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									June 9, 2001 Articulation Agreement between The California Community Colleges Statewide Agriculture Curriculum and California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo
University Course. #
AGB 101 AGB 250 AGB 202 ASCI 231 ASCI 141 DSCI 121/ DSCI 230 ASCI 144 PM 145 ASCI 143 ASCI 142 ASCI 220/ DSCI 101 DSCI 241 ASCI 226 FSN 211 EHS 121 and EHS 124 EHS 231 EHS 232 EHS 123 EHS 126 EHS 122 and EHS 125 EHS 243 EHS 221 EHS 125 EHS 225

University Course Name
Introduction to Agribusiness Computer Applications to Agriculture Sales, Communication and Leadership General Animal Science Market Beef Production Elements of Dairying General Dairy Husbandry Equine Science Introduction to Poultry Management Systems of Sheep Production Swine Science Introductory Animal Nutrition and Feeding Dairy Feeds and Feeding Dairy Cattle Selection, Breeds, Fitting and Showing Livestock Evaluation Meats Fundamentals of Environmental Horticulture Plant Propagation Plant Materials Plant Materials Landscape Installation and Maintenance Environmental Horticulture Construction Fundamentals of Environmental Horticulture II Florist Practices I Turf Management Water Issues and Delivery Systems Florist Practices I Florist Practices II

CCAG CAN Course #
CCAG 105 CCAG 110 CCAG 115 CCAG 205 CCAG 210 CCAG 215 CCAG 220 CCAG 225 CCAG 230 CCAG 235 CCAG 240

CCAG Course Name
Introduction to Agriculture Business Agricultural Computer Applications Agricultural Sales and Communication Introduction to Animal Science Beef Cattle Science Dairy Cattle Industry/Dairy Cattle Science Equine Science Poultry Science Sheep Science Swine Science Livestock Feeding and Nutrition

CCAG 255 CCAG 260 CCAG 265 CCAG 305 and CCAG 320 CCAG 310 CCAG 315 CCAG 335 CCAG 340 CCAG 345 CCAG 360 CCAG 350 CCAG 355 CCAG 360 CCAG 365

Dairy Cattle Selection and Evaluation Livestock Selection and Evaluation Introduction to Meat Science Introduction to Environmental Horticulture Plant Propagation/Production Plant Materials and Usage I Plant Materials and Usage II Landscape Maintenance Landscape Construction and Installation Landscape Design and Beginning Floral Design Turfgrass Management Landscape Irrigation Beginning Floral Design Advanced Floral Design


California Community Colleges Course Articulation Grant (continued)
University Course. #
BRAE 121 BRAE 141 BRAE 143/ BRAE 142 IME 142 BRAE 124 CRSC 201 BRAE 231 BRAE 237 CRSC 131 or CRSC 230 CRSC 230 CRSC 123 FRSC 131 or 132 or 230 FRSC 231 CRSC 221

University Course Name
Agricultural Mechanics Agricultural Machinery Safety Power and Machinery Agricultural Power and Machinery Management Manufacturing Processes: Materials Joining Small Engines Agricultural Chemical and Equipment Safety Agricultural Building Construction Engineering Surveying I Introduction to Crop Science Agronomic Crop Production Agronomic Crop Production Forage Crops Pomology Viticulture Weed Science

CCAG CAN Course #
CCAG 405 CCAG 410 CCAG 415

CCAG Course Name
Introduction to Mechanized Agriculture Tractor Operation Farm Machinery

CCAG 420 CCAG 425 CCAG 430 CCAG 445 CCAG 475 CCAG 605 CCAG 615 CCAG 620 CCAG 625 CCAG 630 CCAG 640

Agriculture Welding Small Gas Engines Agricultural Safety Farm Structures Surveying Introduction to Plant Science Vegetable Crops Forage Crops Orchard Production and Management Vineyard Production and Management Weeds and Poisonous Plants

Further Discussion Needed and Extremely Important SS 121 SS 221 Introductory Soil Science Fertilizers and Plant Nutrition CCAG 635 CCAG 645 Introduction to Soils Fertilizers and Plant Nutrition

Lower division courses, completed at another institution that are comparable to upper division courses at CSPU, meet subject matter requirements only. No upper division units will be granted although lower division elective units may be granted by major advisor approval.

Accepted this 9th day of June, 2001 by: ________________________________________________ Dr. Jane Leaphart, Articulation Officer California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo ________________________________________________ Dr. Dave Wehner, Associate Dean of the School of Agriculture California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo

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