Council reserved half      tion, using personal stories   Events , were presented with their
of Navy pier for all of the     and those from students        medals for their hard work. The Na-
FCCLA members to at-            across the country. The        tional Leadership Conference was
tended and interact with        third day members attended     not only a great success but a great
each other, and watch a         workshops and visited the      experience to go back to the birth-
great fireworks display.        exhibits held at the Hyatt.    place of FCCLA.
                                At the Second General Ses-
   The second day was also      sion Pennsylvania FCCLA           -Jared Sullenberger
astonishing. As a member                                              First Vice President

                    Dig It!

                        Let’s Dig It! How many      ing now? Did your chapter      ject photos and an article
                     of you participated in the     donate the flowers? This       about what your chapter
                     Dig It! campaign? Last year,   year, PA FCCLA is con-         did to the Chapter Shoot
                     your chapter should have       tinuing the Dig It! Cam-       Out Page on the Pennsyl-
                             received a red         paign. We would like to        vania FCCLA website, at
                             packet with flower     hear what your chapter has
                             seeds. Has your        been doing, or what else          -Julie Bush
                             chapter planted        you have done to support               VP of National
                             those seeds? Are       Children’s Miracle Net-                Programs
                             the flowers bloom-     work. Send in chapter pro-

                     Page 2                                                                     FCCLA Hotline
Becoming a State Officer
    Running for State Office    cause in the process as well.   you made in FCCLA chap-
at the State Leadership         In FCCLA, you enter a           ters across Pennsylvania,
Conference can be a very        place where you are respon-     and more importantly the        For more information
rewarding experience for        sible for yourself, and         changes in yourself. Over       on being a State
someone looking for the         FCCLA gives teenagers the       time, FCCLA teachers
                                                                                                Officer, visit:
Ultimate Leadership Ex-         change to be themselves,        young men and women to
perience. Running for State     and to help and spread the      become successful eaters, and
Office not only brings com-     word of our organization.       build healthy families, and     check out the State
plicated challenges, but        The results are very reward-    have successful careers.
bring forth great rewards as    ing. As a State Officer, we     And with the help of            Officer Page!
a result of being elected. If   are responsible for changes     FCCLA, State Officers will
elected, not only do you get    within the organization and     learn what it takes to be-
to go on trips to different     you will know if the            come a better person.
places, but you are also        changes were for the better        -Mark Farrell
contributing to a very good     when you see the difference          VP of Elections

How Can YOU Lead from the Middle?

   Have you ever felt like      PA this year), travel to ex-    planning, goal setting, prob-
you are too young to do         citing new places like next     lem solving, decision-
something great? That your      year’s National Leadership      making, and interpersonal
ideas won’t make a differ-      Meeting in Anaheim, Cali-       communication. These
ence? As a middle level         fornia, and be active in your   skills and benefits will be
chapter member, you are a       local chapter by serving in     useful in middle school,
very important part of          leadership roles or run for                                     “Do not follow where
                                                                high school, and in the real
FCCLA. As a member of           PA FCCLA Vice President         world. So, why not begin to     the path may lead.
Family, Career and Com-         of Middle Level Chapters.       use them as a middle level      Go instead where
munity Leaders of America,      Leaders are an important        member… the more you
you have access to many         component of FCCLA.                                             there is no path and
                                                                use these skills, the better
amazing opportunities, so       Middle level members are                                        leave a trail.”
                                                                the leader you will become.
take the opportunity to ex-     Independent, Determined,
                                                                What great things can you       - Ralph Waldo
plore what all FCCLA has        Dedicated, Leaders, En-
                                                                do in FCCLA? How will           Emerson
to offer.                       gaged, Listeners, Enthusi-
   As a middle level mem-       astic, Vital, Energetic, and    YOU lead from the MID-
ber, you can participate in     gain Life skills.               DLE?
STAR Events, take part in           As a middle level mem-         - Tylinn Bitner
Regional Leadership Meet-       ber, you lead from the mid-           VP of Middle Level
ings as well as the State       dle. You are gaining impor-           Chapters
Leadership Conference           tant skills for life such as
(which will be in Lancaster,

FCCLA Hotline                                                                         Page 3
A Note about National Programs, featuring:
                                How many of you spend            more money for the future.          National Program provides
                            your money right away when           The units of Financial Fitness      information, activities, and
                            you get it? How many of you          are Banking Basics, this is         project ideas to help youth
                            save your money? How many            were you can conquer bank           learn information about lead-
                            of you want to be a better           accounts, investments, and          ership skills through FCCLA
                            leader? FCCLA’s National             credits. Cash Control, helps        involvement, and become
                            Programs can help you out.           you plan personal spending.         strong leaders for families,
                                One of FCCLA’s National          Making Money, sharpens on-          careers, and communities.
                            Program is Financial Fitness,        the-job financial fitness. Con-         Dynamic Leaders are peo-
                            can help you out with your           sumer Clout, helps you be a         ple of good character. They
                            money. Financial Fitness             smarts spender. The last unit       tell the truth, keep promises,
                            teaches youth how to save,           is Financing Your Future this       and respect others and them-
                            make, and spend their money          applies financial skills to real    selves. They care about others
                            wisely. With this program,           life.                               and are considerate and for-
                            youth learn how to become                To help spread the word         giving. They also accept re-
                            wise financial managers and          about the Financial Fitness         sponsibilities, and are fair and
                            smart consumers. Some of             program in your school you          play by the rules. They coop-
                            Financial Fitness goals are to       could have a class about the        erate and build a better com-
                            help inform teens to sharpen         importance of money and not         munity. Dynamic leaders also
                            their skills in money manage-        just spending it away. You          master the six essentials of
                            ment, consumerism, and fi-           could also have your FCCLA          leadership. They are: Model
                            nancial planning. Another goal       chapter learn about Financial       Good Character, Solve Prob-
                            is to create a national network      Fitness, and host an assembly       lems, Foster Positive Relation-
                            of young people who use teen         on the program to their             ships, Manage Conflict, Build
                            -to-teen communication to            school, so all the students can     Teams, and Educate Peers.
                            share their information, and         learn more about money man-         Being a Dynamic leader is
                            provide teenagers with an op-        agement and you can also pro-       very important. Check out
                            portunity to develop commu-          mote FCCLA at the same              some of these and more na-
                            nication and leadership skills       time!                               tional programs by going to
                            be being peer educators. Not             Another FCCLA National          the National FCCLA website,
                            to many people know about            Program that is not as well
                            Financial Fitness and I think        known is the Dynamic Lead-
                            that they should. It is impor-       ership program. Dynamic                -Julie Bush
                            tant to save and spend your          Leadership helps young peo-               Vice President of
                            money wisely, so you have            ple built leadership skills. This           National Programs

Come On! Join FCCLA!
    What makes over 2000 students happy?          several STAR Events. Even if FCCLA           accomplishment and experiences of
65 strong years of leadership have shown us       involvement is listed on you college ap-     their peers through FCCLA, they wit-
that the members are what are keeping             plication, many colleges take that to con-   ness the ultimate leadership experi-
FCCLA action packed, fun and full opportu-        sideration. We have a number if former       ence!
nities! In order to continue for another 65       members who have received scholarships          With our new and upcoming
years, the current members and advisors           based on their leadership involvement        membership campaign, there will be
need to promote FCCLA and its many bene-          Several of the scholarships provided at      new membership awards. Be sure to
fits. The future of this student lead organiza-   State Leadership Conference are pro-         check the membership page at
tion relies on us to recognize our members.       vided by culinary schools across the for updates.
There are several ways FCCLA members cab          country.
be recognized and new ways to come!                   News paper articles are also a great        -Morgan Parrett
    FCCLA offers several opportunities for        way to recognize all FCCLA members.               Vice President of Membership
scholarships to Senior High and Occupa-           When potential members witness the
tional Members through
                             Page 4                                                                                 FCCLA Hotline
Level 1 is Where It All Begins!
    Have you ever wanted to         ual Strengths, is held at the Na-
compete in a Competitive            tional Cluster Meetings. The
Event that is not a STAR            2010 National Cluster Meetings
Event? One of the new Com-          will be held on November 5 – 7
petitive Events is the FACS         in St. Louis, Missouri and Albu-
Knowledge Bowl. The FACS            querque, New Mexico and on
Knowledge Bowl is a great op-       November 19 – 21 in Charlotte,
portunity for you and your          North Carolina. Another note
chapter members to coordinate       to chapter advisers, registration     FCCLA knowledge question.
the aspects of Family and Con-      for Level 2 must be completed         The top two teams (those with
sumer Sciences with your            by October 23. Each team              the most number of wins) from
FCCLA experience. I am posi-        consists of five FCCLA mem-           each pool will advance to the
tive that you have heard this       bers from one chapter. In             finals. Finals will be single
several times before; Family,       Level 2 each team will be given       elimination with a play off for    Family and
                                                                                                             Consumer Sciences
Career and Community Leaders        a packet to include five differ-      third. All FACS Knowledge
                                                                                                             Knowledge Bowl –
of America is co-curricular with    ent written tests based on the        Bowl buzzer rounds will be
                                                                                                             Register NOW!
Family and Consumer Sciences        following subjects: Family,           comprised of 16 questions.
education. What does that           Career, & Community Studies,                                             The FACS
mean? It means that members         Early Childhood & Human                   More information can be        Knowledge Bowl
can become more involved with       Development, Food Science,            accessed from the national web-    information and
FCCLA, but also be involved         Dietetics, & Nutrition, Hospi-        site, and I       registration is now
with our Family and Consumer        tality, Tourism, & Recreation,        highly encourage that each advi-   available! Chapter
Sciences binding as well.           and Fashion & Housing De-             sor prints out a copy of the       advisers are
                                    sign. The tests for Level 2 are       packet and distribute it to each   encourage to log into
    This article is intended to     100 question multiple choice          of the team members. Please        the FACS Knowledge
help you, as chapter members,       and true or false tests. Two          read the information because       Bowl section of the
to want to be involved with the     hours are given and the tests are     every detail is very helpful in    FCCLA website,
FACS Knowledge Bowl to              scored on a scale of 500 points.      any competitive event.             where they can
know how to begin. Level 1 is       The top 20 teams will continue                                           download the
completed in the classroom,         on to Level 3.                           -Jarrett Miller                 registration tip sheet
supervised by you FACS                                                           Secretary                   and start their
teacher and is completed be-            Level 3 will be a single elimi-                                      students on this
tween September 1st and Octo-       nation, head-to-head competi-                                            exciting
ber 1st where FCCLA members         tion at the National Cluster                                             competition. Registra
                                                                                                             tion is open, but
will complete an online test.       Meeting sites. Teams will be
                                                                                                             deadlines are soon, so
The test contains of general        put into a bracket with the #1
                                                                                                             make sure your
Family and Consumer Science         scoring team against #20, and                                            advisers sign up
questions consisting of 25 mul-     so on. Each room will be asked                                           today!
tiple choice or true or false       the same 16 questions. The
questions based on various ar-      five winners will advance to
eas of study. A note to advisors;   Level 4, which will take place at
any FACS student may take this      the National Leadership Con-             Competitive Events: Contests
test so that you may use it in      ference.
you classroom as well.                                                       National FCCLA will be accepting entries
                                       Level 4 will be a pool play           for the poster contest until October 15.
   The top 3 chapters from          and the final round, which will          Time is running out; don’t let your stu-
each state and all chapters with    be held at the National Leader-
a 90% and above will be invited     ship Conference. All FACS                dents miss their chance to be a part of
to Level 2.                         Knowledge Bowl buzzer                    these exciting opportunities! Visit the
                                    rounds will be comprised of 16           contests page of the FCCLA website for
   Level 2, which is based on       questions, three from each of            more information on how to get in-
Team Knowledge and Individ-         the areas listed earlier and one         volved. Please pay close attention to the
                                                                             deadlines and submission methods.

FCCLA Hotline                                                                                     Page 5
  Pennsylvania FCCLA                            Meet your 2010-11 State Executive Council , At-
                                                tend Workshops and Meet New Friends at the
                                                 2010 Pennsylvania FCCLA Regional Meetings
                                              Western Regional Leadership Meeting October 28, 2010
                                                Location: Slippery Rock University                                 Registration deadline is October 1, 2010

                                              Eastern Regional Leadership Meeting November 1, 2010
                                                Location: Kutztown University
  The Ultimate Leadership
                                                Registration deadline is October 23, 2010
                                              Central Regional Leadership Meeting November 5, 2010
                                                Location: Bloomsburg University
                                                Registration deadline is October 18

      Award Your Chapter with State Wide Recognition!
         Could recognition for the hard     encouraging you and provide help-      ceive is very simple, Chapters are
     work your chapter has accom-           ing the way; your advisors! What       recognized for their affiliation
     plished help motivate it to do even    better way to encourage or honor       date. The earlier your chapter
     more? Are you aware of all the         your adviser, considering all they     affiliates, the better! Your chapter
     opportunities that are available to    have done for your chapter.            will be recognized as Gold, Silver,
     recognize your chapter? Pennsyl-       Nominations in the past have been      or Bronze, with gold being the
     vania Association of Family, Career,   very low, and advisors are the ones    earliest date and bronze being the
     and Community Leaders of Amer-         who have helped us the most. The       latest. You can earn the gold
     ica has many opportunities for         Advisor of the Year Award is for       award by affiliating by October
     chapters, chapter members, and         chapter advisers who have helped       30th, the silver award if you are
     advisers to be recognized at the       FCCLA and its members grow             affiliated by November 30th, and
     state level. Some of these wonder-     into the great organization it is      the bronze award if affiliating by
     ful opportunities include Chapter      today. The nomination form and         December 30th.
     Member of the Year, Advisor of the     three letters supporting the nomi-
     Year, Largest Membership, and an       nation should be sent to the Pa           Now you know all the great
     online affiliation award.              FCCLA State Adviser, in order to       ways you chapter can be recog-
                                            nominate your advisor. The state       nized throughout the entire state.
         Each chapter has an opportunity    recognition committee will make        Take these award opportunities
     to have a chapter member of the        the final decisions.                   to your next chapter meeting, and
     year. This member should be a                                                 see what your chapter is inter-
     person who has contributed signifi-        At the State Leadership Con-       ested in doing. Maybe you think
     cantly to their local FCCLA chap-      ference, the Largest Chapter Mem-      your advisor is the best in the
     ter. To make this decision a little    bership is also recognized. This is    region or you set an early affilia-
     easier, you could form a committee,    an award for the largest FCCLA         tion date, whatever your goal is,
     and use the rubric in the Chapter      chapter in Pennsylvania. If you        be recognized for it!
     Handbook for help. After the local     attend a smaller school, don’t
     adviser makes the final decision       worry! There is also an award for         -Lauren Oliver
     about the recipient, he or she will    the largest percent increase. This           Vice President of
     be recognized to the State Leader-     award means larger and smaller               Recognition
     ship Conference. Any chapter           schools both have equal opportu-
     member, except present state offi-     nity to be recognized for their hard
     cers are eligible.                     work.

        All chapters also have the            One last state recognition
     chance to award the people who are     award that your chapter can re-

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