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                                                                                  urban design
                                                                                 graphic design

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Company	Profile
General Background
 CCP CORP	 are	 an	 established	 architectural	 and	 design	 practice	 with	 a	 wide	 range	 of	 experience	 in	 a	 variety	 disciplines.	
 Founded in 1995. CCP CORP has	 grown	 from	 strength	 to	 strength,	 with	 the	 support	 of	 stable,	 loyal	 and	 prestigious	 clients.	
 For the past 12 years, CCP CORP	offices	at	Mort	Bay	in	Balmain	have	serviced	clients	Nationally	and	throughout	Asia	on	Global	projects.	

 CCP CORP have	a	wide	range	client	base	and	are	accustomed	to	working	with	different	client	environments	including	Government,	
 Corporate	and	Non-Government		Organisations.	Key	to	our	success	is	100%	repeat	Business	from	reputable	clients,	giving	independant	
 assurance	of	CCP CORP’s	quality	business.

 CCP CORP	understand	that	the	success	of	a	project	is	not	simply	in	the	creation	of	a	unique	design	concept,	but	also:					

 •	      Efficiency	in	delivery.	
 •	      Cost	effectiveness.	
 •	      Communication	with	a	diverse	client	body	from	Business	Analyst’s,	to	Technical	personnel.		
 •	      Durability	and	quality	of	service.	

 One	 of	 the	 most	 powerful	 attributes	 of	 CCP CORP	 is	 its	 diverse	 and	 integrated	 team	 of	 professionals	 which	 cross	 all	 disciplines;	
 architecture,	design,	graphics,	project	management,	branding	and	communications.	

 This	integration	allows	the	client	not	only	one	approach	to	a	design	solution	but	a	streamlined,	broader	service,offering:	

 •	      Established	experience	in	communicating	with	the	end	users,	and	flexibility	in	addressing	project	requirements.	
 •	      An	understanding	of	the	requirements	of	Research	and	Development,	Business	Units	and	an	ability	to	communicate	effectively	
 	       within	such	teams	verbally	and	graphically.		
 •	      Expertise	 in	 the	 documentation	 of	 large	 scale	 projects	 with	 a	 detailed	 understanding	 and	 ability	 to	 effectively	 support	
 	       projects	and	the	Architectural	and	Design	team.	
CCP CORP                CCP CORP’s	strength	lies	in	the	quality	and	diverse	experience	of	its	personnel,	commitment	to	
                        collaboration	as	a	creative	problem	solving	discipline	and	dedication	to	the	provision	of	the	

                        highest	possible	standard	of	service	to	clients.	This	is	reflected	in	CCP	CORP’s	approach	which	
                        involves	a	multidisciplinary	team	of	professionals	who	have	the	necessary	range	of	skills	to	undertake	
                        complex	major	projects.

Directors    2
Associates   2   PROJECT TEAM
Architects   2
Designers    5                                                    Simon Child
CAD          6

                              Heidi Mcilveen                             Derek Raithby             Santo Talarico
                                Associate                                  Architect                 Associate

                    Tika           Mira               Sinead                 CAD1 CAD2 CAD3 CAD4
                  Graphic      Senior Interior        Interior
                  Designer       Designer            Designer
                                                      The CCP CORP Service
CCP CORP	offers:
•	      A	pro-active,	enthusiastic,	precise	and	experienced	team	in	architectural	design	and	interior	design	projects.
•	      Technical	and	technological	capability	with	effective	management	and	co-ordination.
•	      A	commitment	and	ability	for	collaborative	design	and	team	approach	to	projects.
•	      Continuity	and	availability	of	the	project	team	throughout	the	life	of	the	project.	
•	      A	sound	understanding	and	depth	of	experience	from	key	personnel	in	projects	demanding	significant	co-ordination	and	
	       client	liaison	issues.
•	      Innovative	conceptual	design	solutions	and	ideas	clearly	communicated	through	well	presented	documents.
•	      Networked	CADD	backup	in	the	CCP CORP office.	All	data	kept	secure	and	backed	up	daily.
•	      3	dimensional	perspective	and	interior	views	are	CADD	generated	as	required.
•	      Sound	experience	with	all	Project	Delivery	Methods	and	construction/trade	packages.
•	      Extensive	and	current	experience	in	custom	designed	joinery,	workstations,	technology	and	the	demands	of	lead	times.
•       CCP CORP	offer	a	core	staff	of	Architects	and	Interior	Designers,	with	a	number	of	specialist	collaborators	and	consultants	who	become	
	       involved	on	a	project	by	project	basis.	This	particular	company	framework	enables	a	streamlined,	efficient	and	specialist	
	       approach	to	each	project.	

CCP CORP	are	considerate	to	the	environment.
We	specify	E.S.D	products	which	have	certification	from	FSC	(	Forest	Stewardship	Council)	Environmental	Choice,	GECA,	and	products	with	an	
environmentally	sound	cradle	to	cradle	approach	to	their	life	cycle.	

CCP CORP	Design	to	comply	with	the	Green	Building	Council	of	Australia’s	Green	Star	accreditation	and	the	Australian	Building	Greenhouse	Rating	System.

CCP CORP	are	compliant	with	the	Fair	Work	Act	2009	and	design	client	environments	to	comply	with	the	Fair	Work	Act	Standards.
Technical Capacity
 CCP CORP have	a	fully	networked	computer	and	CADD	system,	working	with	the	following	software:

 •	      Novell	Network.
 •       AutoCADD Architecture 2011.
 •	      3D	rendering	packages.
 •	      Adobe	Acrobat,	Photoshop,	Illustrator.
 •	      Microsoft	Word,	Excel,	PowerPoint.
 •	      Colour	printers	and	Plotters.

 All	data	provided	on	disc	will	be	virus	free.


 Day	to	day	and	quality	management	of	projects	are	the	responsibility	of	the	Principals.	CCP CORP projects	are	subject	to	in-house	audits	by	
 team	members	and	the	Quality	Manager	for	CCP CORP	(architecture	and	design)	in	Sydney.

 A	documented	record	of	process	will	form	part	of	our	QA	program.		A	Project	Quality	plan	will	be	drawn	up	on	commissioning	and	a	copy	
 of	the	plan	will	be	issued	to	the	Project	Clients.
  -	     Australian	Bureau	of	Statistics,	NSW	Regional	Head	Office	     	   	   	   		5,500	m2    2011
  -	     AWE	Limited,	Head	Office	Fitout,	North	Sydney.	          	     	   	   	   		1,200	m2    2010
  -	     NRMA	Motoring	Services	Head	Office,	Sydney	and	Strathfield.	 	     	   	   		7,500	m2    2009
  -	     Sydney	City	Council,	Town	Hall	House,	Sydney.	           	     	   	   	   12,000	m2     2009
  -	     Bridgeclimb,	The	Rocks	     	         	        	         	     	   	   	   		4,000	m2    2009
  -	     Sydney	Harbour	Foreshore	Authority,	Playfair	Terraces		        	   	   	   	        	    2009
  -	     Royal	Flying	Doctor	Service,	Sydney	and	Broken	Hill	     	     	   	   	   		4,500	m2	   2008/09	
  -	     Horticulture	Australia	Ltd,	Head	Office	Fitout,	Sydney.	 	     	   	   	   		1,200	m2    2008
  -	     TRICOM	Sydney	Office.	      	         	        	         	     	   	   	   		2,200	m2    2008
  -	     Sydney	IVF	Head	Office	Fitout.	       	        	         	     	   	   	   		4,500	m2    2008
  -	     George	Weston	Foods	Head	Office	Fitout.		 	              	     	   	   	   		1,200	m2	   2007
  -	     MCI	Worldcom	Technology	Centre,	Pyrmont.	
                                                 	                	     	   	   	   		6,000	m2	   2007
  	      Office	Fitout	and	Verizon	operations	centre	in	St	Leonards.
  - 		   ING	Bank,	Clarence	Street,	Sydney	 	           	         	     	   	   	   		8,000	m2	   2007
  -      Sydney IVF, Sydney                                                           2,000 m2	   2007
  -	     De	Lage	Landen	Head	Office	Fitout.	            	         	     	   	   	   		1,000	m2	   2006
  -	     Paramount	Pictures	Head	Office,	Zenith	Centre	Chatswood.	      	   	   	   		2,000	m2	   2006
  -	     NRMA	Call	Centre	&	Office	Fitout	in	Gosford.		           	     	   	   	   		2,000	m2    2005
  - 		   Colliers	International,	Head	Offices	in	Sydney.	         	     	   	   	   		2,500	m2	   2004
  -	     Subaru	Australia,	Melbourne	Docklands	         	         	     	   	   	   22,000	m2     2002
  	      New	corporate	headquarters,	showroom	and	service	facility.		
                                                                                                                                                                   >>	Workplace Projects
                                                                   ABS, NSW

                                                                                                                       Australian Bureau of Statistic, Sydney

                       ABS, NSW                                    ABS, NSW                                           Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), NSW

                                  NRMA Wynyard                      Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL)                          HAL           NRMA Wynyard

NRMA Motoring Services Wynyard    NRMA Motoring Services Wynyard                                 AWE Limited Sydney                      AWE Limited Sydney

  -		    NRMA	Call	Centre/	Disaster	Recovery	in	Gosford.
  -		    TYCO	Call	Centre.
  -		    Subaru	Call	Centre,	Sydney.
  -			   Verizon	Technology	Centre,	Sydney.
  -		    TARBS	Call	Centre.
  -      TARBS Broadcast Centre.
  -		    Ozemail	Call	Centre.
  -      TV1 Production Studios.
                                                                                              >>	Technology	Building	and	Fitout Projects
                         NRMA                               NRMA     TARBS Broadcast Centre

                            NRMA                  NRMA                              NRMA


TARBS Broadcast Centre             TARBS Broadcast Centre                           NRMA
  -	     NRMA	Head	Office	Building	Sydney.	        	       	        	       	        	        			   		2,500	m2
         Winner MBA for new building and fitout category on projects $5 - $10 million
  -	     Fremantle	Media	Building	upgrade	and	new	rooftop	hospitality.	
  -	     Metro	Signs	new	offices	and	factory,	Melbourne.	 	         	       	        	        	     20,000	m2
  -	     Subaru	Interactive	at	Docklands,	including	of	new	office	building	and	fitout.	       	     27,000	m2
  -	     Tynan	Subaru,	Honda	and	Mercedes	showrooms.
  -	     Microage	Centre;
  	      Edwin	Davey	Mill	adaptive	reuse,	and	restoration	of	a	heritage	building,	into	a	
  	      commercial	premises.	DA	approved.
  -	     NSW	Sports	Club;
  	      New	restaurant	and	office	building.	Additions	to	existing	CBD	Heritage	building.
  -	     Pacific	waves,	Manly;
  	      200	apartments	building,	with	commercial	&	retail	components	for	Westpac	and	PPB.
  - 		   Tyco	/	Armaguard	Call	Centre	    	        	       	        	       	        	        			   		1,500	m2
  	      High	security	building	added	onto	existing	4000m2	office	building.	Design	and
  	      documentation	in	association	with	WIP.
  - 		   Refurbishment	of	Royal	Exhange	building,	115	Pitt	Street	and	60	Carrington	Street.
  	      New	base	building	typical	floors,	BCA	compliance,	lift	lobby	and	typical	floor	bathroom	
  	      upgrades.	Building	façade	and	Entrance	Lobby	treatments.
                                                                                                                                             >>	Commercial Projects
                           Metro Signs                                                   Metro Signs

                  SUBARU Interactive, Docklands                        SUBARU Interactive, Docklands

Fremantle Media               Fremantle Media     NRMA Motoring + Services             NRMA Motoring + Services   NRMA Motoring + Services
 -	   Railcorp	Thirlmere,	Rail	Heritage	Centre	in	association	with	Hewitt	Pender.
 -	   Bridge	Climb	for	Sydney	Harbour	Bridge	in	association	with	Hewitt	Pender.
 -    CRUNCH	Fitness,	Liverpool,	NSW
 -	   Subaru	Interactive	at	Docklands:Subaru’s	largest	showroom	internationally.
 -	   STI	Victorian,	main	showroom	and	associated	rally	workshops.
 -	   New	Subaru,	Mercedes	and	Honda	Showroom	for	Tynan	Motors	Group.
 -	   New	Zealand	Maritime	Museum,	In	association	with	Hewitt	Pender.
 -	   WW1	Australian	War	Memorial	in	France,	in	association	with	Hewitt	Pender.
 -	   MNA	Museum	of	Melbourne	and	Canberra,	Gold	Exhibition,	in	association	with	Hewitt	Pender.
 -	   Waltzing	Matilda	Centre,	Winton,	Queensland.
 -	   Kinnarps,	Furniture	Showroom,	Sydney	2008
 	    New	Seal	and	Penguin	Enclosure	for	Taronga	Zoo,	in	association	with	Hewitt	Pender.
 -	   PNG	War	Memorials	at	Isurava,	Poppendata	and	Milne	Bay,	in	association	with	Hewitt	Pender.
 -	   Camatic	Furniture,	buildings	and	showrooms	in	Sydney	and	Melbourne.
                                                                                                                              >>	Museum,	Showroom	&	Recreational Projects
Mercedes Benz Tynan                   SUBARU Interactive, Docklands   SUBARU Interactive, Docklands

                  CRUNCH, Liverpool                                                     Bridge Climb          Bridge Climb

                                                                                  Railcorp, Thirlmere         Bridge Climb

                                          CRUNCH, Liverpool                       Railcorp, Thirlmere   Railcorp, Thirlmere

      -   NSW	Sports	club,	Hunter	Street,	Sydney;
      	   Restoration	and	additions	to	7	Storey	City	Club	with	incorporation	of	the	Journalists	Club.
      -   Corporate	Box	fitouts	at	Telstra	Stadium,	for	Coca	Cola	(Olympics	&	RWC	2003)
          Hanimex,	ANZ,	BORAL,	SUBARU	and	Komatsu.
      -   Oak	Flats	Bowling	&	Recreation	Club;
      	   Refurbishment	of	existing	licensed	premises	using	environmentally	sustainable	design	principles.
      -   Harbour	Rocks	Hotel.
      -   Subaru	Café	at	Docklands,	Melbourne.
                                                                                                                                                                  >>	Hospitality	Projects
                       ANZ Stadium Corporate Suites                            NSW Sports Club                                                  NSW Sports Club

ANZ Stadium Corporate Suites                          Oak Flats Bowling Club                     Oak Flats Bowling Club

                               NSW Sports Club          Oak Flats Bowling Club                   NSW Sports Club                                NSW Sports Club
                                                                                                                          Railcorp, Thirlmere
 -	   Colo.
 -	   Dural.
 -	   Waterview	Wharf	Workshop,	Townhouses	Balmain.
                                                                                     >>	Residential	 Projects
Dural                   Waterview Wharf Workshop          Waterview Wharf Workshop

                                           Colo           Waterview Wharf Workshop

                Dural                      Colo           Waterview Wharf Workshop

        Dural                  Colo                                          Colo

     -   Darlinghurst	Public	School
     -   Annandale	North	Public	School
     -   Rozelle	Public	School
                                                                                     >> Education Projects
Annandale North Public School   Darlinghurst Public School   Rozelle Public School

Design Director
                                                                                                                                               rp tea
                  Simon	Child
                  Simon	graduated	from	North	London	University,	UK	in	1983.	After	                      Simon	is	responsible	for	all	direct	communication	and	interface	with	the	
                  working	with	Sir	Terence	Conran	on	Retail	projects	for	5	years,	He	                   Client,	Consultants	and	Contractors.
                  relocated	 to	 Australia	 as	 an	 Associate	 with	 Peddle	 Thorp	 David	              -	       Australian	Bureau	of	Statistics,	NSW	Regional	Office
                  Hicks	in	1989.                                                                        -	       NRMA	Motoring	Services	New	Head	Offices	Sydney.
                                                                                                        -	       Sydney	City	Council	Fitout,	Town	Hall	house.
                  Simon	is	one	of	the	founding	partners	of	CCP CORP,	prior	to	which	                    -	       Royal	Flying	Doctor	Service,	City	Fitout	and	Broken	Hill	
                  he	was	a	Design	Director	at	Hassell	Pty	Ltd.		for	6	years.	Simon	has	                 	        visitor	centre.
                  worked	 on	 design	 projects	 with	 business	 leaders	 at	 the	 highest	              -	       BridgeClimb,	Sydney.
                  level	Internationally,	having	worked	in	the	UK,	Europe,	Asia	and	                     -	       AWE	Limited	Head	Offices,	North	Sydney.
                  Australia.                                                                            -	       Subaru	National	Corporate	Identity.
                                                                                                        -	       Subaru	Head	Offices,	Melbourne.
                  Simon	 is	 committed	 to	 effective	 communication	 with	 all	 stake-                 -	       Colliers	International,	Head	Offices	Sydney.
                  holders	from	conceptual	design	through	to	building	occupation,	                       -	       Tricom	Head	Offices,	Governor	Phillip	Tower,	Sydney.	
                  with	the	aim	to	exceed	clients	design	expectations.		His	success	                     -	       Telstra	Stadium	Corporate	Box	Fitouts.
                  in	the	design	and	management	of	the	process	has	lead	to	the	                          -	       TARBS	Broadcast	Centre	and	Head	Offices,	6,000	m2
                  return	of	many	prestigious	clients	including	NRMA	Motoring	                           	        Office	Fitout	and	Corporate	Identity.
                  Services,	InchCape	Motors,	Colliers	International,	Verizon	and	                       -	       Qantas	New	Domestic	Terminal,	Mascot.
                  Subaru	Australia.                                                                     -	       Verizon,	Network	Communications	and	Broadcast	Centre	in		 	
                                                                                                                 Pyrmont and St Leonards.
                  Simons	passion	is	the	pursuit	of	design	excellence	through	                           -	       Horticulture	Australia:	Office	Fitout
                  intelligent	and	innovative	design	solutions.                                          -	       NSW	Sports	Club,	Sydney.	Heritage	Refurbishment	and	Fitout.
                                                                                                        -	       Singapore	Airlines	House,	Sydney	Head	Office	Fitout.
                  His	 special	 area	 of	 interest	 is	 innovation	 in	 all	 fields	 of	 design,	 in	   -	       Bibendum	and	Heals	Building,	London:	Heritage	Refurbishment.
                  parallel	with	sustainable	design	and	life	cycle	efficiencies.                         -	       Royal	Exchange	Building,	Sydney	CBD,	Office	Building	
                                                                                                        -	       200	George	Street,	Sydney,		Office	Building	Refurbishment.
                                                                                                        -	       115	Pitt	Street,	Sydney,	Office	Building	Refurbishment.
Technology and Project Management
                                                                                                                                   rp tea
                  Santo	Talarico

                  Santo	has	been	a	member	of	the	CCP CORP team since its
                                                                                            Full	architectural	documentation	includes	the	following	projects:
    Description   inception	in	1995,	and	worked	with	Simon	prior	to	that	date	at	           -	       Australian	Bureau	of	Statistics,	NSW	Regional	Offfice	
                  Hassell	Pty	Ltd.                                                          -	       Railcorp,	Thirlmere	Visitor	Centre.
                                                                                            -	       Sydney	City	Council	Fitout,	Town	Hall	house.
                  Santo	has	lead	many	complex	design	and	documentation	projects,	           -	       Royal	Flying	Doctor	Service,	City	Fitout	and	Broken	Hill	
                  being	responsible	for	knowledge	management,	coordination	and	             	        visitor	centre.
                  production	of	contract	documentation	and	IT.		His	wealth	of	              -	       Subaru	All	4	The	Driver	C.I	Rollout	2010.
                  documentation	experience	assists	in	informing	and	mentoring	other	        -	       AWE	Limited,	Head	Office,	North	Sydney.
                  members	of	the	documentation	team.                                        -	       BridgeClimb,	Sydney.
                                                                                            -	       Taronga	Zoo	Chimpanzee	enclosure.
                  Santo	is	also	responsible	for	the	running	of	the	network,	CADD	           -	       Toyota	Hurstville.
                  standards,	 communications	 with	 consultants	 and	 clients,	 and	 for	   -	       Pacific	National	Fitout.
                  the	production	of	graphical	material.			He	has	recently	been	             -	       Darlinghurst	Public	School.
                  involved	in	the	following	prestigious	projects,	including	the	Subaru	     -	       Annandale	North	Public	School.
                  Australia	All	4	The	Driver	Dealership	upgrade,	AWE	Limited’s	             -	       Rozelle	Public	School	for	BER.
                  corporate	fitout,	and	Railcorp.                                           -	       NRMA	Motoring	Services.	Head	Office,	Sydney.
                                                                                            -	       Subaru	Interactive	at	Docklands.
                                                                                            -		      NRMA	call	centre,	North	Strathfield	and	Gosford.
                                                                                            -	       Qantas	Domestic	Terminal.
Graphic, Interior Design and Technical Support
                                                                                                                                      rp tea
                    Heidi	McIlveen
                    B. Design - Interior Design [UTS]

                    Heidi	has	a	Bachelor	of	Design	in	Interior	Design	from	the	University	   Projects	in	which	Heidi	has	worked	on	include:
                    of	Technology	Sydney	graduating	with	1st	class	honours.	She	has	         -	      Australian	Bureau	of	Statistics,	NSW	Regional	Offfice	
                    over	7	year’s	industry	experience	working	on	projects	in	Australia	      -       Accenture, Brisbane.
                    as	well	as	the	United	Kingdom.	Heidi’s	expertise	is	across	a	variety	    -       Clemenger	–	CBD,	Sydney
                    of	projects	in	the	corporate,	retail	and	hospitality	sectors.	           -       Future	Fund	–	CBD,	Sydney
                                                                                             -       GPT	(Lift	Lobbies	&	Amenities	refurbishment)	–	CBD,	Sydney
                    Heidi	has	worked	for	CCP CORP	for	over	4	years,	becoming	an	in-
                                                                                             -       Greenpeace	–	Ultimo,	Sydney
                    tegral	part	of	the	design	team.	Heidi	is	dedicated	to	continuously	
                                                                                             -       Harney’s	Law	Office	–	London,	UK
                    challenge	the	preconceptions	of	design	in	order	to	create	
                                                                                             -       Holmes	Fire	&	Safety	–	CBD,	Sydney
                    innovative	and	original	environments	with	an	unparalleled	
                                                                                             -       James	Packer’s	office	–	London,	UK
                    commitment	to	direct	communication	with	clients.
                                                                                             -       Kadence	–	London,	UK
                                                                                             -       Linklaters	London	HQ	–	London,	UK
                    She	has	a	flair	for	conceptual	design	and	environmental	branding	
                    and	is	devoted	to	creating	environments	that	are	fresh	responsive	       -       NAOL	Australia	–	Taren	Point,	Sydney

                    to	clients	needs.	She	treats	every	project	as	different	and	unique	      -       Nickelodeon	and	Paramount	Pictures	–	London,	UK

                    and	endeavours	to	push	design	boundaries.	                               -       Paypoint	–	London,	UK
                                                                                             -       QInvest,	Qatar
                    Her	particular	area	of	interest	is	in	the	communication	of	              -       Tongue, Sydney
                    corporate	culture	and	identity,	and	the	translation	of	that	             -       NAB	–	NSW	Branch	Refresh	Rollout
                    culture	into	a	unique	and	recognisable	image,	branding	and	              -       South	Sydney	Leagues	Club,	Sydney
                    physical	environment.                                                    -	      Horticulture	Australia	Fitout.
                                                                                             -       Sydney IVF Headquarters, Interior Design and Documentation.
                    Projects	in	which	Heidi	has	had	invaluable	design	input	and	             -       George Weston Foods Fitout.
                    direct	communication	with	the	client,	are	Sydney	IVF	                    -	      Development	of	Subaru	Corporate	Identity	and	Branding	Book,	
                    headquarters,	 TRICOM	 and	 NRMA	 commercial	 offices,	 and	 the	        	       as	well	as	the	design	of	Subaru	Showrooms	Nationally.
                    development	 of	 Subaru	 Corporate	 Identity	 and	 Branding	 Book	       -       TRICOM Interior Design and Documentation.
                    and	the	design	of	Subaru.		                                              -	      Australian	Pipeline	Trust	Interior	Design	and	Documentation.
                                                                                             -	      NRMA	Strathfield	and	NRMA	Wynyard.	
                                                                                                                               rp tea
            Derek	Raithby
            Registered	Architect	(NSW)	No.	7469

            Derek	first	became	interested	in	practising	architecture	while	
                                                                                         Derek’s	portfolio	includes:
                                                                                         -	       Subaru	Australia
            working	at	PKA	Acoustics,	where	he	was	able	to	work	closely	with	            -	       Waterview	Wharf	Workshop	-	Carpark	&	Residences

            the	 principal	 Peter	 Knowland	 on	 the	 Sydney	 Opera	 House	 and	         -	       NRMA	Motoring	+	Services

            many	other	iconic	buildings	both	in	Australia	and	abroad.                    -	       Australian	Club

            Derek	 then	 went	 onto	 to	 study	 architecture	 at	 the	 University	 of	   -	       Gordon	Golf	Club

            Sydney,	graduating	with	a	Bachelor	of	Science	(Architecture)	and	            -	       Queenscliff	Surf	Life	Saving	Club

            Bachelor	of	Architecture.	It	was	during	this	time	Derek	was	tutored	         -	       McDonald’s	Australia	Ltd.

            by	 internationally	 renowned	 architect	 Harry	 Seidler,	 who	 was	 an	     -        Turramurra Music

            adjunct	professor	of	the	University.                                         -	       Wahroonga	Preparatory	School.

            While	studying,	Derek	also	worked	for	Zone	Architects	and	Ergo	              -	       Forestville	Montessori	School

            Architecture	and	Interiors,	gaining	valuable	experience	in	a	range	          -	       Terrey	Hills	Montessori	School

            of	architectural	fields.                                                     -	       Co.As.It	Bilingual	School

            Derek	joined	CCP CORP	as	principal	architect	and	has	worked	on	              -        Port Bar - Restaurant

            many	large	Commercial,	Showroom	&	Residential	projects.                      -	       Reel	Cafe
                                                                                         -	       Go-Vita	-	Retail

            His	architectural	interests	include	theoretical	studies	of	                  -	       Multi-residential	projects

            Deconstructivism	and	Modernist	Architecture.
Interior Design
                                                                                                            rp tea
                   Mira Wangsa
                   B. Design - Interior Design [UTS]

                   Mira is	a	graduate	of	Interior	Design	from	the	University	of	
                                                                                                Projects	in	which	Mira	has	worked	on	include:
     Description   Technology	in	Sydney	with	Second	Class	Honours.	
                                                        Responsibilities                        -	      Australian	Bureau	of	Statistics,	NSW	Regional	Office	
                                                                                                -	      Crunch	Fitness,	Liverpool	NSW
                   Since	 graduating	 she	 has	 worked	 on	 several	 prestigious	 projects	     -	      Thrifty	Car	Rental,	Sydney,	Melbourne	&	Brisbane
                   including	Royal	Flying	Doctors	Head	offices,	AWE	Limited	refurbish-          -	      Royal	Flying	Doctors	Head	offices.
                   ment,	and	the	heritage	Waterview	Wharf	Workshops	in	Balmain.		
                                                                                                -	      NRMA	Strathfield	and	NRMA	Wynyard.
                                                                                                -	      AWE	Limited	Office	fitout,	North	Sydney	and	Jakarta.
                   Mira’s	ability	to	conceptualise	ideas	and	effectively	translate	them	
                                                                                                -	      Sydney	harbour	Foreshore	Authority,	The	Rocks	Development.
                   directly	 into	 3	 Dimensional	 graphic	 representation	 is	 outstanding,	
                                                                                                -	      Subaru	Australia	All	4	The	Driver	rollout	program	2010.
                   and	complements	her	passions	for	the	
                                                                                                -	      Taronga	Zoo	Chimpanzee	enclosure.
                   resolution	of	the	smallest	detail	in	any	project.
                                                                                                -	      Red	Bull	Fitout	Documentation	and	Design.

                   Within CCP CORP,	Mira	is	developing	her	interest	in	sustainable	             -	      Amity	Group	refurbishment.

                   design,	from	base	building	design	through	to	product	and	                    -	      Beresford	Residential	3ds.

                   furniture	selection.	                                                        -	      Honda	Sutherland	documentation	and	3ds.
                                                                                                -	      Kia	Sutherland	3ds.
                                                                                                -	      Oak	Road	Tynan	3ds.
                                                                                                -		     Johnston	Street	Residential	3ds.
                                                                                                -	      Waterview	Wharf	Workshop	3ds.
Interior Design
                                                                                                                                      rp tea
                  Sinead Byrne
                  B. Design - Interior Design [UTS]

                  Sinead	completed	her	Interior	Design	degree	at	the	University	of	              Projects	in	which	Sinead	has	worked	on	include:
                  Technology,	Sydney	finishing	with	First	Class	Honours.                         -	      Australian	Bureau	of	Statistics,	NSW	Regional	Offfice	
                                                                                                 -       AWE Limited.
                  Since	graduating	Sinead	has	been	working	with	CCP CORP on a                    -	      NRMA	Head	office,	Sydney.
                  number	 of	 commercial	 fitouts,	 in	 particular	 the	 Subaru	 All	 4	 The	    -	      NRMA	Strathfield.
                  Driver	Rollout	programe	and	AWE	Limited.                                       -       Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.
                                                                                                 -	      Railcorp,	Thirlmere	Visitor	Centre.
                  Sinead’s	area	of	interest	lies	within	sustainable	design,	in	particular	       -       828	Pacific	Hwy,	Foyer	Upgrade.
                  adaptive	re-use.	This	is	reflected	in	her	ambition	to	design	unique	           -	      Subaru	All	4	The	Driver	Rollout	programe.
                  spaces	that	are	a	direct	response	and	interpretation	of	the	user’s	            -	      Subaru	Regional	Office,	Queensland.
                  needs	 and	 behavioral	 patterns	 whilst	 maintaining	 a	 relationship	        -       Johnston St Residences.
                  with	the	built	and	natural	environment.	The	resourceful	nature	of	             -	      Building	Refurbishment	Parramatta.
                  her	 design	 approach	 challenges	 the	 way	 we	 think	 and	 interact	
                  within	 an	 interior	 space.	 She	 is	 able	 to	 successfully	 combine	 the	
                  values	 and	 philosophies	 of	 an	 organization	 with	 her	 own	 design	
                       Suellen	Brown-Riggs
Associate	Director	I	Project	Management
                      Colliers	International
                          Tel:	02	9249	2032

                        Craig Anderson
                Group	Facilities	Manager
                                               re ferences
                                                  CCP CORP will	be	pleased	for	you	to	contact	referees	inde-
                                                  pendently,	client	testimonials	and		site	visits	of	our	completed	
             NRMA	Motoring	and	Services           projects	can	be	arranged	as	required.
                       Tel:		02	8741	6123

                            Chris Cassar
         Network	Development	Manager
                       Tel:	02	9828	9328

                                 John Boys
            Director,	Marketing	and	Sales
                       Thinking	Ergonomix
                         Tel:	02	9249		2044

                              Phil	Sweeney
                        Property Manager
                          Tel:	0418	222	512

                             Anne Attard
             Corporate	Service	Manager	
                             AWE Limited
                        Tel:	02	8912	8060

                         Michael	Pender
              Hewitt	Pender	&	Associates
                        Tel:	02	9251	7044






                     



October 15, 2010

Churchill Child Partnership
Unit 7 Waterview Wharf,
27 Nicholson Street,
Balmain NSW 2041.

Attention: Simon Child

Dear Simon,

As you are aware from conversation my pursuit of new exciting business and personal
opportunities recently triggered the decision to end my role as a director with Colliers International
– Project Services, following seven very rewarding years working with talented staff and business
colleagues such as yourself.

Whilst there are some regrets my new role has allowed me to re enter the Commercial Furniture
Industry, an industry that I always enjoyed (during my previous fourteen year involvement) and
returning at the helm of Thinking Ergonomix a company highly regarded throughout the Australian
Market is an added bonus.

However with every good decision there are of course always a few negative aspects that
accompany such decisions. In this particular case the obvious short coming centres around the
reduced opportunity to collaborate and share ideas on a professional basis (projects) with you
and your team.

That said it most appropriate at this time to formally pass on my thanks and appreciation for the
level of professional support and design creativity you and your team continually delivered over
the last seven years (in pursuit of excellent client outcomes). The level of support provided by
CCP particularly during the start up phase of Colliers International Workplace Integration
contributed significantly to the success that followed. And the level of repeat business that flowed
over those years is testament to our collective commitment.

As I write this letter of appreciation several stand-out projects spring to mind such as; NRMA
Head Office Building in York Street Sydney; NRMA Call Centres at Strathfield and Gosford;
Tricom International at GPT; Australian Worldwide Exploration in the new ARK building; George
Weston Food’s Head Office at Chatswood and of course the Colliers International Head Office at
Grosvenor Place plus the several other Colliers offices repeated throughout Australia.

Simon, working with you and your CCP team over the years has been a pleasure and our many
successes an added bonus, thank you.

Yours Faithfully

John Boys
General Manager
CCP CORP                                 Office Details

CCP CORP Office Address               Unit 7/37 Nicholson St.
                                      Balmain, NSW 2041.
Phone                                 02 9555 4355
Fax                                   02 9555 4356

Corporate Structure                   Company

Date Established                      1995

ABN Number                            ABN 19 149 513 717

State of Registration                 New South Wales.

Banking                               Westpac Bank
                                      272 Darling St,
                                      Balmain, NSW 2041.

Current Professional Indemnity Insurance
       Insurer                        Allianz Insurance
       Sum Insured                    $10,000,000.00
       Date of expiry                 18.12.2012

Current Public Liability Insurance
       Insurer                        Allianz Insurance
       Sum Insured                    $20,000,000.00
       Date of expiry                 25.07.2012

Current Workers Compensation
       Insurer                        Allianz Insurance
       Sum Insured                    N.A
       Date of expiry                 25.07.2012
                                CURRENT PROJECTS
                             Australian Technology Park

                                 UFC and Crunch Gyms

                Waterview Wharf Workshop Townhouses

Subaru All 4 The Driver Brand Identity Rollout Nationwide

              NRMA fitout works, meeting and hospitality

                          Thrifty National Retail Program

               CB Richard Ellis, Building Refurbishments

                                          Premier Sports

                                Little Rascals Playcentre

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