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					May 30, 2006 / ANGA Cable
PR 38/06

New 2-outlet antenna socket from Hirschmann                            PRESSRELEASE
                                                                       Triax-Hirschmann Multimedia
Low-cost connection to the Sat system                                  GmbH
                                                                       Stuttgarter Str. 45-51
                                                                       72654 Neckartenzlingen
The Triax-Hirschmann Multimedia GmbH, Neckartenzlingen, is             Germany
presenting a new 2-outlet antenna socket. This antenna socket
                                                                       Phone +49 7127 14-0
which is offered as a single (EDS 01 F) or pass through socket         Fax   +49 7127 14-1214
(GDS 08 F or GDS 11 F) has an F-outlet for the Sat-IF range (950
to 2,400 MHz) as well as an IEC male connector for the terrestrial
range (5 to 862 MHz). Since the two frequency bands can be
divided by filters, the distribution attenuation is only 1 dB. With
the direct F-connection to the Sat-receiver and an innovative
fastening concept by means of the plug-clamp technique for the
cable and a new type of claw mechanism, the new 2-outlet
antenna socket enables a low-cost and trouble-free connection
of subscriber equipment to multi-switch systems, single Sat
systems and single-cable systems.
Whilst the single sockets are designed especially for connecting to
multi-switches or LNBs, the pass through sockets can be used both
in single-cable systems and for Sat sub-distribution from room to
room. A 13/18 Volt switching voltage and a 22 kHz signal can be
passed through their F-socket for example. This socket is also DC-
decoupled. The IEC plug in both socket types is designed for
connecting a TV set to the cable TV network or a DVB-T receiver. A
FM radio can also be operated via an adapter.
The antenna sockets which are made of a torsion-free die-cast zinc
can be mounted in the keyhole openings in the socket inlet ring both
in flush wall sockets of solid walls and in lightweight walls using
splayable claws or screws. Since the claws can be splayed and reset
by screws (PZ 1), no rubber band is required for fixing. A battery
powered screwdriver can also be used.
The compact dimensions of the socket body (51 mm diameter, 22
mm installation depth) enable trouble-free cable laying in the flush
wall socket. The connection of the inner conductor by the plug-clamp
technique – the push of a button suffices for later loosening of the
contact – and the fixing and contacting of the outer conductor by a
lockable snap-clip ensure a reliable electrical function.

The Triax-Hirschmann Multimedia GmbH is a member of the Danish
Triax Group which is one of the leading international providers of
May 30, 2006 / ANGA Cable
PR 38/06

television reception technology. The product range extends from
head end stations through antenna systems and accessories to
settop boxes for direct reception. The Triax Group has subsidiaries in
Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Austria,
Hungary, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

Editors contact:           Triax-Hirschmann Multimedia GmbH
                           Corporate Communications
                           Dr. Thomas Oelschlaegel
                           Phone: +49 7127 14-1872
                           Fax:    +49 7127 14-1970