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					                    Committee on Oversight
                    Senate of the Associated Students
              Minutes for Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at 8:30 P.M.
             Rita Laden Senate Chambers, Joe Crowley Student Union
   Senator Higgins called the committee on oversight to order at 8:30 P.M, presiding committee secretary
   Nicole Tomimatsu.

   Senator Alvarado, Speaker Higgins, Senator Jay, Senator Malin, Senator O’Shea, Senator Rashdan, and
   Senator Sharma were present.

    A quorum was present.

   There was no public comment at this time.


    There were no minutes to approve at this time.

        a. The Committee presented updates on the following objectives:
             1. Senate Outreach – Presenting in Classes
                 Speaker Higgins asked who had presented in classes for Senate outreach.

                      Senator Rashdan had done outreach through student organizations, like the Business
                      Student Council.

                      Senator Alvarado asked if they were putting together a standardized presentation.

                      Speaker Higgins said that they had talking points but depending on the professor, it was
                      open to the senator to present.

                      Senator Malin stated he presented in his Arabic class.

                  2. Reviewing and Editing the Statutes of the Associated Students
                     Speaker Higgins asked if they had drafted any particular legislation yet.

                      Senator Malin stated they had a drafted legislation to edit Chapter 1 in the SAS, which
                      Senator Swanson wrote. They would discuss it in committee that Friday.

                  3. Undergraduate Research Journal
                     Senator Alvarado planned to have a second meeting next week.

                      Speaker Higgins asked if any headway had been made regarding hiring staff.

                      Senator Alvardo said it was their next step—opening up the applications.

                      Senator Sharma asked he had contacted Senator del Carlo about the project.
Committee on Oversight
October 17, 2012
Page 2

                         Senator Alvarado had contacted him and hoped to work with him in the future.

                  4. Senate Turnover
                     Senator Malin stated that his committee wanted to address improving the quality of
                     training and research how training sessions have been done in the past.

                         Speaker Higgins asked what he had heard in the past that was different.

                         Senator Malin had heard that Director Rodriguez had used a different method for
                         training, in which she went off a binder.

                         Speaker Higgins explained the binder was their governing documents. He personally felt
                         the success of the 79th session should be attributed to the experience of those senators,
                         rather than the training.

                         Senator Malin also said they had talked to Elections Chair about his Senate experience.

                         Senator O’Shea suggested creating their own training program in the committee on
                         government operations.

                         Senator Sharma said he was working on a PowerPoint to explain the budget in a
                         simplified way.

                  5. Crosswalk Signs
                     Senator Jay contacted the Chair of the Transportation Engineering Department, who
                     thought constricting traffic to one lane would help.

                         Senator Malin said that from his experience it didn’t work.

                         Senator Sharma thought that the traffic crosswalk lights were effective.

                         Speaker Higgins suggested getting recommendations from a specialist in Pedestrian

                  6. Mining Taxation
                     Senator Jay invited representatives from the Nevada Mining Association and the
                     Nevadan for Fair Mining Taxes to the meeting on Friday.

                         Speaker Higgins asked what the general feeling of the committee was.

                         Senator Jay said that after preliminary research, they believed it was worth looking into,
                         however they did not want to form any opinions before hearing from both sides.

                  7. Cooperative Housing / Nevada Town
                     Senator O’Shea said that last Friday the committee had not met quorum. He met with
                     Michael Stannard regarding the student housing tax incentive, who said that someone in
                     his department could help with research. He also met with Director Rodriguez, who
                     suggested meeting with President Mark Johnson about Nevada Town.
Committee on Oversight
October 17, 2012
Page 3

                         Speaker Higgins asked him to explain more about the tax incentive.

                         Senator O’Shea said he wanted to work with legislators to set up tax incentives for
                         landlords that rent houses to students. He said they would have to put in a bill draft
                         request by mid-November. He also planned to talk to legislators and have a Senator go
                         to town hall.


          a.   COMMITTEE UPDATES

               Speaker Higgins wanted to talk about habitual absences from senators or any behavioral issues. He
               mentioned Attorney General Merrill wanted to make changes in the SAS to require punishments
               for breaking rules; however he did not agree with it.

               Senator Malin disagreed with making people resign as punishment.

               Senator Rashdan thought the punishment was more focused on malicious intent, not necessarily
               small mistakes.

               Speaker Higgins thought that the oversight committee could better identify malicious intent.

               Senator Alvarado suggested setting up minor punitive punishments and leaving the rest open to

               The committee discussed the necessity of listing punishments in the SAS.

          b. COMMITTEE GOALS

               Senator Rashdan asked about the members-at-large program.

               Speaker Higgins explained that Senator Coffey was heading the formation of the informal
               committee. They wanted to work with the members-at-large to start a project that would eventually
               be presented in bill form.

               Senator Rashdan asked how many current members-at-large there were.

               Speaker Higgins said they had five or six currently with four more that were going to be added.

               Senator Rashdan asked if they had reached out to any of the past members to see if they were still
               interested in the program.

               Speaker Higgins stated they had not because he did not have direct access to their contact
               information. He planned to talk to Director Rodriguez about contacting them.

               Senator Alvarado asked about having Senate meetings elsewhere.
Committee on Oversight
October 17, 2012
Page 4

                Speaker Higgins said that they were free to have meetings anywhere on campus. He said they would
                have to go through university scheduling to set up meetings. As for off campus locations, he said it
                wasn’t clear in Nevada Open Meeting Law regarding student governments and their area of

                Senator Jay stated he wanted to look at apportionment again.

                Senator Sharma asked what he was looking for in the cover letters.

                Speaker Higgins said he would share his Senate documents drop box, so they could look at cover
                letter templates.

                Senator Rashdan said that the committee of University Affairs had opened the position of
                committee reporter, which went to the Vice Chair, Senator O’Shea.

               Speaker Higgins stated that he was going to require legislation to be submitted by both a hard copy
               and a digital copy. He wanted to stress that committee origination was the easiest process to bring
               legislation to Senate.

                Senator Sharma said that Director Rodriguez had suggested Senate referral back to a committee.

                Speaker Higgins thought that the committees would draft appropriate legislation.

     Speaker Higgins moved the discussion back to agenda item 6 a. Committee Updates.

                Senator Rashdan asked Senator Jay about the t-shirt press.

                Senator Jay said that Senator Byrnes took the project over.

                Speaker Higgins said that there was a demand is on campus for the t-shirt press.

                Senator Sharma asked about the Sagebrush’s financial independence plan.

                Senator Malin stated that they had brought a proportional plan to the Sagebrush, however they had
                not accepted it.

                Senator Jay clarified it was a funding plan to see how much ASUN could be expect back from
                Sagebrush’s revenue, never more than the amount funded.

                Senator Malin said that the Sagebrush had sent him their budget.

                Senator Sharma said that to keep continuity, he was constructing a template that organizations
                could use to write up their budgets.

                Senator Sharma suggested that the members-at-large brainstorm ideas.

Speaker Higgins moved the discussion back to agenda item 6 c. Legislation Submission Procedure.
Committee on Oversight
October 17, 2012
Page 5

              Speaker Higgins set a deadline for legislation submissions.


      A member of the public stated that Living Learning Center would not let people in without a room key.

      Speaker Higgins said they would make sure that the meeting was open.

      Seeing no further business come before the body, Speaker Higgins adjourned the meeting on the committee
      on oversight at 9:19 P.M.

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