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					Holly Township

Board of Trustees – Regular Meeting
Minutes of January 15, 2002

Call to Order: Supervisor Dale Smith called the January 15, 2002, regular meeting of the
Holly Township Board of Trustees to order at 7:30 p.m. at the Holly Township Hall, 102 Civic Drive, Holly, MI 48442.

Roll Call:
Board Members Present Dale Smith Bernice Alexander Ron Applegate Gary Collins Karin S. Winchester Others Present Gregg MacAlpine Township Supervisor Township Treasurer Township Trustee Township Trustee Township Clerk

Township Assessor/Zoning Administrator

Consent Agenda:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Agenda Approval Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes – December 18, 2001 Acceptance of Final States: All Funds December 2001 Approval of Bills for Payment January 2002 Set Public Hearing(s) Routine Reports: A. North Oakland Fire Authority Minutes of November 17, 2001 B. Building Permits for December 2001 Communications: A. Hollyhocks Treasurer’s Report for November 2001 B. Letter dated December 19, 2001 from Road Commission for Oakland County re: Widening and Resurfacing on Grange Hall Road from Saginaw to the East Village Limit C. Memo dated January 10, 2002 from Holly Township Clerk re: Code Enforcement Services


Holly Township Board of Trustees Meeting – Minutes of January 15, 2002 - Page 2 of 5  Treasurer Alexander moved to approve the January 15, 2002 Consent Agenda as presented. Clerk Winchester supported the motion. A roll call vote was taken. Applegate: yes; Alexander: yes; Smith: yes; Collins: yes; Winchester: yes; the motion carried by a 5 to 0 vote.

Clerk Winchester reported to the Board that in the resolution for the 2002 – 2003 CDBG Grant Application (Resolution 2001-31) she had named public service companies for the public services. Public services must go through the bidding process so we really do not know who will be providing the public services until then and should not be stated in future resolutions. She will be putting a notice in the newspaper that the Township is accepting bids for CDBG Funds for Public Services after county approval of the application. Trustee Applegate reported that the Michigan Renaissance Festival (MRF) subcommittee held a meeting two weeks ago to discuss the answers they received from MRF regarding the Planning Commissions concerns. The committee sent back five or six issues for MRF to reconsider, and those issues were sent to the Township Attorney for his review and opinion on legal problems that could arise. Trustee Applegate felt the committee should have something to present back to the Board by March. There were no reports from Supervisor Smith, Treasurer Alexander, or Trustee Collins.

Old Business:
1. Separate Audit for Park and Library

Clerk Winchester said that during the Auditors presentation to the Board, he had suggested that the Park and Library have separate audits done, that they do no necessarily fall under the main audit, but was not really 100 percent sure. Clerk Winchester said she contacted the head of the State’s Finance and Budget Department and was told that the Park and Library fall under the Township and must be reported with the Township. She said the Township Board can require them to have their own audit, but the Township’s auditor must do their audit as well. Clerk Winchester said it was her recommendation to continue doing what they have been doing. The Township Board took no action.

New Business:
1. Roland Weaver from The Rose Shop Request to Address the Board

Supervisor Smith noted that he had talked to Mr. Weaver about his concerns regarding a decision by the Zoning Administrator. Supervisor Smith told him he could address the Township Board about his concerns. The Zoning Administrator submitted a letter to the Board December 30, 2001 outlining his analysis of the Rose Shop. [A copy is on file at the office of the Township Clerk.]


Holly Township Board of Trustees Meeting – Minutes of January 15, 2002 - Page 3 of 5 Mr. Weaver said that his woodworking and florist business has been open three years. Prior to opening his establishment in 1998, he had contacted Chris Davis, then the Holly Township Zoning Administrator, for approval prior to opening his businesses. Mr. Davis told Mr. Weaver the only problem that could occur is with the woodworking portion of the business. However, he said Mr. Davis looked it up and found that the woodworking business would be grandfathered under the Industrial zoning. Mr. Davis told him the florist business would not be a problem and that displaying the woodworking items would not be a problem as long as it did not get to be too much. Upon walking the property with him, Mr. Davis had assured him that there would be no problems. He asked Mr. Davis if he would need an occupancy permit, land use permit, electrical inspection, Fire Marshall inspection, or anything else and he was told repeatedly, no. A few months ago, Mr. Weaver said Mr. MacAlpine told him he would need to move some of the woodworking items off from the lawn out of the right away, and he complied with that. He was told later that by Mr. MacAlpine that he would need to submit a site plan and fees of $1,700.00. Mr. Weaver said he does not have the money for the fees and the property does not belong to him. He said the owner of the property wants the zoning to remain as it is and does not want to get involved. The property owner told him that if he cannot operate the way the land is zoned, then he will have to leave. Mr. Weaver feels he is right in the middle, especially since he has been open for three years and was told by Mr. Davis that he could operate his businesses under the current zoning. He has all his money wrapped up in this and he wants to continue doing business. Mr. MacAlpine said the woodworking shop is not the problem because it fits in with the industrial zoning. However, the retail sales do not fit under the industrial zoning. He noted further that outdoor display is not allowed without permission from the Planning Commission. If Mr. Weaver continues with the commercial sales, the landowner will lose the industrial grandfathered zoning. The Board members discussed this issue further with Mr. Weaver and Mr. MacAlpine. Mr. Weaver said he had nothing in writing from Mr. Davis and Mr. Davis had not written in any files on this issue. The board members felt a written opinion from the Township Attorney should be obtained before any decisions are made. The tenant and property owner should also be given a copy of the Township Attorney’s opinion Further discussion was held regarding outdoor display. Trustee Applegate said that is something the Planning Commission should review. Supervisor Smith suggested that the landowner and Mr. Weaver submit a written request to the Township to maintain the current business status. He said he would prepare a letter for the property owner as to what should be included in the letter. 2. Fiscal Year 2002 SMART Contract/Transfer of Funds for Senior Transportation Program – Proposed Resolution 2002-01


Holly Township Board of Trustees Meeting – Minutes of January 15, 2002 - Page 4 of 5  Clerk Winchester moved to approve Resolution 2002-01 to approval Fiscal Year 2002 SMART Contract/Transfer of Funds for Senior Transportation Program. Treasurer Alexander supported the motion. A roll call vote was taken. Winchester: yes; Alexander: yes; Collins: yes; Applegate: yes; Smith: yes; the motion carried by a 5 to 0 vote. 3. Watershed Education Contract

Supervisor Smith noted that a couple of month’s ago, Sue Julian made a presentation to the Township Board for the Friends of Parks. The Board had approved a payment to them and the proposed contract will allow the Township to make that payment.  Trustee Collins moved to approve the contract for the Public Watershed Education between Holly Township and Friends of Holly Parks. Clerk Winchester supported the motion. A roll call vote was taken. Alexander: yes; Collins: yes; Applegate: yes; Winchester: yes; Smith: yes; the motion carried by a 5 to 0 vote.

Public Comment:
Larry Lily, 110 Clarence Street, reminded everyone present about the Boundary Commission meeting that would be held the next day at 4:00 p.m. regarding the cityhood issue. Jim Clark asked if the Township had heard anything regarding the proposed national cemetery. Supervisor Smith said, no, but it was his understanding that the public comments were extended another week. Jerry Gere, 535 Riviera Shores, asked if the Township had verified the frontage on Riviera Shores for the owners for paving purposes. Mr. MacAlpine said he had not known he was supposed to do that, but he would look into it as soon as possible. Clerk Winchester said she had hit a dead-end in her investigation into whether that end of Riviera Shores was private or public. Further discussion was held. Trustee Applegate said the Michigan Renaissance Festival had requested there be a way for them to hold special events with little notice. He said this was discussed further and the subcommittee asked the Township Attorney for an opinion on this issue. Trustee Applegate noted that the Planning Commission had changed the meeting time to 7:00 p.m. It was his understanding that the Zoning Board of Appeals would move their meetings to 6:00 p.m. A discussion was held regarding the cityhood meeting. Supervisor Smith said the Township Attorney would be present to help represent the Township, along with Supervisor Smith.


Holly Township Board of Trustees Meeting – Minutes of January 15, 2002 - Page 5 of 5

Hearing no other business, Supervisor Smith adjourned the meeting at 8:08 p.m.

__________________________________ Karin S. Winchester, Township Clerk

__________________________________ Joyce Badder, Recording Secretary


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