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Common Goals - Michael Prittie


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									       Volume 26, Issue 4                                                                                                  Winter 2011

                                           Looking Back, Looking Ahead; 2010 A Year in Review

                                           Looking back over the past year, we remember the many client events and seminars we hosted. From all
                                           the feedback received, it may have been a tie for a favourite 2010 event. Perhaps it was the private
                                           viewing of Toy Story 3? Or maybe it was The Annual Children’s Christmas Party held at the Museum of
                                           Nature? We plan on continuing to have many of these fun-filled events in 2011, along with several of our
                                           varied and informative series of seminars.

                                           In 2010, we bared witness to Greece’s continued financial crisis unfold. This negatively impacted the
                                           value of European currency, and saw an entire continent devise a single plan in an attempt to lift a
                                           country from potential financial bankruptcy. We had air travel and trans-Atlantic trading stalled due to
                                           volcanic ash from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull (AY-uh-fyat-luh-YOE-kuutl) volcano. We had the single the
                                           largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry when British Petroleum’s
                                           offshore drilling unit exploded in the Gulf of Mexico; from which the environmental effects can still be
                                           felt today. We watched countries unite to pledge aid as Haiti was pummeled by one of the deadliest
                                           earthquakes in recent history. We saw and continue to see growth in the world’s emerging markets
                                           countries. We saw riot and revolt at the G8 and G20 Summits, right here in our own backyard; and we
                                           watched in awe as all eyes were on Canada in our spectacular display of patriotism and pride as hosts of
                                           the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

                                           In the financial world, our recovery from the 2008/2009 economic crisis had rebounded quite nicely, and
                                           it now seems to be recovering at a pace slower than expected. Unemployment is still relatively high, and
   MANULIFE SECURITIES INCORPORATED        the outlook on the economic future is met with varying uncertainty. In Canada, the economy contracted,
   MANULIFE SECURITIES INSURANCE INC.      stocks tumbled, unemployment jumped more than two percentage points to 8.5 per cent, 321,000 jobs
                                           were destroyed and personal income fell. Oddly enough, real estate markets in Canada largely escaped
Michael A. Prittie, CFP, CPCA, CIM, FCSI   the crushing home price correction that hit virtually every other Western country. Compare that with the
Senior Financial Advisor,                  United States, where housing prices are down roughly 30 per cent from their peak. Even in Europe,
Life Insurance Advisor                     values are off an average of 6 per cent.

Manulife Securities Incorporated
Manulife Securities Insurance Inc.         Global food prices met their highest level ever and prices of many commodities reached new record
1565 Carling Avenue, Suite 610             highs. Rising inflation had become a key concern around the world. The problem was especially
Ottawa, ON K1Z 8R1                         pernicious in emerging markets, where food consumption accounted for a larger share of families’
Telephone: (613) 728-0101                  expenditures and where a surge of capital inflows had added and continues to add to inflationary
Toll-free: 1-888-870-4443                  pressures. When the general price levels rise, each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services. This
Fax: (613) 728-4075                        phenomenon can discourage investment and savings, and may lead to shortages of goods if consumers
Email:                                     begin hoarding out of concern that prices will increase in the future.
                                           In all, markets go up and markets go down. You cannot expect any market in the world to stay at the apex
Janet Nunn                                 or to project only a single rise or a single fall. Ups and downs are inevitable. From the point of view of
Executive Assistant                        economics, investment by society is the capital of enterprise, and profit of enterprise is the income or
Telephone: (613) 728-0101 Ext.228          return on investment for society. We can never predict what will happen in the short term, but if we set
Email:                                     goals, stay disciplined and set our emotions aside to stay the course, things in the longer term have a
Janet.Nunn@manulifesecurities.ca           funny way of working out as expected.

                                           With the RRSP deadline for 2010 now behind us, this is a great time of year for us to get together to
                                           review your financial plan and to do a check-in on your net worth. We can also help you with your 2010
                                           tax returns, which is a service we provide at the branch level. If you would like to take advantage of this
                                           low-cost privilege, let us know as soon as possible. Tax filings are due at the end of April. As always, I’m
   1      2010 A Year in Review
                                           always available to discuss the topics in my newsletter, or any other financial inquiries you may have.
   2      RRSPs/RRIFs & Your Estate
   3      Buying U.S. property?

   4      Tax Season Preparation

   5      Technology & Health & Wellness      Michael
   6      Client Profile

   7      Calendar of Events
      Volume 26, Issue 4                                                                                                                     Winter 2011

                                                  Registered Savings Plans and Your Estate

What you may not know about RRSPs and RRIFs
                                                                                      The RRSP or RRIF issuer must be informed that the transfer is to take place
Most Canadians are familiar with the tax advantages of using registered               before December 31 of the year after the year of death. Further, the actual
savings plans to save for their retirement years. Contributions to Registered         transfer of the RRSP or RRIF must be completed in the year the survivor
Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) are tax-deductible and any growth or income          received the deceased's RRSP or RRIF, or within the first 60 days of the next
earned on the underlying investments inside an RRSP or Registered                     year.
Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) is not taxed until withdrawn.
                                                                                      If this occurs, the surviving spouse of common-law partner will report the
What may be less clear is what happens on the death of an RRSP or RRIF                value of the deceased's RRSP or RRIF on his or her tax return for the year.
owner. Here are some frequently asked questions with answers to provide               The surviving spouse or common-law partner will then receive an offsetting
more clarity in an area that may not be entirely understood.                          deduction for the qualifying transfer to his or her own RRSP or RRIF and will
                                                                                      be taxed on any withdrawals made in the future. If the transfer does not
Why am I receiving a T4RSP or T4RIF?                                                  take place during the required timeframe, the full value of the RRSP or RRIF
                                                                                      can still be included on the surviving spouse or partner's tax return, but no
Under Canadian income tax laws, an individual is deemed to have disposed of           offsetting tax deduction will be allowed.
his or her assets, including RRSPs and RRIFs, for their fair market value at the
time of death. A T4RSP or T4RIF will be issued to indicate the fair market value      In the case of a RRIF, a successor annuitant may have been named in the
of an RRSP or RRIF at the date of the owner's death.                                  plan or the will. This means that the existing RRIF continues on and the
                                                                                      surviving spouse or common-law partner simply receives the same periodic
It is the responsibility of the estate, and ultimately the estate beneficiaries, to   payments as the deceased had received from the RRIF. No special taxation
pay income taxes on the RRSP or RRIF assets even though those assets may              issues arise on death when a successor annuitant is named; instead, the
have been paid directly to a beneficiary named on the registered savings plan.        successor is taxed on any payments made to him or her each year from the
If you are a Canadian resident, there are no taxes withheld on amounts paid           RRIF.
out of an RRSP or RRIF on account of death.
                                                                                      Financially dependent minor child or grandchild
What are the income tax implications?
                                                                                      If an RRSP or RRIF is left to a minor child or grandchild who was financially
The value of the RRSP or RRIF, as indicated on the T4RSP or T4RIF slip, must be       dependent on the deceased, the value of the RRSP or RRIF is not taxed in
included in the owner's income for the year of death. This amount is fully            the hands of the deceased. Instead, the minor child or grandchild can use
taxable as regular income. However, as discussed later, there are ways to             the RRSP or RRIF to purchase a term certain annuity. The maximum term
achieve a tax-free rollover of this taxable income from an RRSP or RRIF upon          for the annuity is a period equal to 18 years minus the age of the minor at
death.                                                                                the time of purchase.

How can the income tax bill on death be reduced?                                      Depending on the age of the minor child or grandchild, this may only defer
                                                                                      tax for a short time period.
It is possible to minimize the RRSP or RRIF income inclusion on death if your         However, since the minor may have little or no other sources of income,
RRSP or RRIF is left to a "qualifying beneficiary." The beneficiary of an RRSP or     this may provide the opportunity to have the income taxed at a lower tax
RRIF can be named directly on the plan or in your will. If the beneficiary is a       rate than it would have been on the deceased's final tax return.
qualifying beneficiary, it is possible to have the value of the RRSP or RRIF
taxable to the beneficiary.                                                           What happens if an adult child is named as beneficiary?

Who is a qualifying beneficiary?                                                      If an RRSP or RRIF is left to an adult child who is not mentally or physically
                                                                                      infirm, there is not tax deferral available. The RRSP or RRIF will be fully
A qualifying beneficiary includes a:                                                  taxable on the final tax return of the deceased and will be passed directly to
                                                                                      the adult child named as beneficiary.
     •     Spouse or common-law partner
                                                                                      What happens if the estate of the deceased is named as beneficiary?
     •     Financially dependent infirm child or grandchild
     •     Financially dependent minor child or grandchild
                                                                                      If the estate is named, as beneficiary of the RRSP or RRIF, generally the fair
                                                                                      market value of the RRSP or RRIF is included in income on the deceased's
Spouse or common-law partner
                                                                                      final tax return. However, where an amount is paid from an RRSP or RRIF to
                                                                                      the estate and a person who is a qualifying beneficiary is named as
If the beneficiary of the RRSP or RRIF is a spouse or common-law partner, it is
                                                                                      beneficiary in the will, the legal representative of the estate, along with the
possible to transfer the assets directly to that person's RRSP or RRIF as a tax-
                                                                                      beneficiary, may file a joint election to treat the RRSP or RRIF proceeds as
free rollover. If the surviving spouse or partner is under age 71, the RRSP or
                                                                                      being paid directly to that qualifying beneficiary.*
RRIF can be transferred to that survivor's RRSP or eligible annuity.
                                                                                      Source: Fall Edition 2010 Solutions Magazine
    Volume 26, Issue 4                                                                                                            Winter 2011

                                                                Buying U.S. property?

Know the rules                                                                Get all your documents.

Canadians are taking advantage of a unique convergence of events to           You won’t be able to get a mortgage loan unless you provide
snap up vacation properties in popular Sunbelt destinations.                  numerous financial documents. These are not bank rules; they are
                                                                              new government regulations which have been brought in to reduce the
                                                                              chances of another mortgage fiasco. You’ll need mortgage statements
The high loonie, which has been flirting with par for the past few            on your Canadian property, tax returns, employment information, asset
weeks, combined with depressed U.S. real estate prices has ignited a          statements (e.g. brokerage accounts), and bank statements (all
buying frenzy of unprecedented proportions. In 2009, Canadians                pages). Get a list from your lender of choice.
purchased more than $2 billion worth of real estate in Florida alone.
The total value of all Florida property owned by Canadians now
exceeds $50 billion, making us the number one country in terms of             Check and double-check title.
foreign ownership.
                                                                              There have been cases of people putting money down on a property
The party isn’t over yet. There are still tremendous values to be found       only to discover the seller did not have clear title. The well-publicized
in the Sunshine State. A friend of mine recently looked at a unit in an       foreclosure mess, in which some banks have been accused of
upscale development in Bonita Springs that would have sold at close           falsifying documents, has complicated matters. Title insurance is a
to $600,000 at the height of the property boom. Today, the place              must but it is not foolproof. Make sure that the title search covers all
would go for around $250,000, fully furnished. The owner was                  previous owners of the property, from the time it was built to the
desperate to sell at almost any price.                                        present. Deal only with well-known, reputable companies. In Florida,
                                                                              Lawyers Abstract & Title and First American Title are among the
But before you take action, you need to be aware of the new realities
of buying a U.S. property. I met recently with John Irons, regional
mortgage manager of RBC Bank (USA) based in Naples, Florida. RBC              Be cautious with condos.
became a major presence in the U.S. south after buying Centura
Banks in 2001 for $2.3 billion. It now has 425 branches in six states,        The speculative building boom that preceded the market meltdown
with 90 in Florida alone.                                                     saw the construction of thousands of condominium units that were
                                                                              never sold. As a result, some condo associations are strapped for
After my conversation with Mr. Irons, I did some additional research          cash, if not already bankrupt. Units that have never been occupied can
and developed the following list of tips for anyone interested in buying      be found for what seem to be absurdly cheap prices. However, the
Florida property. Although I am not familiar with the situation in other      condo association bills that follow once you take ownership may
Sunbelt states such as Arizona and California, I am sure most if not all      produce a severe case of financial shock. Not all condo associations
of these guidelines will apply there as well.                                 are in trouble but don’t even consider a purchase without verifying the
                                                                              financial situation of the one you’re considering.

Choose a lender carefully.
                                                                              Things have become so bad in the condo world that RBC won’t even
                                                                              consider a mortgage loan on a condo, co-op, or similar property.
Between 60% and 65% of Canadians buying in Florida pay cash. But if
you need mortgage financing, keep in mind that American banks
regard Canadians as foreign nationals and obtaining a loan from them          Consolidate cash.
can be difficult — if they’ll consider you at all. Your best bet is to deal
with a Canadian bank with which you already have a relationship.              If you plan to pay cash for your vacation home, make sure all the
They have easy access to and accept Canadian credit ratings. Plus,            money is in a single account for at least 90 days before closing. Money
they offer a wide range of cross-border services such as money                laundering and anti-terrorism laws now require verification of the
transfers and on-line bill-paying.                                            source of large amounts of money coming into the U.S. If you show up
                                                                              at closing with cheques written on several different accounts, the
In Florida, RBC and TD Bank, which has 71 branches, are the most              tracking process will almost certainly put everything on hold.
accessible. Harris Bank, which is owned by Bank of Montreal, also has
a small presence with branches in Sarasota, West Palm Beach and               Obviously, there are a lot of hurdles to deal with when buying a U.S.
Naples.                                                                       property. But the billions of dollars being invested in Sunbelt real
                                                                              estate by Canadians prove that many people think it’s worth the
Allow adequate time to close.                                                 hassle. The bargains are still available; there is no question about that.
                                                                              But the window of maximum opportunity appears to be closing. So if
                                                                              you’re interested, move now but be ready to jump through some hoops
Buying a property in the U.S. is much more complicated than in                to acquire your dream home.
Canada, especially with the new rules now in place that require several
levels of verification. Mr. Irons advises allowing a minimum of 45 days
between the time of the offer and the closing date.                           Article printed from 50Plus.com: http://www.50plus.com
     Volume 26, Issue 4                                                                                                       Winter 2011

What is Skype?                                                                                       Health & Wellness
Skype is a Voice over Internet Protocol service (or VoIP for short). (VoIP,
is the general term for technologies that let you talk over the internet      Mark Glen, a registered dietitian at the Mayo Clinic offered his top picks
rather than a traditional phone line).                                        of health foods. All of his choices met at least three of the following
Specifically, Skype is a software application that you can download for            •     A good source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
free onto your computer. You can then use the software to make calls to            •     High in phytonutrients and antioxidant compounds, such as
other computers or cell phones with Skype, and even to land lines.                       vitamins A and E and beta-carotene.
Skype also includes features that would cost you extra on a landline (or           •     May help reduce the risk of heart disease and other health
you might not get at all) like video and conferencing.                                   conditions
                                                                                   •     Low in calorie density, meaning you get a larger portion size
Why would you want to try it?                                                            with a lower number of calories.

The biggest draw is the potential to save money by dodging long               Here, in alphabetical order, are the top 10 picks for healthy foods:
distances charges since all “Skype-to-Skype” calls are free. In other
words, you can place a call from your computer to another computer with       Apples: Apples are a good source of pectin, a fiber that can lower
Skype anywhere in the world and not have to pay any long distance             cholesterol and glucose levels. They are also a good source of vitamin C
fees.                                                                         — an antioxidant that protects your body’s cells. Vitamin C also keeps
                                                                              your blood vessels healthy and aids in the absorption of iron and folate.
It’s not just for individuals — these calls are free for businesses too.
Many budget-conscious companies are using this service to connect with        Almonds: These nutrient-packed nuts contain fiber, riboflavin,
clients, suppliers, telecommuters and travelling employees.                   magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamin E, a natural antioxidant. They’re
                                                                              also good for your heart. Most of the fat in almonds is monounsaturated
Another advantage: you can talk up to 150 in a group instant message          fat, which can help lower cholesterol levels when substituted for other
chat, or a conference call of up to 25 at once. It’s an alternative way for   fats.
businesses to conduct a meeting, or for individuals to plan events with
friends and relatives.                                                        Broccoli: Besides providing calcium, potassium, folate and fiber,
                                                                              broccoli contains phytonutrients — compounds that may help prevent
It sounds simple enough, but making the free calls is going to take some      diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Broccoli contains the
coordination. It’s not like a regular phone line where you can                antioxidant beta-carotene and is also an excellent source of vitamin C.
spontaneously pick up the phone and someone will answer at the other
end. If you’re calling computer to computer, you want to make sure            Blueberries: Blueberries are a rich, low-calorie source of fiber,
someone is at the other computer to answer.                                   antioxidants and phytonutrients. Regular intake of blueberries may
                                                                              improve short-term memory and reduce the cellular damage associated
What you’ll need                                                              with aging.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started; Microsoft Windows, 2000, XP or        Red beans: Small red, pinto and dark red kidney beans are an excellent
Vista, Mac OS X or later or Linux.                                            low-fat source of antioxidants, protein, dietary fiber and copper. They’re
You’ll also need a certain amount of space and available system               also a good source of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and
resources too (like 256 MB of RAM and 1GHz processor).                        thiamin.

     •    Broadband internet connection (high speed is required.)             Salmon: This fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which
     •    Web camera (built in or external) if you plan to use the video      are believed to provide heart benefits. Salmon is also low in saturated fat
          features.                                                           and cholesterol and is a good source of protein. If possible, choose wild
     •     Microphone (built in or external). Chances are your computer       salmon, which is less likely to contain unwanted chemicals such as
          has a microphone built in — but take a look at where it is.         mercury.

The cons?                                                                     Spinach: This leafy green is high in vitamin A and is a good source of
                                                                              calcium, folate, iron, magnesium, riboflavin and vitamins B6 and C. The
There are some disadvantages to Skype. You cannot use it to make              plant compounds in spinach may also boost your immune system and
emergency calls. Also, because Skype is a software application that runs      help prevent certain types of cancer.
on your computer and your modem/router, you won’t be able to use it if
there’s a disruption to your internet service or if the power goes out.       Sweet potatoes: The deep orange-yellow colour of sweet potatoes
Skype’s website is quick to point out that the service isn’t meant to         indicates that they’re high in beta-carotene. Sweet potatoes are also high
replace a home phone.                                                         in vitamin C and a good source of fiber, vitamin B6 and potassium. And
                                                                              they’re fat-free and relatively low in calories.
What about privacy issues?
                                                                              Vegetable juice: Tomato juice, and vegetable juices which include
Critics of VoIP systems claim that calls are about as secure as               tomatoes, are good sources of lycopene, an antioxidant that may reduce
everything else that goes over the internet (in other words, the              the risk of heart attack and certain types of cancer. Be sure to select the
information could be compromised). Sensitive details like business or         low-sodium varieties.
personal information should always be handled with caution.
                                                                              Wheat germ: Two tablespoons provide a good source of thiamin, folate,
Overall, Skype isn’t for everyone but it can be a big money-saver, it’s       magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. Sprinkle over cereals, yogurt
free to try and you can cancel it and uninstall the service at anytime.       and salads, or use it in muffins, cookies and pancakes.
Source: www.skype.com
                                                                              Source: Mayo Clinic
  Volume 26, Issue 4                                                                                                           Winter 2011

                                                         The Volunteer Experience
In our Fall 2010 newsletter we shared with you the volunteer experience of a long time client, Russ. In this Winter 2011 edition, we are happy to
profile another client, Bob P., who also volunteers with the Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre. OCTC is a leader in providing specialized care for
those with multiple physical, developmental, and associated behavioural needs, focusing on our Region's children and youth.

In addition, Bob volunteers at Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre. The centre is a home for the elderly and known for innovation and
leadership in geriatrics, specialization in dementia programming and exceptional Volunteer, Recreation and Creative Arts services. Opened in 1995
the Perley Rideau is home to 450 residents, 250 of whom are veterans, offering long-term, short-term, respite, and convalescent care.

Bob P., Orleans, ON
Volunteer woodworker for the Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre & Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre.

Nancy: What exactly does your volunteer role entail?
Bob: I spend up to 30 hours per week at the OCTC building furniture for children with special needs and two six hour days per week at the Perley
preparing parts for seniors to use in rehabilitation.

Nancy: How long have you been volunteering?
Bob: I'll be starting my 10th year with the OCTC in January 2011 while I started volunteering at the Perley Veteran's Hospital just this past summer.

Nancy: How did you get involved?
Bob: I found both organizations in the Ottawa Citizen.

Nancy: How long have you been retired?
Bob: 14 years.

Nancy: What was your occupation prior to retirement?
Bob: I retired in 1996 as a Superintendent in the RCMP with just over 40 years of service, 11 of which were spent in London, England.

Nancy: Do you have any other interests or hobbies?
Bob: Cooking and woodworking.

Nancy: Describe how volunteering has enriched your life and the benefits you derive from it.
Bob: Being a volunteer woodworker enables me to use my skills while contributing something of value to the community. Working with the staff and
other volunteers has been very rewarding. The letters of thanks I have received from parents and children have affected me more than I can say.

We would like to thank Bob for taking the time to speak with us; we appreciate being able to share your story.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities within your community, visit the Volunteer Canada website and view the hundreds of positions
available today: http://volunteer.ca/

If you or someone you know is interested in sharing their story, email or call Nancy and your story could be profiled in an upcoming newsletter.
   Volume 26, Issue 4                                                                                                       Winter 2011
                                                                Tax Season Preparation

It's never too soon to start organizing your tax return file. As many of      Spousal or child support received
you know, we provide in-house taxes return services to our clients.           Property tax or rent paid (if family net income < $40,000)
                                                                              Employment expenses (auto / supplies / home office)
We have prepared the following checklist to help you assemble the              (form T2200 required - signed by employer)
information required.                                                         Moving expenses (T1M) if you moved 40 km closer to new place of work
                                                                              RRSP Home buyer information
                                                                              Details of any foreign income
Last year’s tax return
Details of changes to personal status such as marriage, separation,
births, new address, telephone number, disabilities, death
Amounts paid by installments

T4 Employment income
T5 Interest or dividends
T3 Mutual fund income
T600 Canada Savings Bond interest
T4OAS Old Age Security (age 65)
T4A(P) Canada or Quebec Pension
T4A Pension, retiring allowance, scholarships
T4RIF Registered Retirement Income Fund
T4RSP Withdrawal from a RRSP
T5007 Workers compensation, social assistance
T5013 Partnership income
T4E Employment Insurance Benefits
T4PS Profit Sharing Plan

RRSP contribution slips
Professional fees or union dues (if not on T4)
Medical expenses ( drugs, dental, glasses, therapy, private health plan
(Summarize by family member and exclude any amounts reimbursed)
Child care information
Tuition fees/education amounts
Interest on money borrowed to earn investment income
Safety deposit box (if you own investments)
Investment management fees
Public transit passes
Labor sponsored tax credits
Spousal or child support paid
Political contribution receipts

Investments (excluding RRSP accounts)
Stocks - Capital gains summary report (from broker) or transaction
Mutual Funds - Annual statement showing gains/losses
Real estate - agreement of purchase and sale (for both original purchase
and sale)
(If investments are jointly owned with your spouse, details of % split.
  For all investments sold, switched or exchanged during the year.)
       Volume 26, Issue 4                                                                                                                          Winter 2011

                             Winter Activities                                                                       CALENDAR OF EVENTS

Winterlude                                                                                     FLOW THROUGH PRODUCTS
February 4 – 12, 2011                                                                          1525 Carling Ave, Lower Boardroom
www.canadascapital.gc.ca/winterlude                                                            January 26, 2011
Taste of Winterlude
January 27 – February 21, 2011
http://winterlude.gc.ca/taste-of-winterlude/                                                   RRSPs 101
                                                                                               1525 Carling Ave, Lower Boardroom
Rustic Wine and Cheese at Clos Baillie Winery, Aylmer                                          February 5, 2011 (Saturday)
January 28, 2011 & February 4, 2011                                                            9:30am-11:00am
$35 for three wines, six cheeses and presentations
                                                                                               COMFORT KEEPERS (INDEPENDENT LIVING)
Broadband Jazz Master classes Series, NAC                                                      Shari Westman, President
February 8, 2011                                                                               1525 Carling Ave, Lower Boardroom
Free admission 12Noon-2pm                                                                      March 2011
http://www.nac-cna.ca/en/whatson/event.cfm?ID=6431                                             6:30-8pm

                                                                                               TOOLS OF THE TRADE; Reuters, Morningstar, Paltrak
Family Day                                                                                     Michael Prittie & Duane Francis
February 21, 2011                                                                              1525 Carling Ave, Lower Boardroom
Most schools and businesses are closed. Check with local museums and                           April 2011
galleries for reduced rate admission fees.                                                     6:30-8pm

Ski for Kids, Mooney's Bay
February 21, 2011
Family cross country ski day (Family Day) with proceeds going to The
Children's Wish Foundation.

Ottawa Public Library
Borrow a Privilege Card and gain free admission to:
Gatineau Park cross-country skiing
Museum of Nature
Science & Tech Museum
Ottawa Museum Pass (Civilization, War & Postal Museums)
Renfrew County Museum Pass
                                                                                               Be sure to check our website often for updated information on Seminars
http://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en/main/library/card/using/passes/privilege                      & Client Events: http://www.michaelprittie.ca/index.html

                                                                                               Please direct any questions to Nancy Smith, Business Relations
                                                                                               613 728-0101 ext 226 nancy.smith@manulifesecurities.ca

Manulife Securities Incorporated is a member of Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

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