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Vietnam War Memorial 1 by lizzy2008


									   Vietnam war memorial.
   Fifty-three thousands casualties.
   Stopped the use of chemical warfare.
   Tet Offensive.
   Napalm bombs.
   Viet Cong & North Vietnamese Army.
   Jungle surrounding
   Gorilla fighting
   New technology for fighting in a swampy climate. ie M-16
   Civil protests
   ½ million soldier were in Vietnam.
   Escalation
   Nixon was president
        o He resigned.
        o Peace and honor in Vietnam
        o Vc vs. the South Vietnam
        o By 72 242000 troops remained
   More bombs dropped to hurt the supply lines
        o Nixon wanted to show that he would do to end for the war
   Attacked Cambodia
        o Caused shootings which killed 4 people
   Pentagon papers started
        o Investigation started by Them
        o The press got it and it went to supreme court
   Peace talks in 1972
        o January 27 193 Nixon claims that there will be peace and that they
            would get pows
   Vietnam is united under communism.
   People had to airlifted out by helicopters b/c tanks r surrounding the
   1.5 mil deaths.
   Countless civilians shattered
   Society in shambles
   SE Asia unstable
   Cambdia fell to communism after terrorism
   58ooo+ Americans lost
   365000 wounded
   Got rid of the draft
   War powers act
   Veteran were extended a cold hand
   Some veterans suffered from stress
   Vietnam vet r the not successful war
   Entire generatin of Americans are affected

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