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Gluten-free                                      Fun Facts
                                                                                                                   Celiac Disease
  • 	 If	you	prefer	cold	cereal	for											   ➢ 	Babies	who	were	introduced	to	wheat,	barley,	or	
      breakfast,	Chex	®	cereal	is	now	              rye	at	any	time	in	the	first	three	months	had	five	            Living Gluten-free
      completely	gluten-free.                       times	the	risk	of	developing	celiac	disease	over	
                                                    those	exposed	at	4	to	6	months.	
  • 	 Make	your	own	salad	for	lunch,	but	
      add	nuts	instead	of	croutons	for	that	     ➢ 	Celiac	disease	is	most	common	in	Ireland.
      added	crunch.                               
                                                 ➢ 	It	has	been	estimated	that	10-15%	of	Americans	
                                                    have	celiac	disease,	but	have	no	symptoms.
  • 	 Have	an	omelet	at	the	Union	Bistro	
      with	vegetables	and	cheese.                 
                                                 ➢ 	There	is	now	genetic	testing	to	determine	your	
                                                    risk	for	developing	celiac	disease.
  • 	 Stockpot	®	Chicken	Adobe	soup	and	
      Stockpot	®	Fully	Loaded	Baked		Potato	      
      soup	are	both	gluten-free.                 ➢ 	The	glue	used	on	lickable	envelopes	and	stamps	
                                                    often	contains	gluten.
  • 	 Try	a	baked	potato	at	Spud	Zone	at	the	
      Market	and	add	grilled	chicken,	cheese	
      and	vegetables.                            Celiac	disease.	Accessed	3/10.
                                                 What	is	celiac	disease.	Accessed	3/10.
                                                 Celiac	disease-sprue.	Accessed	3/10.
  • 	 Try	Sushi	with	Gusto®	available	at	        Celiac	disease	symptoms.	Accessed	3/10.
      various	locations	around	campus.	Rice	
      is	a	gluten-free	grain!	(Skip	the	soy	
      sauce	-	it’s	not	gluten-free!)
  • 	 Make	sure	to	watch	out	for	spices.	
      Many	have	wheat	flour	added	to	
      prevent	clumping.
  • 	 For	more	tips	on	living	gluten-free,	as	
      well	as	more	gluten-free	options	on-
      campus,	check	out	the	Smart	Choices	
      Web	site.

Celiac Disease

Although	some	doctors	refer	to	celiac	disease	as	a	        Damaging Side-Effects of                                   Hidden Sources of Gluten
an	allergy	to	gluten,	it	is	actually	an	autoimmune	        Gluten in Celiacs                                           
disorder,	which	is	when	the	immune	system	
                                                                                                                      Many	products	contain	hidden	sources	of	gluten.	
mistakenly	attacks	and	destroys	healthy	body	
tissues.	                                                  If	celiacs	continue	to	consume	products	that									      Grains	containing	gluten	may	be	used	in	food	
                                                           contain	gluten,	the	damaging	effects	to	the	intestine	     additives,	such	as	malt	flavoring	and	modified	
Individuals	with	celiac	disease	(often	referred	to	                                                                   food	starch.	Other	sources	of	gluten	include	some	
                                                           may	interfere	with	the	absorption	of	nutrients.	
as	“celiacs”),	must	refrain	from	eating	gluten,	a	                                                                    medications	and	vitamins,	beer,	and	lip	balms.	
                                                           This	is	because	the	immune	system		responds	by	
protein	found	in	wheat,	rye,	and	barley.	This	is	                                                                     Cross-contamination	of	gluten	is	also	common.	
                                                           damaging	the	villi–	the	tiny,	fingerlike	protrusions	
because	their	body	responds	to	the	presence	of	                                                                       This	occurs	when	utensils	that	prepare	foods	
                                                           lining	the	small	intestine.		
gluten	by	attacking	and	damaging	the	inner	lining	                                                                    that	contain	gluten	are	used	on	products	without	
of	their	intestines.	                                      Villi	allow	nutrients	to	be	absorbed	from	food	            gluten,	thus	contaminating	them.		
                                                           and	pass	them	from	the	small	intestine	into	the	
                                                           bloodstream.		Therefore,	without	healthy	villi,	a	         There	are	still	many	foods	that	may	be	eaten	
What Causes Celiac Disease?                                person	may	become	malnourished	no	matter	how	              on	a	gluten	free	diet.	Meats,	fruits,	vegetables,	
                                                           much	food	they	eat.	                                       most	dairy	products,	rice,	and	potatoes	are	
The	exact	cause	of	celiac	disease	is	unknown,	                                                                        all	acceptable	for	celiacs.	There	are	also	an	
                                                           People	with	celiac	disease	tend	to	also	have	other	        increasing	number	of	products,	such	as	bread,	
but	it	is	most	often	inherited.		If	someone	in	your				    diseases	in	which	the	immune	system	attacks	
immediate	family	has	it,	chances	are	good	you	                                                                        pasta,	and	crackers,	that	are	being	made	with	
                                                           healthy	tissues	and	cells.	This	connection	may	            gluten-free	flour.	Just	be	sure	to	check	the	label!
may	have	it	as	well.	                                      be	genetic	and	includes	Type	1	diabetes,	thyroid	
Often	times,	for	reasons	that	are	unknown,	the	            disease,	liver	disease,	and	rheumatoid	arthritis.           
disease	surfaces	after	some	form	of	trauma.	This	
trauma	could	be	stress,	an	infection,	surgery,										
pregnancy,	or	a	physical	injury.	                          Treatment for Celiac Disease
Celiac	disease	can	affect	anyone	but	tends	to	be	
more	common	in	those	that	also	suffer	from	Type	           There	is	no	cure	for	celiac	disease,	but	symptoms	
1	diabetes,	thyroid	disease,	and	down	syndrome.            may	be	controlled	by	changing	your	diet.	To				
                                                           manage	the	disease	and	prevent	complications,	such	
                                                           as	malnutrition,	it	is	important	to	cut	out	all	sources	
Symptoms To Look For                                       of	gluten	from	your	diet.	This	includes	wheat,	rye,	
                                                           and	barley	as	well	as	any	products	made	from	these	
There	are	no	typical	symptoms	of	celiac	disease,	
but	most	people	complain	of	diarrhea,	abdominal	           Even	a	small	amount	of	gluten	can	invoke	a	
pain,	and	bloating	while	some	individuals	have	no	         response	in	some	individuals.	Therefore,	it	is									
symptoms	at	all.	                                          important	to	meet	with	a	dietitian	to	know	exactly	
                                                           which	foods	may	or	may	not	be	contaminated	with	
It’s	important	to	get	checked	by	your	doctor	if	you	       gluten.	
believe	you	may	have	celiac	disease	in	order	to	
prevent	further	damage	to	your	intestines.                  


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