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									     8 SEO Techniques The Most Recommended By Google

We already know and are aware that Google is the king of the internet. In fact I am pretty sure
that the surf will not afdoll if we do not open google. For that you have to increase your blog
rankings with SEO.

Raising blog ranking with Search Engine Optimization gives lebihh opportunity for you to get
the benefits you want. Moreover, for those of you who are making money through the internet, it
is imperative for you to do the optimization of your blog to be more easily found on Google.

I also have posted previously about SEO techniques recommended by SEO experts. And this
time I will complete the post with adding a few things that I think is very important.

Here It Is Recommended By The SEO Techniques Google
1. Post Title In Title

It is highly recommended by google. We should be able to make the title of our blog posts with
unique and best to enter a keyword into it. Without keywords in the post, your post will just

2. Post Title Not More Than 70 Characters

As we all know that google is only indexing only 70 characters in the title of the article that we
make. More details see: The importance of limiting the title of the article.

3. Enter Keyword to Permalink

Permalink is very important in optimizing web pages. This blog will help you to get the best
place in the google search. Therefore, if you want to create a different permalink post title, then
insert your keywords into it.

4. Write the Meta Description Less Than 160 Characters

Search engines like google will display only 160 characters for the description meta tag, so to
maximize the 160 characters so that you can get good results in google.

5. Use H1, H2, H3 Tags In Posts

The title of the blog post you usually have to use the H1 tag, so no need to replace it. But you
need to add H2 and H3 tags on the article that you create because google likes it.
6. Make More Than 300 Word Articles

Number of words in your post will provide information to your readers, so they would like it if
you write quality articles. The more words in your article will get the reader interested in

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7. Enter Keyword 50-100 Words On The First And Last

The keywords that you specify must you put in 50-100 and 50-100 the first word the last word in
the article that you create.

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8. Articles What You Make Bold and Italic Letter Containing

In addition favored by google, if we use bold or italic in the article that we make, it will also help
readers as they will get the points from the article that you wrote.

Implement all SEO techniques above, then you will get a better SERP google.

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