From the Editors Desk 2007 - Rehabilitation Research by wuyunyi


									                                The Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD) has
                            accomplished much in the past year, but we must start by thanking the
                            439 reviewers who volunteered their time and knowledge to review each
                            article submission.
                                The JRRD Web site is currently offline for construction and improve-
                            ment, and we are working hard to have access available again as soon as pos-
                            sible. However, journal production remains on schedule and articles may still
                            be submitted and reviewed through Manuscript Central (http://mc.manu-
                   because service has not been interrupted there. We are
                            also pleased to announce that 2007 was another record-breaking year for the
                            JRRD Web site, with more than 3.7 million downloads on six continents.
                                We launched a readership survey in 2007 to gather information on how
                            well JRRD meets the needs of authors, readers, and reviewers. In compari-
                            son to other rehabilitation research journals, more than 80 percent of
                            responders rated JRRD as “Good to Excellent” in the categories of scientific
                            credibility, critical application, visual appeal, online access, and single-topic
                            issues. The majority also indicated that they accessed JRRD through its Web
                            site several times a year. Open-ended responses were mostly positive, with
                            requests to increase the scope of covered topics, along with much encour-
Stacieann C. Yuhasz, PhD;   agement to keep up the good work of the past.
Johanna L. Gribble, MA          JRRD continues to set trends in scientific publishing worldwide. After
                            the introduction of our “JRRD at a Glance” section, Science created an
                            “Authors’ Summary” section for their own technical articles to make infor-
                            mation more accessible to lay readers. We wish Science as much success as
                            we have found since implementing that feature!
                                In 2007, JRRD featured single-topic issues on spinal cord injury (SCI), pain
                            and pain management, psychosocial rehabilitation, and traumatic brain injury
                            (TBI) and polytrauma, all of which were well received within the rehabilitation
                            community. For 2008, we plan to cover such issues as SCI and stroke exercise
                            rehabilitation, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), fall prevention, cochlear
                            implants, and cutting-edge prosthetic and orthotic technology. These topics are
                            especially timely with the creation of congressionally mandated Department of
                            Defense research programs investigating TBI and PTSD, in which Department
                            of Veterans Affairs investigators are involved.
                                Again, we deeply appreciate all who volunteer their time and expertise
                            to continue to keep JRRD excellent. We hope that the relationships we have
                            cultivated will continue to expand. As always, we welcome your input.
                            Thank you.

                            Stacieann C. Yuhasz, PhD
                            Editor, Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development

                            Johanna L. Gribble, MA
                            Editorial Assistant, Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development

JRRD, Volume 45, Number 1, 2008

JRRD Peer Reviewers in 2007
A                                 C                       Thomas Esposito         Jodie Haselkorn
Thomas Abel                       Mary Calise             Sibel Eyigor            Jeanne Hayes
Francisco J. Aceves-Avila         Christopher Cardozo                             Jackie Hebert
Majd Alwan                        Brian Carlin                                    Brad Hedrick
Roberta Annicchiarico             Christine Carpenter                             James Henry
William Anthony                   Diane Castillo          F                       Robert Herndon
Charles Argoff                    Kevin Caves             Pouran Faghri           Mary Hibbard
David Armstrong                   Edward Chadwick         John Fairbahk           Juha Hijmans
William Armstrong                 Angela Chan             Michael Falvo           Chester Ho
Athanasios Athanasiou             Ming Chan               Meika Fang              Douglas Hobson
Diane Atkins                      Victor Chang            Alice Fann              Leslie Hoffman
Peter Axelson                     Howard Chansky          Marianne Farkas         James Hopper
                                  Meredith Charney        Arnaud Faupin           T. George Hornby
                                  John Chen               Stephen Fausti          Mohammad Hoseinifar
                                  Sing-Hang Cheung        John Fergason           Alan Hreljac
B                                 David Cifu              Stephen Figoni          Chris Hughes
Suzanne Babyar                    Kenneth Ciuffreda       Deniz Fikretoglu        Joel W. Hughes
Anita Bagley                      Edward Clancy           Margaret Finley         Kenneth Hunt
Byron Bair                        Michael Clark           Jill Firszt             Marcia Hunt
Matthew Bair                      Rory Cooper             Joshua Fogel            Demir Hüseyin
Elizabeth Bass                    Sylvie Coupaud          Victoria Follette       Yeshayahu Hutzler
Clare Bassile                     David Crandell          Larry Forrester         Wenke Hwang
Alessandra Bastone                Barbara Crane           Louis French
Barbara Bates-Jensen              Graham Creasey          Stacy Fritz
Mohammad Bayat                    William Culpepper       Alex Fu
Gary Beaupre                                              Brad Fullerton          I
Travis Beck                                                                       Fred Ivey
Jean Beckham
Kristina Beekhuizen               D
Andrea Behrman                    Wayne Daly              G
Morris Bell                       Margot Damaser          Kara Gagnon             J
Susan Bennett                     Teresa Damush           Robert Gailey           Patrick Jacobs
Ruth Bentler                      Charles Dankmeyer       Steven A. Gard          David Jaffe
Kenneth Berkowitz                 Brian Davis             Kathryn Garrett         Michiel Jannink
Luciano Bernardi                  Eling de Bruin          William Garvert         Mary Jansen
Yagesh Bhambhani                  Sonja de Groot          Mark Geil               Thomas Janssen
C. Scott Bickel                   Hüseyin Demir           Alexander Geurts        Ray Jarvis
James Birke                       Christine Detrembleur   Angel Gil               Anura Jayasumana
Peter Blamey                      Anne Deutsch            Michael Gilchrist       Mark Jensen
Donald Bodner                     Michael DeVivo          Ronald Gironda          Huanguang Jia
Kath Bogie                        Brad Dicianno           Paula Goering           Anton Johannesson
Richard Bohannon                  D. Clark Dickin         Leslie Gonzalez Rothi   Venke Johansen
Gary Bond                         Carmen DiGiovine        Karen Good              Emmanuel John
David Boone                       Ed Diksa                Gregory Goodrich        Chris Johnson
Nikolaos Bourbakis                Charles Drebing         Philippe Gorce          Mike Jones
Mark Bowden                       John Duda               Peter Gorman            Jeff Jutai
John Bowker                       Brian Dudgeon           Frank Gottschalk
Douglas Bradham                   Pamela Duncan           David Gray
John Brekke                       William Durfee          Daniel Green
Bambi Brewer                                              Roxann Gross            K
David Brienza                                             Marylou Guihan          Patricia Karg
Cynthia Brown                                             Virginia Gutman         Amol Karmarkar
Karl Brown                        E                                               Steven Kautz
Marybeth Brown                    Joan E. Edelstein                               Jan Kennedy
Denis Brunt                       Lisa Edmonds            H                       Michael Kennelly
Gary Bryson                       Jon Elhai               Wojciech Hagner         Robert Kerns
Arjan Buis                        Iris M. Engelhard       Elizabeth Hannold       D. Casey Kerrigan
Grigore Burdea                    Jack Engsberg           Andrew Hansen           Jürg Kesselring
Johannes Bussmann                 Ahmet Erdemir           Ilan Harpaz-Rotem       Ronald Kirby

                                                                                 From the Editor’s Desk

Robert F. Kirsch           Arthur Manoli               Carolynn Patten       David Sanderson
Glenn Klute                Daniel Marigold             David Patterson       Gabrielle Saunders
Rita Kobb                  William Marks               Lorna Paul            Lumy Sawaki
Alicia Koontz              Grant Marshall              Jon Pearlman          Nina Sayer
Kathryn Kotrla             Jennifer Martindale-Adams   Jean Peduzzi-Nelson   Stephen Sayers
Ken’ichi Koyanagi          Jason H. Mateika            Walter Penk           I. Saygun
Hermano Krebs              Daniel McCabe               Karen Perell          Jerome Schein
Thilo Kroll                Dennis McCarthy             Sinikka Peurala       Mark Schmeler
Vladimir Kulyukin          John McDonald               Michael Pinzur        Lawrence Schneider
Max Kurz                   Miles McFall                Craig Piquette        Paula Schnurr
Sooyeon Kwon               Mark McMulkin               Mark Pitkin           Ronald Schuchard
                           Alice Medalia               Bruce Pomeranz        Karen Schwab
                           Hylton B. Menz              Mirjana B. Popovic    Nicolas Schweighofer
                           Paul Meyer                  Neil Postans          Dawn Schwenke
L                          John Michael                Gail Powell-Cope      Steven Scott
Eugene Lai                 Alex Mihailidis             Thomas B. Price       Pinata Sessoms
Deborah Laliberte-Rudman   Deborah Miller              Michael Priebe        Elian Shepherd
Catherine E. Lang          Maurice Miller              Boris Prilutsky       Goeff Shepherd
Stephanie Langdon-Bash     Melody Moore-Jackson                              Arthur Sherwood
Susan Langmore             Yoshiko Morita                                    Richard Shields
Suzanne Lareau             Robert Motl                 R                     Jillian Shipherd
Nicholas LaRocca           Michael Mueller             Preeti Raghavan       Veronica Shubayev
Joanne Lasker              Janet Mulcare               Steven Reger          Philip Siddall
Richard Lauer              Nan Musson                  Gayle Reiber          Sorin Siegler
Eugene P. Lautenschlager   Paula Myers                 Paul Reier            Victor Sierpina
Cathy Lazarus                                          Dean Reker            Ajith Silva
William Ledoux                                         Philip Requejo        Harry Skinner
Ken Lee                                                Sandra Resnick        Joseph Smaldino
Stephen Leff               N                           Linda Resnik          Douglas Smith
Gordon Legge               Stephen E. Nadeau           Ian Rice              Phyllis Solomon
James Leonard              MD Nance                    James Richards        Lucas Spierer
Gregory Leskin             Mark Nash                   Lorie Richards        Ann Spungen
Aaron Leung                Greg Nemunaitis             Mark Richter          Istvan Stadler
Nathan Levin               Edward Neumann              Priscilla Ridgway     Murray Stein
Harry Levitt               Alex Ng                     Nico Rijkhoff         Joan Stelmack
Charles Levy               Linda Nichols               Stacie Ringleb        Margaret Stineman
Henry Lew                  Margaret Nield              Joern Rittweger       Christopher Storey
Michele Lewis              Jonathan Norton             Jeffrey Robbins       Dale Strasser
Guozhen Li                 Mary Novotny                John Rodman           Thomas Stripling
Hyun-Kyoon Lim                                         Rachele Rodoni        Michael Stroud
Robert Lipschutz                                       David Roe             David Stubbs
David G. Litaker           O                           E. Sally Rogers       Stephanie Studenski
Hsin-Yi Liu                Judy O’Jile                 Keith Rome            Cynthia Stuen
Teresa Liu-Ambrose         Sandra Olney                Dieter Rosenbaum      Paul Sung
Damir Ljubotina            Michael Orendurff           Jack Rosenberg        Mario Svirsky
Albert Lo                  John Otis                   Robert Rosenheck      Malgorzata Syczewska
Jack Loeppky               Lisa Ottomanelli            Paolo M. Rossini
Warren Lux                                             Elliot Roth
David Lynde                                            Robert Ruben
Paul Lysaker                                           Daniela Rubin         T
                           P                           Robert Ruff           Eric Tam
                           Luca Padua                  Janis Ruoff           Tom Teasdale
M                          William Padula              Laurie Ryan           Sibylle Thies
Richard Macko              Marco Pang                                        Beverly Thorn
Setsuo Maeda               Beth Parry-Jones                                  John Townsend
Laurence Magder            Mark Parshall               S                     Jodie Trafton
Murray Maitland            Angelia Paschal             Cristina Sadowsky     Tina Trudel
Matt Malcolm               Paul Pasquina               Mark Salzer           Raymond Trybus

JRRD, Volume 45, Number 1, 2008

Warren Tryon                      Lucas van der Woude    Jacqueline Wertsch        Y
Richard Tyler                     Stefan van Drongelen   Kevin White               Michael Yochelson
                                  Linda van Roosmalen    Lesley White              Stacieann Yuhasz
                                  Yves Vanlandewijck     Gale Whiteneck
U                                 Joseph Ventura         T. Walley Williams
Jack Uellendahl                   Christina Victor       Erik Wolf
Philip Ullrich                                           Erika Wolf                Z
Jay Uomoto                                               Steven Woodward           Nathan Zasler
                                  W                      Lise Worthen              Ming Zhang
                                  Lloyd Walker           John Wu                   George Zitnay
V                                 Mark Walker
Georgios Vagenas                  William Walker
Rita van den Berg-Emons           Susan Waltzman
Ingrid van der Mei                Frank Weathers         X
Rodney Vanderploeg                Lawrence Weinberger    Dali Xu              DOI:10.1682/JRRD.2008.02.0020

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