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					                                             Indianola Community School District

Mon. Jan.    Tues. Jan.   Wed. Jan. 23   Thurs. Jan.   Fri. Jan. 25   Mon. Jan.     Tues. Jan.     Wed. Jan.   Thurs. Jan.    Fri. Feb. 1
   21           22                           24                         28             29            30            31
 Day #1       Day #2        Day #3         Day #4        Day #5        Day #6        Day #1         Day #2       Day #3        Day #4

Hot Ham &   Roasted       Beef burger    Shrimp        Cheese         Popcorn      Hamburger     Corn dog      Chili
Cheese      Chicken       Baked beans    poppers       pizza          chicken      Sweet         Baked         crispito       February
Green       Mashed        Pineapple      Carrots       Romaine        Cooked       potato        beans         Green          menu not
Beans       Potatoes      Fresh          Mixed Fruit   lettuce        broccoli     puffs         Mixed fruit   beans         available at
Pears       Applesauce    Broccoli       Fresh         Peaches        Apples       Applesauce    Fresh         Peaches        this time.
Fresh       Fresh                        celery        Fresh          Fresh        Fresh         celery        Fresh
cherry      carrots                                    cauliflower    carrots      cherry                      cauliflower
tomatoes                                                                           tomatoes

Jan. 21        Day #1 “Your character is who you really are inside yourself.”

Jan. 22        Day #2 “Good character traits can become good life habits!”

Jan. 23        Day #3 “No one can give you good character OR take good character away from you.”
                          2:00 Dismissal

Jan. 24        Day #4 “You will gain more success by being honest, because others will trust you more.”

Jan. 25        Day #5 “Good character is supported by a positive attitude.”

Jan. 28        Day #6 “Good manners exhibit good character choices.”

Jan. 29        Day #1 “When you use good manners, such traits as responsibility, kindness and respect really shine!”

Jan. 30        Day #2 “Cooperate and share with other family members.”
                          2:00 Dismissal

Jan. 31        Day #3 “Using polite language such as “Excuse me” shows you are choosing good manners.”

Feb. 1         Day #4 “Remember – you can learn more by listening to others.”

Looking Ahead-
Feb. 4 – PTO Meeting 7pm Irving Media Center
                                                                                  Parents and Guardians,
Feb. 11 – Conference week
Feb. 11 – Intersession registration will be sent home                             For the safety and security of our students
Feb. 15 – No School                                                               we ask that all visitors stop in the office and
Feb. 22 – Intersession registrations due!                                         pick up a badge as you sign in. We greatly
Feb. 25 – 3rd & 4th Grade Music Concert HS Auditorium 7pm                         appreciate your help and support with this.
Mar. 1 – Irving Dance / Silent Auction
Mar. 4-15 – Intersession                                                          Mrs. Naughton –Irving Principal
Mar. 18 -22 – Spring Break
Mar. 28 – Spring Pictures
Tardy Policy/Procedure-
A student is tardy when the student is not in the classroom by the beginning class time, 8:13am. An excused tardy
includes transportation difficulties (car won’t start, bus was late, etc.), doctor appointments and illness. The
teacher checks the hall before taking attendance.

Students are subject to disciplinary action for truancy issues. It is within the discretion of the principal to
determine, in light of the circumstances, whether the student may make up work or take other disciplinary action.

Reference: School Board Policy 501.10

Parent and Guardians;

The drop off and pick up on Clinton Street has been running very smoothly
these past few months. The staff and I greatly appreciate all the effort
everyone has put into making Irving Elementary a safe place for all students.
When the temperature or wind chill drops below 0 the students will be lining
up in the morning inside by their lockers instead of out on their line. When this
occurs, students are encouraged to use the closest door they are dropped off at to enter the
building in order to quickly get out of the elements.

Again, thank you for all your support in making the drop off and pick up line on Clinton Street run

Birthday Invitations-
Per our Handbook for Students and Parents, invitations or gifts for private birthday,
holiday or other parties are not to be brought to school for distribution (p. 8). As a district,
we are also unable to give out directory information on other students and families for
private purposes. The school directory is for school business only. Thank you for your
support with this.

Mrs. Naughton

                            As a reminder to parents, please refer to the 2012-13 “CLASSROOM ON
                            WHEELS” STUDENT TRANSPORTATION HANDBOOK on page 4; paragraph
                            6 that was approved by the School Board. Thank you for your cooperation.

                            The handbook can be found on the internet by using the following link:


Elementary and high school students will be picked up at their attendance center if they are riding the
school bus. The north side of the Indianola Middle School is the transfer point from one bus to another.
Elementary parents cannot pick up or drop off elementary students at the Middle School for transportation.
TABLE OF PLENTY at Indianola Church of Christ
A free meal provided by our congregation is served the 1st Thursday of each month at our church building, 112
East Iowa Ave from 5:30-6:30. For more information or to arrange for transportation, please call 720-6488. We
look forward to seeing you!

Indianola Community Backpacks for Hunger
The Ministerial Association of Indianola is implementing a new outreach to families in our community. It is our desire
to help meet some of the needs of children easing the burden parents are dealing with during these tough economic
times. We are offering a backpack of food for children to be sent home with them on Friday afternoon and returned to
the school empty on Monday so that it can be prepared to be sent home again the following Friday. The backpacks will
be filled with six entrees and two snacks that are child friendly and easy to prepare. If this is something that would be a
benefit to your child, please contact us at 515-961-5755 so that we can get your child’s information and get them started
in the program. All information will be kept confidential.

The Indianola Ministerial Association

                                            Irving PTO Meeting Minutes

Irving Elementary School PTO
School Library
Monday, January 07, 2013
7:00 - 8:00 pm

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Kariann Voigts
Minutes from December 3, 2012 meeting were approved. Motioned by Susan, second motion by Arein.

Treasurer's Report: Gina Piper
       More donations from the Read-a-Thon were received, and the final numbers are being calculated. Teachers will be
        notified to know the amount they will receive. Money earned from working the concession stand is in the account.
       Jimmy John’s night was a great success!! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Principals' Report: Amy Jo Naughton
       Kariann spoke with Putney Auctions and they are willing to sell the unused TV’s and carts that were purchased by
        the PTO in the past.

Irving Dance/Silent Auction: Gina Piper
       Classroom basket assignments are out, and donations can be brought to your child’s classroom. The dance for all
        Irving families is March 1 from 7-9pm.
       Donation letters have been sent out. If you know of a business, or would like to make a donation please contact
        Kamie ( or Gina (
       Funds raised will be used for playground improvements.

Family Science Night: Kariann Voigts
       February 8, 2013 is the unofficial date from 5:30-8pm. Kariann is working on getting Simpson and Indianola High
        School students to volunteer their time that night. More information will be available at the next meeting.

       Mr. Tadsen needs a few volunteers to help hang new artwork in the frames around the school. Please contact Mr.
        Tadsen at if you are interested. (Date and time to be determined.)

NEXT PTO MEETING: February 4 at 7pm, Irving Library

Meeting Adjourned at 7:35pm.                                                      Prepared by: Sarah Gillespie Jan. 7, 2013
            Ready, Set,

Indianola Community Schools welcomes the 2013-14 Purple
     and Gold Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten and
 Kindergarten classes. If you have a child who will be four
 years of age (Preschool) or five years of age (Transitional
  Kindergarten and Kindergarten) on or before September
     15, 2013, please register your child by picking up a
registration packet at Emerson, Irving, Whittier or Wilder
 Elementaries during school hours. Packets will be available
beginning Thursday, January 3. Registration will be held on
    Monday, January 14 at 7:00pm Indianola High School.

       Parents need to provide the child’s:
             original proof of birth,
             a copy of immunization records,
             proof of dental screening, and
             blood lead testing
       at the time of registration.

Indianola Schools have four elementary attendance centers:
  Emerson, Irving, Whittier and Laura Ingalls Wilder. The
    district offers a full-day kindergarten program. Two
  calendar choices—Traditional and Year-Round Education
                   (YRE)—will be offered.

                             Proud Traditions . . . Unlimited Possibilities
Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up Information
Dear Families:
Our student drop off/pick up procedures are designed to maintain a safe and orderly arrival and dismissal for you, our students, and our
staff. The following guidelines provide a general awareness to all involved as well as provide information that will help expedite the

Safety Rules:
        Vehicles may not be left unattended in the Car Rider lane from 7:40-8:20am and 2:40-3:25pm. If you must leave
         your vehicle, please use an official parking space.
        Listen to school personnel for directions.
        Always be on the lookout for others.
        Cross only at the cross walk if you are bringing your child into the building.
        There will be one lane for pick-up/drop-off on Clinton Avenue. No double and triple parking.
        Students will not be allowed to go in-between cars to get to their own vehicle for drop off/pick-up.
        Students will not be allowed to load and unload in the intersection of Clinton and D Street or Detroit and D Street.
        Parents should not park behind the parked cars along the fence to the playground or on D Street in order to load or
         unload their student(s).

In Advance of using the Clinton Street Car Rider Lane:
        Obtain your Irving Car Rider Sign to display in the windshield of your car each time you pick up your child. The Car
         Rider Sign may be picked up from your child’s classroom teacher or the Irving Office.
             o What is a Car Rider Sign?
                      The Car Rider Sign will be a sheet of yellow cardstock that is folded in half with the family’s last name on it as
                           well as grade level(s) of student(s). The family can place it on their dash or rubber band it to their visor.

Student Arrival Directions:                                        2nd, 3rd

        All students must be supervised. Irving Elementary will provide supervision beginning at 7:50 AM.
        On Clinton Street, please pull all the way to the west end of the car rider lane and unload close to the ramp.
        Please have your student prepared to exit the vehicle at the appropriate time in order to keep traffic flowing.
        Students may not be dropped off from the street on Detroit or D Street. Please utilize the Simpson parking lots on
         the North side of Irving and have the students cross at the cross walk.
        We encourage students to be IN CLASS at 8:00 AM. They are tardy at 8:13 AM.

Student Dismissal Directions:
        Dismissal for bus begins at 3:03. Only bus students may be dismissed at this time.
             o If you need to pick your child up early, you will need to park in an official parking place, come into the main
                 office and sign your child out.
        Dismissal for car riders and walkers begins at 3:08.
        Dismissal areas-
             o North Door—1st Grade (Mrs. Steinke) 3rd grade & 4th grade
             o West Door—Kindergarten, 1st grade (Fitzpatrick & Kluver), 2nd grade, & 5th grade
                       Families with children in multiple grade levels may decide on one designated pick-up area. Please
                           notify the classroom teacher of your decision.
        For pick up on Clinton Street you are encouraged to have a Car Rider Sign displayed. (This can be picked up from
         your child’s classroom teacher or the Irving Office.) The sign will assist us in expediting the process.
        Please pull all the way up to the ramp area to allow us to load the maximum number of cars at one time. (All
         students will come from the ramp area on the west end of the building.)
        With proper flow, approximately 4-5 cars can pick up at one time, leave and then allow 4-5 more cars to pick up
         near the ramp.
   Other available options
             There are two Simpson parking lots to the north of the building where you can make a plan to meet your child after
             Parking is also available on one of the side streets in the area. You may park and walk to meet your child at school.
             If your child qualifies for transportation services they may utilize the District’s busing.

   We ask for your focus and patience as all parents and students learn the new procedures. Please remember that traffic is always heavier at
   the start of the school year, so plan your time accordingly. The Indianola Police Department will be prominent during the first week and a
   half of school in order to help maintain procedures and traffic flow.

   Amy Jo Naughton
   Irving Elementary

                                                                  Clinton Street

                                                                      Car Rider Lane
                                                                                                                              Pick up and Drop off
Buses Only


                                                    Irving                                                                                 ramp

   D Street                                      Elementary


                                                                       Detroit Street

                                        Simpson Parking lot
                                                                                        Simpson Parking lot

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