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The Messenger - City of Farmington Hills_ Michigan

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					                                                           TIGERS OPENING DAY PARTY
                                            Fri. April 5 10:30am-3:30 pm Tickets are $6.00 , $8.00 after 3/28
                                            Join us for a baseball themed variety show put on by The Heart of
                                            the Hills Players. Followed by an indoor picnic and then stay for
APRIL EVENTS                                the Detroit Tigers opening day festivities and baseball game.

Book Discussion                     4                                                  Special Travel Show!
                                                                                     A TASTE OF MACKINAC
Opening Day Party                   5                                                 Tuesday, April 16 at 10:30
                                              Wednesday May 29th at
First Friday Ballroom               5        Heritage Park 10 am—2 pm
                                           Celebrate      National   Senior
Lunch and the DIA                   8      Health and Fitness Day in
                                           Heritage Park at the Nature
Cholesterol Talk                    9      Center and Spicer House. The
                                           morning will begin with a mini
Special Travel Show
                                   16      health fair, a morning stretch, a         The Michigan Recreation and
A Taste of Mackinaw
                                           presentation by the naturalist,           Park Association (MRPA) will
Friday Film                        19      followed by a healthy box lunch           be here the discuss the “Grand
“ Hachi - A Dog’s Tail”                                                              Experience” at the Grand Hotel
                                           and musical entertainment.
Making a Tough                             The afternoon will feature                on Mackinac Island. The morn-
                                   23      guided short and long hikes, a            ing will consist of a Mackinac
                                           sampler Tai Chi class or yoga             presentation that outlines the
MAY EVENTS                                 class and a tour of the nature            trip and activities. It will in-
                                           center. Sponsored by Botsford             clude tea, cookies, and of
Drivers Safety                                                                       course, FUDGE!
                                   1,2     Hospital.
Program                                                                              Sign up in Conway Hall.
                                           Fee: $5.00 class # 330501-01
Chili Cook Off                      3      Participants must pre-register
                                           by May 24. You can register on             VOLUNTEERS WANTED:
Travel Show                         7      line or at the Costick Center.            Join other enthusiastic volun-
                                                                                     teers in our annual Blueberry
First Friday Ballroom              10      MEMORIAL DAY TRIBUTE                      Pie fund-raiser to support the
                                           Wed, May 22, 10:30-11:30 am               Senior Transportation Pro-
Bicycling Tips 101                         If you would like to honor                gram. – Baking July 16 & 17,
Plus Tips for the Pros                     someone at the event please               1:30 - 4:30 p.m. To pre-order,
                                           stop in Conway Hall, during the           call 248-473-1830. Pre-orders
Friday Film                        17      month of May and add a leaf to            must be paid in full. Pies will
                                           our “Memorial Tree”. The com-             ONLY be sold at the Costick
Memorial Day Tribute               22      memoration will be followed by            Center this year. Sign up in
                                           refreshments.                             Conway Hall
No Senior Left Inside              29
    The Farmington Hills Senior Division provides Adults 50 & Better with recreation, education,
                  socialization, volunteer opportunities, referrals, and services.
                The Center for Active Adults in the Costick Center is open Mon – Fri, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.
      To obtain information about programs, services, classes call 248-473-1830 or visit
                                                             The Farmington Community Library in partnership
LUNCH AND THE DIA                                            with the Senior Division provides a wide and varied
Mon, April 8, 12 - 2 pm                                      selection of books, many in large print, available in
Enjoy a delicious lunch followed by a slide presenta-        Conway Hall each Tues, 10:00 - 11:00 am.
tion on “The Power of Myth”. Speaker provided by the
DIA Speaker’s Bureau. Tickets available for $6 in            BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP
Conway Hall. Tickets purchased after April 4, $8.            Join an informal book discussion
                                                             group in cooperation with the Farm-
FRIDAY FILM - Hachi: A Dog’s Tail                            ington Community Library the 1st
Fri, April 19th from 12:00 - 3:00 pm                         Thursday each month, 1 pm. Paper-
A drama based on the true story of a college profes-         back copies available in advance in
sor’s bond with the abandoned dog he takes into his          Conway Hall, $.50 res, $1 non-res per book.
home. Staring Richard Gere, Joan Allen, Cary-                Apr 4 - World we Found, by Thirty Umirgar
Hiroyuki Tagawa. Tickets in Conway Hall, by April 17         May 2 - The Housekeeper and the Professor,
$5 or $7 at the door. Includes lunch.                                                           by Yoko Ogawa
                                                             June 6 - Mudbound, by Hillary Jordan
Tuesday, April 9 from 10:30 – 11:30 am                                    SUPPORT GROUPS
Learn how your cholesterol works and why you should
know your levels. Get facts on how to treat high cho-        The Senior Division provides support groups that
lesterol or better yet how to reduce the risk factors by     provide encouragement, activities, speakers, so-
changing your lifestyle! No cost. Sign up in Conway          cialization, & more:
Hall                                                         • First Step Stroke - Meet Tues at 1 pm
                                                                     (first Tues group dines out)
MAKING A TOUGH DECISSION                                     • Stroke Caregivers - Meet most 3rd Tues
Tuesday April 23 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm
                                                                     at 1 pm
Choosing a Long-Term Care Facility is a tough deci-
                                                             • Low Vision Support- Meet 1st Wed at 1 pm
sion. Learn the 12 key things you should consider be-
fore making that choice with a loved one or for your-        • Caregivers - Meet 1st & 3rd Wed at 1pm
self. A highly knowledgeable administrator will be           • Grief & Loss - Meet 2nd & 4th Wed at
here to share the facts and answer your questions.                   1:30 pm
Instructor: The Manor of Farmington Hills No cost.
Sign up in Conway Hall.                                      SIGN LANUAGE CLASS
                                                                     Tuesdays-March 19 - April 23,
BICYCLING 101—PLUS TIPS FOR THE PROS                                 6-week series
Tuesday May 14 from 6:00—7:30 pm                                     Interactive class 10:00am - 12:00p
Bicycling is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the             The class will cover the alphabet, some
outdoors, and have some fun with friends. Learn                      numbers, signs for food, colors, weather,
about how to select the right bike and equipment. Also               general and basic conversations. No Cost.
learn bicycling safety tips and where to ride for differ-            Sign up in Conway Hall.
ent skill levels. All levels of biking experience are wel-
come. Sign up in Conway Hall or call 248-473-1830.
Instructor: D & D Bicycles

GRANDPARENT AND CHILD DAY                                    This free health inspired program is in partnership
HAYRIDES AND MORE                                            with Botsford Community Hospital. Health care pro-
Sunday May 19 from 2:00-3:45 pm                              fessionals will be available for discussion, questions,
Spend some quality time in nature your with your             blood pressure monitoring and more! The
grandchild! Enjoy a hayride through the trails of            30 - 60 min walk begins at the nature cen-
Heritage Park, explore the Nature Center and make a          ter and
nature craft with your grandchild! Snacks will also be       continues on a variety of trails
provided. Fee: $7.00 per person Class # 311250-01            throughout the park. Walks are open
                                                             to everyone and for those who want
GETTING STARTED ON THE INTERNET                              to improve or maintain their health.
This class is offered on Mondays at 1:15 pm by li-           Thursday April 18, 12 pm -
brary staff/volunteers. Topics include Internet Basics,      Dr. Foster, Cardiologist: Atrial Fibrillation
Library Resources, E-mail Basics, and Searching the          Thursday, May 26, 12 pm -
web.                                                         Dr. Amy L. Brode, Urologist
         SPRING INTO FITNESS                              YOGA - Focus on inner awareness, external align-
                                                          ment, balance & flexibility. Wear loose clothing,
CORE BODY                                                 bring a mat. Instructor, Dawn Priebe. Mon & Wed,
BALANCE - This is a                                       through - Apr 29, 9:45 - 10:45 am,
low-impact class for all                                  $5, res disc $4.
fitness levels. Focus is
placed on the “Core                                       EVENING YOGA - Focus on inner awareness, ex-
Muscles” which are for                                    ternal alignment, balance & flexibility. Wear loose
flexibility and balance!                                  clothing, bring a mat. Instructor Dawn Priebe. Tues-
The class will improve                                    days March 5 - April 22, 5:30 - 6:30 pm and Thurs-
your flexibility, balance, and posture and build over-    days March 7 - April 18, 5:45 - 6:45 pm at The Lon-
all strength. Bring a mat and resistance bands. Tue &     gacre House. Fee $35 res, $40 non-res or
Thu at 9:45 - 10:45 am, $5, res disc $4.                  $8 drop-in.
Instructor, Cindy Warren.
                                                          YOGALATES - This combination of
GYM EXERCISE - All fitness levels welcome! Come           yoga and pilates will strengthen your
exercise in a fun, friendly, upbeat atmosphere. This      core muscles with emphasis on relaxing
class will help you increase your core strength, build    stretches to keep muscles safe. Taught by
cardiovascular endurance, tone and sculpt your mus-       Dawn Priebe. Tuesdays March 5 - April
cles and more. Bring hand weights and resistance          16, 4 - 5 pm. Fee $35 res, $40 non-res or
bands. Mon - Thurs through April 30, 11 am - 12 pm.       $6 drop-in.
Costick Center gym with instructor Cindy Warren.
Drop-in $2.50, res dis $2.                                THERAPEUTIC YOGA - Learn the valuable tech-
Wednesday Gym Exercise Class - $1.00 video                niques of looking within for strength and peace. This
                                                          class also enhances balance and flexibility. Wear
INTRODUCTION TO TAI CHI - Tai Chi Chuan is                loose clothing, bring a mat. Instructor, Dawn Priebe.
an exercise, meditation and martial art that is benefi-   Thursdays March 7 - April 18, 9:45 - 10:45 am, Fee
cial for improvement of health and stress manage-         $35 res, $40 non-res or $6 drop-in
ment. Tai Chi also teaches breathing techniques to
enhance lung capacity and stamina and it benefits the     DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!
immune and circulatory system. Instructor, Dr. Alex       FIRST FRIDAY BALLROOM & BUFFET
Green has been a teacher and student of Wu Style Tai      Dinner and dancing with the Mike Wolverton
Chu Chuan & Chi Kung Institute for 24 years directed
                                                          Band, all welcome. April 5, 3 - 6 pm. Tickets avail-
by his teacher Sifu Stephen Britt. Wed May 1 - June
                                                          able in Conway Hall, $9, $10 at the door, $1 discount
12, 6:30 - 7:30pm. Fee $35 res, $40 non-res
                                                          to members with active card.
FELDENKRAIS - Bring your body into alignment,             FERNANDO’S ADVANCED BALLROOM
reduce chronic pain. Gentle movements to enhance          Mondays, March 11 - April 22. Rumba at 6 pm and
coordination, balance, mobility, breathing, and pos-      Fox Trot at 7 pm. Fernando Caducio instructor. Prior
ture. Bring mat and towel. Drop in fee $5, res disc $4.   ballroom dance experience required.
Wed from 9:30-10:30 am. Instructor Gloria Beren           Fee: $42 res, $47 non-res or $10 drop-in
WII SPORTS - Have fun with virtual bowling, golf,         FERNANDO’S THURDAY BEGINNER BALL-
tennis, and baseball. Enjoy it alone or with friends      ROOM Basic level, easy to follow. Thursdays March
and get a great workout! No experience or athletic        7 - April 18. E. Cha Cha at 7 pm and Waltz at 8 pm.
ability necessary. Mon, Wed & Fri at 10 am.               Fernando Caducio instructor.
                                                          Fee: $42 res, $47 non-res or $10 drop-in
ZUMBA GOLD (LEVEL ONE) - Burn calories and
tone up! Zumba Gold, a lower impact level of Zumba,       FERNANDO’S SATURDAY INTERMEDIATE
is less rigorous with all the fun and fitness benefits.   BALLROOM Must have completed beginner
International music and a great workout with Fer-         level class to participate. Current session on Satur-
nando Caducio.                                            days March 9 - April 27. E. Coast Swing at 3 pm, and
Mondays March 9 - April 27, 3 - 3:50 pm                   Tango at 4 pm. Fernando Caducio instructor.
Thursdays March 7 - April 18, 3 - 3:50 pm                 Fee: $36 res, $41 non-res or $10 drop-in
Mon or Thur fee: $42 res, $47 non-res or $8 drop-in
Saturdays March 8 - April 27, 1:30 - 2:20 pm              DAY LINE DANCE - Popular fun class and good
Sat fee: $36 res, $41 non-res or $8 drop-in               exercise, two skill levels, Beginner 12 - 1 pm, Interme-
                                                          diate 1 - 2 pm on Wednesdays through April 24.
                                                          Drop-in fee $4. Instructor Rosemary Krest.
        Department of                      MONDAY                                   TUESDAY
      Special Services
    COSTICK CENTER            9:45 Yoga                           1     9:00 Tai Chi                        2
  ADULTS 50 & BETTER          9:45 Pinochle                             9:45 Core Body Balance
                             10:00 Wii Sports                          10:00 Library
  28600 Eleven Mile Rd.      11:00 Gym Exercise                        10:00 Coupon Clippers
Farmington Hills, MI 48336   12:00 Lunch – Almond Fish & Brown Rice    11:00 Gym Exercise
  General Information         1:00 Duplicate Bridge                    12:00 Lunch – Spaghetti & Meatsauce
                              1:15 Getting Started on Internet          1:00 1st Step Stroke - out to lunch
    (248) 473-1830            3:00 Zumba Gold– Level One
  Fax (248) 473-1801                                                    1:15 Bingo
                              6:00 Fernando’s Ballroom Rumba
                                                                        4:00 Yoga-lates            7:00 Fernando’s Ballroom Fox Trot
                                                                        5:30 Yoga - Longacre
     Click on Departments
       Adults 50 & Better
     Messenger Newsletter
                               9:45 Yoga                           8    9:00 Tai Chi                         9
                              9:45 Pinochle                             9:45 Core Body Balance
    To Register Online:
                             10:00 Wii Sports                          10:00 Library
     Click on Departments
                             11:00 Gym Exercise                        10:00 Blood Pressure Check
        Special Services     12:00 Lunch and The DIA                   10:30 Cholesterol
      Online Program Reg     12:00 Lunch – Honey Mustard Chicken       11:00 Gym Exercise
   Program Supervisor         1:00 Duplicate Bridge                    12:00 Lunch – Lemon Pepper Tilapia
                              1:15 Getting Started on Internet          1:00 1st Step Stroke
         Marsha Koet          3:00 Zumba Gold– Level One                1:15 Bingo
          473-1821            6:00 Fernando’s Ballroom Rumba            4:00 Yoga-lates
  Nutrition Coordinator       7:00 Fernando’s Ballroom Fox Trot         5:30 Yoga - Longacre
      Cathy Yourchock
          473-1825            9:45 Yoga                           15    9:00 Tai Chi                       16
  Programmer/Planning         9:45 Pinochle                             9:45 Core Body Balance
                             10:00 Wii Sports                          10:00 Library
        Anna Durham          11:00 Gym Exercise                        10:00 Sign Language Class
          473-1822           12:00 Lunch – Swedish Meatballs &         11:00 Gym Exercise
  Programmer/Outreach                                      Noodles     12:00 Lunch – Seasoned Chicken Breast
      Teresa Jergovich        1:00 Duplicate Bridge - cancelled         1:30 1st Step Stroke/Caregivers
                              1:15 Getting Started on Internet
          473-1826            3:00 Zumba Gold-Level One
                                                                        1:15 Bingo
Programmer/Center/Trips                                                 4:00 Yoga-lates
                              6:00 Fernando’s Ballroom Rumba
                                                                        5:30 Yoga - Longacre
        Angela Nazak          7:00 Fernando’s Ballroom Fox Trot
     Nutrition/Center         9:45 Yoga                         22      9:00 Tai Chi                        23
                              9:45 Pinochle                             9:45 Core Body Balance
          473-1867           10:00 Wii Sports                          10:00 Library
  Focus Hope/Outreach        11:00 Gym Exercise                        10:00 Sign Language Class
    473-1826 473-1827        12:00 Lunch – Lemon Tarragon Chicken      10:30 Making a Tough Decision
                              1:00 Duplicate Bridge
    SENEX Coordinator         1:00 Sojourn Bears
                                                                       11:00 Gym Exercise
        Julie Altschul                                                 12:00 Lunch – Stuffed Pepper
                              1:15 Getting Started on Internet
                                                                        1:00 1st Step Stroke
          473-1872            3:00 Zumba Gold-Level One
                                                                        1:15 Bingo
         Home Chore           6:00 Fernando’s Ballroom Rumba
                              7:00 Fernando’s Ballroom Fox Trot
                              9:45 Yoga                          29 9:00 Tai Chi                            30
         Coordinator          9:45 Pinochle                             9:45 Core Body Balance
          473-1854           10:00 Wii Sports                          10:00 Library
 Transportation Dispatch     11:00 Gym Exercise                        11:00 Gym Exercise
          473-1864           12:00 Lunch – Cheese Omelet               12:00 Lunch – Pub Cheese Burger
                              1:00 Duplicate Bridge
        Grant Center          1:00 Sojourn Bears
                                                                        1:00 1st Step Stroke
     29260 Grand River                                                  1:15 Bingo
                              1:15 Getting Started on Internet
      Longacre House
   24705 Farmington Rd
           WEDNESDAY                                  THURSDAY                                        FRIDAY

 9:30 Feldenkrais                     3    9:00 Tai Chi                            4 10:00 Quilters                           5
 9:45 Yoga                                 9:45 Therapeutic Yoga                       10:00 Wii Bowling
10:00 Wii Sports                           9:45 Core Body Balance                      12:00 Lunch – Crispy Fish Sandwich
10:55 Gym Exercise-Video                  10:00 Computer Forum
12:00 Beginning Line Dance                11:00 Gym Exercise                                   Opening Day Party
12:00 Lunch – Chef’s Salad                12:00 Lunch – Bar-B-Q Chicken Breast                 11:00 am—3:30 pm
 1:00 Caregivers Support                  1:00 Book Discussion - World We Found
 1:00 Intermediate Line Dance
 1:00 Painters Group
                                           1:15 Bingo
                                            3:00 Zumba Gold-Level One
                                                                                          First Friday Ballroom
 1:00 Euchre                                5:45 Yoga - Longacre
                                                                                                     3 - 6 pm
 6:30 Introduction to Tai Chi               7:00 Fernando’s Ballroom Cha Cha                 Buffet Dinner & Dancing
                                            8:00 Fernando’s Ballroom Waltz                     Mike Wolverton Band
 9:30 Feldenkrais                       10 9:00 Tai Chi                         11 10:00 Quilters                      12
 9:45 Yoga                                  9:45 Therapeutic Yoga
10:00 Wii Sports                            9:45 Core Body Balance
                                                                                    10:00 Wii Sports
10:55 Gym Exercise-Video                   10:00 Computer Forum                     12:00 Lunch – Kielbasa and Sauerkraut
12:00 Beginning Line Dance                 11:00 Gym Exercise                        1:00 Brain Games
12:00 Lunch – Sloppy Joe or                12:00 Lunch –Tuna Salad on Spring Greens
                     Sweet Jane Chicken      1:15 Bingo
12:30 Legal Advice                           3:00 Zumba Gold-Level One
1:00 Painters Group                          5:45 Yoga - Longacre
1:00 Intermediate Line Dance                 7:00 Fernando’s Ballroom Cha Cha
1:30 Grief & Loss Support                    8:00 Fernando’s Ballroom Waltz
6:30 Introduction to Tai Chi

  9:30 Feldenkrais                   17 9:00 Tai Chi                              18 10:00 Quilters                          19
  9:45 Yoga                               9:45 Therapeutic Yoga
10:00 Wii Sports                          9:45 Core Body Balance
                                                                                       10:00 Wii Sports
10:55 Gym Exercise-Video                 10:00 Computer Forum                          12:00 Lunch –
11:30 Red Hat Society                    11:00 Gym Exercise                                     Baked Macaroni & Cheese
12:00 Beginning Line Dance               12:00 Lunch – Turkey Tetrazzini
12:00 Lunch – Pork Chops w/ Spice Apples 1:15 Bingo                                    12:00 Friday Film
 1:00 Caregivers Support                   3:00 Zumba Gold                                “Hachi - A Dog’s Tail”
 1:00 Painters Group                       5:45 Yoga - Longacre
 1:00 Intermediate Line Dance              7:00 Fernando’s Ballroom Cha Cha
 1:00 Euchre                               8:00 Fernando’s Ballroom Waltz
 6:30 Introduction to Tai Chi

  9:30 Feldenkrais                    24 9:00 Tai Chi                             25                                         26
  9:45 Yoga                               9:45 Therapeutic Yoga                        10:00 Quilters
10:00 Wii Sports                          9:45 Core Body Balance                       10:00 Wii Sports
10:55 Gym Exercise-Video                 10:00 Computer Forum                          12:00 Lunch – Walnut Chicken Salad
12:00 Beginning Line Dance               11:00 Gym Exercise
12:00 Lunch – Florentine Pollock &
                                                                                        1:00 Brain Games
                                         12:00 Lunch – Vegetable Lasagna
                             Wild Rice     1:15 Bingo
12:30 Legal Advice
 1:00 Intermediate Line Dance
 1:00 Painters Group
 1:30 Grief & Loss Support

                                                           SENIOR POOL SCHEDULE                            RATES
                                                                                                           Res     Non-Res
                                          Exercise In Pool          Daily              10:00 am        $1.75 $3.00
                                          Open Swim                 Daily              11:00 am        $1.25 $2.25
                                          Open Swim                 M, W, F             2:00 pm        $1.25 $2.25
                                          Arthritis Aquatic         T, Th               1:00 pm        $1.75 $3.00
                                          ALL POOL PARTICIPANTS MUST SHOWER BEFORE ENTERING POOL
                               HEALTH AND NUTRITION NEWS
Join us for Lunch!
Deli Station available each Tues, Wed & Thurs...check out the new “you pick” selections. Choice
of soups, salad, sandwich, or salad bar. Lunch line is open Noon – 12:30 pm each day.
HOT LUNCH CONTINUES IN CONWAY Hall Monday - Friday. Stop by and try something new for lunch,
$2.75 donation for those over 60 years, a fee of $5 to all others.
GRAB AND GO On the Go and need something nutritious for lunch…….Try our Grab and Go located in Con-
way Hall. A delicious way to support the Farmington Hills Lunch program. All of the donations made for the
Grab and Go items are put back directly into the lunch program.
VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for the Senior Nutrition program to drive for meals on wheels, pack home-
bound meals and assist in serving meals Mon-Fri. Please call (248) 473-1825 for more information.
MEALS ON WHEELS are available to Farmington area residents, homebound and those unable to prepare
their own meals. Ensure products, for those needing additional nutrients, are available with a prescription from
your physician. Help deliver or pack meals, make a difference and volunteer. Call (248) 473-1825 for informa-
tion. The HDM program is no longer in need of brown paper grocery bags with handles. Thank you to Trader
Joe’s who donated over 300 bags and Bettie Clausen for delivery.
Nutrition Services are funded through Title III, Older Americans Act Funds, & through the Area Agency on Aging 1-B,
through the Office of Services to the Aging and complies with terms and regulations of Title V of Civil Rights Act of

    TRANSPORTATION NEWS                                        TOP 10 LIST FOR BRAIN HEALTH
                                                              10. Don’t smoke at all or drink to excess. But I
The Transportation program provides curb-to-curb van          won’t whine if you have a little wine.
service to adults (55 or better) and disabled residents of    9. Eat a healthy diet. You know the drill - lots of
Farmington/Farmington Hills. Priority is given to             fruits and veggies and whole grains and go easy on
medical appointments. Other destinations are offered          the fats, sugars and red meat. But don’t get overly
based on availability. Current destinations include:          stressed about it. Studies seem to show that eating in
•   Medical appointments in Farmington, Farm-                 a pleasant atmosphere with companions you enjoy is
    ington Hills, Novi, West Bloomfield, Southfield,          as important as eating the right foods.
                                                              8. Treat yourself to pleasure. For some, the top
    Livonia, and limited destinations in Royal Oak.
                                                              two are chocolate and sex and the order is debatable.
•   Farmington Hills Center for Active Adults                 For many, their primary pleasures are not readily
    Shuttle - available daily with morning and after-         attainable. Don’t despair. Anticipating pleasure can
    noon stops.                                               have the same positive effects on your brain as at-
                                                              taining it.
•   Shopping at Busch’s & Kroger. Other shopping              7. Look at life with wonder. Stay curious. Einstein
    destinations are available with a minimum of 3            said, “Never lose a holy curiosity.” Always be inter-
    passengers.                                               ested.
•   12 Oaks Mall Shuttle now runs on Thursdays.               6. is similar to 7. Variety is the spice of life, or put
                                                              another way, the brain craves novelty. I’m not
•   Other destinations: hospital/nursing home                 saying you shouldn’t keep doing crossword puzzles if
    visits, salon/barber appointments, banking or             you enjoy them, but the brain has many other parts
    pharmacy trips.                                           that need stimulation.
Transportation is available Monday – Friday, 9:00 am          5. Fun fuels the brain. Do something that amuses
– 3:30 pm. Reservations can be made by calling at least       you at least once a day.
3 - 4 working days prior to appointment. Please call          4. Laugh: this may seem like a repeat of 5, but
248-473-1864 for reservations between the hours of 8          there’s a difference: your sense of humor is the most
am - 3 pm. Do not leave a message for your ap-                creative part of your brain, because it forces you to
pointment, leave your name and phone number and               look at life from a different angle.
dispatch will call you back. A $2 donation each way           3. Be of good cheer. At least one study has shown
is critical to the survival of the program.                   that you can add as much as seven years to your life
                                                              by having a positive attitude toward aging.
Two Smart services are available for you!
                                                              2. Surround yourself with friends. Isolation is
The SMART Dial-A-Ride Service and the SMART
                                                              the enemy. Chat with someone you value and who
Connector Service are both a Monday through Fri-
                                                              values you back - everyday.
day service. The hours are 6 am until 6 pm. Last pick-up
                                                              1. Move your body - walk, run, swim, stretch,
must be made by 5 pm. Call (866) 962-5515 for more
                                                              dance, do your own thing: just keep moving. Nothing
                                                              is better for your mind.
   Brunch on Mother’s Day at the
     Beautiful Longacre House
               Sunday, May 12, 1:00 pm
Enjoy the charming atmosphere while dining on the fine
 cusine offered from the elegant buffet. Reservations re-
quired and can be made by calling the Longacre House at
  Brunch: $30, $20 children under 12, 3 and under free
    Course # 310535-01 Registration Deadline May 3
     Art on the Grand June 1 & 2
                   Art Booths Open:
     Saturday, 10 am - 8 pm Sunday, 11 am - 6 pm

    Beer & Wine Hospitality Tent during show hours

   International dancers all weekend in the Kids Area
              representing over 15 cultures

 Don’t forget to buy your homemade cookies at
                Art on the Grand!

   The Farmington Hills Department of Special
 Services Adults 50 & Better will be selling their
  famous home made blueberry cookies to raise
 money for the Senior Transportation Division.
                                     TRAVEL NEWS
    Availability changes, call 248 473-1823 for status! Cancellation policies vary, check flyers.
                    No refunds for any trips within 24 hours of trip departure.
              Credit card payments are accepted for overnight trips only. Thank You!

DSO, the Senior Division is offering an exciting new DSO program!! The full Detroit Symphony Or-
chestra will be performing at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Departure from the Costick Cen-
ter at 9:00 am . Buy one show or the entire series! Show dates are April 5, and May 17. Please stop in to
Conway Hall for a listing of shows and to sign up!
Shipshewana on the Road, Soaring Eagle Casino, April 13, Enjoy all the items of the market
without all the walking! An Indiana market will be set up inside the Soaring Eagle Casino, you can
shop, try your luck at one of the many games, or do both! Everyone will receive a $15 coin coupon and
a $5 food voucher! Offered by Bianco tours $38 pp
Ethnic Dine Around, April 29th, Featuring Appetizers at the Original New Parthenon Restaurant,
main course at The Polonia Restaurant and dessert at the Shatila Bakery! Offered by Bianco Tours
$58 pp
Tulip Time, Holland Michigan, May 7, Departs 7:45am - Returns 7:45pm
Roundtrip transportation via modern motor coach. Lunch in downtown Holland at the “Alpen Rose”,
restaurant, also enjoy a wonderful tour of the Tulip Gardens & Lanes, Velheer Tulip Gardens/Deklomp
Wooden Shoe & Delft Factory. Rybicki Tours $89 pp
Fiddlers on the Roof, May 10, Departs 8:00am - Returns 9:00pm, Stratford Festival Ontario, Can-
ada. Enjoy Roundtrip transportation via modern motor coach. Includes sit down lunch in Stratford,
reserved main floor seating at the festival, enroute beverage & snack! Don’s miss this wonderful show.
Rybicki Tours $169
The Adams Family, June 15, A new musical comedy at the Fox Theatre, Departs 11:05am - Returns
4:55pm. Round trip transportation via deluxe highway motor coach. Lunch at Da Edorado Foxtown
Grille in the historic Fox Theatre District. 2:00pm show time with main floor seating. Bianco
Tours$108 pp
   A special thanks to all our sponsors for the additional support that their help gives our program!

The home care services provided by Comfort Keepers® are designed to help seniors and others
maintain optimal levels of independence in the comfort of their own homes. In addition to providing
assistance with household tasks, such as light housekeeping and meal preparation, and personal care
tasks, such as bathing and grooming, Comfort Keepers offer their clients a wide range of compan-
ionship services, including conversation, walks, errands, (including transportation), as well as assis-
tance with hobbies and other interests. By providing the right mix of in-home senior care services for
your loved one, we feel confident that Comfort Keepers can help to maintain independence while en-
hancing quality of life.


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