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chapter no 9975

HOG NEWSLETTER NO.20 September - October 2005

Tasmania Chapter Website

Hello to all HOG members, Every thing is going along nicely for our 2006 rally at Tullah on the West Coast. Get in early as we have had a few early birds paid up already and beds are going fast. All accommodation will be on site with limited camping available. As you may already know the Toy Run date has been changed from December 10 to December 17 because of entertainment being booked at the Derwent Entertainment Centre. We have had a bit of a problem with our web-site. Thanks to webmaster Tony’s quick action this has been fixed. Well done Tony. For all those going to the national rally in the Northern Territory I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves while the rest of us stay in Tassie and go to work as usual.

Ride safely and I hope to see you all soon.
Director’s Quote: Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener.

Mr & Mrs Claus

PS: please read note regarding newsletter distribution.

Dave works hard at the plant and spends two nights each week bowling and plays golf every Saturday. His wife thinks he's pushing himself too hard, so for his birthday she takes him to a local strip club. The doorman at the club greets them and says, "Hey, Dave! How ya doin?" His wife is puzzled and asks if he's been to this club before. "Oh no," says Dave. "He's on my bowling team." When they are seated, a waitress asks Dave if he'd like his usual and brings over a Budweiser. His wife is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and says, "How did she know that you drink Budweiser?" "I recognize her, she's the waitress from the golf club. I always have a Bud at the end of the 1st nine, honey." A stripper then comes over to their table, throws her arms around Dave, starts to rub herself all over him and says, "Hi Davey. Want your usual table dance, big boy?" Dave's wife, now furious, grabs her purse and storms out of the club. Dave follows and spots her getting into a cab. Before she can slam the door, he jumps in beside her. Dave tries desperately to explain how the stripper must have mistaken him for someone else, but his wife is having none of it. She is screaming at him at the top of her lungs, calling him every 4 letter word in the book. The cabby turns around and says, "Geez Dave, you picked up a real bitch this time."

Christmas in Winter
You sure missed out not coming to our fancy dress night for Christmas in Winter – everyone else was there – even Mr & Mrs Claus. There were a couple of red Indians, a couple from the 50’s, a guy reminiscing about his time in the 60’s AND his angel (to clear his conscience), Betty Boop, a painter, grazier, Al Capone, naughty school boy and the list goes on. The winning couple were Keri and John, Val scooped a prize by out performing Murray as the best individual. The band was great and we danced the night away.

DIRECTOR -- CRAIG MORGAN 03 63394020 or 0417 534 693 Assistant Director-- Tim Bowden Secretary – Murray Lehner 0417 354 275 Treasurer – Mark Prioetti 0417 146 681 Membership Officer—Pieter Oud 0417 317 358 Editor - Catherine Goss 0363349636 Web Master – Tony Bruce-Mullins Road Captains North > Peter Mainsbridge0419 899 121 Northwest - Wayne Kemp 0439 782 433 South - Robyn Healey 0407 564 464 Quartermaster - Brendan Bolton 0418 101 812 Activities Officers North - Lawrence Hoare 0408099657 Brian ‘BJ’ Macrae South - Matt Riley 0400 904 205 Ladies of Harley - Val Hine Safety Officer - Geoff Laycock 0418132583 Historian - Julieanne Sherriff 03 6427 2722 Photographer - Stewart Blair 0419 319 702 Dealer Representative Stuart Fenton 03 63936961

Arrive at Meeting place with a full tank of fuel The Road Captain leads the group. Do not overtake him Adhere to State Road Rules and Speed Limits We ride as a group to and from our destination Ride in staggered formation, not side by side or behind the bike in front of you Use only one lane of a multi-lane highway Make sure you are well off the road when you stop for a scheduled stop If you keep an eye on your mirrors and can always see a rider behind you, we should not get split up Do not “Rubber Band” speed up and slow down If a Rider stops or breaks down Tail end Charlie will render assistance Ride within your safety zone Complying with the Ride Rules keeps you in the official Ride Group

Our object as H.O.G members is to Ride and Have Fun Our responsibility as H.O.G members is to Ride safely

Starting in 2006 Unless you request your newsletter to be mailed out we are asking you all to DOWNLOAD YOUR NEWSLETTER OFF OUR WEB PAGE. This is to allow the content to be as much as possible and not cost us an arm and leg to post. PLEASE LET THE EDITOR KNOW IF YOU WANT A NEWSLETTER MAILED. Email or phone 63349636.

all articles for the newsletter will have to be emailed in WORD so that we can attach them to the webpage. If you want some info included and haven’t got access to a computer or email that’s fine. I can type it up.

Deadline for articles is the day of our committee meeting. The Editor.
Western Underwriters Richardson’s Harley Davidson are Tasmanian agents for Western Underwriters Insurance Pty Ltd and they offer 10% discount to members of Tasmania. For a free quote phone 63444524. If you have a tangle on your bike it can be quoted and repaired by their technicians as their workshop is the authorized Harley repair centre for Tasmania.

North – Timothy Grant, Daniel Barron, Ron Tyberek, North west – Charlie Ross South – Tony Berry

Financial statement
21 August 2005 Opening Balance Closing Cash Position $3478.32 $1768.40

Friday September 9 – Counter Meal at Argosy Tavern, East Devonport - 6pm. This is to farewell Hoggies heading to National Rally. Sunday September 11 – Mystery Ride – Leave HOG Park 10am, Devonport Formby Road & Burnie McDonalds 11am. NEW >>> NEW >>> Friday September 23 – Counter meal at Newstead Hotel - 7pm. Ring Craig by 20 September. Saturday September 24 – Dinner at High Tide Waterfront Restaurant, Devonport – 7pm. Ring Geoff or Val on 64248223 by 17 Sept (help Val celebrate her birthday). Sunday September 25 – Bracknell – Leave Burnie McDonalds 10.15am; Devonport Wattyl Hill 10.45am & HOG Park 11am. Meet at Westbury Pub. Sunday October 2 – St Marys – Elephant Pass Pancake Parlour – Leave Burnie McDonalds 9am; Devonport Wattyl Hill 9.30am & HOG Park 10.30am. Sunday October 16 –- Wynyard via Table Cape following Tulip Festival - Leave HOG Park 10.00, Devonport Formby Road 11 am, McDonalds Burnie 11.30. Saturday October 22 – MRA Awareness Ride – Inveresk L’tonton - Details in papers. October 29 & 30 – Advanced Rider Training – see flyer. A counter tea is planned for Saturday night at the TRC – all welcome (at your own expense) Saturday November 5 – Black Ulhans Poker Run. Saturday November 12 – Ladies of Harley “Tickle your fancy party” & Ride. 4pm at Lawrence & Jenny Hoares – You must book for this - see flyer for more details. Leave HOG Park & Burnie McDonalds at 2.30. Sunday November 13 – Mole Creek – Committee Meeting & Lunch. - Leave, Burnie McDonalds 9.45am; HOG Park & Devonport Wattyl Hill 10.30am. Saturday November 19 – Mock Wedding & Ride - You must book for this - see flyer for more details Leave Burnie McDonalds 2.30pm, Devonport Wattyl Hill 3pm & HOG Park 3.15pm. Sunday December 11 – Penguin - (check out Penguin Market) - Please ring Pete by Friday 9 to book for lunch – Leave HOG Park 10am, Devonport Formby Road 11am, Burnie McDonalds 11.15am. December 17 – MRA Toy Run – Leave Burnie McDonalds 8.15am; Devonport Wattle Hill 8.45am & HOG Park 10am. Stops - Ross ½ hr, Melton Mowbray. Breakfast from 8am. Leave 10am – route TBA - see flyer for details for Saturday evening. Sunday December 25 - HAPPY CHRISTMAS Monday December 26 – Boxing Day Ride – BYO. Details next newsletter.


At our last meeting there was discussion on who to involve new members and make them feel welcome. If you have never participated in a club event how about giving us a go. Yes we are all busy and yes some of us can get carried away a bit that might have others wondering but we aren’t a bad bunch. We just love being on our bikes and having a few laughs. It would be great to see a few different faces.


NAME: Bronwyn Morgan BORN AND BRED: Melbourne Victoria OCCUPATION: Teacher Aide HOBBIES/RELAXATION: Reading and being on the back of the bike when it isn’t too cold DISLIKES: Gropers, Cold Weather, Being late FAVOURITE BIKE MODEL: Softail Classic FAVOURITE FOOD & DRINK: Wine, Jim Beam & Coffee FAVOURITE MUSIC/BAND: Rolling Stones BEST RALLY: Last Tassie rally I think MOST MEMORABLE TRIP: National Rally in W.A. GOALS IN LIFE: To be RICH MOST UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT: Don’t have any IF YOU WERE STUCK ON A DESERTED ISLAND NAME 3 THINGS YOU WOULD TAKE WITH YOU: Craig, a Book & Wine

Needed – profiles – of any member – please send in ………………………………………………………………………………………………

Commencing 4 pm & followed by supplied BBQ $10/head

Entertaining party with sexy lingerie and fun (adult) products WHY: WHERE: WHEN Pre-wedding party for Catherine Goss
Males also invited

Lawrence and Jenny Hoares property 218 Beer Street, WESLEY VALE SATURDAY 12 NOVEMBER

If riding leave from McDonald’s Burnie 2.30 pm & HOG Park 2.30 pm


for catering: 10 November.

Phone Val 0409259269 or AH 64248223 by Thursday

Good time assured so don’t miss out.

And to follow…….

YOU are invited to a MOCK WEDDING
For Pete & Cath To be held on the 19th November 2005 Commencing at 4:00pm at 167 Paper Beach Rd, Paper Beach Wedding Barb-E-Que $10 p.p. Dress Casual, Camping Grounds available, Bikes Welcome

Directions - Turn off West Tamar Hwy into Blackwall continue
through Gravelly Beach & turn right onto Paper Beach Rd. “WOLONGI” on left hand side. Look for Balloons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Pete will make a lovely bride. See Geoff, Kingsley and Craig in their bridesmaid's dresses and the flower girl??? - well you will have to wait and see for yourself.)

RSVP 10th November…………64267229

Boat Harbour Ride
What a start to the day, “Rain.” But being adventurous souls, those wonderful men and women on their HD flying machines left them locked in the garage and climbed within their Harley Falcoons. Except for the new North West Road Captain (whom it never rained upon) but whose broad shoulders took all the light-hearted jest thrown at him for thinking that a bike ride meant taking a bike! But being the good souls that they are upon arrival at Boat Harbour all thoroughly enjoyed themselves with good nosh and liquid refreshments. Even though whilst inside dining it did rain again, but only long enough for lunch to finish and allow a dry ride home within those dastardly Harley Falcoons. Question? Who is the farmer on the North West who rides a HD, with a reputation for stopping often of its own free will, who lost his virginity in the back of a Mini with two wenches??????????

The Tasmania Harley Owners Group recently decided to promote and partly sponsor an Advanced Rider Training course. This will be a unique opportunity to learn and participate with your fellow Harley riders. The course will be limited to 20 riders and will be held over two days with a defensive riding seminar on the Saturday and a practical day on the Sunday. WHEN: Saturday 29th October 2005 – 1.00pm to 4.00pm – Prospect High School, Ralph Street, Prospect. Meet at front entrance near the eagle statue at 12.45pm Sunday 30th October 2005 – 8.30am to 4.30pm – Symmons Plains. Meet in pit area at 8.15am. Lunch is provided. WHAT TO BRING Yourself – Book in early as there is a lot of interest and we can only take 20 riders. Your Bike – Make sure you have a full tank of fuel for the Sunday. Your Licence – Make sure it is current. Open Mind – Be willing to listen and learn. Support Crew – You can bring a pillion if you wish – for a small charge of course. COST Rider - $200 (Reduced from $235 by Tas HOG sponsorship) Pillion - $95 GENERAL INFORMATION Insurance – You may wish to advise your insurance company that you are participating in a supervised training course with a registered training company (Stay Upright) as distinct from a ride day at a race track. Your insurance company may give you a discount on your premium after you have completed the course. Weather – The course will go ahead regardless of the weather. Refunds – We are unable to offer refunds. If you pay and then can’t make it let us know as we may be able to find someone to take your place. Social – A counter tea has been organised for the Saturday night at the TRC Hotel at 7pm. See registration form for bookings. Registrations – Close on 7th October 2005. See form for other detail. Enquiries – Kerry Ollington: Ph. 6327 4088 or Email:

Advanced Rider Training Registration Form
Name Address


Licence Number Pillion Name (If applicable)

Bike Registration Number

Counter Tea (State how many)

Legal Bit: I accept that no person registered on this form will hold the organizers or any other party involved with the running of this Advanced Rider Training course responsible for any loss, damage or injury arising from participation in this course. Signature

PAYMENT Rider Pillion

AMOUNT $200 $95 Total $

TOTAL 200 85

Payment may only be made by cheque or money order and should be made payable to: Tasmania HOG – Rider Training. Send form and payment to: Tasmania HOG – Rider Training, PO Box 796, Riverside. 7250 Registrations close 7 October 2005. Enquiries - Kerry Ollington: Ph. 6327 4088 or Email:

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