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Wedding Planner


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									Consider these "to do" and set dates as soon as you can. Share this with others as an extra pair of hands will really help!!


courtesy of Colin Harper Photography

Pick the date, day and time.

Decide on the type of ceremony and venue.

Discuss your budget and the type of wedding with those who are putting money towards it.

Compile a guest list in consultation with both families.

Decide on the wedding colour scheme or theme.

Choose and book the reception venue.

Discuss details of the ceremony with officient.

Choose your Bridesmaids, Best Man, Flower girls, Page boys and ask them.

Choose and book the photographer/videographer.

Choose and book the caterers.

Choose and book the entertainment singer, live band, musicians or disco.

Choose and book the florist.

Choose and order wedding invitations.

Choose and book transport to and from the ceremony and reception.

Choose and order wedding attire for yourselves and your attendants.

Order rings and engravings.

Choose style and flavour of wedding cake – and order.

Apply for the marriage licence.

Have fittings for wedding gown and bridesmaid’s attire.

Have fitting for groom and groomsmen’s suits.

Compile a gift list and register for gifts.

Decide where you want to go on honeymoon and make reservations.

Book a hotel room for the wedding night.

Organise time off work for wedding and honeymoon and a few planning days.

Create a timeline of the wedding day from the bridal car leaving to the ceremony through until the first dance

Send invitations. List acceptances and refusals as they return.

Arrange rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Confirm catering, service staff, menu and beverages.

Confirm photography/videography.

Confirm flowers and bouquets.

Confirm music and instruments for ceremony and reception.

Buy gifts for the attendants and your future spouse.

Arrange where the bridal party will dress on the day.

Organise accommodation and book hotels for out-of-town guests.

Notify anyone required to make a speech.

Write your vows (if you’ve decided to do your own).

Chase up late invitation replies and finalise guest list.

Start a list of all wedding gifts received.

Write out place cards.

Buy cake boxes for guests unable to attend, address labels for these.

Arrange reception seating details.

Liaise with the venue if you plan to display your wedding gifts there.

Have final wedding gown fitting, with lingerie and shoes you will wear on the day.

Have final fittings for all the attendants.

Visit the hairdresser with hair accessories. Book an appointment for the wedding day.

See the minister, priest or celebrant and check all formalities are in order.

Agree on a date for the wedding rehearsal and notify all the people concerned.

Confirm transport arrangements and time the journey.

Have a trial run with your makeup artist.

Confirm all arrangements with the florist, caterer, car hire, photographer, etc.

Try on your wedding gown with all the accessories.

Wear in your wedding shoes.

Make sure all legal documents (prenuptial agreements, marriage licence, passports etc.) are in order.

Check that place cards and all other table settings are in order.

Send final head count to your caterer.

Send thank-you letters for gifts you have received so far.

Have a wedding rehearsal.

Check that everyone is comfortable with their speeches.

Check bestman has the rings and service sheets.

Place money in marked envelopes for the bestman to give to the minister/celebrant, organist, choir, musicians, etc.

All suits and any hire items are collected.

Pack for your honeymoon and confirm honeymoon arrangements.

Confirm all services, instructions and directions.

When will this happen Who Date Time



Is this date pratical with the Ceremony Venue, the reception and what about the essential guests can they manage this date? Visit the venue in the month you are going to be married so you can see what it will look like at that time of year.

Will the venue be right for the ceremony you intend Think of how many at the ceremony and if you are having a meal afterwards can the venue cater for that number. How many are there for the reception. Remember to consider the colours of dresses that others will want to wear and even suggest a colour for them Remember to keep in touch with the venue each month just to make sure that they don't forget your booking or double book you, especially if have to book well in advance.

Do they have any restrictions, such as photography or video Be clear with them what they will be asked to do on the day, and will the be comfortable with doing so. Book this with Bride-4-Groom, part of HarpersPhotography 01706 352598

Will the venue allow external caterers ask and obtain written confirmation have it in writing

Will the venue have rooms that they will discount to you

Start the timeline from the end of the wedding breakfast and work backwards, and have a discussion with the photographer to see how much time they will need.

Think on how you can keep them safe, can the venue help?



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