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Sub : Poll Script License

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for showing interest in our product and for your inclination to start a B2B script.

Advanced Poll is a polling system with powerful administration tool supports both text file
and MySQL database. Its features include multiple polls, unlimited options, IP-Logging,
IP-Locking, cookie support, comment feature, vote expire feature, and random poll

We are enclosing our Business Proposal with the following objectives in mind:
          A corporate, useful and profitable Polls script.
          A truly global reach to complement your Polls Script business
          An increase in efficient electronic communication
          A navigation style that facilitates maximum information transfer to the Internet

Hope the enclosed proposal is in line with your requirement. We have kept in mind your
trust on by forwarding your requirement and we have provided our cost-
effective rates. For any further clarification please feel free to get in touch with us or visit
us at .

Looking forward for your valuable order and assuring you of our best services.

Yours truly,

Email:                     Poll Script                   Voice: 91 98416 33884

Poll Script Package

Poll software provides an easy and efficient way to manage simple online polls without technical
expertise. Managing the polls is very simple, where data collection is done in real-time and results
displayed instantly. Advanced customization increases the interactivity with your site visitors and provides
a better user experience.

Poll site visitors, registered users, employees, partners, and customers are proven "community builder".
There is nothing like a quick, simple poll to solicit participation and receive quick feedback from your
audience. Create a poll in any language is an inventory feature to capture an international market. The
script is packed with a tool that filters IP addresses to eliminate duplicate votes.

Question types include single answer radio buttons, drop-down menus, multiple answer check boxes, plus
the ability to enter open-ended (free-form) text. A poll has one or two questions with one multiple choice
question, one open-ended question, or both. You get instant results, and have the option to display them
within your voting panel or in a separate pop-up window. Moderators can earn some revenue through our
software. Some of the ways are to sell sponsorship, charge for running premium polls.

Some more features like FAQ, event planning news and mass e-mails are packed to make your website an
interesting portal.

User Register
       User Register with Name, Email, Password, Re-Type Password, Images and Verification
       Check Email Id Availability in Java Script Concept.

User Login

       Registered User Login with Email, Password.
       Only Valid User to allow login to site otherwise redirect to forgot Login / Register Page.

Forgot Login

       Registered User Forgot Login Details use this.

       Enter Register Email Address.
       Send Login Details If found that email in register details otherwise redirect to register

Email:                           Poll Script                          Voice: 91 98416 33884

My Profile

        User can Edit / Update own profile with full details to given login time details.

        User can invite more than one friend to join / vote the particular polls. And also can send full
         details about the polls with message.

All Polls
        After successful login the page user can see the all polls with full details like: created by,
         categories, total number of votes and also user can give only one time vote for each poll.
         For voting time user can give rate of that poll, comment of that poll, report abuse, read this
         poll and share this poll. And also user can see the view of vote title.

My Polls

        User can see own polls with full features like: created by, categories, number of votes for
         particular polls, poll code and user can also edit and delete the polls. After see the vote user
         can give comment for those polls.

Start a Poll

        In start a Poll user can create own polls as a question, as a categories and own more and
         one answer option with keyword. In start a poll user can set font color and background color
         for own poll.

Update Profile

        In update profile user can update own profile depend upon user needs.

Upload Photo

        In upload photo user can upload jpeg, gif file format photo only.

Search People

        User can search polls as people wise polls with full details like: user name and number of polls
         posted by particular people. And user can also give one time vote for particular poll.

Email:                            Poll Script                        Voice: 91 98416 33884

Highly Popular Polls

      User can search highly popular polls with full details like: Created by, categories, number of votes
       for particular polls and also user can give vote for each and every highly popular polls.

Hottest Polls

      User can also search hottest polls or recently popular polls with full details like: Created by,
       categories, number of votes for particular polls and also user can give vote for each and every
       highly popular polls.


      User can search highly popular polls with full details like: Created by, categories, number of votes
       for particular polls and also user can give vote for each and every highly popular polls.

ADMIN (Backend)

      Manage User Details (Delete)
      Manage Polls Details (Add, Delete, Edit)
      Manage Votes Details (Delete)

Manage Logo
      Admin Can Change Logo from Admin Panel.

      Admin Also Upload New Logo For Website.

Manage Site Information
      Admin can Change Website Name.
      Admin can Website Path.
      Admin can Manage Email Address.

Manage Site Content

      Admin can Change Site Content.
      Admin can Change Contact Information.

Email:                           Poll Script                      Voice: 91 98416 33884

Our SEO Version
         Creating SEO Friendly URLs

         Optimizing all coding

         Optimizing your web pages using better HTML and JavaScript

         ALL PAGES dynamic Unique Meta Keywords & Description

         H1 Breadcrumbs ' tag optimize according to keyword strength

         Keyword String Removal

         Building keyword-rich URLs using PHP, Apache, and mod_rewrite

         Using the HTTP headers to properly indicate the status of web documents

         Using search engine traditional site maps effectievely

   Poll Script License Option
              Product                              Description                       Total Price
                                        Single domain license with encrypt
                                            ( you can’t edit or modify )
           Basic Version                                                              $ 49 USD
                                       one month support but no update

                                     Single domain license with SEO Version +
            SEO Version             10 yeas support and 5 years update include        $ 99 USD

                                  a. Free Installation
                                  b. 100% copy right
       Professional script for    c. SEO Friendly Version
                                                                                     $ 149 USD
           Entrepreneur           d. 10 Years Support
                                  e. 5 Year Update
                                   f. Brand Free

Email:                           Poll Script                    Voice: 91 98416 33884

Addons :
Others                                                                Chargeable extra depending
                                                                      upon the
Custom Requirements                                                   module/requirements


   100% advance on Domain & Hosting
   100% advance before files being uploaded in your domain/server.


If the payment is made during Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 6 PM IST, product will be delivered
within 24 hours. If payment is made during weekends (Saturday & Sunday) or during any Indian National
Holidays, the same will be delivered within 48 hours of payment.


Online Wire Transfer

Account name               :   I net solution, Current Account.
Account Number             :   602705039028
Branch                     :   Anna Nagar,
City                       :   Chennai
Pin code                   :   600 030
State                      :   Tamil Nadu
Country                    :   India
Bank code                  :   ICIC0006027

Swift address - ICICINBBCPS


(contact us for details)

Email:                       Poll Script                   Voice: 91 98416 33884

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