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an explanatory presentation


• Introductions and Background
    – Introduction – Paul Giblin
    – Background – Paul Collinge
• Overview – Geoff Thomas
• Evaluation Process, Part C Questions
    – Quality – Paul Collinge
    – Financial Risk – Julian Dinnicombe
    – Bid Price – Duncan Ford
•   Questions and Answers
•   Tea and coffee
•   Devontenders demonstration
•   Close
• DCC committed to care home provision as an
  essential part of it’s strategy in providing care to
  an increasing elderly population

• DCC wishes to move to a solely commissioning
  organisation and to cease being a direct
  provider of services

• DCC needs to increase its commissioning of
  care home services for those individuals with the
  most complex needs.
    Background Contd
• DCC wish to commission competitively priced,
  quality care home services that offer a
  personalised approach to their residents
  providing choice and influence over all aspects
  of their care including leisure and social aspects
  as well as the opportunity to maximise or
  maintain their independence

  Today is about presenting the opportunity to you
  and how the Tender is structured and how our
  evaluation process will operate.
• The Opportunity

• The Structure of the Tender

• The List of Tender Documents
       The Opportunity
• Transfer of 19 Residential Care Homes for
  older people as going concerns through
  125 year Lease
• Includes integral day care
• Transfer of residents and staff
• Restrictive covenant
• Transitional Spot Contracts and Rates
The Structure of the Tender
 • Part A - Information and Instructions

 • Part B - Specification

 • Part C – Tender Submission
                                   Tender Pack
Part A - Information & Instructions

     Tender Objectives
     Information Provided
     “Bidders Conference” Event
     Site Visits
     TUPE & Details of Employees
     Pension Scheme
     Devon County Council Terms and Conditions of Employment
     Staffing Data

     The Tender Submission Process
     The Tender Evaluation Process
     Completing the Documentation
     Enquiries regarding the Documentation
     Submitting the Tender
            Tender Pack Contd
 Part B – Service Specification

Service Specification

 Part C - Tender Submission

 Service Delivery and Quality
 Declaration & Authorisation


 Appendix 1. Lease Agreement
 Appendix 2. Spot Contract Agreements
 Appendix 3: Contract Terms & Conditions Relating to TUPE
 Appendix 4 Transitional Spot Rates
List of Tender Documents

 • Tender Pack

 • General Information

 • Home Specific information

 • Site Visits

• Quality

• Financial

• Bid Price
                  Quality Questions
                                  Providing a Quality Service                                     Weighting %
                 Criteria                                        Question

                                           How would you ensure that staff demonstrate the
Organisation can deal with complex needs   necessary skills and competence to meet the needs of
including dementia.                        individuals with complex needs including dementia.            20
                   Quality Question
                               Raw Scores                    Weighted Scores

Question  %
Number Weighting    Bidder 1    Bidder 2    Bidder 3   Bidder 1   Bidder 2   Bidder 3

  1        15          3           5           4           9.0%     15.0%      12.0%

  2        15          3           5           4           9.0%     15.0%      12.0%    • Bidder 1 passes the
  3        20          5           5           3         20.0%      20.0%      12.0%
  4        10          4           2           5          8.0%       4.0%      10.0%
                                                                                        • Bidder 2 fails the
                                                                                        evaluation (scores
  6        10          5           4           5         10.0%        8.0%     10.0%
                                                                                        below 3)

                                                                                        • Bidder 3 fails the
                                                                                        evaluation (weighted
                                                                                        score below the
                                                                                        overall threshold)
  7        15          5           2           3         15.0%        6.0%       9.0%

  8        15          5           5           3         15.0%      15.0%       9.0%
          100                                            86.0%      83.0%      74.0%
    Financial Evaluation

Question 1:.Please describe how your organisation
would secure the funding required to complete this
deal for the package of lots you describe. Please
provide evidence of funding terms, details of your
proposed funding structure and if borrowing is
necessary of lenders’ commitment, for example, in the
form of funding letters and bank letters.
      Financial Evaluation
Question 2:.Please provide the business plans and
associated financial projections for the single lots and
packages of lots under consideration. There is an example
cash flow template at Appendix 2 which we would prefer to
be used as it details the level of detail we are seeking for
both the projections and the underlying assumptions. If you
prefer to use your own format then please reflect a similar
level of detail in the assumptions. It is very important that
these projections are the ones that have been used to
secure any borrowing required and we would want
evidence that any lenders commitment letters referred to
in question1 have been based on these projections.
Bid Price Evaluation

                A        B              C        D
  l on
  winning all
  lots?         No       Yes            Yes      Yes
  Lot           £k       £k             £k       £k
           1     1,100                   1,000
           2     1,500    1,600          1,650
           3       900    1,000                   1,200
           4     1,800                            1,750
Questions and Answers

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