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EQUATE Main Requirements
The proposed Haulage Transportation contract system must meet the following requirements, as a minimum :1) Trucks must be EQUATE dedicated as per the enclosed technical specifications section (Appendix D). 2) A detailed explanation demonstrating an applied / proposed Haulage management system including but not limited to :a) Equipment supply to lift minimum scheduled containers from EQUATE Staging Area to Plant for loading and finally deliver them full to port terminal in Shuaiba/Shuwaikh on same loading day with the option of using EQUATE Staging Area. b) Equipment supply to deliver scheduled Break Bulk Cargo to local customers at same loading day on average of 2 trucks a day. c) Equipment maintenance and repairs program. d) Communications network. e) Documentation, preparation and distribution trail including timing. f) Laborers Nationality

3) Financial Guarantees : a. Refundable KD 5,000 bid bank guarantee to be submitted at the time of bidding. For those who shall be selected and withdraw without a valid reason the guarantee will be nonrefundable. This bond will be returned to all non awarded bidders as soon as EQUATE finalize evaluation of the bids. It will be returned to the awarded bidders at the time of signing the contract. b. Performance Bond equals to 5% of the yearly contract value in Kuwaiti Dinar is required to be drawn in favor of EQUATE to cover the breach of contract and mishandling of the containers . This guarantee must be submitted at the time of signing the contract. 4) The trucks must be designed to be able to carry and deliver 20 ft and 40 ft containers as well as to carry and deliver 27.5 MT (20 pallets) per trip. 5) To work 3 shifts/ day if required (24 hours) including weekend/ official holidays without extra cost. EQUATE warehouse working hours are from Shift one :7:30 am until 3 pm from Sunday until Thursday. 6) Shift Two: 3:00 pm to 11:00pm from Sunday until Thursday.

7) To arrange all gate passes to drivers/trucks at TRUCKER sloe cost. 8) As EQUATE plant is within the Shuaiba Industrial Area, the Trucker is expected to be aware of and comply with all of the relevant and applicable rules and regulations including but not limited to Safety, Security, Environment and Personnel. To collaborate all current safety regulations required

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Section 3 by Shuaiba Authority/Security and other governmental regulations/restrictions or any regulations/restrictions that might come up in future (during the life of the Contract) whatsoever which could effect execution of this Contract. 9) The Trucker is expected to be aware of and comply with all the relevant and applicable laws, rules and regulations of the State of Kuwait in respect of the services provided to EQUATE especially in the areas of Safety, Security, Health and the Environment. 10) Trucker should be responsible to substitute any broken equipment within 2 hours to ensure availability at all working times of the required minimum number of trucks, and any additional cost resulting from this break down and re-placement process taken by EQUATE will be to the account of Trucker. 11) All truck drivers should be on contractor’s sponsorship and as per the law of the State of Kuwait. Contractor / Trucker should be liable for any labor /driver’s problem and this shall not be considered as an excuse to breach the Contract. 12) EQUATE will be responsible to pay the charges only to cover the following a. Receiving empty containers in the staging area. b. Stacking the empty containers in the staging area as per the staging area stacking policy, Appendix “I”. c. Moving empty containers from staging area to plant d. Moving loaded container(s) to Shuaibah Port Terminal and/or Shuwaikh Port Terminal . Trucker will have the option of unloading full containers in the staging area prior to delivery to Shuaiba/Shuwaikh ports, if they feel its more convenient. All other charges to be for the account of respective SS Lines except Across Quay/ customers if any which shall be respectively for the account of Shipper and Customer. That is including all port charges as well as on date of contract. Any new charges to come up to be looked by EQUATE if it is within above operation or not. 13) Trucker should have dedicated coordinators and Loading supervisors to manage/coordinate with the plant warehouse/ Staging Area / SS line and or any other assigned party by SS Line or EQUATE. Such coordinators/supervisors should be able to communicate in Arabic and English languages. 14) Trucker should log all container movement “empty In, empty Out, Full In, Full Out” in to shipper inventory system to keep track and record of containers movement. Trucker shall maintain the 2 weeks inventory plan of each SSL allocation per month which supplied by shipper to follow up and send a request for empty containers supply. Such activities shall be rendered without any extra cost on Shipper. 15) 30 days payment term from submission of correct invoice with supported documents. 16) Minimum of agreed number of Handling Equipment (Forklifts and Trucks ) must always be within the SHUAIBAH INDUSTRIAL AREA fence.

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Section 3 17) One shift to start with EQUATE option to change to Two or Three shifts five to seven days a week. without additional costs. 18) Height of Trailers are to be suitable for EQUATE docks for loading Height between 1,300 millimeter to 1,480 millimeter (1.3 - 1.48 meter) 19) E-mail linkage with EQUATE /Fright Forwarder / Staging Area and S. S. Liners 20) Drivers training and operating procedures for driving tasks as per EQUATE Safety. 21) Serve all S. S. Lines nominated by EQUATE. 22) Use of owned equipment only. 23) Liability for damage /accident to containers and cargoes. 24) Trucker’s loading Supervisor at Staging Area is responsible to check the empty containers for Dirty or Damaged containers, log down any exceptions in the receiving documents with the right to reject without any liabilities. 25) Trucker shall facilitate the same equipment, services, and all other requirements rendered to this contract to EQUATE, & its affiliates within EQUATE site. 26) Trucker shall provide a list of Transportation, Stevedoring and all other legal licenses stamped and signed by Chamber of Commerce.

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