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And so IT begins, a 2012 Social, Technical & Business Paradigm Shift (evolution) – Synergizing Society’s Content to the Next Level:
       What if every time anyone gave feedback on a social (ex: Zynga, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, forums, etc), mobile, syndicated media article,
        game, application, song, or show from their computer or web-enabled cell phone, it generated a small donation to the favorite charity
        of the responding reader, gamer, member, or subscriber (and the equal value in ‘rewards’), along with a smaller donation (+deductible
        rewards) to their host (i.e. you)? - At no costs to either the host or its’ users/followers? (NOTE: Donations with Rewards, as compared to
        donations or rewards). What would that do for the popularity, loyalty and feedback of Zynga?
       What would be the value of being able to tag the emotional character across all topics, and conversations, across all formats of social
        content (including all mobile)? – Answer: Real value for all content - How about $137+ Billion per year as a conservative estimate? (See
        our traction to date and projections, at bottom of letter).
       The way to build a solid business justification for social media, based on the value of content and traffic for advertising, is to change the
        perception of all advertising from invasive to rewarding personal opportunities for social good that don’t require purchase - just attention
        & feedback. People will only receive opportunity offers automatically (no need to search) in the topics they really (truly) “Like” and are
        actively talking about - as compared to what they say/tag that they “Like”, or what sponsors hereto have tried to get them them to
        “Like”. How would advertising be perceived if it was always altruistically and personally rewarding, like Christmas?
        For commerce, as compared to a sponsor discount, this service creates more than double the value for the same cost as: (a) a donation
        to the follower’s charity, (b) follower rewards, (c) testimonials, feedback & research, (d) sponsor goodwill, (e) sponsor charity with
        deductible rewards, while promoting brand champions from the constant, positive, rewarding testimonials & feedback.
   Members exchange their social reward ‘points’ w/ for-profit sponsors at a discount, establishing the ultimate self-taxation & CSR vehicle..

Catching the Great White Whale - by turning Anyone into a Philanthropist and Advertising into ‘Personal Opportunity’
For Sponsored Social Goodwill, with rewards and no purchase required (as the next personalized ‘google’ for social markets)

Attn: Peter Moore, Reid Hoffman, Stefan Pepe, Aaron Rova, Greg Sugar, and the rest of the Sr. Marketing Management
at Zynga – We want to turn the entire promotional/research industry into a game for charity.‎

Please hear our market story, about a paradigm shift in advertising, socially engineered to deliver a simple,
sustainable and noninvasive business model for social market investments, harnessing the vast potential of
the ‘Great White Whale’ for Social Good and Sponsored Goodwill. This model will monetize the value1 of
every bit of a sponsor’s (and their follower’s) social & sponsored content and traffic, at no costs and without
the need for any more invasive advertising on a sponsor’s site. It will stimulate a radical increase in response to every sponsor’s content &
promotion, by always trading Goodwill (as custom donation/reward opportunities) for (1) everyday social content and for (2) responding
to sponsored $1+ research, in topics each follower really “Likes”, w/ no purchase required (turning advertising into personal opportunities
- e.g. Cause-Marketing on Steroids). SMRC may launch as an IPO – creating $2+ Billion in the 1st year as custom donations & member
rewards; and $137+ Billion per year within 3 years.
Our world-changing mini white paper (illustrated) "Catching the Great White Whale, by turning Anyone into a Philanthropist and
Advertising into ‘Personal’ Opportunity” - for Sponsored Social Goodwill - as the next ‘google’ for Social Markets, is available at:
     or
 Moral: The moral of our story "Catching the Great White (social) Whale" (above) is that, like in 'Moby Dick', no one will ever 'capture' the
elusive Great White Whale (the great social follower audience) by trying to harpoon it (metaphorically relating the ‘evil’ Ahab to Direct
Advertisers). Everyone who has tried to capture the “Great White Whale” has not succeeded; it's a beast that refuses to be subjugated; try
to hurt the whale (or take advantage of it) and it will kill you in spite. Speaking literally, the majority of people have become totally immune
to the lures of invasive advertising (which isn’t truly customized), and just mentally 'tune it out' (e.g. The Great White Whale doesn't care,
metaphorically speaking).
        Sustainable Value Exchange (Response/Research/Education for Custom Charity/Rewards): So, rather than trying to capture and
         skin the Great White Whale, we should offer it food and benefits (in our case donations + member rewards), luring it into a
         managed environment, and charge for admission to see and study the Great White Whale (your elusive audience), in its' full glory
         (in our case, through monetizing everyday social content and offering noninvasive $1+ audience research games that test
         promotional attention and educate people about our sponsors’ brands).
         Our collective social wisdom, emotionally tagged, is mankind's most valuable asset, defining all social-trade and humanitarian
         value - as social ethos' guiding principles. SMRC's baits/ benefits are [a] the simple, rewarding $1+ sponsored preview and quiz
         opportunities along with [2] custom donations with rewards for everyone’s everyday social content, and feedback to sponsor's
         social content, at 'day rates'. These offers ALWAYS Payout with donations with rewards for honest (no-cheating) participation,
         thus creating the lure of the research opportunities, as well as for everyday social (friends & followers) and sponsored, social

                                     SMRC – 1009 Tantra Park Circle, Boulder CO 80305 720.432.5470
        Because of the lure, these opportunities are promoted noninvasively in each person's daily on-demand opportunity report for
         $0.03 per anonymous profile (a sponsor’s research-opportunity registration cost which consequently monetizes the minimum
         $0.60 per day value ‘day rate’ in donations with rewards for everyone's everyday social content) - in topics each person really
         'likes' (based on SMRC's use of context based, emotion-sensing technology on content, across multiple mediums). Sponsors
         compete by offering additional value for responding to their rewarding sponsored research, that does not require purchase, that
         creates unwavering loyalty, and promotes brand education. All social content and sponsor interactions (for content or research)
         generates donations to the charities of the member, the sponsor and the member's host, in decreasing proportions, turning every
         bit of social interaction into civic value, and with 7 million people ready to be registered, that’s $2 Billion dollars per year of
         humanitarian progress!
Next: Between the mini-white paper link above, and the link therein to SMRC’s video slide show (hosted at or direct from, our story “Catching the Great White Whale” (your introduction/invitation to SMRC) should only take
15 minutes total to review – unless you also watch some of the outstanding videos, which inspired the core models of SMRC.

        Please assign an internal champion (asap), to spearhead your partnership with SMRC. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Phillip R. Nakata, Chief Business Officer and Group Program Director
SMRC (Social Market Research for Charity), (720) 432-5470 (Voice/SMS)
720-569-7703 (Cell); 720-263-5036 (Fax);;
“Only when faced with a BIG enough challenge, do world-changing solutions become obvious”
A word copy of this notice is located HERE. A short URL to the PDF version is HERE. SMRC’s web video (referenced in our story linked above),
                                                       2                                                                                 rd
is also available as a YouTube Video. Partners: Click HERE for SMRC’s 3 year Research/Cash Flow Projections Spreadsheet (Cell U64 = 3 year
donations & member rewards annual output of $137+ Billion). Please review our story above first.
-   Sponsors and their followers who pre-register will receive (A) Two years of social credit rewards (and custom donations) for their past
    social activity, and (B) Double the value of SMRC donations and rewards for their content and response to rewarding research, for life.
-   SMRC will generate for everyone, $5-10 per hour on average (as custom donations with rewards) in their free time, previewing content
    (averaging 10 minutes at $1-$2 in value per offer) in topics that they really ‘Like’ and have been actively talking about (w/ $0.20-$0.40/ hour
    for their host’s charities, i.e you), plus $0.60/day minimum for each person’s everyday social content (w/ $0.03/ day to their host’s charities) –
    while keeping all the charities accountable for their impact/ donations and insuring no person’s identity is ever sold or compromised.
-   While the 4 listed benefits of being a SMRC sponsor are significant: i.e.
          a) Donations w/ deductible rewards for your follower's everyday content/game feedback in your media or their social media @ $11 per
               year per follower (while they each drive $219+/year, in value themselves),
          b) Millions of new visitors per month (retained based on the social-interactive value of your content), along with a doubling of overall
               site response/usage,
          c) $0.03 per profile noninvasive cause marketing (@ 50%+ response to ‘waiting’ audiences) of $1+ sponsored promotional research
               quizzes rewarding attention, that don't require a purchase, and
          d) Steadfast loyalty (repeat sales) and honest testimonials (or reviews) in return for a 5% donation w/rewards for all commerce.
    A partnership with SMRC would allow Zynga to dominate the social, gaming, noninvasive advertising (media independent), mobile, social
    intelligence and Goodwill (charity funding) markets. That's the real value of 'Capturing the Great White Whale' - becoming the biggest Social
    Goodwill organization in the world – with the most valuable (emotionally rated) content in the world, while ever increasing the value of your
    content, traffic and promotion for your sponsors. You also have to give away 4% of your follower’s donations and rewards’ total value,
    resulting in increased Goodwill, at no cost.


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