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					                                   CO N TIN U ED F ROM P.1 0
   While I don’t categorically dismiss the notion
of knitted graffiti, I don’t see the utility in covering
a piece of art that already forces us to reconsider
our surroundings and recognize the absurd role
street signs play in modern life. If my memory
serves me correctly, Christo and Jean Claude
focused primarily on wrapping buildings, monu-
ments, and nature. Perhaps the guerrilla knitters
should follow suit.
   And if one really feels compelled to knit covers
on works of public art in Austin, I suggest the
Confederate soldiers on campus or the statue of
Stevie Ray Vaughan at Lady Bird Lake.
                                  Jonathan Ridewood

Dear Editor,
   I have only known Louis Black since I was in dia-
pers, as he frequented my parents’ business while
he was in college in Austin in the Seventies before            it has always annoyed me that there was a               life a reason to join us in this beautiful life we
he formed The Austin Chronicle. I was just a kid               comedian somewhere with his name. He is such            have going here.
                                                                                                                                                                             HOW CAN KUT MANAGE A CLUB?
back then, but I can remember a good 33 years of               a wonderful personality that it irks me every time          Louis, Janet Pierson, and to the hundreds of      Dear Editor,
memories with Louis Black: student, underground                I hear his name and it isn’t him.                       people that make SXSW happen: Y’all rock.                Exactly what qualifications can anyone at KUT
newspaper editor, film critic, husband, father, and               I was born here in Austin, and Louis is one of           To everyone else upset at Louis, SXSW, etc.,      show regarding the rather complex skill set required
good friend. Before I began to become known,                   the treasures that keeps me loving it so. For me,       these are people that spend an enormous amount        to profitably manage a live concert venue [“Off the
when I was just my father’s son, Louis always                  Louis is the definition of Austin. The best of what     of energy, effort, and time away from relationships   Record,” Music, April 30]? People thinking like
made time for me to chat. In the time when writing             a concerned, passionate, artistic, and liberal          to make something amazing take place.                 this are so far beyond clueless that it borders on
on the Web had no money and no access to mov-                  Austinite is.                                               If nothing else happened this year, Bill Murray   satire. Perhaps the plan is to continue running a
ies, he let me write a few articles for the Chronicle             And South by Southwest is one helluva thing to       was serving alcohol to a mass of folks at a club      venue that needs subsidization. If that’s the case,
and always gave me movie passes.                               be a part of. It brings artists of all types together   on Sixth. Jesus, we live in a city that had the       leave it alone, because it’s already working fine.
   Since I became quite lucky in my endeavors, I               to have an experience that changes them. The            Ghostbuster serving spirits. I wasn’t there, but      Chances that the operators of a publicly subsi-
see a lot about Louis. But what I see most is a                amount of just great solid people that I’ve met         I saw it on YouTube. We live in that city, where      dized radio station have what it takes to profitably
man that wants so dearly to help this city, com-               through the Festival, fellow badge-holders along        that happened, and we call it home. But without       operate a live music venue are beyond anorexic.
munity, and the arts themselves to blossom. He                 with pass-holders and even just crazy folks I           SXSW and Louis, that moment of Austin’s legend-                                               Hank Alrich
works too hard; I know this because we never                   meet at the free events. It is the best beacon          ary epicness may never have come to pass.
have dinner though we always intend to. In fact,               that Austin has to give people dreaming of this                                              Harry Knowles                                   CO N T I N U E D O N P. 14

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