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Dr. Howie DiBlasi (CIO Retired)
    “Emerging Technologies Evangelist “
              Digital Journey

    Twitter = hdiblasi

                 Presentation : 2013
IVC – Interactive Video

IVC - Skype – Global Connections
PD Delivered
To Your District
What did you learn today?
 Dreaming Up A

• Project Based Learning:
       • S.T.E.M.

 Dr. Howie DiBlasi
       Twitter: hdiblasi
• 24 yrs ago
• ….1989 – On Sale
• Tandy 5000 for
  Monitor NOT
• Included.

 Fast –20mhz
 2 megabytes
 of RAM- WOW !!!
Holy Smoke

• Locked and Loaded:

• Send Your Loved One Out With a Bang
Building 21st century Schools - preparing kids for the future

Creativity and innovation
                 -“Thinking outside of the box”
Tell me a story in 30 seconds…
Building 21st century Schools - preparing kids for the future

    Give Kids A Global Voice:
       Globalize the Curriculum
Give Kids A Global Voice:
   Globalize the Curriculum

Using Web 2.0 Tools

  Social Networking
     for Global
               Inside You'll Find...
• A Learning Community of Teachers, Students and
  Parents From Over 200 Countries
• Classroom-Ready Projects and Activities
• Collaborative Learning Tools Such as Blogs, Wikis and
  Media Galleries

• Quality, Standards-Aligned Content from Respected
  Educational Brands

• Showcase of Outstanding Teacher and Student Work
Find a classroom match -
The Way We Are

   Essential Questions
   How is my life similar to and different from my ePal's life?
En Español
    How does the natural environment where my ePal lives affect his or her life?
   What effect does the culture in my ePal's region have on his or her life?
Building 21st century Schools - preparing kids for the future

       Incorporates classroom
       “Collaboration skills”
Whiteboard Evaluation Project

• TEST me Scriblink - Your Online Whiteboard

• TEST me Dabbleboard
• Drawings and graphic organizers-online
• Share with others
• Students in multiple locations can add to the
  board at the same time.
Building 21st century Schools - preparing kids for the future

   Collect and/or retrieve information
       (Information/Web Literacy)
50 Search Engines You Probably Don't Use Yet

Ms. Freckles: Adorable Ms. Freckles can search online
for different file types, definitions, translations, film, finance
sites, and a lot more all at once.
•   50 Search Engines You Probably Don’t Use Yet - Added by Katie Lepi
•    Students, teachers and the public turn to their librarians for help researching everything from technology to
    genealogy to homework help and lesson plans. Even if your library is equipped with subscriptions and
    memberships to top of the line databases and online journals, you’ve probably had to get creative during a
    patron’s requested search for something unfamiliar.
•   Next time, though, you can turn to one of these 50 search engines, designed to pull from the Web only the
    information you really need.
•   Meta Search and Multi Search Engines
•   These meta search and multi search engines can search numerous engines and sites at once, maximizing the
    number of results you get each time you conduct a search.
•   Ms. Freckles: Adorable Ms. Freckles can search online for different file types, definitions, translations, film,
    finance sites, and a lot more all at once.
•   Kart00: This cartoon-inspired search engine lets you hover over results to get a preview of the site before you
    open it. Results are also organized by topic so that you can narrow down your search and organize hits.
•   Fazzle: Search the web’s best, the entire web, downloads, images, videos, audio or headline news. You can also
    select an advanced search to find incredibly specific results.
•   Trexy: This site saves your search memory so that you don’t have search multiple times on different engines.
•   Mamma: Here at “the mother of all search engines,” librarians search the web or video. Next to your results is an
    option to refine your search by choosing a suggested category.
•   1-Page Multi Search: Type your search into one or several of the following search engines at once: Alta Vista,
    AOL, EntireWeb, Gigablast, Hot Bot, Lycos, Scrub, Yahoo!, Google, YouTube, Dogpile, Ask Jeeves, and a lot
•   iZito: Busy librarians who are constantly finding new reference sites and search engines will like iZito because of
    its ability to save your history in an easy drop down tab.
•   Multimedia and Interactive
•   For help finding pictures, podcasts, music and shareware, use these search engines.
•   Metacafe: Find videos on this site if you want a change from YouTube.
•   Songza: Patrons looking for music can use this search engine, which “lets you listen to any song or band.” You
    can also search the featured list or top played list.
•   Picsearch: This large photo search engine has more than 2 billion images in its directory.
•   Shareware: If you need to install new software programs on your library computers, turn to Shareware first, which
    pulls up tons of free programs and downloads.
•   Curriculum Search: Help teachers find reference materials, lesson plans and tools by searching this Google
    custom search engine.
•   Thinkers: Wisdom: This site features a literary search engine called Wisdom that can search the web, images,
    audio, video, a dictionary and more.
Building 21st century Schools - preparing kids for the future

“Critical thinking skills”
Critical Thinking

 • Critical Thinking (The Daily Spark)
 • 180 Easy-to-Use Lessons and Class
   Activities! [Paperback]
 • SparkNotes Editors (Author)
  BOOKS - Creativity - Critical
    Thinking - Innovation
Sample from the book:

• Which of the following animals does not
  belong in this list ?
• WHY?

• Polar bear, Penguin, Beluga,
  Moose, Walrus, Reindeer
• Moose - for hair and desert
• Polar bear – 2 words
• Beluga – only one word-in the water
• No e in Walrus

• All can be found in the Artic-
  EXCEPT Penguins. Penguins
  can only be found in the
  Southern Hemisphere
What Makes a Web 2.0

          Rich User Experience
• Easy to use
• Build social networks
• Rich user interface
• Functions like a traditional application
• User created data and owns their own
• Providing a service, not a product
• Encourage user contribution
  (reviews, comments)
• Make it easy   to re-use and re-mix
                   2013 - NEW 10 Tech Tools

• A Must Have Pinterest Cheat
  Sheet for Teachers

• Educational Technology and
  Mobile Learning


•   By Dr. Kimberly Tyson
                     2013 - NEW 10 Tech Tools
• An Interactive Journey Through
  U.S. History

• Mission U.S. offers two
  interactive journeys through
  two important eras in U.S.

• The journeys are designed as
  role-playing games or

• Both games can be played
  entirely online or downloaded
  for play on your PC or Mac
  (you do need an Internet
  connection to save a game in
         2013 - NEW 10 Tech Tools
• 8 ways to use social media to connect and
  coordinate with parents


• While many of us are familiar with traditional
  notes home in the backpack, flyers, and
  newsletters, social media takes our ability to
  create, maintain, and grow connections with
  parents to a whole new level.
            2013 - NEW 10 Tech Tools
• Tumbletown



                                       GAME Link HERE
  2013 - NEW 10 Tech Tools
• Pixton, Comic strips,
  lets you put them into a virtual “book.”
        2013 - NEW 10 Tech Tools
• Why Windows
• Surface will replace
• iPads in schools

                So why the Surface?
•   It is a real 64bit computer. It runs a nippy i5 processor with 4gb Ram
•   It’s 10.6 inches, so looks and feels like a MacBook Air not an iPad
•   It has real ports – microSDXC, USB3.0, Mini Display (HDMI)
•   It has 128gb storage and a respectable 1920 x 1080 display
•   It can be on a workgroup!
•   It can use shared drives, have multiple user accounts and the kind of networking that
    schools like – student drives, teacher drives – the stuff that schools do well now.
•   It has a ‘desktop’ and you can install things or image things – so you can fleet
    manage it without massive changes in work-practice.
•   It plays Minecraft proper. And Steam, and Warcraft … so it’s going to grind though
    anything your school will actually allow to be installed.
•   It has Narrator – which works really well for accessibility.
•   It has Office – get over it, no school is going to give up Word and One Note anytime
    soon, and you can still use Dropbox and Google Apps, so don’t cry just yet.
•   It has front and rear 720p HD cameras – I had it ustreaming and skyping at ver
    respectable quality, mirrored to a projector (standard classroom spec).
•   it supports pen input. I know we all have fingers, but pens have proven popular with
    humans for hundreds of years too.
•   It uses the metro ‘media’ interace for casual browsing and workflows, which feels way
    more fluid than iOS and if you are an Xbox user, you’ll know exactly how the system
    works. OR, press the ‘desktop’ tile and even the most un-interested teacher will
    recognise the familiar computer desktop.
•   The 128gb version has 83gb of storage, which is more than enough for a thousand
    PowerPoints and essays.
•   The one I’ve been testing has managed 6 hours on battery – enough for the school
                     2013 - NEW 10 Tech Tools
View this video to learn how to set up an account with the social bookmarking site Diigo.

  • Video Tutorial: Diigo 4 Training: Creating an Account
          2013 - NEW 10 Tech Tools
• 49 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

• By Elisha Hartwig
  2013 - NEW 10 Tech Tools

• Hot Potato Free tool. Build your
 own crosswords, matching exercises,
 short answer multiple-choice, and jumbled
    Best Twitter File Sharing Tools
• TwitDoc.Com:
• A few simple steps
• Upload your file
• Shorten the URL
• Post a tweet using your existing Twitter
• Share documents up to 15 MB
• Images or graphics upto 10 MB and

• - Make sure when you show a video to
  your class, that's all you're showing them!

• Get rid of the advertisements and
  comments on a YouTube video

• - all you need is the link to the video.
 All-In-One Social Media Backup

• Backupify:

• Automatic, secure backup of your data on
  sites including Twitter, Facebook,
  WordPress, Delicious, Flickr, Google Docs
  and others using Amazon S3.
    Top 20 Social Networks for Education
    David Kapuler is an educational consultant with
    more than 10 years of experience working in the
    K-12 environment. For more information about
    his work

• Contact him at

• Read his blog at
     Top 20 Social Networks for Education
•   Twitter          • Technology Integration in
•   Classroom 2.0      Education
•   Facebook         • The 21st Century Teacher
•   Google Plus      • Better Lesson
•   Plurk            • Diipo
•   Educator's PLN   • Intel Education Teachers
•   Sophia             Engage Community –
•   Learn Central    • Everloop
•   ISTE Community   • Edudemic
•   WhoTeaches       • K12 Advantage
•   Edutopia         • Collaborative Translation
   Where do I find Followers?
• Wefollow @wefollow
• A directory of prominent people organized
  by interests. Visit us at

• edutopia @edutopia
• Inspiration and information for what works
  in education.
               My PLN- Top 16
1. Angela Maiers @AngelaMaiers
2. Alec Couros @courosa
3. Scott McLeod @mcleod
4. Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher
5. Will Richardson @willrich45
6. Richard Byrne @rmbyrne
7. Steve Dembo @teach42
8. David Andrade @daveandcori
9. Adam Bellow @adambellow
10.edutopia @edutopia
11.Steve Hargadon @stevehargadon
12.Annie Fox, M.Ed. @Annie_Fox
13.Michael Gorman @mjgormans
14.Kyle Pace @kylepace
15.Miguel Guhlin @mguhlin
16.Jeff Dixon @DixonOnDisney
            Web 2.0 Science Tools
                             By Laura Turner
            Autodesk Free Apps

Educational apps offer
  teachers exciting
  possibilities—to use inside
  or outside the classroom.
  Take a look at our favorite
  Autodesk® apps for educat
    Digital Discoveries 47 Videos on
             Ed Tech Topics

•   http://holtthink.tum

Five Platforms for a Classroom
Back-channel Chat
• Chatzy - provides a free platform for hosting your
  private chat area
• TodaysMeet free to use. Setting up is very
  simple. Select a name for your room, how long
  you want your room to exist
• Edmodo microblogging service designed
  specifically for educational use.
• platform for creating your own private
  micro-blogging community. The free version of lets you create a community based on
  your email domain.

• Check this out..what do you think?

• If you're looking for the easiest web tool for
  group projects-check out

• SIMPLE! The best way I've found to work
  in groups.
• Welcome to the YoYo Games Game
  Maker Wiki
Moglue –
Create Interactive eBooks for iOS
and Android Devices
   Applications for Education
• Moglue -beta development phase
• Free.

• Great way for students to build
 interactive stories.

• Develop interactive e-textbooks to match
  the content they teach.
• Smore
• Quickly creating great-looking webpages

• Service for creating online flyers

• Creating a single-use PDF

• Dynamic and changeable- Not single-use PDFs

• Can include many types of media including
           20 in 20
Dr. Howie DiBlasi (CIO Retired)
    “Emerging Technologies Evangelist “
              Digital Journey

    Twitter = hdiblasi

                 Presentation : 2013

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