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									   LESSON 38
At the tailor’s shop
• What is this?
 • Ren Min Bi
• Pounds
• U.S. dollar
• Euros
• Money of different countries
• If you have 1,000,000 yuan, what do you want
  to do most?
• Travel around the world; donate a half to the
  society;buy some thing , such as cars, houses
  and so on
• If you have a million yuan, will you buy some
  very good clothes to wear?
• If a man or a woman wears very good clothes,
  is he or she a rich one?
• Today let’s read a play about a man who has
  one million pounds. To see what happened to
• This dialogue has been written from a short
  story by Mark Twain, the American writer
  who liven from 1835 to 1910. Some of the
  language and expressions are a little
  different from modern English.
Mark Twain
Listen to the dialogue and answer
      following questions?
• 1. How did the customer look?
• Key: The customer must wear very bad clothes
  and looked very poor.
• 2. What did the customer want?
• Key: He wanted to buy a suit.
• 3. At first, what did the shop assistant sell to the
• Key: The shop assistant sold the cheapest clothes
  to the customer.
•   4. Did the customer want to pay the money at once?
•   Key: No, he didn’t.
•   5. How did the customer want to pay?
•   Key: The customer wanted to pay for the clothes with a
    large note --- a million pounds note.
•   6. Can the shop assistant give the change to the customer?
•   Key: Of course not.
•   7. Can you describe how the manager felt after seeing the
•   Key: The manager got very excited.
•   8. Then what did the manager do?
•   Key: The manager showed the best clothes to the customer
    and made for him to his own measure.
• 9. What do you think changed the
  manager’s attitude(态度)?
• Key: The money.
• 10. What can you learn from this story?
• Key: A. Money is a lovely thing.
•       B. We can’t judge someone just by
  their appearance(外表).
             Language points
•    1.take place 发生,出现,举行
    This dialogue takes place at a tailor's shop.
    When and where did the accident take
    It took place on a rainy morning last week.
    Great changes have taken place here since
    The dance will take place after school.
•    3.try on 试穿
    —Can I try on this pair of shoes?
    —Sure,try it on,please.
•      4.have sth on / about /with + sb 身上带有某物
    I don't have any small notes on me.
    You had better have a pen on you.
    Do you have any small change about you?
    Have you any notebook about you?
    Carry your driving license with you.
•     5.judge by / from 根据……来判断;从……来
      We should judge a man by his deeds.
      You shouldn't judge strangers always
     by the clothes he wears.
      〖测试要点〗judging by / from 依……来判
    Judging by his words,he got angry.
•   6.pay for sth支付费用;负担款项;付出代价
   How much did you pay for the
   Have those books been paid for?
   You will have to pay for your mistakes.
• 7.put sb to the trouble of doing sth
   = trouble sb to do sth 麻烦某人干……,
   I'm sorry to put you to the trouble of
  helping me.
   He didn't want to put me to the
  trouble of meeting him at the airport.
•    8.apologize to sb for sth = make an
    apology to sb for sth 因……向某人道歉
   He made apologies to us for breaking
  the mirror.
• 9.just a moment / minute 等一会儿
• 10.worry about 担心,担忧,发愁
 〖测试要点〗be worried about 为……担心,
     Don't be worried about me,Mary.
     She's always worried about her health.
• 11.be after 寻找,追求
  The police are after the missing
  boy in the woods.
• 12.get / take off 脱下
   You can get off your coat now.
   Get off your wet clothes.
• 13.do sb a favor = do a favor for sb 帮某人的
   Will you do me a favor this time?
   She did me a great favor 5 years ago.
   He is always ready to do his friends a favor.
   〖测试要点〗当 do sb a favor 后面有不定式时常
  用 do sb the favor to do 或者
do sb the favor of doing .注意冠词的变化。
   Do me a favor,please.Turn the radio down.
   She asked me to do her the favor of closing
  the door.
   Will you do me the favor to lend me your
•  14.make…to one's (own) measure 根据某
   Mother will make new clothes for me to
  my own measure.
• 15.depend on / upon 依赖,依靠
   Everything      depends     on      the
  conditions,time and place.
   Children must depend on their parents.
• 16.put / write down 写下,记下;放下
•     Be sure to put down every word she
  says on the phone.
• 〖测试要点〗 辨析下列由 put 构成的搭配:
•     put out 扑灭。 put away 把……收起来,
  放好。 put on 上演,穿 / 戴上。 put in /
  into practice 实施。 put in order 整理,
  整顿。 put off 推迟,拖延。 put up 举起,
• 17.drop in 顺便拜访
  I'll drop in and leave the new address.
〖测试要点〗drop in + on sb 顺便拜访某人
  drop in + at sb 顺便拜访某地
  call on sb (比较正式)拜访某人
  visit sb = pay a visit to sb (最正式拜
  On my way back,I dropped in at my
 brother's house.
  Let's drop in on Aunt Wang,shall you?
• 18.show sb out 送某人出去
  Wait a moment.Let me show you out.
 〖测试要点 〗show sb in 领某人进来 。show
   sb around + place 领 某 人 参 观 。 show sb
   into 领某人进入。
 要特别注意 show sb to the door 把某人送到
   门口。show sb the door 把某人赶出门去,
   下 逐 客 令 。 He wouldn't listen to my
   apology. He showed me the door.
1.He had no trouble           me an English-English Dictionary.
   A.to post     B.with posting       C.posting        D.of posting
2.Don't trouble troubles until trouble___         you.
   A.troubled      B.will trouble       C. troubles     D.不填
3. No matter ___ fault it is, you should do something about.
       A. how       B. who        C. whose       D. when
4. Dress warmly, _____ you will catch cold.
   A. but      B. instead          C. or else       D. on the other hand
5. – Would you ___ to clean the blackboard?
   - ______.
A. mind, Of course not.            B. do me the favor, With pleasure
C. give me a favor, Go ahead       D. like, I don’t
6. My parents ____ me to go to the party with my classmates. But I didn't.
 A. suggested B. persuaded C. advised D. made
7. I ___ some of my old friends when I was on business in Guangzhou.
 A. dropped in on B. dropped in to C. dropped into D. dropped on
8. The workers in that factory insisted that their pay _____.
 A. to increase    B. being increased C. be increased D. to be increase

 Key:C; C; C; C; B; C; A; C

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