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					                                                                                    SECTION I                                                                  SECTION II
                                                                         PRE-DEPARTURE TRIP CANCELLATION                                               POST DEPARTURE COVERAGE
           Travel Protection provided                                                WAIVER
                                                                                                                                                Administered by Travel Insured International
                 exclusively for                                                       This section is not insurance.
                                                                         It is a service provided by Global Consolidated Services,
                                                                      USA Inc. Arch Insurance Company assumes no liability for
                                                                                                                                                 GLOBAL CONSOLIDATED SERVICES
                                                                      this service. Please contact GCS, USA Inc. for all questions                       PROTECTION PLAN
                                                                      including those related to administration, cancellation notice,                     T-2228a (2.21.11)
                                                                                          rebooking restrictions, etc.
                                                                                                                                                Master Contract Number: 11TVL4510201
                                                                       You may cancel your trip up to 72 hours prior to departure for any            Underwritten by Arch Insurance Company
                                                                      reason and you will receive a refund equaling the full amount of all                DESCRIPTION OF COVERAGE
                                                                        payments made, less any Travel Protection Plan Cost and fees.                  SHORT TERM TRAVEL INSURANCE
                                                                         Coverage goes into effect on the day the premium is received.
                   Administered by                                     Coverage must be added within seven (7) days from date of              You are not eligible for insurance under the plan until You
                                                                                              original booking.                                  have enrolled for coverage and paid the appropriate
                                                                                                                                              premium and providing You have not already departed on
                                                                        Notice of cancellation must be made during normal business                                      Your Trip.
                                                                        hours (9AM to 5:30PM, Monday – Friday and 10AM – 6PM
                                                                             Saturday, Eastern Time) by calling (800) 495-5220.               Notice to residents of WA; This is not Your Description of
                                                                                                                                              Coverage. To obtain Your state-specific insurance policy,
                                                                      Note: Inside 72 hours prior to travel, full cancellation penalties                          call 866-684-0218.
                                                                           will apply. Plan fees are not refundable at any time.
         Quality Protection Worldwide
                                                                       CLAIMS TO BE FILED WITH GLOBAL CONSOLIDATED
                                                                         SERVICES, USA, INC. 875 SUNRISE HIGHWAY,                              SCHEDULE OF COVERAGE AND SERVICES
          For Medical Assistance while traveling                                    LYNBROOK, NY 11563                                                                               Maximum
                      Call Toll Free:                                      PHONE (800) 495-5220, FAX 516- 881-0106                           Listing of Benefits                     Principle Sum
                       888-268-2824                                                                                                          Part A-Travel Protection
          (Within the United States and Canada)                                                                                              Trip Delay-6 hrs                           $300($100/day)
                                                                                                                                             Part B- Medical Protection
                      or Call Collect:
                                                                                                                                             Emergency Accident and Sickness Medical
                       603-328-1725                                                                                                          Expense                                            $10,000
                (From all other locations)                                                                                                   Part C-Baggage Protection
                                                                                                                                             Baggage & Personal Effects                            $500
                                                                                                                                                        Limit Per Article                          $250
                                                                                                                                                        Combined Limit – Valuables                 $500
For questions or to report a claim, contact:                                                                                                 Baggage Delay-24 hours                                $100
     Travel Insured International, Inc.                                                                                                      Part D- Travel Accident Protection
                                                                                                                                             Accidental Death & Dismemberment                  $25,000
             P.O. Box 280568                                                                                                                 Worldwide Assistance Services: Non-Insurance Services
      East Hartford, CT 06128-0568                                                                                                           Worldwide Assistance Services                     Included
        Customer Care & Claims
                                                                                                                                             This Description of Coverage describes all of the travel
               866-684-0218                                                                                                                  insurance benefits, underwritten by Arch Insurance
                                                                                                                                             Company and herein referred to as the Company. The
                                                                                                                                             insurance benefits vary from program to program. Please
   Please contact Global Consolidated Services to report                                                                                     refer to the Schedule of Coverage and Service as listed
cancellation of travel plans first, prior to calling Travel Insured                                                                          above. It provides You with specific information about the
              International to report your claim.                                                                                            program You purchased.

                                         T- 2228a (9.19.11)           LTP 2007

                                                                                                                                                                 T- 2228a (9.19.11) | Page 1 of 5
         PART A- TRAVEL PROTECTION                                        PART C-BAGGAGE PROTECTION                                      PART D-TRAVEL ACCIDENT PROTECTION
TRIP DELAY: The Company will reimburse You for covered            BAGGAGE/PERSONAL EFFECTS: The Company will                            ACCIDENTAL DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT: The
expenses on a one-time basis, up to the maximum shown on          reimburse You, up to the maximum shown on Your Schedule               Company will pay the percentage of the maximum limit
Your Schedule of Coverage and Services, if You are delayed        of Coverage and Services, for Loss, theft or damage to                shown in the Table of Losses when You, as a result of an
en route to or from the Trip for six (6) or more hours due to a   Baggage and personal effects, provided You have taken all             Accidental Injury occurring during the Trip, sustain a Loss
Hazard:                                                           reasonable measures to protect, save and/or recover Your              shown in the Table below. The Loss must occur within 180
Covered expenses Include:                                         property at all times. The Baggage and personal effects               days after the date of the Accident causing the Loss.
                                                                  must be owned by and accompany You during the Trip.                   The Maximum Limit is shown on Your Schedule of Coverage and
  a)    Any reasonable additional expenses incurred for                                                                                 Services. If more than one Loss is sustained as the result of an
        meals and accommodations limited to $100 per day;         This coverage is secondary to any coverage provided by a              Accident, the amount payable shall be the largest amount of a
  b)    An Economy Fare from the point where You ended            Common Carrier and all other valid and collectible insurance          sustained Loss shown in the Table of Losses.
        Your Trip to a destination where You can catch up to      indemnity and shall apply only when such other benefits are
        the Trip; or a one-way Economy Fare to return You         exhausted.                                                                               TABLE OF LOSSES
        to Your originally scheduled return destination.          There will be a per article limit shown on Your Schedule of                                                      Percentage of
  c)    Reasonable additional transportation expenses.            Coverage and Services.                                                Loss of:                                   Principal Sum:

         PART B-MEDICAL PROTECTION                                There will be a combined maximum limit shown on Your                  Life                                              100%
                                                                  Schedule of Coverage and Services for the following: jewelry;
EMERGENCY ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS MEDICAL                           watches; articles consisting in whole or in part of silver, gold or   Both hands or both feet                           100%
EXPENSE: The Company will pay benefits up to the                  platinum; furs; articles trimmed with or made mostly of fur;          Sight of both eyes                                100%
maximum shown on Your Schedule of Coverage and                    sporting equipment, Ski Equipment, personal computers, radios,        One hand and one foot                             100%
Services, for Covered Medical Expenses as a result of             cameras, camcorders and their accessories and related
Emergency Treatment of an Accidental Injury which occurs          equipment and other electronic items.                                 Either hand or foot and sight of one eye          100%
while on Your Trip or a Sickness which first manifests itself                                                                           Either hand or foot                               50%
during the Trip.                                                  The Company will also reimburse You for charges and
Emergency Treatment means necessary medical treatment,            interest incurred due to unauthorized use of Your credit              Sight of one eye                                  50%
including services and supplies, which must be performed          cards if such use occurs during Your Trip and if You have
                                                                                                                                        Speech and hearing in both ears                   100%
during the Trip due to the serious and acute nature of the        complied with all credit card conditions imposed by the credit
Injury or Sickness.                                               card companies.                                                       Speech                                            50%
Covered Medical Expenses are necessary services and                                                                                     Hearing in both ears                              50%
                                                                  The Company will reimburse You for fees associated with
supplies which are recommended by the attending                   the replacement of Your passport during Your trip. Receipts           Thumb and index finger of same hand               25%
Physician. They include but are not limited to:                   are required for reimbursement.
  (a)   The services of a Physician;                                                                                                    "Loss" with regard to:
  (b)   Charges for Hospital confinement and use of               The Company will pay the lesser of the following:                       1) Hand or foot, means actual complete severance
        operating rooms;                                                                                                                       through and above the wrist or ankle joints; and
                                                                    a)    Actual Cash Value at time of Loss, theft or damage              2) Eye means an entire and irrecoverable Loss of sight;
  (c)   Charges for anesthetics (including administration); x-            to Baggage and personal effects, less depreciation
        ray examinations or treatments, and laboratory tests;                                                                                  and
                                                                          as determined by the Company.                                   3) Speech or hearing means entire and irrecoverable
  (d)   Ambulance service; and                                      b)    The cost of repair or replacement.
  (e)   Drugs, medicines, prosthetics and therapeutic                                                                                          Loss of speech or hearing of both ears; and
        services and supplies.                                                                                                            4) Thumb and index finger means actual severance
                                                                  BAGGAGE DELAY (OUTWARD JOURNEY ONLY): The                                    through or above the joint that meets the finger at the
                                                                  Company will reimburse You for the expense of necessary                      palm.
The Company will not pay benefits in excess of the                personal effects, up to the maximum shown on Your
reasonable and customary charges. Reasonable and                  Schedule of Coverage and Services, if Your Checked
customary charges means charges commonly used by                                                                                        Exposure:
                                                                  Baggage is delayed or misdirected by a Common Carrier for             The Company will pay benefits for covered Losses which
Physicians in the locality in which care is furnished. The        more than twenty four (24) hours, while on a Trip, except for
Company will not cover any expenses provided by another                                                                                 result from You being unavoidably exposed to the elements
                                                                  travel to final destination or place of residence.                    due to an Accident of an air conveyance operated under a
party at no cost to You or already included within the cost of    You must be a ticketed passenger on a Common Carrier.
the Trip.                                                                                                                               license for the transportation of passengers for hire during
                                                                  Additionally, all claims must be verified by the Common               the Trip. The Loss must occur within 365 days after the
The Company will advance payment to a Hospital, up to the         Carrier who must certify the delay or misdirection and                event which caused the exposure.
maximum shown on the Schedule of Coverage and                     receipts for the purchases must accompany any claim.
Services, if needed to secure Your admission to a Hospital                                                                              Disappearance:
because of Accidental Injury or Sickness.                                                                                               The Company will pay benefits for Loss of life if Your body
                                                                                                                                        cannot be located one year after Your disappearance due to
The Company will pay benefits, up to $750.00, for                                                                                       forced landing, stranding, sinking, or wrecking of an air
emergency dental treatment for Accidental Injury to sound                                                                               conveyance operated under a license for the transportation
natural teeth.                                                                                                                          of passengers for hire during the Trip in which You were a

                                                                                                                                                             T- 2228a (9.19.11) | Page 2 of 5
    WORLDWIDE ASSISTANCE SERVICES:                                 the day to day management of the business.                          f) Is not, except incidentally, a clinic, nursing home, rest
                                                                   8) “Checked Baggage” means a piece of Baggage for                   home, or convalescent home for the aged, or similar
       NON-INSURANCE SERVICES                                      which a claim check has been issued to You by a Common              institution.
The Travel Assistance feature provides a variety of travel         Carrier.                                                            22) “Inclement Weather” means any severe weather
related services. Services offered include:                        9) “City” means an incorporated municipality having                 condition which delays the scheduled arrival or departure of
  • Medical Evacuation • Medically Necessary Repatriation          defined borders and does not include the high seas,                 a Common Carrier.
     • Repatriation of Remains • Medical or Legal Referral         uninhabited areas, or airspace.                                     23) “Injury” means Bodily Injury caused by an Accident
                                                                   10) “Common Carrier” means any regularly scheduled                  occurring while this policy is in force, and resulting directly
     • Hospital Admission Guarantee • Translation Service          land, sea, and/or air conveyance operating under a valid            and independently of all other causes of Loss covered by the
       • Lost Baggage Retrieval • Inoculation Information          license for the transportation of passengers for hire.              policy. The Injury must be verified by a Physician and
  • Passport / Visa information •Emergency Cash Advance            11) "Company" means Arch Insurance Company.                         require emergency care.
   • Prescription Drug / Eyeglass Replacement • Bail Bond          12) “Complication of Pregnancy” means a condition                   24) "Insured" means a person covered under the policy and
                                                                   whose diagnosis is distinct from pregnancy but is adversely         for whom the required premium is paid. Insured also means
Payment reimbursement to the Assistance Company is Your            affected or caused by pregnancy.                                    "You or Your".
                    responsibility.                                13) “Covered Expenses” shall mean expenses incurred by              25) "Land/Sea Arrangements” means land and or sea
                                                                   You which are for medically necessary services, supplies,           arrangements made by the Travel Supplier.
              24-Hour Emergency Assistance                         care, or treatment; due to illness or Injury; prescribed,           26) “Loss” means Injury or damage sustained by You as a
                                                                   performed or ordered by a Physician; reasonable and                 result of one or more of the occurrences against which the
                     Telephone Numbers                             customary charges; incurred while insured under this policy;        Company has undertaken to indemnify You.
            For travel assistance services only:                   and which do not exceed the maximum limits shown in the             27) “Maximum Benefit” means the largest total amount of
              CALL TOLL FREE: 888-268-2824                         Schedule of Coverage and Services, under each stated                Covered Expenses that the Company will pay for You.
          (Within the United States and Canada)                    benefit.                                                            28) “Medically Necessary” means that a treatment,
             OR CALL COLLECT: 603-328-1725                         14) “Cruise” means any prepaid sea arrangements.                    service, or supply is: (1) is essential for diagnosis, treatment
                  (From all other locations)                       15) “Dependent Child(ren)” means Your children,                     or care of the Injury or Sickness for which it is prescribed or
                                                                   including an unmarried child, stepchild, legally adopted child      performed; (2) meets generally accepted standards of
          Be sure to use the appropriate country                   or foster child who is: (1) less than age 19 and primarily          medical practice; and (3) is ordered by a Physician and
               and city codes when calling.                        dependent on You for support and maintenance; or (2) who            performed under his or her care, supervision or order.
           - KEEP THESE NUMBERS WITH YOU                           is at least age 19 but less than age 23 and who regularly           29) “Natural Disaster” means flood, fire, hurricane, tornado,
                    WHEN YOU TRAVEL-                               attends an accredited school or college; and who is primarily       earthquake, volcanic eruption, blizzard or avalanche that is
                                                                   dependent on You for support and maintenance.                       due to natural causes.
Travel assistance services are provided by an independent          16) “Domestic Partner” means a person, at least 18 years            30) “Physician” means a licensed practitioner of medical,
organization and not by Arch Insurance Company or Travel           of age, with whom You have been living in a spousal                 surgical or dental services acting within the scope of his/her
Insured International. There may be times when                     relationship with evidence of cohabitation for at least 10          license and shall include Christian Science Practitioners.
circumstances beyond the Assistance Company’s control              continuous months prior to the Effective Date of coverage.          The treating Physician may not be You, a Traveling
hinder their endeavors to provide travel assistance services.      17) "Economy Fare" means the lowest published rate for a            Companion or a Family Member.
They will, however, make all reasonable efforts to provide         one-way ticket.                                                     31) “Pre-Existing Condition” means any Injury, Sickness
travel assistance services and help you resolve your               18) “Effective Date” means the date and time Your                   or condition of You, a Traveling Companion or Your and/or
emergency situation.                                               coverage begins, as outlined in the General Provisions              Your Traveling Companion’s Family Member for which
                                                                   section of the policy.                                              medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was
                                                                   19) “Family Member" means You or Your Traveling                     recommended or received within the 180 day period ending
                      DEFINITIONS                                  Companion's legal or common law spouse, Domestic                    on the Effective Date. Sicknesses or conditions are not
1) "Accident" means a sudden, unexpected, unusual,                 Partner, parent, legal guardian, step-parent, grandparent,          considered pre-existing if the Sickness or condition for which
specific event which occurs at an identifiable time and place,     parents-in-law, grandchild, natural or adopted child, foster        prescribed drugs or medicine is taken remains controlled
but shall also include exposure resulting from a mishap to a       child, ward, step-child, children-in-law, brother, sister, step-    without any change in the required prescription.
conveyance in which You are traveling.                             brother, step-sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle,   32) "Scheduled Departure Date" means the date on which
2) "Accidental Injury" means Bodily Injury caused by an            niece or nephew.                                                    You are originally scheduled to leave on the Trip.
Accident (of external origin) being the direct and                 20) “Hazard” means:                                                 33) "Scheduled Return Date" means the date on which
independent cause in the Loss.                                     a) Any delay of a Common Carrier (including Inclement               You are originally scheduled to return to the point of origin or
3) “Actual Cash Value” means purchase price less                   Weather).                                                           to a different final destination.
depreciation.                                                      b) Any delay by a traffic Accident en route to a departure, in      34) "Sickness" means an illness or disease which is
4) “Assistance Company” means the service provider                 which You or Your Traveling Companion are directly or not           diagnosed or treated by a Physician after the Effective Date
with which the Company has contracted to coordinate and            directly involved.                                                  of insurance and while You are covered under the policy.
deliver emergency travel assistance, medical evacuation,           c) Any delay due to lost or stolen passports, travel                35) “Ski Equipment” means skis, ski poles, ski bindings, ski
and repatriation.                                                  documents or money, quarantine, hijacking, unannounced              boots, snowboards, snowboard bindings, snowboard boots,
5) “Baggage” means luggage and personal possessions,               Strike, Natural Disaster.                                           snowblades and any other recognized snow sports
whether owned, borrowed, or rented, taken by You on the            21) "Hospital" means a facility that:                               equipment.
Trip.                                                              a) Holds a valid license if it is required by the law;              36) “Strike” means any unannounced labor disagreement
6) "Bodily Injury" means identifiable physical Injury which:       b) Operates primarily for the care and treatment of sick or         that interferes with the normal departure and arrival of a
(a) is caused by an Accident, and (b) solely and                   injured persons as in-patients;                                     Common Carrier.
independently of any other cause, except illness resulting         c) Has a staff of one or more Physicians available at all           37) “Terrorist Attack” means an incident deemed an act of
from, or medical or surgical treatment rendered necessary          times;                                                              terrorism by the U.S. Government.
by such Injury, is the direct cause of death or                    d) Provides 24 hour nursing service and has at least one            38) "Traveling Companion" means a person who is sharing
dismemberment of You within twelve months from the date            registered professional nurse on duty or call;                      travel arrangements with You. Note, a group or tour leader is
of the Accident.                                                   e) Has organized diagnostic and surgical facilities, either on      not considered a Traveling Companion unless You are
7) “Business Partner" means an individual who: (a) is              the premises or in facilities available to the hospital on a        sharing room accommodations with the group or tour leader.
involved in a legal partnership; and (b) is actively involved in   pre-arranged basis; and                                             39) "Travel Supplier" means tour operator, Cruise line,

                                                                                                                                                            T- 2228a (9.19.11) | Page 3 of 5
hotel etc. who has made the Land and/or Sea arrangements.             CLAIMS PROCEDURE AND PAYMENT OF                                       be sent to the Company’s administrative office, at the
40) "Trip" means prepaid Land/Sea Arrangements and shall                                                                                    address shown on the cover page of the policy, or to the
include flight connections to join or depart such Land/Sea                        CLAIMS                                                    Company's designated representative.
Arrangements provided such flights are scheduled to                                                                                         PROOF OF LOSS. The Claimant must send the Company,
commence within one week of the Land/Sea Arrangements.              Please contact Global Consolidated Services to report                   or its designated representative, proof of Loss within ninety
41) "Unforeseen" means not anticipated or expected and              cancellation of travel plans first, prior to calling Travel Insured     (90) days after a covered Loss occurs or as soon as
occurring after the Effective Date of the policy.                   International to report your claim.                                     reasonably possible.
42) “Used” means to avail oneself of, to employ, to expend                                                                                  The following provisions apply to Baggage/Personal
or consume, or to convert to one’s service.                         To facilitate prompt claims settlement:                                 Effects coverage:
                                                                    TRIP DELAY: Obtain any specific dated documentation,                    NOTICE OF LOSS. If Your property is covered under the
                                                                    which provides proof of the reason for delay (airline or                policy is lost, stolen or damaged, You must:
         LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS                                 Cruise line forms, medical statements, etc).                            a) Notify the Company, or its authorized
                                                                    Submit this documentation along with Your Trip itinerary and            representative as soon as possible;
  Excess Insurance Limitation: The insurance provided               all receipts from additional expenses incurred.                         b) Take immediate steps to protect, save and/or
                                                                    MEDICAL EXPENSES: Obtain receipts from the providers                    recover the covered property;
  under Parts A, B and C shall be in excess of all other valid      of service, etc., stating the amount paid and listing the
  and collectible insurance or indemnity and shall apply                                                                                    c) Give immediate notice to the carrier or bailee who is or
                                                                    diagnosis and treatment; submit these first to other medical            may be liable for the Loss or damage;
  when such other benefits are exhausted.                           plans. Provide a copy of their final disposition of Your claim.         d) Notify the police or other authority in the case of robbery
                                                                    BAGGAGE: Obtain a statement from the Common Carrier                     or theft within twenty-four (24) hours.
The following exclusions apply. This policy does not cover          that Your Baggage was delayed or a police report showing                PROOF OF LOSS. You must furnish the Company, or its
Loss caused by or resulting from:                                   Your Baggage was stolen along with copies of receipts for               designated representative, with proof of Loss. This must be a
                                                                    Your purchases.                                                         detailed statement. It must be filed with the Company, or its
1. Pre-Existing Conditions as defined in the Definitions            For questions regarding Your plan or to receive a claim form,           designated representative within ninety (90) days from the date
section;                                                            contact TII, or send Your name, address, travel dates,                  of Loss. Failure to comply with these conditions shall invalidate
2. Suicide, attempted suicide or any intentionally self-inflicted   booking number and details of Your Loss within 30 days to:              any claims under the policy.
Injury while sane or insane (in Missouri, sane only)                                                                                        SETTLEMENT OF LOSS. Claims for damage and/or
committed by You, Your Traveling Companion, or Family               Travel Insured International, Inc.                                      destruction shall be paid after acceptable proof of the
Member whether insured or not;                                      P.O. Box 280568                                                         damage and/or destruction is presented to the Company and
3. War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities between      East Hartford, CT 06128-0568                                            the Company has determined the claim is covered. Claims
nations (whether declared or not), civil war;                       866-684-0218                                                            for lost property will be paid after the lapse of a reasonable
4. Participation in any military maneuver or training exercise;     (Weekdays 7:45am – 5:30pm EST)                                          time if the property has not been recovered. You must
5. Piloting or learning to pilot or acting as a member of the                                                                               present acceptable proof of Loss and the value involved to
crew of any aircraft;                                               The Company, or its designated representative, will pay a claim         the Company.
6. Dental treatment except as a result of Accidental Injury to      after receipt of acceptable proof of Loss. Benefits for Loss of life    VALUATION. The Company will not pay more than the
sound natural teeth within twelve (12) months of the                are payable to Your beneficiary. If a beneficiary is not otherwise      actual cash value of the property at the time of Loss.
Accidental Injury;                                                  designated by You, the benefits for Loss of life will be paid to the    Damage will be estimated according to actual cash value
7. Pregnancy and childbirth (except for Complications of            first of the following surviving preference beneficiaries:              with proper deduction for depreciation as determined by the
Pregnancy);                                                         a) Your spouse:                                                         Company. At no time will payment exceed what it would cost
8. Traveling for the purpose of securing medical treatment.         b) Your child or children jointly:                                      to repair or replace the property with material of like kind and
9. Mental or emotional disorders, unless hospitalized.              c) Your parents jointly if both are living or the surviving             quality.
                                                                    parent if only one survives:                                            DISAGREEMENT OVER SIZE OF LOSS: If there is a
The following exclusions apply to Baggage/Personal                  d) Your brothers and sisters jointly: or                                disagreement about the amount of the Loss either You or the
Effects and Baggage Delay:                                          e) Your estate.                                                         Company can make a written demand for an appraisal. After
The Company will not provide benefits for any Loss or                                                                                       the demand, You and the Company will each select their
damage to: animals; automobiles and automobile                      All other claims will be paid to You. In the event You are a            own competent appraiser. After examining the facts, each of
equipment; boats or other vehicles or conveyances; trailers;        minor, incompetent or otherwise unable to give a valid                  the two appraisers will give an opinion on the amount of the
motors; motorcycles; bicycles (except when checked as               release for the claim, the Company may make arrangements                Loss. If they do not agree, they will select an arbitrator. Any
Baggage with a Common Carrier); eye glasses, sunglasses             to pay claims to Your legal guardian, committee or other                figure agreed to by 2 of the 3 (the appraisers and the
or contact lenses; artificial teeth and dental bridges; hearing     qualified representative.                                               arbitrator) will be binding. The appraiser selected by You is
aids; prosthetic limbs; keys, money, stamps, securities and                                                                                 paid by You. The Company will pay the appraiser they
documents; tickets.                                                 All or a portion of all other benefits provided by the policy may, at   choose. You will share equally with the Company the cost for
                                                                    the option of the Company, be paid directly to the provider of the      the arbitrator and the appraisal process.
Any Loss caused by or resulting from the following is               service(s). All benefits not paid to the provider will be paid to       BENEFIT TO BAILEE. This insurance will in no way inure
excluded: Wear and tear or gradual deterioration; insects or        You. Any payment made in good faith will discharge the                  directly or indirectly to the benefit of any carrier or other bailee.
vermin; inherent vice or damage while the article is actually       Company's liability to the extent of the claim.
being worked upon or processed; confiscation or
expropriation by order of any government; radioactive               The applicable benefit amount will be reduced by the amount
contamination; war or any act of war whether declared or            of benefits, if any, previously paid by other Insurance
not; property shipped as freight or shipped prior to the            Policies. In no event will the Company reimburse You for an
Scheduled Departure Date.                                           amount greater than the amount paid by You.
                                                                    NOTICE OF CLAIM. Written notice of claim must be given
                                                                    by the Claimant (either You or someone acting for You) to
                                                                    the Company or its designated representative within twenty
                                                                    (20) days after a covered Loss first begins or as soon as
                                                                    reasonably possible. Notice should include Your name, the
                                                                    Travel Supplier’s name and the policy number. Notice should
                                                                                                                                                                   T- 2228a (9.19.11) | Page 4 of 5

 IMPORTANT NOTICE: Payments for the plan will not be
 accepted after Your total tour cost has been paid in full.
 Protection plan fees are non-refundable.

 Your estate, unless written notice of a designated
 beneficiary is provided to Travel Insured International.

The following provisions apply to all coverages:
LEGAL ACTIONS. No legal action for a claim can be
brought against the Company until sixty (60) days after the
Company receives proof of Loss. No legal action for a claim
can be brought against the Company more than two (2)
years after the time required for giving proof of Loss.
CONTROLLING LAW. Any part of the policy that conflicts
with the state law where the policy is issued is changed to
meet the minimum requirements of that law.
shall be void if, whether before or after a Loss, You have
concealed or misrepresented any material fact or
circumstance concerning the policy or the subject thereof, or
the interest of You therein, or if You commit fraud or false
swearing in connection with any of the foregoing.
SUBROGATION. To the extent the Company pays for a
Loss suffered by You , the Company will take over the rights
and remedies You had relating to the Loss. This is known as
subrogation. You must help the Company to preserve its
rights against those responsible for the Loss. This may
involve signing any papers and taking any other steps the
Company may reasonably require. If the Company takes
over Your rights, You must sign an appropriate subrogation
form supplied by the Company.
ASSIGNMENT. The policy is not assignable, whether by
operation of law or otherwise, but benefits may be assigned.
take effect at 12:01 A.M. local time, at Your location, on the
Scheduled Departure Date provided:
(a) Coverage has been elected; and
(b) The required premium has been paid.
coverage will end at 11:59 local time on the date which is
the earliest of the following:
(a) The Scheduled Return Date as stated on the travel tickets;
(b) The date You return to Your origination point if prior to
the Scheduled Return Date;
(c) If You extend the return date, coverage will terminate at
11:59 P.M., local time, at Your location on the Scheduled
Return Date.
EXTENDED COVERAGE. All coverage under the policy
will be extended, if: (a) Your entire Trip is covered by the
policy; and (b) Your return is delayed by covered reasons
specified under Travel Delay. If coverage is extended for
the above reasons, coverage will end on the earlier of: (a)
the date You reach Your Return Destination; or (b) seven
(7) days after the date the Trip was scheduled to be
Insured: The required premium must be paid to the Travel
Supplier or its authorized representative prior to the
Scheduled Departure Date of the Covered Trip.

                                                                 T- 2228a (9.19.11) | Page 5 of 5

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