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									 SIU Alumni Association


Florence N Siena
September 29 to October 7, 2012
     Dear Alumni and Friends,

          Journey through the timeless cradle of the Renaissance to one of Italy’s
     most fabled provinces, where bucolic landscapes of rolling hills are dotted
     with ancient rose-tiled roof villages, 500-year-old farmhouses and walled,
     medieval hilltop towns. Here, the rhythms of life still revolve around both the
     harvesting of olive groves and vineyards first planted by the Etruscans nearly
     3,000 years ago and the renowned artistic heritage left by such masters as
     Dante, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci.
          We are delighted to offer this extraordinary program with accommodations
     for two nights in the heart of Florence, and five nights ideally located within
     walking distance of the spectacular Piazza del Campo in Siena. Experience the
     true essence of life in these magnificent cities, visit four UNESCO World Heritage
     sites and travel to rustic Chianti, known for its world-famous wine.
          Explore colorful villages, meet welcoming residents and taste the
     robust cuisines that have gratified travelers for centuries. Learn more about
     Etruscan and medieval history, the exquisite artistic and architectural legacy
     of great Italian Renaissance masters and the centuries-old secrets of
     world-renowned wine and olive oil. Hear enriching lectures, learn to speak
     some Italian and use it during the exclusive VILLAGE FORUM™ where local
     residents will share perspectives on the area’s modern life and culture.
          Additional optional tours visit Pisa to see the one-of-a-kind leaning tower,
     Sant’Antimo to attend a specially arranged church concert by monks performing
     Gregorian chants, Montalcino and a culinary school in Siena for a cooking
     demonstration. To compliment your tour, an exclusive two night Rome
     Post-Program Option is offered and features the magnificent ancient highlights
     of the Imperial city, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
          This excellent travel value includes all accommodations, specially arranged
     excursions and the opportunity to experience a unique Italian itinerary not
     available anywhere else. I encourage
     you to reserve space now while
     Early Booking Savings are available.


     Michelle Suarez
     Executive Director

Cover Photo: The iconic Renaissance dome of
Florence’s Gothic Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore       Traditional family-owned negozi (shops) like this
has towered over Florence since the 13th century.   pizzicheria (deli) can be found throughout Tuscany.
                                        Florence N Siena
The true character of la dolce vita di Toscana (Tuscany’s sweet life) is best discovered on
this exclusive TOWN & COUNTRY™ series soggiorno (sojourn) to the Renaissance
treasures of Florence and ancient Siena, medieval Montalcino, Pisa, San Gimignano
and Chianti. Enjoy an enriching travel experience like no other—the history, culture,
local people, literature, language, cuisine and the rhythm of daily town and country life.
This Small Group Travel opportunity is an Exceptional Value including all
accommodations, a number of meals and specially designed excursions.

                         CULTURAL ENRICHMENTS are key components of
                             TOWN & COUNTRY™ Florence N Siena:

N   Hear it from the Experts! Prominent study leaders will present exclusive lectures.
N   Exclusive excursions led by experienced, English-speaking local guides.
N   “Parliamo Italiano!” is a specially arranged introduction to the Italian language.
N   The VILLAGE FORUM™ engages local residents to share their candid perspectives on
    daily life in the ancient Italian regione of Siena.
N   See how authentic pasta is made by the experts, learn about typical Tuscan cuisine
    and discover the production, history and attributes of Tuscan olive oils during the
    exclusive privately arranged tasting.
N   Sample local wine during the specially arranged private wine tasting in a typical
    village of Chianti.
N   Time on your own to further explore Siena’s unique contrade (neighborhoods),
    stroll across Florence’s famous Ponte Vecchio or experience up-close the authentic
    and rich artistic and architectural heritage of the Italian Renaissance.

The well preserved, red tiled Torre del Mangia in Siena is the second tallest medieval bell tower in all of Italy.
Insets above: Florentine Coat of Arms“Fleur-de-lis” (left) and Siena Coat of Arms “Provincia di Siena” (right).
  DAY BY DAY ITINERARY                                                                            Adriatic
 Day Destination                                                                      FLORENCE
  1    DEPART FROM THE U.S.                            SAN GIMIGNANO               Chianti Region
  2    FLORENCE , ITALY                                                             SIENA
       Check into the deluxe
       HOTEL CERRETANI.                                                                 MONTALCINO
       N  Walking tour of Florence and
                                                      Mediterranean Sea                      ITALY
          visit the Duomo and Baptistery.
       N Free time in Florence OR
       N Tour of Pisa’s famous landmarks.

  4    FLORENCE /TRANSFER TO SIENA                      TUSCANY                           UNESCO
       N Tour of Galleria dell’Accademia.
                                                                                          World Heritage Site
       N Visit to the Uffizi Gallery.
                                                                                          Air Routing
       Check into the HOTEL ATHENA.
  5    SIENA
       N  Walking tour of the Old City.                Florence
       N  Visit to the Duomo.                          The birthplace of the Renaissance,
       CULTURAL ENRICHMENT:                            this iconic UNESCO World Heritage
                                                       site is a treasure trove of the period’s
  6    SAN GIMIGNANO /SIENA                            achievements in art, architecture and
       N Walking tour with lunch in                    literature. Dante, Boccaccio and Giotto
         San Gimignano.                                established the intellectual ascendancy
       CULTURAL ENRICHMENT OPTION:1                    of Florence in the first half of the
       N Private, hands-on Tuscan cooking              14th century and that intellectual and
         demonstration including dinner.               artistic verve has resounded through
  7    CHIANTI REGION                                  the city ever since. Until the mid-1700s,
       CULTURAL ENRICHMENT:                            Florence was one of Europe’s most
       N Visit to a local artisanal pasta              prosperous, powerful and progressive
         maker and pasta museum.                       cities, as well as a mecca for Italy’s
       N Exclusive olive oil tasting                   greatest artists, sculptors and architects
         seminar with lunch.                           who left an unparalleled artistic heritage.
       N Private Chianti wine tasting.
                                                       The Galleria dell’Accademia, originally
  8    SIENA OR MONTALCINO                             an art school founded in 1563, houses
       N  Day at leisure in Siena OR                   Michelangelo’s David. This magnificent
       CULTURAL ENRICHMENT OPTION:1                    sculpture was carved from marble
       N Gregorian Chants at the Abbey                 from the Carrara Mountains when
          of Sant’Antimo.                              Michelangelo was twenty-six years old
       N Visit to the 14th-century fortress            and is considered to be his crowning
          in Montalcino and free time.                 achievement. The Uffizi Gallery includes
  9    SIENA/FLORENCE/RETURN TO THE U.S.               a collection of masterpieces in one of the
                                                       oldest and most famous museums in the
                                                       Western World.

Observe firsthand one of the ancient traditions of the monks of Sant’Antimo as they sing Gregorian chants
in this bucolic idyll.
                                                    preserved medieval sites in Europe.
                                                    During the Middle Ages, it prospered as
                                                    a major stop on the pilgrimage route to
                                                    Rome. The “City of Beautiful Towers,”
                                                    where local merchants built impressive
                                                    campanili (towers) as symbols of their
                                                    wealth and prestige, became one of
                                                    the richest communities in Tuscany.
                                                    Today, 14 of the original towers line
                                                    the Piazza della Cisterna (the town’s
                                                    central square), and the city continues to
                                                    thrive as a center of the local wine trade.
                                                    The city’s impressive highlights include
                                                    Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square),
                                                    the remarkable 166-foot-high tower of
                                                    the Palazzo Vecchio del Podestà, built
                                                    in 1239; the stately Palazzo del Popolo
San Gimignano’s charming Piazza della Cisterna is   (Town Hall), where city business has
easily identified by its 800-year-old stone well.   been conducted since the 13th century;
Pisa Option1                                        and the Museo Civico (Civic Museum),
                                                    a small but remarkable museum featuring
This beautifully preserved medieval city            an exquisite collection of Renaissance
is famous for its Piazza dei Miracoli,              frescoes by Memmo di Filippuccio and
a wide, walled area at the heart of                 Lippo Memmi.
the city recognized as one of the main
centers for medieval art in the world.              Chianti
The square features the impressive                  Distinguished by its rustic landscape
11th-century Duomo (Cathedral),                     of medieval castles, lush hills and mile
the largest Baptistry in Italy and the              upon mile of dense, green vineyards and
Leaning Tower of Pisa, the construction             olive groves, Chianti has been extolled
of which began in 1173.                             for its beauty and fertile soil since the
Siena                                               Etruscans named it more than 2,500 years
                                                    ago after the prominent Clante-i family.
Set amidst Tuscany’s rolling hills, Siena is a      Chianti is synonymous with its wine,
classic medieval Italian town. Founded by           the finest of which is produced in
the Etruscans and later annexed by the              Chianti Classico, a tiny region only
Romans, Siena flourished during its golden           31 miles long and 19 miles wide.
age in the 13th and 14th centuries as a
center of the textile and banking industries,       Montalcino/
achieving great power and wealth.                   Sant’Antimo Option1
    Today, a UNESCO World Heritage                  Despite its imposing 14th-century
site, life continues to revolve around              Fortezza (fortress), classic
the historic town center, an intricate              flower-covered stone houses and
network of 13th-century houses,                     steep and winding alleys, the idyllic
shops, palazzi (palaces) and narrow                 Montalcino is perhaps best known
cobblestone alleys that lead to the                 for Brunello di Montalcino, Tuscany’s
shell-shaped Piazza del Campo, where                most revered wine. This delightful
the festive and spectacular Palio,                  town reveals a pleasant mix of
Tuscany’s world famous horse race,
takes place annually. Siena’s extensive
array of grand medieval and Renaissance
monuments include the impressive
330-foot-high 14th-century Torre del
Mangia bell tower and the monumental
Gothic Duomo, whose splendid
façade is striped in white and green
marble. Siena’s medieval town hall, the
Palazzo Pubblico, still in use today, is
a wonderful example of 14th-century
Gothic design, adorned with exquisite
frescoes by Italy’s Renaissance masters,
including Ambrogio Lorenzetti.
San Gimignano
Designated a World Heritage site by
UNESCO, the enchanting hill town
of San Gimignano is one of the best                 The beautiful Chianti region has produced its famous
                                                    blends of Sangiovese grapes since the 13th century.
  The Four-Star HOTEL CERRETANI is located in the heart of the city center within
  walking distance of the Duomo (Cathedral) and other main attractions of
  Florence. This air conditioned historic
  17th-century Florentine Renaissance
  building provides accommodations for two
  nights in comfortable style. Each inviting
  room features private marble bathroom,
  private climate control, mini-bar,
  high-speed Internet, safe and hair dryer.
      The intimate restaurant features
  authentic Florentine cuisine and a selection
  of local wines.

  Experience traditional Tuscan hospitality amid the medieval splendors of
  Siena in the delightful Four-Star HOTEL ATHENA located within the walls of the
  medieval city and walking distance to the Duomo and the Piazza del Campo.
  The air conditioned hotel offers comfortable accommodations with 21st-century
  amenities including a private bathroom,
  private climate control, mini-bar, high-speed
  Internet, safe and hair dryer.
      The inviting hotel restaurant serves
  delicious, authentic Tuscan cuisine.
  Complimentary wine is served with dinner.
  The seventh-floor bar and adjoining terrace
  offer exquisite panoramic views of the
  surrounding countryside. The hotel’s staff
  provides friendly and professional service.

intimate streets lined with traditional                 Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne in
enotecas (wine shops) and impressive                    the eighth century, the primary building
13th-century public buildings.                          standing today was constructed in
    Surrounded by the picturesque                       1118 and is widely considered to be
Tuscan hills near Montalcino,                           one of the most beautiful Romanesque
the enchanting Abbey of Sant’Antimo                     churches in Italy. The abbey’s resident
has captivated pilgrims, writers                        monks maintain a simple life that
and artists for hundreds of years.                      revolves around ancient rituals
Though local tradition holds that the                   practiced for generations, including
church was founded by the legendary                     the daily ritual of Gregorian chants.

  Rome Post-Program Option1
  The Eternal city of Rome,
  a UNESCO World Heritage site,
  showcases the magnificent landmarks
  from a thousand years as a center
  of power, culture and religion.
  Enjoy an overview of the city’s ancient
  monuments including The Coliseum,
  The Roman Forum and The Pantheon.
  Tour St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican
  Museums and The Sistine Chapel.
  Accommodations for two nights are in
  the ideally located, deluxe
   Post-Program Option and Optional Excursions
   are available at additional cost, and details will
   be provided with your reservation confirmation.
                                                        Explore the Eternal City’s remarkable landmarks from
                                                        the doorstep of Rome’s ROSE GARDEN PALACE HOTEL.
                                                                 Included Features
                                                                 In Florence
                                                                 N   Two nights in the historic HOTEL CERRETANI,
                                                                     centrally located in the heart of Florence.
                                                                 N   Private welcome reception in the hotel
                                                                     featuring local wines and cheeses.
                                                                 N   Two breakfasts and one dinner in the hotel.

                                                                 In Siena
                                                                 N   Five nights in the comfortable HOTEL ATHENA,
Bask in the classic Tuscan countryside of rolling hills dotted       located within walking distance of Siena’s
with olive groves, vineyards and red sandstone hill towns.
                                                                     historic city center.
              Cucina Toscana                                     N   Breakfast each morning, and one dinner in
Renowned as the most cultured of the Italian                         the hotel featuring traditional Tuscan cuisine
provinces, Tuscany’s cuisine is actually                             and complimentary regional wine.
rooted in the modest, but intensely flavorful                     N   Farewell dinner in a local restaurant.
culinary tradition, la cucina povera Toscana
(Tuscan peasant cooking). Based on “Santa                        Tours and excursions led by
Trinitá Mediterranea”—the Mediterranean                          expert local guides:
“Holy Trinity” of wine, bread and olive oil—                     N   Panoramic tour of Florence, featuring a visit
Tuscan food is noted for its use of exceptionally                    to the Duomo, Baptistery and Ponte Vecchio.
fresh vegetables, rich cheeses and a wide selection
of exquisitely grilled and roasted meats and game.               N   Visit the Galleria dell’Accademia to see
    The region’s quality olive oils and wines are                    Michelangelo’s David and the Uffizi Gallery.
showcased during a specially arranged Olive Oil                  N   Half-day architectural tour of Siena’s most
Tasting, with an olive oil expert who will provide                   famous landmarks.
insights on the production and flavors of the                     N   Tour of the “City of Beautiful Towers,”
spicy, green Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.                          San Gimignano, a UNESCO World Heritage
    Tuscany’s noble tradition of winemaking can                      site and one of the best preserved and most
be traced back to more than 3,000 years ago when                     beautiful medieval towns in Italy; lunch
the Etruscans domesticated the forebear of the
                                                                     is included.
region’s signature Sangiovese grape. Connoisseurs
and novices alike will delight in sampling the
region’s dazzling array of selections from a new                 Exclusive Cultural Enrichments
generation of Tuscan wines. The exclusive visit                  N   Guided visit to Siena’s contrade.
and tasting in the Chianti region provides an                    N   VILLAGE FORUM™ featuring local residents
ideal opportunity to savor the harmony of Tuscan                     who will discuss daily life in Tuscany.
cuisine and wine in the heart of Italy.                          N   Italian language presentation, introducing
    Elaine Trigiani has authored guidebooks and                      basic phrases and correct pronunciation.
cookbooks and is a certified Region of Tuscany                    N   Guided visit to an artisanal pasta maker and
Olive Oil taster. She presents olive oil tasting
                                                                     museum in the Chianti region.
seminars, teaches cooking lessons and guides
culinary excursions in Tuscany. Elaine will                      N   Private olive oil seminar followed by a
direct a simple tasting and share her knowledge                      tasting lunch in Chianti.
about olive oil based on years of insight gleaned                N   Specially arranged sampling of
from local producers, farmers, home cooks                            world-famous Chianti Classico wine.
and chefs. A graduate of The University of
Notre Dame, Elaine has lived in Italy for the                    Comprehensive Travel Services
last ten years and her passion for olive oil will                N   All transfers and luggage handling abroad
open the door to explore spectacular Florentine                      for all participants who have purchased their
and Tuscan culinary traditions.                                      air tickets through Gohagan & Company
                                                                     and whose arrival(s)/departure(s) coincide
                                                                     with the scheduled group transfer(s).
                                                                 N   Gratuities for local guides and drivers on
                                                                     included excursions and transfers.
                                                                 N   All excursions and visits, as indicated above,
                                                                     led by experienced, English-speaking
                                                                     local guides.
                                                                 N   Services of an experienced resident
                                                                     Program Director throughout the program.
                                                                 N   Hospitality desk in the hotel.
Discover firsthand the delights of preparing Tuscan cuisine,
                                                                 N   Travel document wallet, name badge and
famous for its delectable flavors and rustic simplicity.             pre-departure information.
Pisa’s Cathedral Square, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is dominated by four great religious edifices:
the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Duomo, the Baptistery of St. John and the Camposanto.
                                                                           Early Booking Price    Regular Price
 Land Tariff                                                                     through
                                                                            March 16, 2012
                                                                                                 March 16, 2012

 Per person, based on double occupancy                                        $3195                $3495
 N Singles are available upon request for an additional $1000.

 N Taxes are an additional $220 and are subject to change.

                               in Florence N Siena Reservation Form
 Send to:                                                        Please make my/our reservation(s):
 2012 Town & Country Life in Florence and Siena                  J Double occupancy
 SIU Alumni Association                                             (one queen bed).
 c/o Thomas P. Gohagan & Company           For more information,
 Eleven South LaSalle Street, Second Floor please call           J Double occupancy
                                           Gohagan & Company        (two twin beds).
 Chicago, IL 60603-1240                    at (800) 922-3088.
                                                                       J Single accommodations.

 _____ _____________________________________________________________ J I am reserving as a single but
 Title Full name (exactly as it appears on your passport)              prefer to share accommodations
                                                                            and will allow you to select
 _____ _____________________________________________________________        my roommate (shares cannot
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                                                                       Please make my/our reservation(s):
 Street Mailing Address (no P.O. Box number please)                    Rome Post-Program Option

 ____________________________________ ________ _____________-______    J Double at $895 per person.
 City                                 State    Zip Code
                                                                       J Single at $1195 per person.
 _________________________________ _________________________________ J I am reserving as a single but
 Telephone: (Home)                 (Business)                          prefer to share accommodations
                                                                            and will allow you to select
 _________________________________ _________________________________        my roommate (shares cannot
 Email Address                     (Mobile)                                 be guaranteed).

 __________________________________________________________________    J I/We want you to book
 Preferred name(s) on badge(s)            Tour No. 076-09/29/12-461      my/our air from

 Program reservations require a deposit of $600 per person and              __________________________
 $200 per person Rome Post-Program. By forwarding of deposit,                     (fill in departure city)
 I/we accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions.                         to Florence, Italy, with return from
                                                                            Florence, Italy, at additional cost
 J Enclosed is my/our check(s) for $__________ as deposit.                  to be advised.‡
   Make checks payable to Thomas P. Gohagan & Company.
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   J Visa J MasterCard                                                 J Business Class

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 All FINAL PAYMENTS are required to be made by check or                J I/we will make my/our own
 wire transfer by June 26, 2012.                                         air arrangements.
                                                                                    PRSRT STD
                                                                                    U.S. Postage

                                                                                    Gohagan &
The ancient hill town of Montalcino provides
sweeping views of Tuscany’s fabled countryside.

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                                                                                 Carbondale, IL 62901
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