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									The pilgrims colony

  Alexandra Sanchez
          The pilgrims journey
• John smith left James town in 1614 he started
  the pilgrims journey
• They left England in 1620 on a ship called the
• They wanted to build their society and to
  worship as they pleased in North America.
• Years earlier, King Henry VIII had banned
  catholic in England and replaced it with the
  new church in England.
         Mayflower compact
• The mayflower was headed for Virginia.
• The mayflower landed on cape cod.
• The setters aimed at the place with no
• The mayflower signed a compact.
• this document became know as the mayflower
           Building a Colony
• The colonist and the Indians both had
  valuable item that the other group wanted.
• The Plymouth colony started thanks giving.
• Because food was sconce, the pilgrims were
  glad to live in peace with the wampongag.
• Metal gods were especially valuable to the
  indians because the metal could be reshaped
  and used to make tools or jewelry.
            Plymouth Grows
• When first arrived barelyany food left.
• In 1623 leaders decided to dived the land for
• But the population of Plymouth stayed low.
• By 1630 there was about 300 colonists.
• In 1612 they gathered together to rejoice and
  celebrate the thanks of god.

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