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					                                                                       June - July newsletter

   Welcome Jim Gingerich
   Human Resources
   Nurse of the Year
   Nightingale Ceremony
   Perioperative Services Manager/Educator
   Women and Infant Services Donation
   Diabetes Education
   Volunteers
   Hospital Week
   Relay for Life
   Second Annual Community Health Fair
   WOW’s!

Jim has worked in many hospitals across the United States in an administrative capacity and
is very familiar in working with the Native American population as he has worked in a
number of hospitals adjacent to reservations. He is very familiar with both Apache and
Navajo cultures and their specialized health care needs. Jim’s wife Janet is here with him,
living in their motor home at White Mountain Village. She will volunteer in primary grades if
they are still here when school resumes. They have two grown daughters, both living in
Colorado, and 2 grandsons. Jim is a 15 year resident of Arizona and is quite impressed with
our White Mountains, other than the speed cameras that got him early on in his stay
here…and the fact that no one told him to NEVER go to Safeway on Memorial Day weekend!
Jim feels very good about his working relationship with our Governing Board of Directors,
and has a clear understanding of their goals and objectives. They have entrusted him, as
Acting CEO, to step in and take over the operations of the hospital. In the short time that he
has been here, Jim has been impressed with the medical staff involvement and attendance
at committee meetings and feels that one of the challenges that he now faces is getting to
know individual employees while trying to run the hospital. Jim was very excited to have
been able to be involved in the offsite manager’s retreat in early June, as it helped him to
get to know each manager and to learn what projects they are working on. Jim is also
working on a variety of projects, including refining the hospitalist arrangements, an area to
which he brings extensive experience. He is also looking forward to moving our plans for
computerization forward, and has been involved in this enormous project at other hospitals.

The Welcome Mat
Please help us welcome March, April and May new hires:
Toni Adair, Sadek Arslanok, Janet Barber, Timothy Corr, Joseph Daigle, Ruth Eldridge, Amber Erdmann,
James Gingerich, Stacey Gray, Jodi Heap, Vicki Hendrickson, Charles Hoskins, Natalie Jones, Johnnie
Latham, Ava McNeil, John Mercer, Craig Murphy, Jennifer O'Brien, Sandra Olsen, Len Penrod, Addison
Richey, Randyl Stephan, Dane Stephens, Karen Stokes, Donna Terrill, Sally Wheaton, Shannon Wilson



                                               NURSES WEEK – NIGTINGALE CERMONY

National Nurses’ Week each May commemorates the anniversary of the birth of Florence
Nightingale. This is a time to be grateful for and reflect on the efforts, compassion, and
skills of so many women and men in nursing. To highlight the many contributions Summit
nurses make throughout the year, several events were planned during Nurses Week. The
activities were to recognize and show appreciation for our nursing staff as one of our most
valuable assets. The two main events were the awards ceremony and the Nightingale
Nursing Awards Ceremony
An awards ceremony was kicked off with praise for all of our award nominees. Three
nursing award winners were honored for their clinical excellence:
       Ellen Skelton is our Clinical Nurse of the Year
       Carolyn Jacobs is our Leadership Nurse of the Year; and
       Kathy Willis is Summit Healthcare’s 2010 Nurse of the year

Nightingale Ceremony
The Nightingale Pledge has been recited by nursing students at Pinning Ceremonies and/or
graduation ceremonies since 1893, and on Nurses Day since 1974. . It is a variation of the
Hippocratic Oath recited by physicians. "I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the
presence of this assembly, to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully.
I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly
administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard
of my profession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping
and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty will
I endeavor to aid the physician, in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those
committed to my care."
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the new Perioperative Services
Manager/Educator. Kathy Willis, R.N. has been a Summit
Healthcare employee since May of 1985. She has extensive nursing
experience in multiple areas of the hospital including Med/Surg,
L&D, Postpartum, Nursery, ICU, ER, ASC, and OR/Pre-op/PACU.
She has also worked as an OB/Pediatric Life Flight nurse. In her
spare time Kathy has moonlighted as a registry nurse at multiple
hospitals in the valley. Kathy has been extremely involved in many
improvement processes over the years in addition to educational
projects to include PICC line insertions and training, competencies,
documentation and patient flow, and preparation of the Pre-
op/PACU nurses to care for more complex patients. Kathy has been
serving as the primary Clinical Nurse Leader for the Pre-
op/PACU/SPR/Phase II areas of the Surgical Services Department
for the past six years. She is well respected by the physicians and
her colleagues for her many years of experience, dedication and expertise. Kathy’s
immediate focus as the new Perioperative Services Manager/Educator will be with current
clinical concerns related to patient flow through the department, extended care recovery
patients, and staff training and competencies. Please feel free to contact Kathy with any
patient care concerns you may have. Kathy can be reached at (928) 242-1552.
Thia Ebert, R.N., CNOR
Director of Surgical Services
Interim Chief Nursing Officer

The FCCLA club of the Early Childhood Education Class at Show Low High School donated 24
handmade quilts to Summit Healthcare’s Women and Infant Services Department. In order
to raise the money needed to purchase the materials to make the quilts, the students sold
lollipops during Valentines week. Several teachers donated blankets and fabrics as well.
The Early Childhood program, taught by Linda George, teaches students foundations of
early childhood. This includes the development and growth of infants through school-age
children, health and safety, guidance, supervision, developmentally appropriate activities,
communications with families and peers, professionalism, and legal, ethical and
administrative requirements. Students are instructed in both a classroom setting and a work
environment with the “Cubbie Hole Preschool” that provides services for local families. This
work environment allows the students to practice their learned skills. It also provides an
opportunity for students to be actively involved in a state student organization (FCCLA) that
can provide quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship
and character development.
Jennette Larsen, RN, Diabetes Self Management Training Program Coordinator
I know several people who think that a low blood sugar is a great opportunity to have a
candy bar. Although I appreciate the opportunity for a “treat” as much as anyone, a low
blood sugar is not the time for a candy bar. On the other hand, I have learned that one of
the fears of people with diabetes is having their blood sugars drop too low. Now I know
that many of you who feel like you are always too high are thinking, “I wish lows were my
problem”, but if you have ever had a low blood sugar you may think differently. Low blood
sugar is called hypoglycemia. What exactly is a low blood sugar? I always tell my patients
that they need to start treating when their blood sugar is 70 or below. If your blood sugars
have been running too high you may feel low even in the 100’s, but you don’t necessarily
need to treat yourself for having a low blood sugar. Some people are low often and they
don’t feel low at all. The first symptom of low blood sugar is becoming very confused or
losing consciousness. This is called hypoglycemia unawareness. It can be caused when
your blood sugar goes too low frequently or sometimes can be caused by certain heart
medications. It is concerning when someone can’t feel when their blood sugar is low. They
can get hurt or pass out. What are the signs of a low blood sugar? They can be different
for everyone, but usually you might feel shaky, nervous, confused, sweaty, headache,
hungry, and sometimes people feel angry. How do you treat a low blood sugar? The best
way is to eat something that is just carbohydrate, no protein or fats in it. (That is why the
candy bar won’t work well. Candy bars have fat and many have protein, like nuts. They
just don’t work quickly enough.) You might try ½ cup of juice, a tablespoon of honey,
about 5 hard candies. There are even products you can buy at the store like glucose
tablets-don’t forget you may need to take 3 or 4, gels or glucose paste that are made just
for bringing blood sugar up quickly. Eat something and then wait 15 minutes and test your
blood sugar again. If it is still not high enough eat some more carbohydrates, wait 15
minutes and check again. Repeat this until you get your blood sugar to 100 or higher. At
this point you will want to eat a snack or your regularly scheduled meal to keep your blood
sugar at a reasonable level. But this time, you will want to eat something that contains
proteins or fats. This is when something like peanut butter might be helpful. Remember,
do not use foods with fats or protein at first to treat your low blood sugar. It will not work
fast enough. The goal is to raise your blood sugar enough so you are safe, but not so it
goes way too high. If you or someone in your family is having trouble with low blood
sugars, you may want to ask your doctor about glucagon. It is a medicine given when
someone is unconscious from a low blood sugar and it is given as a shot. Your family will
need training on how to give it. After you have your blood sugar back to normal you need
to ask yourself why you think your blood sugar went too low. Did you have too much
insulin? Too few carbs? Were you exercising? By finding out what caused it you may be
able to prevent it from happening again. Use it as a learning tool. If you are on insulin you
may be able to ask your doctor if you can adjust your insulin doses for the days when you
are more active. Although a low blood sugar is not a good excuse for a candy bar, it is a
good learning opportunity. You must also be careful not to let a fear of low blood sugars
keep you from good blood sugar control. Work with your doctor, your diabetes educator
and your pharmacist to learn how to prevent and treat low blood sugars and manage your

      That Summit Healthcare has an active volunteer department with approximately 150
      The volunteers at Summit Healthcare donated 28,000 hours last year
      Summit Healthcare volunteers range in age from 14 to 91
      The primary reasons for volunteering at Summit Healthcare are to feel useful, to give
      back to a hospital that has helped, and to maintain a social connection with others
       Volunteers serve in almost every department within Summit Healthcare, providing
       customer service, kitchen help, transportation, retail assistance, help in
       Chemotherapy and IV Therapy, business office, medical records, pharmacy, and on
       the patient units
       The volunteers at Summit Healthcare make over 2000 heart pillows annually for
       post-op patients
       Craft ladies also make mammography capes, baby hats & blankets, colostomy bag
       covers and items for the gift shop at Summit Healthcare
       Summit Healthcare has 1 active volunteer that has been here for 23 years, 3 active
       that have been here for over 20 years and 24 active that have been here over 10
       Our Junior Volunteers are special too! We had one junior volunteer this year who
       was a foreign exchange student from Venezuela
       Another junior volunteer just graduated from Show Low High School with a full ride,
       four year scholarship to ANY college in the sate of Arizona. Way to go!


Western Day
YEEHAW!!!! If you missed the 1st ever Summit Rodeo you missed out on a ton of Fun!
According to our Rodeo Coordinator, there were10 riders this year. 1st place went to
Thomas Montoya with a time of 31.12. Second place went to Renee Davis from PI with a
time of 35.72 (it was her sandals that did the trick) and third place went to Hector Malaren
from Dietary with a time of 36.63. They are all sporting their ribbons for winning the top
three places. The participants had to run the barrel pattern, rope the steer and tie the
goat. Many thanks to Plant Services for putting the course together. In addition to the
above names, other participants included, Christine from UR, Dave McNutt from
housekeeping, Kathy and Lore from the business office, Wanda from Employee Health,
Justine from Nuke Med and Stephanie from PI. Our rodeo Queen was the lovely Carissa
from Diagnostic Imaging. The Rodeo Clown was none other than the one and only Russ
from the IS department. Thanks to Lola in HR for her time keeping skills, Michele Jordan for
the use of her pink horse and Julie Forney for her mean looking steer.

Hula Contest at the Luau
What a fabulous time we had with the Hula Contest. Thanks to our 11 participants – We
appreciate you! First place went to Cheryl Hunt, Second place to Hector Maclaren, Third
place to Yolanda Gonzales. Honorable mentions go to Frances Mischel, Carolyn Jacobs,
Thomas Montoya, Tamara Montano, Barbara Johnson, Ivie Belone, Electra Brooks, and
Penny Young.


And the winners of the Scavenger Hunt are…
1st Place – Susan & Penny, Medical Records with a time of 30 minutes
2nd Place – Dave Burmeister, Plant Services, with a time of 34 minutes
3rd Place – Kathy & Electra, Medical Records, with a time of 35 minutes
4th Place – Team Oncology, Oncology, with a time of 40 minutes
Congratulations to all!
Employee Awards Dinner
The employee awards dinner at Torreon was a pretty special time. We were able to thank
employees with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and even 30 years of Service to Summit!


And the Winner of the Paint Square Contest was….
It was a tie between ER and Staff Development!


Over 360 participants raised around $35,000 in this year’s Relay for Life. There were 19
new teams in the event, which took place at the Show Low High School track. It kicked off
at 6:00pm on June 18 with a lap around the track by cancer survivors and went on
throughout the night, ending at 6:00am. Multiple businesses sponsored the Relay for Life,
including Summit Healthcare. Many of the sponsors also fielded their own teams, making
sure to have at least one member on the track at all times. Last year the American Cancer
Society helped 858 cancer patients in Navajo County with transportation, lodging, a gift
closet and programs like Look Good, Feel Better, which provides make-overs to female
cancer patients to grant self esteem and confidence.
Summit Healthcare held the Second Annual Community Health Fair on June 12. Because of
the high winds at last year’s event, a big top tent was in place to protect the participants
and visitors. Due to the excitingly high turnout, the tent was not large enough and people
actually had to wait in line to get down the aisles! Next year, we promise to have a tent
that is double in size in order to provide more room for everyone.

107 children received “casts” on their fingers and our ER Teddy Bear Clinic “treated” 60
teddy bears and gave away 40. At our X-ray Station, we were able to teach over 120
children how to spot a broken bone on a radiograph. Dr. Bailey and Cindy Ackzen fitted 130
bike helmets and provided education to the children and their parents on bike helmet

The free PSA clinic saw 32 men and we are hopeful that we assisted them with their health
and wellness. We want to thank Dr. Niemczyk for all of his time and hard work in providing
the PSA testing!

Summit Healthcare would like to thank the following participants for volunteering their time
on a Saturday to bring health and wellness to the residents of the White Mountains ~ (and I
would like to share a few fun stories about them as well!)

Air Evac, the Alzheimer’s Support Group, Arizona Dermatology with free skin cancer
screenings, Aspen Ridge Animal Clinic, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Summit Healthcare’s
Cardiac Rehab, Summit’s Cardiopulmonary department, Care Resource Management, Julie
Jackson with Childhood Obesity and Nutrition (she was the one in the fat suit, a great hit
with the kids!), our Heber-Overgaard Community Clinic (even though Kathy was not feeling
well at all!), Summit’s Diabetes Educator, the Donor Network of Arizona, Dr. Hastings with
free cholesterol checks (his nurse stayed until after 4:30 getting everyone done!), Dr. Janet
Cline from Globe, Dr. Jared Hall, Dr. Melissa Kyrimis, Elk Ridge Surgical Specialists provided
doppler screening for vascular disease, Tammy Borrego was our ER Nurse with the Teddy
Bear Clinic, Stacy Fadenrecht was the ER Nurse that put on EVERY cast at the casting
station, our Radiology department went through 150 x-rays at the X-ray Station, Summit’s
Financial Counseling department had the “Game of Life”, it was so much fun! They had a
“wheel of fortune” and life sized squares on the ground as game pieces to follow depending
on what the wheel of fortune said, and lot’s of prizes for the winners! (Everyone was a
winner in the Game of Life…) Our Foundation department was present to educate people on
giving opportunities for Summit and the tax benefits of giving. Fresenius Dialysis was
present, although at the last minute Shad Ireland could not make it due to a hospitalization.
Please keep Shad in your thoughts and prayers. Guardian Air was on hand, as well as our
Home Health department, Hospice Compassus, Summit’s IV Therapy department, our
Laboratory was doing free blood sugar testing in conjunction with our Diabetes Educator
and our Mammography department had a great presence, both in the tent at a table and
outside at the Stiletto Stampede! The Stiletto Stampede was a FUNdraiser for our
mammography department to purchase special, comfortable waffle robes for all of our
mammography patients. They raised $220, a number we hope to quadruple next year. We
actually had people lining up to watch, saying that they would have participated had they
known… so look for the Stiletto Stampede again next year! The Navajo County Drug Project
had a table next to MCAT, who brought a beautiful drug dog. North Country Health Care
had a table, as did our Oncology department, Dr. Major’s Pain Clinic, and our pharmacy had
a great presence along with pharmacists from Whiteriver and Walgreen’s. They all worked
together to provide drug interaction education and to do a “brown-bag review”. The “Brown
Bag Review” of medications is a common practice that encourages patient’s to bring all of
their medications and supplements to the pharmacist. This provides the clinical staff with an
opportunity to review and discuss the medications that the patient is taking. Reviewing
medications with the patient may help to answer questions, verify what the patient is
taking, and identify and/or avoid medication errors and drug interactions. Phoenix Health
Plan was on site as well. They have been in partnership with Arizona Health Care Cost
Containment System (AHCCCS) for over 25 years, and understand what is needed from a
health plan and were onsite to help clients make smart choices for healthy living. Summit
Healthcare’s Quality Department had two tables; one on infection control and one on patient
safety. The SAFE House had a large presence in the back of the tent. The White Mountain
SAFE House provides a safe, home like environment for women and children escaping the
negative and unsafe environment of domestic violence, offering guidance and referral
services and helping them to recognize healthy relationships, all to ensure the success of
their independent lives. For more information, please visit
Serenity Spa had a raffle and products available to purchase at a discounted price. The
raffle prize was a gift basket with product and a gift card for a massage – Lynn was our
winner! Sierra Blanca Rehab Center was available to answer questions about their new,
beautiful facility. Sierra Blanca Rehabilitation will be the only facility providing a wide range
of services including in and out-patient rehabilitation, skilled nursing services, behavioral
management, Dementia and Alzheimer care. They are also Arizona licensed for child care,
which will be open 16 hours a day. Sierra Blanca will have a 114 total resident capacity.
Mark Katz from Strategic Health was educating the public on Medicare – that turned into
quite a popular table to visit! University OB/GYN had a table – and it was decorated so
nicely that we have now decided to add a “table decoration” contest next year - so start
thinking about your theme now! Summit’s Surgery department had a great display in the
form of a train that showed the entire process from scheduling to discharge. They took
pictures of all of the surgeons and staff and their pictures were on the train. Sue Bligh-
Robertson, RN, CNM, represented Women’s Health Care and the White Mountain RACKettes
were on hand providing breast cancer education and fundraising opportunities.

There was a Jumping Castle in dirt area behind big top (next year we will have it in a more
visible location) that the children were seen enjoying.

Show Low Fire Department had their Safety Trailer onsite, which was a wonderful,
interactive way for the children to learn about fire hazards and safety, and what to do in the
event of a fire in the home. I caught site of one boy climbing out the side window as the
trailer filled with smoke! He was then taught to go to the meeting place as designated by
his parents….

The Lakeside Fire Department brought their burn rooms, but due to the high winds, we
could not give the demonstrations as scheduled. In this demonstration, one room is
protected by a fire sprinkler and the other room is unprotected. The rooms are similarly
furnished and fires are started independently to compare the results after the fire and we
can the life-saving difference this vital protection makes when fire strikes.

Pinetop Fire was also present with their engines, and were seen giving “tours” of the cab!

But the health fair was not all there was to do on this fine day – we also had a car,
motorcycle and tractor show over at the East Campus. There were 49 entries, including
vehicles from 1940 through 1980. We had three tractors, one bicycle (it was a Western
Flyer, circa 1950’s and in BEAUTIFUL condition!), and a multitude of motorcycles. It was a
great event – the “Rest Stop Rodders” club had the most cars entered in the show! See
results and photos below…

And as if that was not enough, the Stiletto Stampede took place and boy was that a blast. I
actually ran in it, but I was laughing so hard that I finished dead last by about 20 yards. I
haven’t worn those heels in eight years! We did have one male participant – and yes, Brett
was wearing pink scrubs and brown pumps. He is our Radiology PACS Manager and we
LOVE his team spirit! See results and photos below…
And last but not least, The 3rd Annual Summit Healthcare Volunteer Services Chili Cookoff, a
CASI (chili appreciation society international) sanctioned competition, took place. Nineteen
contestants competed in 3 categories: CASI Chili, Showmanship and Peoples Choice. The
Peoples Choice winner was Julie Forney…for the 3rd year in a row!!! Go Julie! The
volunteers made over $1,000 which will be used to support various projects funded by the

Chili Cook Off

Peoples Choice Chili
1st-Julie Forney
2nd-Safe Houseq3rd- Cafeteria

Peoples Choice Salsa
1st-Sarita Vargas
2nd-Safe House
3rd-Penny Young (baby girls sassy salsa)

CASI Chili
1st-Denise Cabello, Tucson
2nd-Sue Seehusen, Alpine
3rd-Tina Crutchfield, Show Low
4th-Summit Volunteers
5th-Dimas Cabello, Tucson
6th-Ralph Forney, Linden
7th-Dick Seehusen, Alpine
8th-Robert Corley, Show Low
9th-Julie Forney, Linden
10th-Julie Lewis, Show Low

1st-Hot Stuff Cantina, Tina Crutchfield
2nd-Forney Family
3rd-Devil Dog Chili, Julie Lewis

      Class                 Class Name                        Name      Car
        A         Street rods (cars and trucks) thru   1st Ron Crowley     47 Studebaker
                                1950                 2 Ona Horvath         50 Chevy Truck
        B            Antique cars and trucks thru   1st Wanda Hays           39 Cadillac
                                1940                2 Pete Severence           33 Ford
        C           Original (restored stock) cars       1  st William   50 Plymouth Coupe
                            1941-1980                        Barrow        60 Austin Healy
                                                        2 John Durall           Sprite
        D          Original (restored stock) trucks  1st Larry Sutton      77 Ford Bronco
                             1941-1980               2nd John Duvall           44 Jeep
        E             Muscle Cars 1960-1980          1st Terry Rogers      66 Chevy Nova
                                                        2nd Jim Faulk    71 Chevy Chevelle
        F            Modified Cars 1951-1980        1st Richard Yocom        55 Plymouth
                                                    2  nd Patrick Place       Belvedere
                                                                              56 Chevy
        G           Modified trucks 1951-1980       1st Diane Shelton     57 Ford Ranchero
                                                     2nd Paige Priest    57 Chevy El Camino
        H              Convertibles thru 1980       1st Roger Sevison     65 Ford Mustang
                                                    2 nd Curtis Stevens  68 Chevy Corvette
        I          Original (unrestored) Cars and    1st Jerry Bender       66 Ford T-Bird
                          trucks thru 1980          2nd Bill Podsedly        48 Packard
        J                    Motorcycles             1 st David Loomis     2009 Harley FB
                                                    2nd Wade Larson       Bourget Chopper
        K         Tractors/nonautomotive/bicycles 1st Carroll Aaron         49 John Deere
                                                        2nd Malcolm         54 John Deere
        L           Current Collectible Cars and      1 st Darla Faulk  2007 Chevy Corvette
                            Trucks 1980+                  2nd Shane      2001 Ford Mustang
   Popular Vote                                     1st Roger Sevison     65 Ford Mustang
                                                     2nd John Duvall       60 Austin Healy
    Employee                                         1  st Sandy Hays        2009 Honda
                                                    2nd Terry Rogers          Goldwing
                                                                           66 Chevy Nova
    Physician                                       1st Dave Buckley       34 ford Sedan
                                                        2nd Jim Faulk        71 Chevelle
      CEO                                                  1 st Glade     Willy Jeep Family
                                                           Meredith          39 Cadillac
                                                    2 nd Wanda Hays


                                             Brett Bennett – First Place, Bucking Broncos
                                             Brett works at Summit as a Radiology PACS Manager, and
                                             we were so impressed with how he could run in those
                                             heels! He had THE cutest brown pumps on…

                                             Holly Wilson - First Place, Fabulous Fillies
                                             Mammographer at Summit Healthcare

                                             Elizabeth Fellows – Second Place, Fabulous Fillies

                                             MaryAnn Andresen – First Place, Magnificent Mares
                                             Lead Mammographer, Summit Healthcare

                                             Kim Mayfield – Dead last by a mile, Magnificent Mares
                                             Public Relations, Summit Healthcare

Yes – Brett is wearing pink scrubs and heels…we really love this guy!

Congratulations to Ernest Wilson for passing the certification exam for Instrument
Technician! We are extremely proud of Ernest’s accomplishment and the quality of service
that he provides on a daily basis to Summit Healthcare in his role as the Sterile Processing
Lead Technician. Also congratulations to Irene Barraza for passing her re-certification as an
SPD Tech.
~Thia Ebert, R.N., CNOR, Interim Chief Nursing Officer

I want to take this opportunity to recognize Josh Adams, Financial Analyst, for the help he
has given to me (and to others) in working through the new financial reporting system
program, Insights. Josh has shown much patience as he teaches the system and answers
the unending questions sent his way. Thank you Josh for all your help that you have given
me (and for that which is yet to come!) You are appreciated!!
~Jayne Simms, RN, MSN, Director Med/Surg 2

I would like to give a WOW to Fredda Kermes for always being willing to help in the
Education Department. She took the time to help me go back and pull up CEU’s that I
needed for my certification. She does a great job!
~Syble Hartley

We would like to recognize Diane Murphy for all her work in organizing and helping to carry
out the Nurses' Week festivities. Diane puts in countless hours preparing for this big event
and during the week of activities, even coming in on the weekend to help pass out treats to
the nursing staff. top it off, she always seems to have a big smile on her face!
And we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge all of the help Diane gives us on a daily
basis....always ready and willing to help, no matter how long her own "to do" list is......
Diane, we appreciate ALL you do! You're the best! ~ Summit's Nurse Management Team
~Jayne Simms, RN, MSN, Director Med/Surg 2

Thanks to Cassandra in Respiratory Therapy, Chris in Social Services and to the ER,
Radiology and all staff; everyone was wonderful during my stay and treated me with
kindness and care. Bless you all.
~ A patient who stopped by say thank you

“Norma Moore did a great job last night with the many admissions in the ED and limited
beds on the nursing units. I really appreciate her. I don’t thank the ASC staff enough for
their work.”
~Dr. Williams

WOW Norma! This is this first time a thank you of this type has been rec’d from an ED doc.
You must have really had the ‘can-do train’ rolling house-wide. Congratulations on taking
great care of our patients!
~Laura Nicks, RN, Director of Care Resource
Much of the credit goes to the MS Tele & MS2 staff for their hard work & willingness to call
for report & get these patients into their rooms. They make a consistent effort to move
patients from ER or PACU to their rooms quickly. Most nights the team works really
effectively together - and that's all of us. So a WOW for them too. Thanks
 ~Norma Moore, RN BSN

Thank you so much for Summit Healthcare’s tremendous support of the Family Advocacy
Center fundraiser! It is great evidence of the hospital’s ongoing care for victims of abuse.
~Hannah Rishel, M.D., Pediatrician, Holbrook

The other night when I was in the ER, they had an elderly confused woman waiting for a
ride. A Posey vest was considered and ordered for her safety. She was an extreme fall risk
and a hand full. We really don't like any restraints. Brent from security (new guy on the
block) caught wind of this and offered to watch her himself (ER was busy). We are in a
culture of "the least restrictive" approach for safety. This act served us well. Dignity was
preserved and an open act of kindness was seen through out the ER to our customers and
staff alike. WOW! Brent stepped to the plate without being asked. This act of kindness
and professional insight really made an impression. This is type of actions we strive for at
Summit. The night shift is happy to have Bent on our team.
 ~Mark David RN, ASC

I am writing to you because my mom spent several days in your hospital recently. I feel
that she received excellent care. Everyone we came in contact with was very nice but one
nurse stood out in particular. Her name was Paula. She went above and beyond to make
sure that my mom was comfortable. The day that my mom had to have her stitches out
and staples put in, Paula was there for the whole thing. She had to have that done in order
to have an MRI. My mom is claustrophobic so Paula made sure that she had the proper
dosage of the medication that was going to calm her down. Paula also accompanied her
down to Radiology and even went so far as to accompany my mom into the MRI room to
make sure that she would be ok. Paula also came down half-way through the test to check
on her. In my opinion, Paula care for her patients and their families. She was wonderful
and I felt very comfortable having her care for my mom. I wanted to send this note
because I have several friends that are nurses and they have thankless jobs. The only time
they are mentioned is when there is a complaint. I wanted to send this acknowledgement
of Paula and her exceptional care but also to say thank you for providing excellent care.
~Name withheld for confidentiality

I wanted to let you know how wonderful Amber did last night with a very agitated patient.
She was prepared with each call, vitals and recent meds used. She displayed a wonderful
and professional demeanor and her gentleness and protective nature with our patient was a
~Becky Thompson, MD

On June 1, the ER was crazier then usual, and Roni and Bonnie M. really helped us out so
everyone got lunches, and all the patients got good care. I was very nice and greatly
appreciated. Also, Jane Simms from Med/Surg came down and helped move an ICU Pt to
the floor so we could get another critical Pt into a exam room. I was great to know that the
rest of the hospital was mindful of the craziness down here.
~Brenda D. Riddle, RN, ER Charge Nurse
I would like to commend Mark David RN for his professionalism and sympathetic attitude
towards several families who had loved ones receive urgent surgery on a busy night in OR.
Families were wondering why nobody had talked to them regarding the results of surgery or
outcome and were unhappy. Mark stepped up and spoke with each family calmly and
explained the situation. Families were appeased by Mark’s attention and his comforting
~Ellen Skelton, RN

I would like to give out a big THANK YOU to our Celebrations committee and Administration
for the wonderful Hospital week. Thank you all for your hard work.
~Lola Gray, Recruiter

A Great Big WOW to the Dietary staff for the wonderful job they did during Hospital Week.
Also a Big WOW to the wonderful Chiefs that participated in Hospital Week.
~Lola Gray, Recruiter

In the one week I have been working at Hospice Compassus, I have been WOWed by the ER
staff twice.
#1: The hospice RN & I came to see a patient & family. Dave Hall, PA had a family
conference with this large extended family to explain the medical prognosis. This was
greatly appreciated by the family as well as the nurse & I. #2: A new Hospice patient was
in the ER actively dying. As there were no beds available, Dr Stout compassionately agreed
to keep the patient while plans were made for his care. The patient was given a hospital
bed and was provided comfort care. After he passed in the ER, his wife appreciated his
nurses, Lori and Maggie. Debbie, MSW also helped the family with the dying process.
Thank you!
~Marilyn Driss, LCSW

Good job Summit team!! Thanks for allowing us to partner with you, providing care and
education about hospice services to the White Mountains. All of us at Hospice Compassus
are so excited to continue to deepen our relationship with you for the benefit of those we
both serve.
~Derek J. Richey, Executive Director, Hospice Compassus

THANK YOU….from the family of Dr. Erin McLain for all the letters, cards and prayers staff
has sent their way during the past year. They are deeply appreciative….

And the WINNERS of the Second Sandwich Contest are…..drum roll please ~
      The B.L.A.T submitted by Diagnostic Imaging
      The Summit Sourdough Burger submitted by Nutritional Services
      The Wood Shop Special submitted by Summit Woodshop Department
      The MOGI Chick submitted by Nutritional Services
      The Maintenance B.S. Submitted by Plant Services

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