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2008/2009 GUIDELINES


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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians

This Booklet gives an insight into the structure and operations of the Irish Ladies Golf Union (ILGU) with respect to underage golf in Ireland. It provides guidance to both underage players and their parents/guardians and is devised to to assist the progression of an individual beginner through to senior golf.

Golf can be played at any age and the ILGU encourages players to take up the game as early as possible. There are a number of programmes and competitions geared to the very young player, under 13, under 15, under 18, Interclub and elite. Tournament strokeplays and matchplays facilitating all handicaps have been devised to support players at club and elite levels targeting all abilities in the game. Who can play? o Everyone – all ages, all abilities – most clubs are actively seeking members o Golf is no longer an elitist sport – it can be enjoyed by everyone o Golf is one of the few sports that all members of the family can participate together o The handicap system ensures a level playing field for all abilities

Why Play? o It is a sport that presents a great challenge where players invariably seek to improve their skills o There is a clear progression from beginner to elite player and in some case to professional golfer o It is a sociable sport, played by 300,000 people in Ireland o It is good physical and mental exercise o It challenges as one of the best competitive structures at Club, District, National and International level of any sport o It is a healthy activity


Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians

The ILGU, founded in 1893, is the National Administrative Authority for Women‟s amateur golf in Ireland and governs over the island of Ireland (32 counties). The Rules of Golf are governed by the R & A Rules Limited and administered on their behalf by the ILGU. There are 26 R&A qualified Rules Officials in the ILGU who clarify queries from Clubs and assist in the running of our District and National competitions. The ILGU is made up of five Districts;      Northern District (mainly Ulster) Southern District (mainly Munster) Eastern District (mainly Dublin, Louth, Meath and part of Monaghan and Wicklow) Western District (mainly Connaught, along with Longford and southern Donegal) Midland District (mainly south and west Leinster along with 6 clubs from Munster) No of Clubs 96 81 103 48 63 391 No of Members 12,500 11,000 19,500 6,500 8,500 58,000

Northern Southern Eastern Western Midland

The ILGU website is an excellent source of information and should be visited regularly. The home page lists the latest News items, Results, Championship information and Club information. Each District has their own page within the ILGU website (see navigation bars across the top) with news, fixtures and results listed. Handicap information can be viewed by clicking the “Golfnet” icon. Players need to know their membership number, on the back of their swipe card, and password to gain access to their information.


Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians


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Hon Treas 5 selected without vote Chief Exec. LGU X2 EGA President Elect CONGU

Northern X2 10 elected with voting powers Eastern X2 Western X2

Irish Sports Council

Chief Executive
Southern X2 Office (5) Midlands X2


R&A Special Olymipics

USGA Northern Executive X16 Southern Executive X 16 Midlands Executive X 16 Western Executive X 16 Eastern Executive X 16


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56,000 members



2008 Organisation Structure ILGU


Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

There is an appointed Junior Representative member on ILGU Council and each District has an appointed District Junior Convenor and Junior Committee comprising of 5-6 members. Responsibilities of District Junior Convenor / District Junior Committee     To promote Junior Golf in the District Arrange and run Under 18 competitions Provide a link between the Junior Convenor in a Golf Club and the District / ILGU Encourage juniors to enter the ILGU District and National Championships, for example; o o o o o   Irish Girls Close Championship District Girls Championships May Fitzgibbon Trophy   (under 19 foursomes competition)

Junior Interclub Challenge Trophy (under 19 singles match play in club teams)

Under 15 and Under 13 Open events

Highlight any promising junior who may be considered for District/National training Encourage clubs to put in place a Junior Programme to increase the number of girls taking up the game at an early age.

Contact details of your District Junior Convenor can be found on the ILGU website and ILGU annual ILGU Handbook.

JGI is a partnership between the Irish Ladies Golf Union (ILGU), the Golfing Union of Ireland (GUI) and the Irish region of the Professional Golfer‟s Association (PGA). Their primary responsibility is the development of golf outside of golf clubs. Their target audience is children whose parents do not necessarily play golf or children who have not had a previous golf experience. There is a strong link between the activities of Junior Golf Ireland and the Junior Golf Programme in golf clubs. JGI can assist clubs in setting up their Junior Programme and will assist local schools to develop links with their local club so that more juniors get started in the game. For information on JGI please refer to the website:


Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

The ILGU provides Winter Training to top players via the District Training Programmes. Along with the District Coach and Selectors, each District Training Committee selects: 1 panel of elite players (max 8) 1 panel of under 16 players (max 8) 2 panels of under13 players (max 6 each)

The aim is to put in place a structured training programme which provides our best players with every opportunity of reaching their full potential and represent Ireland at the highest level. The District Training panels are selected on ability, potential and commitment to the programme, irrespective of age. Weekend sessions will be totally golf orientated i.e. technique, high emphasis on short game, course management, nutrition, mental game, club fitting, knowledge of the Rules and golf etiquette. The sessions will be supported by a professional staff which will include fitness and flexibility assessments. Players are expected to keep a log/diary of their training and golf practice over the winter programme. Additionally, each District nominates 4 players to take part in the ILGU Winterpros. The 5 Districts plus NUI Maynooth submit teams to partake in 3 sessions of round-robin matches at Moyvalley, Enfield, Co. Kildare. The winning District/College will receive a perpetual trophy.


District Executive

National Chairman of Training

ILGU admin

District Training Committee

Provincial Coach

Elite Panel

U16 Panel

U13 Panel

U13 Panel

District Junior Committee

Club Programmes / Junior Golf Development

Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

National Competitions The ILGU publish a National fixture list which includes District Championships and International events on the ILGU website, and in the ILGU annual Handbook. A fixtures calendar is sent annually to each affiliated Golf Club - you should find this poster on the ladies notice board in the Clubhouse. ILGU fixtures are “Open” competitions and players must fulfilling the entry requirements. Players must be a member of an affiliated golf club with a playing handicap. Players must be within the age and handicap limit as stated in the Conditions of Competition. Players and Parents/Guardians should study the fixture list at the beginning of the season and devise their tournament schedule. National Competitions (see Fixtures Calendar) 2 Girls Interprovincial Matches 3 Suzuki Irish Schools Finals 1 Irish Women‟s Close Championship 1 Irish Open Strokeplay Championship 1 Irish Girls Close Championship 3 May Fitzgibbon Trophy Finals(foursomes) 2 Women‟s Interprovincial Matches 2 Under 15 Interprovincial Matches 3 Girls Interclub Finals
1 2 3

H’Cap Limit Selected team School team 12 9 28 District qualifiers Selected team Selected team Club team

Date (approx) Easter, week 2 April, last Monday May, week 3 June, week 3 July, week 3 July, week 4 July, week 4 August week 3 August week 4

Premier events. Entry forms are available on the ILGU website. Team events. Selected by District or National Selectors. Suzuki Schools Championships - Schools receive entry forms from the District Junior Convenor and are invited to submit team of 3 players to play in the District qualifiers. May Fitzgibbon Trophy (under 19) – Foursomes Matchplay. Two players from the same Province may enter the District qualifiers through their District Junior Secretary. Girls Interclub Finals (under 19) – Singles Matchplay. Club competition. Club submit team of 3 to play in the District qualifiers.

District Fixtures Each District has their own “District” section on the ILGU website where fixtures, junior notices and results are posted. District Girls Championships Each District runs a Girls Championship. The dates of the District Girls Championships are currently on an annual rota and they are played in the following weeks;  June, week 4  July, week 1 & 2  August, week 3 The handicap limit is 34. The fixtures calendar will be revised from 2009 so the above dates may alter slightly thereafter.


Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

Girls Competitions (District Qualifiers, see fixtures calendar for dates)  Suzuki Irish Schools Championship  May Fitzgibbon Trophy  Interclub Matches  Under 15 and Under 13 Open events District Women’s Championships H‟Cap limit South 9 April, week 2 North 12 May, week 1 East 9 June, week 1 Midland 12 June, week 2 West 12 June, week 4 INTERNATIONAL EVENTS ILGU National Selectors currently select U18 players for the following events: Team Events Girls European Team Championships (International Cap) Girls Home International Matches (International Cap) European Young Masters Individual Events Scottish U16 Championship Harder German Junior Masters Saab International Juniors (Under 21) R & A Junior Open Duke of York (Irish Girls Champion) Faldo Series (Irish Girls Champion) No. of players 4 players 8 players 2 girls and 2 boys Date July, week 2 August, week 1 July, week 4

2 or 3 2 2 1 1 1

Easter week August, week 2 August, week 4 July, week 3 September September

The above list of events may vary slightly on an annual basis depending on standard, popularity, entry level and Junior Order of Merit standing. The Committee of National Selectors recommends annually to ILGU Council which Under 18 events should be represented and funded by the ILGU. Players are requested to notify the ILGU if they are intending to play in any International individual competitions independent of the ILGU selected team. In line with the Code of Practice for Children in Golf, an adult (ILGU Official or Parent/ Guardian) will accompany under 18‟s travelling to such competitions. The ILGU will be responsible for covering all relevant costs. The administration of entry fees, travel and accommodation will be arranged by the ILGU head office.


Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

Girls British Open Matchplay Championship From 2007 onwards, Girls who wish to compete in the Girls British Open must enter the competition themselves and make their own travel, transport and accommodation arrangements inline with their parent‟s/guardian‟s consent. Entry forms can be completed online, on the Ladies Golf Union (LGU) website The Irish Ladies Golf Union will not be sending an ILGU official to accompany players to this event. Grants will be paid accordingly dependant on reaching the qualifying stage and the matchplay stage as follows: Qualifying stage €700 Match Play stage €900 All granted monies are subject to change.

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

The ILGU automatically awards Order of Merit points to girls (under 18 on 1st January in relevant year) based on performance in various trounaments. The winner will become the Junior Golfer of the Year and shall be awarded a trophy (perpetual) and voucher. Further information on the Order of Merit is available at Girls Order of Merit Conditions  Open to all players who are under 18 years of age at 00.00 hours on the 1st January in the relevant year and who are members of a Club affiliated to the ILGU, the LGU or overseas equivalent, subject to the following qualifications:o Irish Nationality of father or mother; or o Birth of Competitor in Ireland; or o Five years‟ residence in Ireland  Points will be awarded automatically to players competing in the nominated events  Points from a maximum of FIVE events  In the event of a tie, the player with the highest number of points from the Irish Girls Close Championship shall be declared the winner. If the players are still tied, the Order of Merit shall be decided upon by the player with the highest number of points from the British Girls Championships, followed by the Irish Women‟s Close Championship  In a strokeplay event, the Winner shall be awarded the top points and the second placed player shall be awarded the second highest points. In the event of a tie for third or subsequent places, the points relating to the players tied, shall be aggregated and divided equally amongst the players tied  The winner shall receive the Junior Order of Merit trophy together with a voucher wile a voucher will also be awarded to the 2nd placed player  The Order of Merit shall be under the management of the ILGU office. All disputes shall be settled by Council whose decision shall be final  Conditions and events may change at the discretion of Council at the end of each year Girls Order of Merit Events                Irish Girls‟ Close Championship Girls‟ British Open Amateur Championship Ulster Girls‟ Championship Munster Girls‟ Championship Leinster Girls‟ Championship Connacht Girls‟ Championship Midland Girls‟ Championship Castletroy Scratch Cup Cork Scratch Cup Curragh Scratch Cup Hermitage Scratch Cup Lahinch Scratch Cup Roscommon Scratch Cup Royal Co. Down Ladies Scratch Salver Royal Portrush Scratch Cup

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

Girls Order of Merit – Points Table 2008
Girls District Stroke Play Champi onships Stroke Play

Placings for Qualifying and Stroke Play events

Girls' British Open

Girls' Irish Close

Girls District Matchplay Championships

Scratch Cups*


Match Play 1st 250 R/up 200 Semi 150 Quarter 100 3rd Rnd 50 2nd Rnd 25


Match Play 1st 200 R/up 150 Semi 100 Quarter 50 2nd Rnd 25


Match Play 1st 60 R/up 40 Semi 20 Quarter 10

Stroke Play

1st 2nd 3rd 4

150 140 130 120

70 60 50 40

90 65 40 25

30 25 20 15

50/35 40/25 30/15 20/10

5th 6th 7 8 9
th th th th



10 5 (6th – 10th)



110 105 100 95 90 70 50 30

30 25 20 15 10 5



11-16th 17-32nd 33-64th

* Castletroy, Cork, Hermitage, Lahinch, Roscommon, Royal County Down Ladies, Royal Portrush, The Curragh

WOMEN’S ORDER OF MERIT Under 18‟s can also compete for the Women‟s Order of Merit. Conditions  Open to all players eligible to enter the Irish Women‟s Close Championship  Points will be awarded automatically to players competing in the nominated events  Points from a maximum of SIX events, minimum of ONE International event  In the event of a tie, the player with the highest number of points from the Irish Women‟s Close Championship shall be declared the winner. If the players are still tied, the Order of Merit shall be decided upon by the player with the highest number of points from the Irish Stroke Play Championship, followed by the British Matchplay Championships  In a stokeplay event, the Winner shall be awarded the top points and the second placed player shall be awarded the second highest points. In the event of a tie for third or subsequent places, the points relating to the players tied, shall be aggregated and divided equally amongst the players tied  The winner shall receive the Order of Merit trophy together with a voucher. Vouchers will also be awarded to the 2nd and 3rd placed players  The Order of Merit shall be under the management of the ILGU office. All disputes shall be settled by Council whose decision shall be final  Conditions and events may change at the discretion of Council at the end of each year

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

Women’s Order of Merit Events (Women’s):  British Open Amateur Championship  British Open Stroke Play Championship  European Individual Championships  National Championship of a European Country  Irish Women‟s Close Championship  Irish Women‟s Open Stroke Play Championship  Helen Holm Scottish Open  Welsh Open Strokeplay  St. Rule Trophy  Ulster Championship  Munster Championship  Leinster Championship  Connacht Championship  Midland Championship  Castletroy Scratch Cup  Cork Scratch Cup  Hermitage Scratch Cup  Lahinch Scratch Cup  Roscommon Scratch Cup  Royal Co. Down Ladies Scratch Salver  Royal Portrush Scratch Cup  The Curragh Scratch Cup

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians


Introduction The payment of grants was first introduced by the ILGU to assist “elite” amateur golfers to defray part of the cost of coaching, equipment and travel to tournaments both National and International. In addition, players attending various International tournaments throughout the year receive subsistence payments per tournament. Eligibility To be eligible for grant aid, players must meet the eligibility criteria for International Selection as defined in the ILGU Handbook and have achieved the following performance criteria in the previous year‟s Order of Merit:  Women‟s Order of Merit – the top 8 places on the Women‟s Order of Merit will be eligible for a grant as defined in section 4  Junior Order of Merit – the top 8 places on the Junior Order of Merit will be eligible for a development grant  District Champions – Winners of a District Championship will receive funding to partake in specific International tournaments Women’s Order of Merit Grant The top 8 players on the Women‟s Order of Merit will receive a maximum allocation of €7,000; €5,700 of the Grant is to enable them compete in the under mentioned competitions. Each competition has a maximum upper grant limit for that competition. Max Limit  International Championships (e.g. Helen Holm, Welsh Open) €700 each  International Championships (e.g. Portugese Open, Spannish Open) €700 each  International Championships (e.g. English Open, Turkish Open) €700 each  St Rule Trophy €800  British Matchplay €1,000  British Strokeplay €800  European Individual €1,000 Sub-Total €5,700 €1,300 of the Grant is to cover the cost of National Competitions (e.g. Irish Close, Irish Open, District Championships) and/or additional coaching and/or 50% cost of equipment. Players competing in the above competitions will be responsible for arranging their own travel, accommodation and entry. The Union will select the Team Award Team (TAT) from the entries to the competition when known. It is the responsibility of the players on the Order of Merit to enter and compete at this level and maintain a strong Irish representation.

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians

__________________________________________________________________________________ Junior Grants The top 4 players on the Girls Order of Merit will be entitled to a grant of €1,000 each per annum to cover the cost of additional coaching, equipment and attendance at National Competitions. The current practice of nominating and sending players to International Competitions such as the following will be continued.  St. Leonard‟s Scottish Girls Under 16  R&A Junior Open  European Young Masters  Harder German Junior Masters  Saab Belgian Open  British Girls Amateur  Duke of York  Faldo Series In line with our Code of Practice for Children in Golf, an adult (ILGU Official or Parent/Guardian) will accompany under 18s travelling to such competitions. The ILGU will be responsible for covering all relevant costs. The administration of entry fees, travel and accommodation will be arranged by the office. Winners of National and District Championships Grants If any of the winners of the Irish Close Championship, the Irish Strokeplay Championship and 5 District Women‟s Championships have not already qualified under the Women‟s or Junior Orders of Merit, they will be entitled to a grant to attend one of the following tournaments:  Helen Holm €700  Welsh Open €700  St Rule Trophy €800 Payment of Grants Payment of grants will be made by the Office directly to the bank account of the individual player on receipt of: Confirmation of participation in the tournament  Clearly completed Grant Claim Form  Clearly completed receipts. A daily subsistence allowance of €30/£20 may be claimed without receipts.

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians


EXPENSE CLAIM FORMS ARE AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD FROM THE ILGU WEBSITE WWW.ILGU.IE (UNDER FORMS) TEAM EVENTS & INDIVIDUAL EVENTS – PLAYER/S ACCOMPANIED BY ILGU OFFICIAL Expenses will be covered by the ILGU. Travel and accommodation will be booked in advance by the ILGU head office. The Captain & Manager or ILGU Official will cover the additional expense of transport, meals, snacks, refreshments on the course and excursions. Players can claim return travel expenses (mileage, train or bus fare, economy air fare) between home and departure / arrival destination, i.e. Dublin airport. Claim to be submitted on the official ILGU expense form. INDIVIDUAL EVENTS – PLAYER ACCOMPANIED BY PARENT / GUARDIAN When the ILGU request a parent/guardian to accompany their daughter to an “International Event”, “out of pocket” expenses may be claimed. Parents/Guardians can claim expenses for transport, meals and refreshments etc. On return, expenses must be submitted on the official ILGU Expense Form, including receipts where possible. In certain circumstances a float can be provided in advance of tournament, receipts must be furnished to the ILGU on return. A guide to meal allowances is as follows;  Dinner €25/£17  Lunch €15/£10  Mileage 20cent /15p per mile

The ILGU only cover the expense of one adult to accompany their child. See further information under “Parents Role at Team Events” section in this booklet.

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

Selection Criteria for the National Irish Ladies Golf Union Squads and Teams (2008) The development of women‟s golf in Ireland and around the world has been progressing at a great rate over the past number of years. The increasing professionalisation in the sport and the rising standard of the younger players, in addition to the age at which the players are playing at a high level, is a challenge for all golfing Associations/Unions around the world. In Ireland, structures have been put in place to encourage and support players by providing improved facilities, resources and coaching. These supports combined and the improvement in standard means that competition for places on National teams is increasing all the time. The ILGU is challenging itself to improve the support for players and in so doing, provide an open and transparent method of selection for national representation. The Irish selectors know the importance of selection to the players. They know that selection provides the player with a number of psychological supports:  Affirmation of her success in competitions  Affirmation of the hard work, commitment, dedication that she has given to the sport.  Confirmation of self belief, confidence, motivation and self evaluation.  Affirmation to all external personnel who have helped the player gain success on her journey. The remit of the selection committee remains the same; to select the best players to represent Ireland at international level. However, 2006 brought about a change in the formation of the selection committee structure for the ILGU. The new structure hopes to incorporate increased responsibility for District committees and the National committee. For the selection process to be comprehensive it is necessary, therefore, that there is a unified selection process based on specific criteria. The selection criteria suggested will be as follows: Selection process for Districts Selectors will be based on the following:  Observation of players  Information gained from the database of competition results  Result of performance in District championships  Training camp for example, player‟s personal profile  Report from District Captain and Coach.  Performance in different types of events; Strokeplay, Matchplay, Foursomes, Team.  Past performance  Handicap profile  Order of merit placement Selection process for National Selection Committee The District committees‟ views on players‟ performances will be communicated to the National selection committee through one of the National Selectors who will attend a meeting of the District selection committee. There should be continuous communication throughout the season between district selectors and national selectors attending the same events. The National selection committee will base their considerations on the following;  Review of District committee‟s proposals  Observation of players  Information gained from the database on competition results  Training camp for example, player‟s personal profile  Report from captain and coach.  Past performance  Order of merit placement  Handicap profile
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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

Taking each of these criterions in detail a clear strategy will be evident on which the ILGU will base international team selections. It is necessary to point out that the selection of small teams or panels or Team Award Teams (TAT) have a slightly different selection criteria to that detailed below. Some of these teams with less than 4 players may be used to encourage or „blood‟‟ emerging talent as opposed to putting the most in-form players on the team. Observation of players:  Observe player during tournament play, both matchplay and strokeplay.  Technical ability to be identified  Look for positive course management for example, decision making, shot making, club selection, and approach to difficult shots  Personal management on the course for example, demonstration of qualities such as: patience, single-mindedness, determined calm, confident, self belief, attitude to poor shot, to being „down‟ in match, attitude to winning and losing  Personal management off and on the course  Interaction with peers  Preparation for training, competition, travel  Practice at tournaments, both long/short game and putting  Etiquette off and on the course  Knowledge of the Rules of Golf. Information database: Statistics on all players are held on database by selectors, from all tournaments played. Statistics on players based in United States and elsewhere, are held in the same way. Some competitions are nominated such as those detailed in article 12 of the ILGU Constitution (see ILGU Handbook). Matchplay profile in Interprovincial tournaments with a points system developed for the position of play and result of game counting. Training inputs: The Captains and Coaches reports are to be based on the following topics:  Results on battery of physical tests  Mental preparation self-preparation and maturity  Organisational abilities  Attitude and commitment to training  Technical improvements in training following receipt of individual reports  Ability to practice Technical abilities covered in full by coach in the reports to include  Set up  Full swing  Short shots  Sand play  Putting Report from Captains and Coach: All the above training inputs will be monitored by captains at international events and by the coach at training and competitions. The selectors will incorporate the details in these reports along with the other headings above. Past Performance: Results of past performance will be maintained in the ILGU database along with the captain and coaches respective reports during the player‟s career.

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

Order of Merit: The Order of Merit is considered by selectors in their deliberations. As it is a mixed record of matchplay and strokeplay without „weighting‟, it can not be used exclusively for selection. Until a credit system is developed in relation to the status/weighting of competitions, the order of merit can only be used as an indication for selection. In strokeplay, particularly Scratch Cups, a rating for the difficulty of the course and weather conditions and the score returned in relation to Standard Scratch needs to be developed. In match play the result of the game and where the individual won the match and the rating of the individual whom they beat needs to be developed. See under team selections, different disciplines are required for different types of events. Handicap profile: Handicap limits have to be adhered to for entry to some international events. Handicap profiles, showing rate of reduction, are monitored by National Selectors. International Teams Selected: Women’s Home International Team As this is a match play tournament, the primary focus is on match play results. Results in match play rounds of the following championships are important;  Irish Women‟s/Girls Close Championships  Provincial Championship/s  British Amateur Championship  Interprovincial Matches if selected  Senior Cup Also results in the following would confirm a player‟s form;  Irish Open Strokeplay  International Overseas Tournaments (e.g. Helen Holm, St. Rule Trophy, Welsh Open) There is no handicap or age limit for selection. European Teams – Women’s and Girls (under 18) As these are stroke qualifying tournaments followed by match play, the ability to produce good strokeplay scores is very important as a team has to qualify in the top flight to have a chance of winning. While the primary focus is on strokeplay, players selected have to have a combination of both disciplines. Results in strokeplay rounds of the following, as far as are available, followed by the match play results will inform the selection process:  Irish Women‟s/Girls Close Championships  District Women‟s/Girls Championships as applicable.  British Amateur Championship  Irish Open Strokeplay, Helen Holm, St Rule. Age restrictions as at the 1st January in year of competition apply. Girls Home International Team – under 18 on 1st January in year of tournament Again like the Women‟s HIM Team this is a match play tournament and selection will be primarily based on match play results from the following:  Irish Girls Close Championship  Girls District Championships (match play)  Girls Interprovincial matches Results achieved in Women‟s match play events while taken into account, it must be understood that there is a different premise operating when playing against one‟s peers as distinct from playing against older players. Naturally as a player gets older her results in Women‟s tournaments carry greater significance. Note:. While all the above are used to select the strongest national teams, there is always a subjective element to selection. This document is published in an effort to clarify and improve understanding of how teams are selected.
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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians


INTERNATIONAL TEAM EVENTS The ILGU sends an International team to the following events and the Union appoints a Captain, Manager and National Coach to travel with the team.  European Team Championships  Girls Home International Matches The ILGU sends 2 girls who form an Irish team with 2 boys from the GUI to the European Young Masters. One ILGU and one GUI official accompany this team. Captaincy alternates annually. It is important for parents/guardians to understand that an Irish team travel under the auspices of the ILGU and that team members are the responsibility of the appointed Captain, Manager and Coach for the duration (including practice and travel days) of the Championship. Parents/guardians who wish to support the team must make their own travel and accommodation arrangements and avoid where possible staying in the official team hotel. TEAM SELECTION AT EVENTS The ILGU welcomes parental/guardian support, once it does not interfere with the role and task of the Captain, Coach and Manager. As such the role of the Captain and Manager is one of loco parentus at an International event. Therefore, it is advised that well-meaning parents/guardians discuss the type of contact or ground rules with the Captain or Manager prior to assisting the team. The Captain and Coach are in sole charge of team selection and are not answerable to parents at any time. While a player travels with a squad there is no guarantee of match selection. INTERNATIONAL INDIVIDUAL EVENTS When an under 18 player is selected to compete in an overseas individual Event, it is desirable that a parent/guardian travel with their own child. As far as is possible the ILGU head office will arrange and pay in advance for travel/flight, accommodation and Entry Fees. The role of the parent / guardian at an individual event is as follows:  Ensure arrival on time at airport  Transfer between airport and hotel/golf course (if not arranged by ILGU in advance)  Check-in at accommodation  Registration of player with host organisation  Arranging or confirming times of practice rounds  Confirm draw time for competition  Ensure player arrives in good time and warms up accordingly  Provide meals to player and one parent  Provide refreshments and snacks for round of golf  Provide support and positive encouragement to the player where possible  Settle all bills on departure  Submit expenses to ILGU on return

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians

__________________________________________________________________________________ PLAYER / GUARDIAN CONSENT FORM All U18 players and parent/guardian must sign a consent form which provides the ILGU with some personal details and permission for the following:  Anti-doping testing  Overnight travel  Golf related photography This form can be downloaded from the ILGU website and submitted to the ILGU office. CODE OF CONDUCT Players selected on International teams and parent / guardian must sign a Code of Conduct form prior to travel. The Code of Conduct is applicable from the date of travel until the date of return of the specific Championship. Sample as follows:

ILGU CODE OF CONDUCT (GIRLS) Everyone representing the ILGU and her Country should take pride in her selection. She has a duty to do so through conforming to the normal acceptable behaviour and code of dress at all times both on and off the course. Any failure to do so would reflect badly on the individual, her family, her club and the Irish Ladies’ Golf Union. PERSONAL APPEARANCE Team uniform shall be worn as directed by the Team Captain (or Team Manager on instruction from the Captain) as appropriate to the occasion and shall always be neat, clean and tidy. When players are expected to wear their own clothing (i.e. on practice days or during the evening in all public rooms of team hotel) their clothing shall conform to the usual conventional standards. JEANS, SHORT SHORTS, SUN TOPS, TRACKSUITS, LEGGINGS, RUNNERS AND PLATFORM SHOES ARE NOT PERMITTED EITHER ON THE COURSE OR IN THE CLUBHOUSE. BEHAVIOUR AND PERSONAL CONDUCT Team members shall behave in an acceptable and pleasant manner at all times both on and off the course. Good manners are essential and language used in public or in group situations shall always be appropriate and socially acceptable. ALCOHOL Consumption of alcohol is forbidden for the duration of the Championship and also while travelling to and from the Championship. DRUG ABUSE Team members shall not knowingly make use of any drug to enhance their performance. It is critical that information relating to medication being taken by a player is reported in advance of departure to the Team Captain and the enclosed Therapeutic Use Exemption form/s (TUE’s) are forwarded to The Irish Spots Council. GENERAL All team members shall be expected to respond to the Captain’s encouragement, commitment and instructions at all times. Any breach of the above code may result in the person being sent home at her own expense and may also result in forfeiture of any further selection to represent Ireland and the ILGU irrespective of national standing. I AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE ABOVE CODE OF CONDUCT:NAME OF PLAYER: SIGNATURE: ___________________________________________ (BLOCK CAPS)

_______________________________ DATE:______________________

PARENTS/GUARDIANS Parents/guardians should also inform the team captain/manager of any medical condition or special needs of their child. The Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport, requests that written permission of parents/guardians be obtained for all overnight away trips. Please sign below to give your approval. SIGNATURE: _______________________________ DATE: _______________________ Parent/Guardian

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians

__________________________________________________________________________________ PARENTS ON THE GOLF COURSE Caddies A person whose age exceeds the age limit in the following ILGU National competitions is not permitted to act as a caddie at the following tournaments:    Irish Girls Close Championship Girls Interprovincial Matches Junior Inter-Club Challenge Trophy

Caddies are NOT permitted at the following ILGU competitions:    Under 15 Girls Interprovincial Matches Irish Schools Championships May Fitzgibbon Foursomes

For specific tournaments, particularly International team events, only the Captain may give advice and communicate verbally with the players. Over-involvement is a serious issue at golf tournaments. Over-involved and over-protective parents/guardians add pressure on the child and reduce the child‟s ability to take responsibility for their own actions. Parent/Guardians may:  Exercise good golf etiquette  Hand players food, drink, clothes between holes  Help look for lost balls  Help ball spotters on the course  Offer verbal encouragement  Help staff evacuate players after weather suspension Parents/Guardians may not  Give advice to a player on the golf course: Rule 3-3  Give encouragement on the golf course as it could be interpreted as advice  Give rulings or call penalties on players  Shuttle players  Be within 25 yards of a player during play/practice or walk in fairways  Violate host golf course policies  Use abusive language toward players or staff  Withdraw a player without speaking to an ILGU Official

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

The current ILGU uniform in place for a 3 year period of time covering 2006, 2007 and 2008. The next uniform review will be completed in late 2008/early 2009 when new uniform items will be agreed for the 2009 playing season. Uniform Approach International Teams will receive a “full” uniform as listed below;
Description Blazer Playing Shirt-Sleeved Playing Shirt-No Sleeve Polo Neck T Shirt Trousers Capri Shorts Sweater Slip Over Windbreaker ITEMS TO BE RETURNED Golf Bag Rain Cover Golf Bag Travel Cover Quantity 1 4 3 2 2 2 1 2 2 1 1 Description Waterproof -Top S/S Waterproof - Legs-Women‟s Tracksuit Hat Cap Socks Golf Bag Holdall Umbrella Golf Balls Quantity 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 Dozen


Panels/other selections* will receive a “short version” (2 Shirts, 1 Trousers, 1 Shorts, 1 Sweater, 1 Slipover) of the uniform range depending on the event (e.g. Belgian Saab, Duke of York, European Young Masters, Helen Holm, St Rule, British Matchplay) (not a definitive list) All uniform items should be retained by the player with the exception of Rain Covers and Travel Covers which must be returned to the ILGU office. Items of Uniform may only be worn /used when participating as part of an International Team or Irish selection. (It must not be worn by players participating as individuals in ILGU national or club competitions. E.g. Scratch Cups, District Championships etc) It is a player‟s responsibility to ensure they are kitted out with a properly fitting uniform. On receipt of your kit bag please complete the following:o Try each item for size o Confirm receipt of each item by signing the inventory and returning to the ILGU office. o If different sizes are required please return the incorrect size and request the appropriate new size. o Timeframe is important – if you require new sizes please request changes immediately – do not leave to the last minute o All uniform items should be carefully cleaned and stored between uses. Please follow washing instructions carefully e.g. max wash for trousers 40 degrees

 


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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

There are college scholarships available in Irish and American Colleges/Universities for women‟s golf. These scholarships vary from College to College and it is up to the player and parent to contact the College directly. In some cases a College or Coach may get in contact with a player directly and offer them a scholarship. However, most of the time if a player is interested in obtaining a College scholarship it is up to them to research which Colleges they may like to attend and then speak to that institution about a sports scholarship. In American colleges it is required that players must have taken the SAT reasoning test before they can attend or even visit a college on an official recruiting trip. Availability Scholarships are currently available at:     National University of Ireland (NUI), Maynooth, Co. Kildare – Golf Scholarship (Paddy Harrington Golf Scholarships) University College Dublin (UCD) – Sports Scholarship Royal & Ancient Bursary (R&A), Scotland USA Colleges

Information on scholarships is available directly from the Colleges themselves.

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

While athletes in many sports have been advised to eat more nutritious meals for better sports performance, golfers have generally paid little attention to dietary requirements. While golf is a slow-moving activity that does not tax the aerobic or anaerobic energy systems, all golfers can benefit their game from better nutrition and proper hydration as these factors play a significant role in energy availability and utilization. Over the course of a golf game, nutritional preparation can help or hinder playing performance. Three Steps to Better Nutrition An eating program that provides all of the essential nutrients but limits fat consumption requires careful food selection, substitution, and preparation. The following suggestions should be useful for establishing more healthful eating habits: Food Selection Follow the Food Guide Pyramid recommendations which emphasises grains, vegetables, and fruit along with moderate amounts of milk and meat products for a diet that will be high in nutrition and low in fat. Be very selective in the fat category. Saturated fats such as those found in butter, cream, egg yolks, palm oil, and coconut oil raise blood cholesterol levels consume these food items sparingly. Instead, select monounsaturated fats (such as olive, canola and peanut oils) or polyunsaturated fats (such as safflower, sunflower, and corn oils). Mono- and polyunsaturated oils tend to lower blood cholesterol levels and therefore help reduce the risk of heart disease. The following contain less saturated fat than other choices in their category and are preferred selections: fish; poultry without skin; low- fat milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, olive, peanut, sunflower, safflower, corn and canola oils. Food Substitution Most people have favourite foods they don't want to give up in spite of the fat content. The good news is that simple substitutions can reduce fat content without detracting from taste. For example, using evaporated skim milk in place of cream cuts fat and cholesterol content by more than 65 percent and using plain non-fat yogurt or non-fat sour cream in place of sour cream on baked potatoes reduces cholesterol content by 90 percent-and supplies the body with twice as much calcium. Other useful substitutes are two egg whites in place of a whole egg, herbs rather than table salt, low-fat frozen yogurt or ice milk instead of ice cream, cocoa powder in place of chocolate squares in baked goods and lemon juice or vinegar instead of high-fat salad dressings. If you have a sweet tooth, we suggest dried fruit (raisins, dates, figs, prunes, dried apricots) in place of candy, cookies and fat-rich baked goods. If you prefer crunchy snacks like potato chips, consider low-fat alternatives such as pretzels, baked chips or carrot sticks.

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

Food Preparation How food is prepared can increase or decrease the fat content. Frying can double and triple the calories in some foods. It also is better to cook vegetables separate from meat so they won't absorb the meat fats. We suggest baked or broiled meats and steamed or microwaved vegetables, for greatest retention of nutrients. Try not to add butter and salt to vegetables during cooking: It takes less salt and fat to make food taste good after cooking than during cooking. Nutritional Overview Dietary habits significantly affect your body weight, body composition and physical health. Consuming too many calories for the level of activity, predisposes individuals to various diseases and degenerative problems. Be aware that excessive body fat increases your risk of heart disease, joint problems, diabetes, low back pain, and many types of cancer. Of course, extra fat also interferes with proper swing mechanics and optimum golf performance. Conversely, reducing excess fat weight through proper nutrition and sensible exercise can result in improved swing technique and reduced fatigue during your game. Understanding the problem is only the first step in making lifestyle changes that can lead to a more desirable body weight and better golf performance. Eating for the purpose of lower golf scores is advisable from a health and performance perspective. In addition to keeping weight down, keep your accessible energy stores up throughout a full game of golf. The physical improvements that result from strength training will motivate some golfers to modify their eating habits to further enhance their playing abilities. Others might need specific nutrition programs that present daily menus and dietary information. An excellent resource in this area is Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook. In addition to knowing how to count calories and determine the fat content of various foods, be aware that eating too little protein or calcium can lead to a weak musculoskeletal system and even osteoporosis. lnsufficient iron in the diet can cause anaemia while excessive sodium intake contributes to hypertension. Eating foods high in fibre, low in fats and rich in vitamins and minerals is essential for optimum health and physical function as well as for disease prevention. Potassium, for example, which is abundant in bananas and cantaloupes, is involved in every muscle contraction. Vitamins A and C, found in many fruits and vegetables, are important antioxidants (nutritional bodyguards) that protect the body cells from potentially harmful chemical reactions. While nutritional supplements can supply vitamins and minerals, dieticians recommend that such supplements do not substitute for well-balanced diets that include a variety of vegetables, fruits and whole grains, as well as lean meats and low-fat dairy products. Human nutrient requirements are too complex (and too little understood) to be adequately supported by pills and only a varied and well-rounded diet can provide the proper foundation for optimum nutrition. You should be familiar with the food categories and daily servings recommended by the Food Guide Pyramid. A well-balanced diet is not the same as a lowcalorie diet designed for losing weight. Be sure your doctor or dietician approves any reduced-calorie diet.

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

EXERCISE Youth sports, including golf, have increased in both numbers and popularity. With the appearance of new and young talent in the game, children are starting to view golf as being very cool. Because children have not completed their physical maturation, an injury at this time could result in permanent developmental disability and lead to long-term functional problems. One of the ways to reduce injury risk for young golfers is to have them warm up and stretch before play. These same preventive procedures also should enhance their performance ability. Because the trunk serves as the link between the upper and lower bodies, it must be strong enough to transfer forces between these segments. The child is at greatest risk for injury during a growth spurt, which is when large increases in height are observed. During this stage, the child has a tendency to develop tight low back, hamstring and hip musculature in combination with weak abdominal muscles and a swayback posture. This can lead to compensatory manoeuvres and increased injury risk. Problems can range from common strains and sprains, to fractures, disc injuries, vertebral wedging, stress reactions, vertebral slippage, and over-use injuries. Make training modifications for any golfers under 18, especially those undergoing the added vulnerability of a growth spurt. Rehabilitation and prevention programs can range from strengthening and stretching exercises to immobilization and, in some instances, rest. Remembering that the muscles might not grow as fast as the bone, flexibility becomes imperative during this critical developmental period. Common Nutrition Issues Training Nutrition Golfers of all levels require a diet which provides a wide variety of foods. The diet should focus on carbohydrate and be balanced with moderate amounts of protein and smaller amounts of fat. The following are key points:  Enjoy a variety of foods each day. It is easy to fall into the trap of having the same or very similar foods day after day. Different foods contain different nutrients and chemicals so eating a variety of foods ensures exposure to all required substances. Priority should be given to nutrient-rich foods however, there is room for all foods including those that are fun to eat or part of eating socially. Focus on nutrient-rich, high carbohydrate foods. These include bread, cereal-based foods (rice, pasta, breakfast cereal), fruit, vegetables and sweetened low fat dairy products such as yoghurt and flavoured milk. These foods should form the bulk of your intake each day. Consume small quantities of high fat foods. These include butter, margarine, oil, cream, cakes, biscuits, pastries, fried foods and many takeaway and processed foods. Too much fat can lead to unwanted weight gain and increased risk of heart disease. It may also result in you under-consuming carbohydrate. Consume moderate amounts of protein and where possible choose low fat protein sources. Low fat sources of protein include lean meat, skin-free chicken, fish, eggs, low fat dairy products, breads, cereals, legumes and tofu. Look after fluid needs. The body needs to be hydrated to perform optimally. Consume fluids regularly during the day and during training sessions. Consume alcohol sensibly. It is fine to include alcohol in the training diet but too much will lead to weight gain. Alcohol slows down rehydration so is not the best choice immediately after exercise.
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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

Tournament Nutrition A top golfer must strive to maintain skills and concentration over three to five hours, perhaps for days on end. Once physical fatigue sets in, deterioration in skills can be expected. Both dehydration and low-blood sugar levels are possible during competition, and may impair golfing performance. Sweat losses may be considerable especially when tournaments are played in hot and windy environments. Although many golf courses provide drink stations for players, they may be at infrequent intervals and not allow sufficient opportunity for fluid replacement during a game. Since players will usually miss a meal while playing a round, they may be faced with no carbohydrate intake for five or six hours. Combined with exercise and nervous stress, this situation may cause a drop in blood-sugar levels in susceptible individuals affecting brain function and skill. When tournaments are played over several days the situation may be compounded. Chronic dehydration and an inadequate carbohydrate intake may cause fatigue, loss of weight and poor performance. The following tips can help to avoid some of these problems:
     

Have a carbohydrate-based meal before competition. Organise yourself to take adequate provisions onto the golf course. Experiment during practise rounds to develop a plan for fluid and food intake which best suits you. Carbohydrate drinks such as sports drinks, fruit juices and soft drink provide a simple way of consuming fluids and carbohydrates. Frequent ingestion of small volumes of fluid is recommended e.g. 150ml every 20 minutes. Experiment with foods such as sandwiches, fruit, cereal bars, dried fruit, nuts etc.

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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

To ensure that your and others enjoy the game as much as possible you need good golfing etiquette and to understand the spirit of the game. Consideration should be shown to others on the curse at all times. PLEASE AND THANK YOU It is important to send thank you notes, emails or verbal recognition as a form of respect on certain occasions. Examples are as follows:  If you are in receipt of District Training  To your Captain and Manager after a team event  Host organisation of event  Host family Also, don‟t forget a few words of thanks to your parents as I am sure they have put in a lot of time and effort into your golf career to date. THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME Unlike many sports, golf is generally played without the supervision of a referee or umpire. The game relies on the integrity of the individual. All players should behave in a disciplined manner, showing courtesy and sportsmanship at all times. GENERAL ETIQUETTE Good etiquette is important at all times, whether on the golf course or in the clubhouse:  Observe and respect any dress code that the club has established  Check to see if there are any requirements concerning golf shoe spikes  Check in with the starter or professional‟s shop before proceeding to the first tee  Be courteous to all club staff  Control your temper, do not throw clubs or damage the course in anger  Avoid littering the course BEFORE THE 1ST TEE  Arrive at the club in plenty of time  Know your handicap  Be aware of the format of play  Know the order of play in your group  Put an identification mark on the ball your are going to play with  Pay attention to the instructions given by the starter THE 1ST TEE  Arrive at the first tee at least five minutes ahead of your scheduled starting time  If not already known to you, introduce yourself to the players with whom you are playing  Wish the players in your group a good game  Advise the players in your group of the type of ball you are playing and your identification mark  Play from the tees indicated by the starter SAFETY  Ensure that no one is standing in a position to be hit by your club, the ball or any other object when yourmake a practice swing or stroke  Do not play until the players in front are out of range  Alert green staff nearby or ahead when you are about to play a stroke that might endanger them  Shout “fore” if there is the slightest chance that your ball will hit anyone  Seek shelter early from lightning. The Rules of Golf allow you to stop play and take shelter any time you feel threatened by lightning
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Guidelines for U18 Players & Parents/Guardians ___________________________________________________________________________________

PACE OF PLAY Slow play affects everyone‟s enjoyment of the game. Players should make a real effort to play at a good pace. Priority on the course is determined by a group‟s pace of play. It is a group‟s responsibility to keep up with the group in front. If a group loses a clear hole, it is expected to invite the group behind to play through, irrespective of the number of players in either group.  Avoid excessive practice swings  Be ready to play as soon as it is your turn, i.e. have your club selected  Proceed to your ball as soon as it is safe to do so and determine yardages while walking  At the putting green, leave bags or carts in a position that will allow quick and easy movement off the green to the next tee  Study your line of putt while others are putting  When all have holed out, leave the green immediately and mark scores at next tee  If there is any chance of your ball being lost outside a water hazard or out of bounds, play a provisional ball  If you have to search for a ball, signal immediately to the group behind to play through CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS  Do not disturb the play of others by moving, talking or making unnecessary noise  On the teeing ground, don‟t tee your ball until it is your turn to play  Don‟t stand close to or directly behind the ball, or the hole, when a player is about to play  Avoid standing on another‟s line of putt or casting a shadow over another‟s line of play  Remain on or close to the putting green until all others in your group have holed out  If you are marking a card, record the player‟s score after each hole and check with the player if necessary  Avoid taking electronic devices onto the course CARE OF THE COURSE It is the responsibility of all players to make sure that they do nothing to spoil the condition of the course. Players should try to leave the course as they find it and should, for example, avoid hitting the head of the club into the ground, whether in anger or for any other reason. TEEING GROUND  Avoid taking divots from tees by practice swinging away from the teeing area  Do not replace divots on tees as they will be filled by the greenkeeper on a regular basis  If there is a fill mixture by the tee, fill any divot holes with the mixture to ground level  Do not take trolleys or buggies onto tees FAIRWAY AND ROUGH  Avoid taking divots with practice swings - replace them if you do  Carefully repair divot holes, either by replacing the divot or filling the hole with soil BUNKERS  Always enter and exit from the low side of the bunker  Before leaving the bunker, carefully fill up and smooth over any holes  After use, return the rake in the centre of the bunker in the direction of play PUTTING GREEN  Repair all pitch-marks on the green  Avoid causing damage to the putting green by dragging your feet  Avoid standing too close to the hole  Do not use the head of the club to remove a ball from the hole  Handle the flagstick carefully and replace it properly in the hole before leaving the green PLAY BY THE RULES As golf is, essentially, a self-regulating game, all golfers should have a good understanding of the fundamental rules. The official Rules of Golf as published by R & A Rules Limited should be consulted where any doubt arises.
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