FROM THE EAST - Boyleston Masonic Lodge No. 123 by wuyunyi


     VOL 06                           JULY 2006                                       NO. 7
                     2006 OFFICERS FOR BOYLESTON 123
       Worshipful           Senior            Junior           Treasurer         Secretary      Lodge
        Master              Warden           Warden              Todd             Bobby        Telephone
       Shane Padgett      John Daraban       Carl Sellers     Bedenbaugh          Pittman      732-3408
       546-0299            732-4227          772-8186          345-0623          772-3011

      Senior          Junior                 Steward           Steward          Tyler          Chaplin
     Deacon           Deacon                  Steve              Rob          Lindsay           Gene
   Bobby Lockaby PM Ken Peterson              Barber            Olds          Koon PM          Swygert
    798-3589         749-3052                359-9944         414-7202        781-3443         407-0812

                                JULY BUSINESS MEETING
Over thirty brethren enjoyed one of our favorites, Salmon Stew for our June business meeting. Again we will
have lots of work this month. Please note that the Fellowcraft practice this month will be on Tuesday the 18th,
and the Masters Degree will be on Wednesday the 26th, NOT Thursday. Some of the collected food was carried
to a family in need. The new Air Conditioner was purchased and installed in the kitchen. It made a big
difference. Some donations for shutters have been received, so the Junior Warden said he would purchase some
shutters and begin installing them. As a reminder, each set of shutters for one window is approximately $30.00.
Contact the Junior Warden if you are interested in purchasing a set or contributing toward the purchase of a set.
Brother Junior Warden has plenty of tickets for the July 15th Bar-B-Que. After much discussion, a motion was
made and passed to begin some of the work needed to begin the numerous lodge improvements. It was decided
to replace the hot water heater in the kitchen with a gas hot water heater located outside the building in a hut. It
was also agreed to replace the flooring in the kitchen and dining room. Brother Secretary announced that we
have run out of space for storing the critical Lodge papers. It is very important to maintain the Lodge records in
a “fire-proof” container. Brother Secretary will get some estimates and present them at the August business
meeting. Brother Gene Hutto requested that the Lodge purchase a Second Degree Map in order to enhance our
Fellowcraft Degree work. He will get a price on one and report at the August meeting. With all the
renovations and improvements being undertaken at the lodge, we all need to consider making a donation to the
lodge for the specific purpose of helping pay for some of these projects like we are doing for the shutters. Think
about it and contact the Worshipful Master or Secretary if you are interested in making a donation for a
worthwhile project. One of the BEST problems the lodge could have was brought up in the July meeting. It
was requested that brethren park a little closer together and in a more orderly fashion. Seems like we are “out-
growing” our parking facilities. WHAT A GREAT PROBLEM TO HAVE. The fellowship and brotherly love
is definitely just getting better and better at Boyleston. Come and join us for each and every function and
ON THURSDAY! One last reminder that the Boyleston web site can be found at
And again don’t forget that brother Carl Sellers volunteered to help anyone who wishes to learn how to log onto
and navigate the Internet.
Brother Junior Warden announced the next Bar-B-Que would be on Saturday July 15th. Please give Carl a call
and tell him where you want to work this weed end. Work will begin on Friday night about 5:00 PM and
continue through Saturday afternoon. Come and join the fun!
                    FROM THE DESK OF THE SECRETARY
Brethren, please check your dues card. Brother Secretary announced that there are several members who have
not paid their 2006 dues. It would be a shame to loose your Masonic affiliation for ignoring this duty. If you
have financial problems preventing you from paying your dues, please contact the Secretary to work things out.
We don’t want to loose any brothers for NPD (Non Payment of Dues).

                                      RED BOOK STUDIES
The Red Book Studies will continue again this year. They are planned for every EA Thursday that does not
have an EA scheduled. This is a great way to “learn the work” and lectures. .
                                   HEALTH & HAPPINESS
Jim Luther’s brother-in-law and sister have passed away.
Charles Ray Shealy has had a hip replacement.
Brother Buster Platt thanked all brethren who called him and visited him in the hospital.
Brother Lindsey Koon also thanked all the brethren for their calls, cards & visits while he was ill.
Renny Van Niman (Dutch) is still in the hospital.
Brother Will Hutchens we recently engaged.
Please keep these brothers and family in your thoughts and prayers. And, give them a call or a visit.
                     EACH MEETING
 Brothers are reminded to bring non-perishable food items to ALL meetings. If you forget, there will be a Jar on
the serving table for your donation. It will be used to purchase food for worthy organizations.
                                     SETTING THE WORK
     Boyleston Lodge 123             Fellow Craft Degree Practice          July 18th        7:00 PM
     Boyleston Lodge 123             Fellow Craft Degree                   July 20th        7:30 PM
                                     (Five Candidates)                                     (Eat at 7:00)

     Boyleston Lodge 123             Masters Degree Practice               July 25th   7:00 PM
     Boyleston Lodge 123             Masters Degree                        July 26th   7:30 PM
                                     (Two Candidates)                      (Wednesday) (Eat at 7:00)

     Boyleston Lodge 123             Business Meeting                      August 3rd         7:30 PM
                                                                                           (Eat at 7:00)
     Boyleston Lodge 123           Chicken BBQ                         July 15th
     Friday night cleaning & slaw making and of course Saturday cooking & serving.
                                      OTHER ACTIVITIES
     Four-Day Trip to Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.         Sept. 13th
     Contact the Grand Lodge for details.

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