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Contemporary British
                         Key Topics
1. Audience Fragmentation
2. Audience Profiling
3. Scheduling and promotional
       Audience Fragmentation
 Since introduction of multi-channel TV,
  the number of hours people spend
  watching TV has not increased
 Audience is being split between many
 This is ‘fragmentation’.
 See worksheet 8.
      Audience Classification and
 Broadcasters research audiences to
  target their own programmes more
  effectively and to provide audience
  profiles for advertisers.
 “Demographic” profiling.
               Demographic Profiling
 Compares viewing habits with social
  class/gender/age/income. They are:
   Group A:      Upper middle – business,
                  professional, upper management
   Group   B:    professional, middle-management
   Group   C1:   Lower middle – supervisory, trades
   Group   C2:   Skilled – skilled manual workers
   Group   D:    Semi/Unskilled – manual workers
   Group   E:    Subsistence – pensioners,
       In multichannel homes…
 …there is a much younger age profile
  than analogue terrestrial homes.
 Look again at the kinds of programmes
  in the schedules you have studied. Are
  schedulers of digital-only channels
  targeting a younger demographic?
  Values, Attitudes and Lifestyle
                  System (VALS)
 Another way of profiling. VALS categories
   Innovators
   Thinkers
   Achievers
   Experiencers
   Believers
   Strivers
   Makers
   Survivors
                        VALS Profiling
 Innovators
   Innovators are successful, wealthy,
    dynamic people for whom image is
    important as an expression of their
                        VALS Profiling
 Thinkers
  Thinkers are mature people who are well-
    educated professionals. This group values
    order, knowledge and responsibilities.
                       VALS Profiling
 Achievers
  Achievers are successful and career-
    oriented people. They are politically
    conservative and value the status quo.
    Image is important to them and they tend
    to buy established, well-known products.
                         VALS Profiling
 Experiencers
   Experiencers are young, impulsive and
    rebellious. They like new products and
    styles but soon tire of them and search for
    novelty. They spend as much as they can
    afford on clothing, fast food, music and
                          VALS Profiling
 Believers
  Believers are conservative people who
    believe in traditional institutions such as
    the Church, and in the importance of
    family and community. Their lifestyle
    tends to be very routine. Their income is
    small but sufficient.
                        VALS Profiling
 Strivers
   Strivers tend to be unsure of themselves
    and have a low income. They are striving
    for approval from others, which they feel
    they could gain by ownership of
    possessions, most of which they cannot
                         VALS Profiling
 Survivors
   Survivors are do-it-yourself enthusiasts
    and tend to live a conventional, family
                         VALS Profiling
 Strugglers
   Strugglers are on the lowest income and
    tend to be loyal to their favourite brands.
             Which one are you?

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