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									                      Moving to the Cloud:
Critical Considerations for Fund Managers
Introduction to the Cloud
Introduction to the Cloud

Cloud Computing is…
  Shared resources
  Which are scalable and elastic
  Which enable end user self-service
Understanding Cloud Types

                              A composition of two or
                             more clouds that remain
                              unique entities but are
                            bound together, offering the
                                benefits of multiple
                                deployment models

       Public                                                  Private
  Cloud computing in its
                                                           Infrastructure operated
  traditional mainstream
                                                              solely for a single
      sense, whereby
                                                            organization, whether
       resources are
                                                            managed internally or
                                                             by a third-party and
   provisioned on a fine-
                                                             hosted internally or
    grained, self-service
  basis over the Internet
Understanding Public & Private Clouds
 Public Cloud
  – Pre-defined, commoditized, multi-
    tenant environment
  – Higher levels of aggregate data
    (Concern for oversubscription)
  – Not necessarily as flexible as a private
    cloud environment where the provider
    could work to meet your unique needs
    and requirements
  – Public cloud often seen as a test &
    development sandbox rather than
    enterprise-ready environment
Understanding Public & Private Clouds
 Private Cloud
  – Key features
     • Infrastructure is purchased by the third-party provider
     • Resources are owned by and dedicated to the firm
  – Security
     • Your data and applications sit within your own
       dedicated hosting environment
     • Includes firewall and multi-layered security features,
       including intrusion detection
  – The private cloud is often more tailored to meet
    the sensitive needs of investment firms
 Introduction to the Cloud
    Elements of Cloud Computing include:
Software as a • Highly scalable Internet-based applications are hosted on
   Service      the cloud & offered as services
    (SaaS)    • e.g. Google Docs, Salesforce.com, Microsoft Office365

Platform as a     • The platforms used to design, develop, build & test
   Service          applications; Applications are not provided
   (PaaS)         • e.g. Azure Service Platform, Force.com, Google App Engine

Infrastructure • In this pay-per-use model, services like storage, database
 as a Service    management & compute capabilities are offered on demand.
    (IaaS)     • e.g. Amazon’s EC2
Considerations for Moving to the Cloud
  Scalability & Flexibility
  – Pay-as-you-go resources
  Reduced Maintenance &
  – Outsourced cloud provider can
    manage installations, updates
    and other tech issues, reducing
    need for in-house IT staff
  Disaster Recovery/BCP
  – Increased need for robust
    business protection solutions
  – Lack of physical infrastructure
  – Monthly per-user costs
Security Concerns & Other Challenges
 Data Protection/Privacy
 Data Recovery & Availability
 Application Integration
 Management Capabilities
 Regulations & Compliance
 Fear of Change
Selecting the Right Service Provider
What to look for:
 – Experience
 – Focus on vertical/industry expertise
 – Someone to support you from back-end infrastructure to
   desktop support

What questions to ask:
 –   Dedicated vs. shared resources?
 –   Physical and electronic security measures?
 –   SAS70 certifications?
 –   Disaster recovery processes?
Future of the Cloud
The cloud is here to stay!
Widely accepted by investors
Quality of cloud offering by service providers will
continue to increase
Eze Castle Integration Overview
Founded          1995

Mission          To be the leading provider of IT services and technology solutions to the
                 investment community worldwide
Headquarters     Boston

Additional       New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Geneva, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San
                 Francisco, Singapore, Stamford and London.
Phone            1.800.752.1382

Website & Blog   www.eci.com
Core Services    • Strategic IT Consulting             • Business Continuity Planning
                 • Outsourced IT & Help Desk           • Disaster Recovery
                 • Professional Services               • Compliance Solutions
                 • Managed Services                    • Storage Solutions
                 • Startup & Relocation                • Cloud & Colocation Services
                 • Communications Solutions            • Internet Service
                 • Network Design & Management         • E-Mail & IM Archiving
260 Franklin Street, 12th floor Boston, MA 02110 617-217-3000 www.eci.com

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