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       Egg Hunt - Cover
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       Sewing Group - pg. 10                                                  Eric Miller, Treasurer                                 610-970-8911

       Easter Flowers/Memorials - pg. 11                                VESTRY: Jo Rivera, Joe Hunt, Terry Stockton, Eric Miller, Ben Heckman, Winkie
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       Just For Kids - pg. 12
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            St. Gabriel’s Snow Cancellation Policy                      Worship/Music - Terry Stockton                 Outreach -Jo Rivera/Cathrin Nester
           In the event of a significant snowfall (4 inches or          Soup Ministry - Carol Young                                 Wellness: Jo Rivera
           more) or icing overnight Saturday to Sunday,                 Altar Guild - Marilyn Rittenhouse & Stephen Rowe       Boy Scouts - Rich Pusey
                                                                        Evangelism -                                            Kitchen -Chuck Crummy
           the 8 AM service and all Sunday School classes will be
                                                                        Emergency Prayer Chain - Lynn Pella 610-385-6952
           canceled. The 10:30 service WILL be held if possible. If     Acolytes, Readers, Intercessors, Chalicers - Stephen Rowe
           in doubt, note that cancellation information will be         Ushers/Greeters - 8 AM: Darlene Cooper 10:30: Mike Hiebler
announced on the church phone message, and posted on our                Coffee Hour - Anna Miller
Facebook page and on TV station WFMZ (Channel 69, wfmz.com)
                                                                                  The Messenger
                                                                Saint Gabriel’s Episcopal Church         Douglassville, Pennsylvania

                                                                “Learning and Doing the Work of Jesus”              March 2013

                                                                           Saturday, March 30, 11:00 AM

                                                                 The tradition continues! Thanks to Diana Caldwell, who’s
                                                             volunteered to coordinate this fun event for quite a few years,
                                                             St. Gabriel’s Annual Parish Children’s Easter Egg Hunt will be
                                                             held, rain or shine, the day before Easter. Adults & children
                                                             should gather in the Old Parish Hall (“School-age room”). The
                                                             hunt will be held in Adams Hall if it rains. Be sure to bring a
                                                             basket for your child to use to collect the eggs. Prizes will be
St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church

                                 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

                                                                 NEEDED: Donations of candy for filling the plastic eggs as
                                                             well as money to buy the prizes. (We do not need more plastic
Douglassville, PA 19518

                                                             eggs!) A box will be placed at the back of the church for your
                                                             donations. Also needed are volunteers to help hide eggs, and 6
                                                             dozen iced cupcakes. (Cupcake bakers can bake them and drop
                                                             them off Thursday before the hunt or when you come to one of the
P.O. Box 396

                                                             Good Friday services.)
                                                                    If you can help with any of the above, please contact Diana
                                                             at 610-582-1443 (or mommabirddi@yahoo.com)
                                                                                                          submitted by Renee Pusey
                                                                                                          for the Youth Ministry Team

                           by Chuck Crummy
                                                                           Time for FUN!!! “Fun Friday” for Youth - March 8th 6:30-9 PM
                                                                           Come join Chef Fr. Paul and learn how to make homemade pizza!
L      Save the date: March 9 will be our next “Second Saturday            While the dough is rising we will be playing some games!
       Breakfast”, 8 AM to 11AM. The expanded menu has been a
       success and it will continue now as a buffet. By popular                                     Youth Fundraisers
       demand we have moved to a breakfast buffet which will
       include eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, potatoes, chipped beef      St. Gabriel's youth are very busy raising funds to offset the cost of the
       and toast for one price of $7.00 (all you can eat), $3.00 age 10    Annual trip to Kanuga and the 2013 Pilgrimage. We are blessed to have
       and under. Included is orange juice, coffee and/or tea.             so many youth and adults who are interested in participating in these
                                                                           spiritual events. There will be 14 youth and 4 adults attending the
L      Save the date: On March 23rd will be the last of our parish         Kanuga Conferences in June. Within a few days of their return 6 youth
       suppers (not the last Saturday, due to the date of Easter.) We      and 4 adults will be departing for France on a week long spiritual
       will serve chicken, potato filling and two vegetables all for       pilgrimage as part of their Journey to Adulthood curriculum. Obviously
       $3.00 per person if you bring a dessert. If you do not bring a      funding these trips is no small feat! Every fundraiser (large and small)
       dessert the price is $3.50. The time will be 5:00 to 7:00 PM.       helps make these trips more affordable for the families. Your continued
                                                                           support of our fundraising is greatly appreciated! We have several
Weather Notification:                                                      coming up:
In the event of a severe weather event, notification of cancellation can
be found under the “Upcoming Events” area of the church website            s      JOIN US AT FRIENDLY'S - Back by Popular Demand!
home page, on www.wfmz.com (storm cancellations), via Facebook                    Tuesday, March 12th from 4 to 9 PM St. Gabriel’s Youth will
notification, and the church phone voicemail.                                     be greeting at the Friendly’s Restaurant on Shoemaker Road in
                                                                                  Pottstown. This is a fundraising event. We will earn 10% of the
Missing: Green and white home-spun table cloths, used for many                    total sales during this time! Please come have dinner or ice
church functions in the past, are now nowhere to be found. Anyone                 cream to support our youth and see your friends!
with information as to the location of these cloths, please contact the
kitchen staff.                                                             s      CASH FOR GOLD (Silver and Platinum, too)
                                                                                  Saturday, March 9 8 AM - Noon during the
We are ready to cook for you! Instead of a hiring a caterer for your              Second Saturday Breakfast in Adams Hall;
events/meetings why not ask us to do it for you (most times for a                 A fundraiser where you make money, not spend it! It’s simple!
donation to the kitchen fund).                                                    Go through your jewelry boxes and bring your unwanted gold,
                                                                                  silver or platinum and trade it in for cash! St. Gabe’s Youth
       program will earn 10% commission on everything bought by
       the licensed metal dealer, PA Precious Metal Recycling. They                                                 by Carol Heist,
       pay cash for jewelry (old or new, broken or twisted), earrings,                                             Atria Coordinator
       rings, class rings, chains, sterling silver, dinnerware and
       vessels, and jewelry with stones or without. Call Laurie Arms
       (610-385-3469) if questions.                                           Did you pick up your lamb pouch for Lent? Pouches are available
                                                                         in the back of the church. A big thank you goes to Lydia Rieger for
s      REPPERT'S CANDY SALE                                              guiding us through creation of these adorable lamb pounches! Each
                                                                         year we experience Lent through our relationship with the children of
                                                                         Kajo Keji, Sudan, Africa. During Lent we encourage the children and
       WHAT:          One pound boxes of many varieties of choice        congregation to give during the week as they pray each day for the
                      chocolates! Yum!                                   children of Kajo Keji. Sacrificial giving is part of what Lent is about.
       WHEN:           On sale now through March 17th. Delivery          Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:39
                      March 23rd/24th weekend.
       WHERE:         Youth with order forms, or forms in back of             Please think about what you can sacrifice each day for the children
                      church                                             of Kajo Keji who have very little. Put that offering in your pouch and
       WHY:           Much needed support for the Pilgrimage to          bring it along to church. Beginning February 17 and continuing through
                      France in June 2013                                March 24, the pouches will be emptied into the well during the
                                                                         offertory. Come and watch our offerings to Kajo Keji grow! Please join
       The cost per box is $13.00. Checks are to be made payable to      us for this meaningful journey through Lent 2013!
       St. Gabriel's Church with "candy" on the memo line. Contact:
       Ellen Strange 610-451-5246. Orders can be called or emailed
       to Ellen at evenellen@windstream.net                              UPCOMING DATES TO NOTE:
                                                                         O      March 24       Procession of the Palms at 10:30
s      BIG JOHN’S CHICKEN BBQ April 6th, 1 - 3 PM                               The children will join the rest of the congregation in a
       SAVE the Date! Tickets will go on sale in March!                         procession from the Villa to church in honor of Palm Sunday
                                                                                and Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. We will then return to our
                                                                                classrooms for the rest of our lesson.
                       Don’t miss the monthly Messenger or urgent
                       communications! Simply go to our website,         O      March 29        Good Friday Children’s Service at 5:00
                       www.stgabriels.us and click the “Join our                This service is designed for children and families to learn about
                       mailing list” button on the right side of the            this solemn day in the life of Jesus.
home page. Complete the form and you’re done! You’ll then just need      O      March 31        Easter Sunday 10:30
to confirm your subscription via an e-mail you’ll receive.                      There will be no Sunday School. The children of the Atria will
                                                                                sing to celebrate this joyous day! Alleluias will return!!

                                 -3-                                                                       -4-
Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.” Mark 10:14

     The Atria Team’s mission throughout the year is to teach the
children to learn and do the work of Jesus. Children of St. Gabriel’s,
please come to Sunday School to learn all about it!

                                                                           _   MAUNDY THURSDAY, March 28:
CHILDREN AND HAVE SOME TIME AND TALENT TO SHARE,                               7 PM       Holy Eucharist, Foot Washing and Stripping of
GIVE ME A CALL! 610-404-0698                                                              the Altar. The Blessed Sacrament is then taken to
                                                                                          the Altar of Repose in the Library where the all
                                                                                          night vigil is kept. You can sign up to take an
GSLC HAPPENINGS:                                                                          hour's watch with Jesus during that time. A sign-
                                                                                          up sheet will be posted on the hallway bulletin
Spring weather is fast approaching and the change of season is upon                       board.
us. March is a very exciting month! The Preschool class will be            _   GOOD FRIDAY, March 29:
working on projects for St. Patrick’s Day, Nutrition, Easter and spring.
They will also continue to learn and experience Lent through Godly             Noon       Stations of the Cross
Play stories and by collecting money for the children of Kajo Keji in          5:30 PM    Stations of the Cross for families and children
the Sudan, Africa.
                                                                               7 PM       Solemn Collects, and the Reading of the Passion
Miss Nancy, Preschool Room                                                                Narrative
                                                                           _   HOLY SATURDAY, March 30:
    Hopefully, you all saw my report in the Annual                             7:30 PM    The Great Vigil of
Report of our extraordinary success last year in                                          Easter, Lighting of the
making and donating soup for the Soup Ministry,                                           Paschal Candle,
which provides homemade soup for distribution to                                          Procession to the Altar,
needy families at St. Paul’s UCC Food Pantry..... 852 quarts last year!!                  the Singing of the
    We are off to a good start this year, but we always need more soup                    Exultet, the Holy
makers to help do this important ministry. If you’re interested in                        Eucharist and Baptism
helping, please contact me at caroly@ptd.net for more info.                _   EASTER SUNDAY, March 31:
Thank you all who have been so consistent with your donations!                 SERVICES AT 8 AND 10:30 AM
Sincerely,                                                                     "JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN TODAY!!!"
Carol Young, Soup Ministry Coordinator
                                  -5-                                                                -6-
The following appeared in weekly bulletins during the past month:                  We’re hoping to save a bundle by bundling!
                 ‚       The Giving Statements mailed earlier in             Fr. Paul, after spending hours on the phone with different companies
                         January detailed ALL recorded 2012 monies           researching the various plans and (limited) possibilities, told the Vestry
                         received from individuals/couples/families,         he signed up the rectory for phone, internet and TV through Service
                         and also included General and Capital               Electric Cable. This will give us cost savings in the months ahead. This
                         Campaign pledge and balance info. The End           required a NEW PHONE NUMBER, so the rectory phone number is
                         of Year Charitable Gifts statement mailed by        now 610-953-3295.
                         the end of the month lists only tax deductible
                         giving as allowed by the IRS.                       In other business at the February meeting, St. Gabriel’s Vestry:

‚      As happened last year, admission to First Communion will              ”      Heard from administrator Sally Heist that we’ve received a new
       occur on Pentecost (May 19th). Fr. Paul will hold instructional              postage meter and scale for no additional leasing charge, and
       classes for children and their parents after Easter (at 12 Noon              that her new office computer & printer are up and running.
       on April 21, 28, and May 5.) Look for sign-up info next month.        ”      Learned that permission was granted by the Senior Warden and
‚      You don’t want to miss Choral Evensong, Sunday Feb. 17th                     administrator for an Amity Athletic Club girls indoor soccer
       at 5:00PM. Fred Bahr and the choir have prepared a beautiful                 group to hold their last 3 practices in Adams Hall due to
       service for you!                                                             conflicts with the other space they were using.
                                                                             ”      Received a thank you from Fr. Bruce Baker, serving as Priest in
                                                                                    Charge at St. Mary’s Reading, for their gift of the print of Mary
                                                                                    that had been hanging in St. Gabriel’s hallway.

                           Submitted by Rich Pusey, Charter Representative   ”      Saw photos of the completed flag disposal fire pit and flag drop
                                                                                    off box made by Daniel Rohlfing in completion of his Boy
                                                                                    Scout Eagle project, and expressed thanks and approval.
     Troop 521 enjoyed a winter campout in Pine Grove, PA. Cub               ”      Learned a digital piano has been selected to replace the church
Scout Packs 521 from St. Gabriel's and 611 from Pine Grove joined                   piano (which is not in good shape due to it’s required location
the troop. Scouting skill stations were set up that included fire                   next to the heat register) and a request for sponsors will be make
building, cooking, teamwork and compass work.                                       to the congregation fo fund the purchase.
    On January 12th Troop 521 held an Eagle Scout Court of Honor to          ”      Moved to have Winkie Reed form a committee to establish a
recognize their latest Eagle Scout, Thomas Nelligan. Thomas                         plan to expand and manage the grocery gift card program.
completed his Eagle Scout project at French Creek State park.

                                                                                      Sewing Group to meet on a different day!
                                  MARCH Lectionary
                                                                                                       Just 4 Sew has a new meeting time! Our group
To assist in your preparation for Sunday services, we invite you to read and                      will continue sewing with a focus on outreach, on the
reflect on the following passages each week:                                                      second Monday of each month, from 6-8 PM, in St.
                                                                                                  Gabriel’s library. We encourage anyone with a
                                                                                                  desire to sew or iron, to join us. We are working on
March 3, 2013           Exodus 3:1-15                                                             pillowcases right now. The steps involved require
The Third Sunday        Psalm 63:1-8                                                              cutting, sewing and pressing. The results are very
in Lent                 1 Corinthians 10:1-13                                  rewarding. Our wish list still includes pieces of cotton fabric, in all
                        Luke 13:1-9                                            sizes. If you are house cleaning or shopping at yard sales, please
                                                                               remember us.
March 10, 2013          Joshua 5:9-12
The Fourth Sunday       Psalm 32                                                    Beginning in May, our focus will shift to making hats and gloves
in Lent                 2 Corinthians 5:16-21                                  for St. Gabriel’s mitten tree. At that time we will be looking for
                        Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32                                    donations of polar fleece and previously worn wool sweaters.We have
                                                                               several little jobs that can be done at home or we can arrange to pick
March 17, 2013          Isaiah 43:16-21                                        you up for our meetings. Contact Jeri Klein (610-779-6052) for more
The Fifth Sunday        Psalm 126                                              details or join us on MONDAY, MARCH 11, IN THE LIBRARY ,
in Lent                 Philippians 3:4b-14
                                                                               AT 6 PM.
                        John 12:1-8

March 24, 2013          Liturgy of the Palms
Palm Sunday             Luke 19:28-40
                        Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29                                              Women’s Retreat to be held in June
                        Liturgy of the Word
                        Isaiah 50:4-9a                                                                St. Gabriel’s Annual Women’s Retreat is
                        Psalm 31:9-16                                                                 set for June 7 - 9 at Mariawald Renewal
                        Philippians 2:5-11                                                            Center in Shillington. The retreat leader
                        Luke 22:14–23:56                                                              and theme have not yet been determined,
                                                                                                      but all who’ve attended past retreats
March 31, 2013          Acts 10:34-43                                                                 know it’s always a wonderful and
The Sunday of           Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24
                                                                                                      renewing weekend so ladies, mark your
the Resurrection:       1 Corinthians 15:19-26
Easter Day              John 20:1-18
                                                                                                      calendars now! Sign-up and cost
                                                                                                      information will appear in April’s

                                    -9-                                                                         - 10 -
                Sponsor a Lily and/or Tulip!

                     Help St. Gabriel’s celebrate Christ’s
                     resurrection! Order a lily or tulip to decorate the
                     church for Easter services. Sponsors may take
                     the plants home after the 10:30 AM service on
                     Easter Sunday, or pick them up during office
                     hours the next week. To sponsor a plant (or
                     plants), or to contribute to the Memorial Fund in
                     memory of a loved one, complete the form
                     below and mail it to the church or place it in the
                     offering plate. PLEASE INCLUDE PAYMENT
                     WITH THE SLIP!

    FINAL DEADLINE for orders is Palm Sunday, March 24th!

                 Easter Lilies/Tulips Order Form

I would like to sponsor _______ LILY plants at $8.25 each.
I would like to sponsor _______ TULIP plants at $8.00 each.
NAME           __________________________________
IN MEMORY/HONOR OF _____________________
(Circle one)
        AMOUNT ENCLOSED $_______________
                         Easter Memorials
I would like to contribute $___________to the Memorial Fund.
NAME _______________________________________
IN MEMORY OF_______________________________
        AMOUNT ENCLOSED $________________

                         TOTAL ENCLOSED $________________

                               - 11 -                                      -12 -
                                         PARISH FAMILY & FRIENDS IN NEED OF SPECIAL PRAYERS:
                                         Joseph Anderson, George Auchter & family; Ken Barduca; George Bartalsky;
                                         N. Bartok; Linda Boring; Dick & Kathy Borneman; the Boyer family; Keith
                                         Boyer; Anthony Brogan; Colton Buckley and family; Karen Butler; Luke Carney
                                         and family; Diane Lynn Carter; “Libby, Ethan” & the Castor family; “Craig”;
                                         Samuel Crumbaugh; Margaret Crummy; Debbie, Ayden & Ron; “Denise”; Dee
                                         Destafo; Kim Dobron; Kathleen Dolan; “Donna”; Peggy Drexel; Michele
                                         Emerson; Zach English; Gary Erb; Alyce Fellows;Tom Fossitt; Jerry Frankel;
                                         Lisa Frankel; Eric Friend; Sue Fritz; Michael Fulmer; Sophie Gray; Robyn
                                         Grove; Esther Hannevig; JoAnn Harvey; Laurie Heydt & family; Kellen Jackley;
                                         Dawn James and family; “Jessie and Jamie”; Sandy Johnson; Catherine K. &
                                         family; Jason Killian; Jeri Klein; Ben Kline; Dora Kling; Pat Knauer; Gary
                                         Knoerlein; Andrew Kohler; Tom & Pam Kopel; Sherry Larrick; Mya Longacre;
                                         Gerry Maginnis; Lucy Malone; Greg Mayer,“Megan”; Keith Milligan; Annette
                                         Minar; “Monica”; Clyde Moore; Janice Moore;Ross Morrison , Kai Muhlenberg,
     Link to our online calendar         Nate Ohlinger; Lynn Pella; Ron Peters; Suzanne Porter & unborn twins; Marjie
through our website: www.stgabriels.us   Prosock; Paige Raque; Peggy Rhoads; Barbara Robertson; Austin Romero;
                                         Danielle Roska; Kathy Roska; “Sandy”; Debbie Scalpata; Suzanne Siebert;
                                         Esther Shelley; Huck Stahl; Viva Steffans; Blair Stockton; Jerry & Kathy Stone;
                                         Gloria Strock; Tony Strunk; Ann & Bob Swavely; Jeff Veluz: Daniel E. Vroman
                                         Lisa Walker Pastor George Walton; Sandy Williams; Joshua Wilson; Randel
                                         Wolfe; Margaret Wood; Gordon, Linda and LeRoy Wray; Dr. Eric Zelnick

                                         WE ALSO PRAY FOR Hopewell Love in the Name of Christ and our Good
                                         Shepherd Learning Center
                                         PARISH CYCLE OF PRAYER
                                         March 3     Julie Clemons; Michael and Patricia Coates; Mark, Elizabeth,
                                                     Benjamin and Alexander Condello; Darlene Cooper; Karen
                                         March 10          Patrick, Tara, Tyler and Jenna Crawford; Charles & Margaret
                                                           Crummy; Morgan Crummy; Glenn, Stacey and Olivia Darrohn
                                         March 17          Warren Davidson;Jeff and Daniel Davis; James and Betty
                                         March 24          Diana Doherty; Peggy Drexel; Alan Duly and Elizabeth
                                         March 31          Charles, Elizabeth, and Christopher Ehlinger; Stephen and
                                                           Merriwether Eisenhard; Jim Elliott; Mark & Chris Elliott;
                                                           Kathryn Ellwanger; Krystle Ellwanger

                                         FOR THE RECORD:
                                         Transferred out:         Eric, Michelle, Leah & James Heathershaw to St.
                                                                  Alban’s Sinking Spring
                                         Transferred in:          George & Florence Mano from St. Paul’s, Oaks
                          Ministry Schedule for March 2013                               Sunday

   Date           Mar 3, 2013       Mar 10, 2013      Mar 17, 2013     Mar 24, 2013     Mar 31, 2013

                                     8 AM Service
                      Tom            Warren                Tom           Warren
 Readers                                                                                  EASTER
                Pfeiffenberger       McKeon          Pfeiffenberger      McKeon

                      Tom            Warren                Tom           Warren
Intercessor                                                                               EASTER
                Pfeiffenberger       McKeon          Pfeiffenberger      McKeon

 Chalicers            ?                  ?                 ?                ?            EASTER

                                                        Tammy            Darlene          Diana
  Greeter        Gloria Yoder     Tara Crawford
                                                       Ferguson          Cooper          Doherty
                                     10:30 Service
                   Tammy              Blaine             Steve
 Readers                                                               Pat Owsiany        EASTER
                   Miller          Rittenhouse        Fairbrother

                    Sally              Dory             Stephen           Steve
Intercessor                                                                               EASTER
                    Heist              Reed              Rowe          Fairbrother

                    Pat                Vicki              Ellen           Lisa
 Chalicer                                                                                 EASTER
                  Owsiany             Frankel           Strange         Maynard

                   Stephen          Johnathan           Stephen          Stephen
 Crucifer                                                                                 EASTER
                    Rowe             Slichter            Rowe             Rowe

                   David             Maggie             Stephen           David
                   Bealer            Slichter            Miller           Bealer
                   Owen                Neil              Jessica          Owen
                   Pusey             Slichter            Miller           Pusey
                                                                       Mark Elliott &
 Ushers/         Mike Hiebler        Chafin &
                                                      Eric & Anna     Blaine/Marilyn      EASTER
 Greeters        & Jerry Arms       Katherine
                                                         Miller        Rittenhouse
                B. Rittenhouse    B. Rittenhouse       M. Elliott       M. Elliott
 Counters                                                                                 EASTER
                  & J. Rivera      & Dory Reed        & Dory Reed      & D. Warden
                                                                                        (No coffee
Coffee Hour      Laurie Arms       Cathy Yorgey      Hiebler Family     Kelly Klein
                                                                                        Lynn Pella
Altar Guild     Stephen Rowe       Stephen Rowe      Stephen Rowe     Stephen Rowe       Stephen
                                        Saturday Evening Service Altar Guild
                     Katie                                                                Mary
                                     Jo Rivera        Carol Young     Vicki Frankel
                  Strickland                                                             Mazzoni
               ** Lay ministers are reminded to arrange for a replacement
              if they can't serve on the date for which they are scheduled.**

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