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					Arlis Computer Information at the V&A – Handover notes
NH, Victoria & Albert Museum, 2009

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ARLIS PC (NAL)                              Lap top (ARLIS)
      Drives                                      Virus Protection
      Remote access (Citrix)
      Back ups                              Printers
      Software & new software requests      Photocopiers
      CD Burner                             PDFs
      Remote access (webmail)
Internet                                    Hot desks with PCs (NAL)
Intranet (V&A)                              IT Helpdesk (V&A)
Google Calendar

ARLIS computer at the V&A
Profile username & password:

Email username & password

NH Base PC:
    VAM 04772

Monitor id no:

Extra software installed on ARLIS machine (see also New Software):
      PDF creator
      Filemaker Pro
      Dream Weaver

Network Drives and File location
The PC’s hard drive
C:\Documents and Settings\arlis\My Documents\
D:\Admin Handbook\Computers\51c6f80f-9d8b-4bb9-8af4-f00652a93f8d.doc
Contents: News-sheet_Full texts; Art Libraries Journal_Full texts; website OLD

Main ARLIS Admin files
These are not networked, I make my own backups

Nheld on 'Vamcluster_data_server\Data\Home'
This is your personal drive which is networked and backed up by the V&A system.
I relocated some ‘retired’ files to my H:\ to release room on D:\
(I used this drive when I wanted to access/share files with a different computer)

L:\misc shared\ARLIS
Contents: ARLIS Membership database and related files.
This was part of a networked drive set up specifically for ARLIS which is backed
access to this part of the L drive. Work in folder below this top one eg

S:\ Col on 'Vam-data\Data' –
This Is the WID / NAL shared drive
Contents: of particular use - S:\WID\IT Help!

P:\lic on 'Vamcluster_data_server\Data'

File management
One of the reasons why I started sharing files across the D, H and drives is
because of limited storage space on the V&A computer.

Back ups
Use the two sancruzer usb sticks (4GB) labelled ‘ARLIS backup1’ and ‘ARLIS
backup2’. Keep one in the desk drawer and one at home.
These are password secure. Wait until the login screen appears before trying
to access the files.
Password: arlisusb1 and arlisusb2
To change the password click on the ‘U3’ icon in the bottom right hand corner
of the screen and select enable/disable security.
To eject the sancruzer USB sticks click on the ‘U3’ icon and select eject.
There is a further sancruzer usb stick (512 MB) which is currently without
security protection for general file transportation use.

    Portege R200
    Model no PPR21E-00K00QEN
    Serial no: 46780755G

D:\Admin Handbook\Computers\51c6f80f-9d8b-4bb9-8af4-f00652a93f8d.doc
Windows XP Professional
With wireless
No CD drive (external CD drive)
PowerPoint 2003
Word 2003
Outlook 2003

Make sure Wireless switch on right hand side of laptop is switched on/off.
To lock laptop - setting - control panel - user accounts

Virus Protection
Norton renewed 17.07.2008 until 17.07.2009 – see separate file.
Needed for laptop when using wifi

The V&A email system is: Novell Groupwise

ARLIS email address: (‘Art Libraries Society’)
Personal address: (‘Natasha Held’)
The arlis email account is a proxy account that sits inside

Email username & password

Forwarding a message retains the attachment (you just can’t see it) - I tested
on Yahoo

Getting authorization to send large attachments - called ‘large file transfer’

User Name :
Password : arlisweb1

Email archive
nheld account archived automatically. To access these emails click File -
open archive

New email notification / pop-up box-
Start - Programmes - Groupwise - Groupwise Notify

Have to open this every day? EJ says should get an envelope in the little
world in bottom right hand corner when new mail arrives

Out of office
Tools - Rules
D:\Admin Handbook\Computers\51c6f80f-9d8b-4bb9-8af4-f00652a93f8d.doc
To update the text you need to select the ‘Edit Action’ button and then ‘OK’ to
‘Reply to Sender’ …

Actions/Resend When you resend an email it does not reattach your footer,
so this should be left in there

Viewing attachments - right hand click and select OPEN if want to see it
properly. Selecting ‘view file’ or Double clicking distorts view totally

Moving Mail
Highlight, right hand click, select with tick in box against folder want to move
to and then the move button will become in relief

You can't reply from the Trash, but you should be able to drag things from the
Trash back into your inbox if you want to restore them

Right hand click on Cabinet / Display / Sort ascending to ‘sort sub folders’

JUNK mail – blocking it
In Groupwise, click on Actions, Junk Mail, Junk Mail Handling, Block List, and
type in the address/s you want to block.
From then on mail from these addresses will go to your junk folder which
needs to be reviewed and emptied regularly.

Can see if message has been opened by looking at properties of sent

To change the subject of a received or sent item
Open an item from your Mailbox or Calendar.

   1. Click the Personalize tab.
   2. Type a new subject in the My Subject text box.

This personalized subject will display in your Mailbox and/or Calendar and in
the Mailbox and/or Calendar of anyone who proxies for you. If you change the
subject of an item in a shared folder, other users of the shared folder will see
the original subject.

To see the original subject, open the item and look in the Subject field in the
item header.

When you create a basic filter or perform a Find with a specific word in the
Subject field, the filter/Find results will show items whose original subject or
personalized subject contains this word. When you create an advanced filter
or find, use the Subject field to search for the original subject, and use the My
Subject field to search for the personalized subject.

When you create a rule that looks for a specific word in the Subject field, the
rule will only look at the original subject
D:\Admin Handbook\Computers\51c6f80f-9d8b-4bb9-8af4-f00652a93f8d.doc
Tip from Chrysanthe to make messages stand out: highlight message
headers in red via category and then mark un read to embolden

Groupwise Address Book
To create and save a personal group:
   1. In the message open which has the list of recipients you want to
   2. Click Address book on the toolbar.
   3. Click the personal address book you want to add this group to.
   4. Click on ‘Save group’
   5. Click New on the toolbar > Group > OK.
   6. Type a name for the group.
   7. Type comments, such as a description of the group.
   8. Click Add.
   9. Click To, CC, or BC > double-click or Ctrl+click and drag the users and
      resources for your group.

If the users you want to add are in a different address book, click the address
book on the Look In drop-down list.

To filter the list of entries by contacts, groups, or resources, click an option on
the drop-down list.

   8. To add an entry that is not in an existing address book, click New
      Contact > fill in the information > click OK > double-click the entry.
   9. Click OK twice.

For information about creating and saving a group from the Address Selector,
see To address an item to a group.

Groupwise Calendar
Need to ‘post’ a calendar appointment

Remote access to email:

Problems with New webmail
Closing search screen results closes proxy account
Not enough room to view attachment details (informed IT)
Can cut and paste addresses from eg To: to CC: can only delete (right hand
mouse button doesn’t’ have functionality)

Trouble shooting:
Need to be in classic view to see full path of mail attachments …
If you lose access to your proxy, just search for ‘art libraries society’ in the
box …

Access to email from mobile
D:\Admin Handbook\Computers\51c6f80f-9d8b-4bb9-8af4-f00652a93f8d.doc
Remote Access to NAL network – via CITRIX
You can investigate this
Lee Dunne confirmed - no access to D drive or L drive …. 15.10.2008
But re-investigate – Get form signed by Martin Flynn

Favourites stored: H:\Favorites
(Not the one on C:\Documents and Settings\nheld\Favorites)
On laptop: C:\docs & settings\Arlis)
Active internet favourites are Identified with a star icon

(See separate documents for the ARLIS website)

Google calendar
(See Admin Guidelines – Handover notes 2009)

Firstname: ARLIS
Surname: Business Manager
Password: arlisweb


To install a new printer:
START - Zenned applications - hover over icons in WID

NAL-HPLJ4600HDN-1-PA – Printer opp desk, colour (Bypass: Labels right
way up; copyside face down)
NAL-NRG-MPC2500-1-PA – Photocopier on the landing - (Bypass: right way
up; copyside face down; colour)
NAL-HPLJ4050-1-PS - BY John Moreton’s desk
NAL-HPL4050-2-PS by Marc Ward’s desk
NAL-HPLJ4050-3-PA by Elizabeth Jame’s desk (Bypass feed face up)

Printer cartridges
Under desk behind Leon’s in NAL Access Dept

Printer trouble-shooting
To get it to print colour need to untick ‘greyscale’ option and then leave on
automatically select.
Solution To get photocopier to not copy double sided is poss to select -
‘duplex off’ on set up page


D:\Admin Handbook\Computers\51c6f80f-9d8b-4bb9-8af4-f00652a93f8d.doc
See Printers and separate docs for using the photocopiers for scanning and
print to store)

ACCESS Membership DB
(See separate guidelines)

Approx 56 kb

1) Flatbed scanner next to PC by photocopier called the ‘hot desk’:
Place item on scanner bed; open up groupwise; press button on scanner.

2) Use photocopier. See notes ‘how to scan’ on shared VAM drive and
hardcopy in ‘inbox’ on ARLIS desk

FAX - Doesn’t work
Dial 9 to sent out

Photoshop at the hotdesk

Bytes are used to describe disk storage capacity and transmission rates,
A kilobyte is a storage unit capable of storing 1,024 bytes of information
A megabyte is 1,000,000 bytes in decimal notation.
A gigabyte is 1024 Megabytes

Current (April 2008) sancruzer datastick: 1.9 gigabytes
Access DB is Approx 56 kb
L files incl DB is 204 mb

D:\ 107 gb and used only 2.40gb?! This is still ;

Additional software (not supported by the V&A) was purchased by Keith
Percival for Amy (eg. Dreamweaver etc)

New software requests
Need to download a software request form from Intranet and get it signed by
martin Flynn
It will then be ‘zenned’ to your PC

Downloaded ‘high priority updates from Microsoft Windows’

D:\Admin Handbook\Computers\51c6f80f-9d8b-4bb9-8af4-f00652a93f8d.doc
Software - research
(Beth has - Works 8)
Student & Home Microsoft is cheap - approx £80
Office Microsoft - no access or outlook
Professional Microsoft - has access

CD BURNER on VAM machine:
Roxio Creator 9 LE
Costs money.

Put CD in drive and wait until PC acknowledges/recognizes it
Select Data - Add Data - Click button to

Select copy - burn images …

You will often be asked to create PDFs for Committee members before
they upload content to the website.
D:\Admin Handbook\Computers\51c6f80f-9d8b-4bb9-8af4-f00652a93f8d.doc
Pdfcreator - installed on V&A machine by Lee Dunne 15.10.2008

CutePDF Professional installed on V&A laptop and working fine

CutePDF Professional is a piece of free software that enables you to convert
e.g. a Word doc into a pdf doc by going to Print and selecting the cutePdf
option instead of your normal printer. The doc is then saved on your hard
drive as a pdf doc. You don't get the full functionality of Adobe Writer with this
but it is adequate for basic needs.

At the top of the page there is an option to search 'staff' or 'Intranet'. Select
the staff button and type in the name next to it in the box on the right.

Keyword: ‘online resources’


email address

Hot desks with PCs (NAL)
-see D:\V&A\Room booking and info\Desks at NAL
By photocopier - has scanner and photoshop software!

V&A IT Helpdesk
A new system is being launched to help streamline the service provided by
the Information Systems Services Department's Service Desk (formerly
the ISSD Help Desk). The email address is changing to reflect this to .

Please send email to in order for it to be logged
quickly and efficiently in the new system, enabling you to track its progress.

Malcolm Brooke - gives software advice (has had communication with Marie-
Therese over future compatibility of new ARLIS Membership Database)
Lee Dunne - good on applications

Trouble shooting
D:\Admin Handbook\Computers\51c6f80f-9d8b-4bb9-8af4-f00652a93f8d.doc
Periodically clear out all temporary files stored in C:\documents and
Settings\arlis\ Application Data - or under nheld; adonnnison etc
Ie. this folder can be blank. If it is too full the machine won’t shut down it will
say desk top too full (Lee Dunne, march 2009)

30.03.2009 - Eba Iraela said try not to put anything on the C drive. Also, if
you are removing files from the c drive you need to drag them across to
different file before deleting. There is a problem with deleting from the C drive
- ??? they just come back again. She made the settings so as the system
folders in c drive were hidden again. Moved C:\nheld/u3 to D: desktop folderz

30.3/2009 - logged another call to resolve issue with U3 launch pad …
Sometimes saves docs as ‘.docm’ or ‘docx’ – this is new version that other
computers can’t see.

To insert a bookmark: highlight the word you want identified with the
bookmark; select insert from the Menu bar; select bookmark; allocate name to
your bookmark (NB. This can consist of one word only)

To make an index link to your bookmark: highlight the word; select Insert from
the Menu bar; select Hyperlink; click on Bookmark button at the side; select
your bookmark; OK.

I usually don’t bother with a visible index because I know I can just click CTRL
+ G to see a list of the bookmarks existing in a document;

D:\Admin Handbook\Computers\51c6f80f-9d8b-4bb9-8af4-f00652a93f8d.doc
                                  - 10 –

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