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									               The Official Newsletter of the SCUBADILLO Dive Club-Since 1984

                                                Dillo Diver
                                   V o l u m e      2 6   I s s u e    5                                                M a y    2 0 0 9

                                      A Word From Your President
                                                    It’s now May, this is one of those very special months of year with Cinco de Mayo,
                                                    Mother’s Day and Memorial Day the beginning of summer and a very active dive
                                                    season. So getting off to a good start this month May 2nd the Dillo’s had the Cinco
                                                    de Mayo fiesta and dive event at Tyler state park. Lots of fun was had by all.

                                                    A very special thanks to our guest speaker for the April club meeting, our very own
                                                    Ann Keller, for her excellent presentation on her trip Indonesia. Our May meeting
      May                                           guest speaker will be Paula Branshaw Carlson the Director of Husbandry at the
   Birthdays:                                       Dallas World Aquarium the subject matter will be her experiences at Aquarium.

Ann Tran           05/02
Maurice McEntyre   05/05     Kevin Rusch—2009       Scubadillo’s, just a heads up, it’s coming as promised...mark your calendars for
                             Scubadillo President   Saturday night, July 11, 2009 for the big event of the year. Waldo’s 25th Birthday
Dee Langford       05/10                            party at Yucatan Beach Club. We’ll keep you posted on more of the details as
Jamie Wirzman      05/18
                           they come in, so stay tuned.

Dan Daniels        05/25   As always to keep up to date with all the Scubadillo current dive and social events check out our website @

                           Have fun, stay safe and let’s go diving!


                                             North Texas Scuba Retailer’s Association’s

   Inside this
                                             3rd Annual Fun Day—Sunday, June 7, 2009
                           Come out Sunday, June 7 to Clear Springs Scuba Park to show
                           everyone that the Scubadillo Dive Club is the best in the Dallas area as
                           divers and other clubs from North Texas gather to participate in the
                           North Texas Scuba Retailer's Association's 3rd Annual Fun Day.
A Word From          1
Your President             The NTSRA dive center members and many scuba diving
                           manufacturers will be giving away lots of exciting prizes in contests and
                           raffles during the event. An underwater Treasure Hunt will give
NTSRA 3rd            1     participants a chance to win a lot of scuba gear that are donated by the
Annual Fun Day             area dive shops and scuba manufacturers. A raffle will also be offered
                           for even more great prizes.
Brazos River         2
Cleanup                    The Scubadillos will have a pavilion at the event and be cooking up
                           bratwurst and hot dogs for our June club dive event. Other clubs and
Diving Wakatobi      3     organizations will be cooking up other food items for sale. Scubadillo
Resort Indonesia           members will eat "brats and dogs" for free. "Fun dives" can be made
                           before, during or after the event.
Save the             4
Manatee Club               There will also be a lot of new gear available for demonstration dives
                           free of charge. The event will start at 10 AM and end at 3 PM. Clear
Upcoming             4     Springs entrance fees are $20 per diver and $10 for non-divers. Air
Events                     refills are $8 per tank for certified divers. For more information, go to
                           www.dfwdiving.com or www.clearspringsscubapark.com.
          Page 2                                                                                                 Dillo Diver

                       6th Annual Brazos River Cleanup—April 4th
                                                       By Sonny Gaither

With one of the southernmost addresses      behind as “parking lot security”, seven      cars. After retrieving our vehicles and
of all the SCUBADILLOs, I arrived at        of us in the three canoes set off like       Elizabeth, who graciously sat alone for
Tres Rios campground well before            Lewis and Clark. After a short paddle,       nearly five hours during this ordeal, we
anyone else. The sky was gray and the       we braved the rapids and came ashore         returned to Tres Rios.        There we
breeze chilly.    But soon the clouds       as planned. Philippe, Lily, David, John,     enjoyed the free BBQ spread catered
departed and people arrived. There          and I geared up while Kevin and Sarah        as our reward in the shade of some
were approximately 100 to 150 canoe         offered surface support. The view of         giant oak trees. After some relaxation,
and kayak enthusiasts and, for the first    the river was breath-taking and so was       we split up. Some returned home, a
time ever, SCUBA divers. This was the       the water temperature. And you could         few toured Glen Rose, and four of us
Sixth Annual Brazos River Cleanup           see forever, until you stuck your face       took in Dinosaur State Park before
hosted by the “Friends of the Brazos”.      into the frigid water – then the lights      heading northward.
From the outset, it was obvious that the    when out. Between the river current,
Cleanup had never had divers as             the less than ideal water temperature,
participants because the organizers         and even less than ideal visibility, the
didn’t really know what to do with us.      dive was rather short and relatively
After some discussions between David        unsuccessful from a cleanup point of
Prichard, our Sgt at Arms, and lead         view. Our next challenge was the
personnel from the FotB, it was             return back to our starting point and our
determined that our best point of entry     cars.     We either fought upstream
would be from under the Hwy 67 bridge.      against the current and the rapids we
The plan seemed simply enough – carry       crossed or we take a leisurely paddle
three canoes to the sandy area beneath      downstream to the campsite exit point
the bridge, load our kits, paddle           for a shuttle back.          After some
downstream a couple of hundreds yards       discussion, it was decided to enjoy the
just beyond the first “rapids”. There we    scenic vistas and take a relaxing paddle
would beach our crafts, gear up and         back to the campground. Well, an hour
dive. Easy on paper; a little more          and a half and four miles later, we
difficult in the execution.     Our first   arrived at the confluence of the Brazos
challenge was to get the canoes down to     and Paluxy Rivers and Squaw Creek –
the river bed. Doing our best mountain      our final destination. After unloading
goat imitation and after several trips up   our gear and our modest half a bag of
and down the cliff, boats and bags were     trash, we were greeted by Geoff and
boarded.      With Elizabeth remaining      Jessie, our exit point shuttle back to our
Volume 26 Issue 5                                                                      Page 3

                        Diving Wakatobi Resort in Indonesia
                                               By Ann Keller

Last fall Jim and I spent 10        as I was, give me a giant yawn. prospect of catching mating
days diving in one of the most      Somehow, I also managed four cuttlefish on ‘film’.
amazing parts of the ocean –        extre mely       affordable
the waters north of Indonesia.      massages. Let’s just say, my
I’ll skip the gory details about    spa bill was less than the bar
how long it takes to get there.     bill.
Bali is remote, hot, exotic,
steamy, and now one of my           After 30 years of diving I still
favorite places on earth.       I   like to keep a log book. (They’ll
made 25 dives while staying at      be interesting reading when I’m
Wakatobi Resort, and I think if I   sitting in a rocking chair.) But,
could’ve just stayed a little bit   trying to log dives was a
longer, I might have gotten the     challenge.      Just how many
hang of the videography thing.      superlatives can you use?
                                    Upon review I noticed I used
                                    the word “huge” way too often.
                                    That’s because everything
                                    there, corals and fish alike, look
                                    like they’re on steroids.
                                    Highlights of this trip included
                                    seeing:     the mother of all
                                    lionfish underneath a ledge only
                                    to discover, upon closer
                                    examination, that she had 2
                                    “sisters”; a ‘disco’ clam that
                                    kept flashing a neon streak of
                                    light that would’ve looked
                                    appropriate on a sign at a bar,
                                    a pygmy seahorse (thank
                                    goodness for bifocals in my
                                    mask), a school of bumphead
                                    parrotfish that looked like they
                                    came from the Jurassic period,
It’s truly overwhelming – visual    scorpionfish that looked like
sensory overload.        Did I      they’d been clothed by top
mention the 25 dives amounted       fashion designers, Dart fish that
to 1,776 minutes under water?       make jawfish look like they’re in
That’s almost 30 hours! My          slow motion, and Blade fish
shortest dive was 52 min            imitating seagrass. But, my
(washing machine dive -             favorite dive was when I had
updrafts, downdrafts), my           the opportunity to dive with
longest was 80 min. That’s          three cuttlefish that were
where I got to see a crocodile      courting each other - although
fish, who wasn’t nearly as          I’m not sure who was courting
impressed with his environment      who. I was so excited at the
                                                                                                                  Dillo Diver
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Save the Manatee Club
was established in 1981 by former
Florida Governor and U.S. Senator Bob
Graham and singer/songwriter Jimmy
Buffett. The Club was started so the
public could participate in conservation
efforts to save endangered manatees
from extinction. Our mission is to protect
manatees and their aquatic habitats for
future generations.

Save the Manatee Club is a
membership-based, national nonprofit
organization. Funds from our Adopt-A-
Manatee program go toward public
awareness and education projects;
manatee research; rescue and
rehabilitation efforts; and advocacy and
legal action in order to ensure better
protection for manatees and their habitat.

                           Upcoming Events
                                                                                          2009 Scubadillo Officers
       Upcoming Meetings              July 11th—Waldo/Scubadillo’s
                                      25th Anniversary/Birthday Party       President .                                   .Kevin Rusch
Thursday, May 7th—This month’s        Yucatan Beach Club 7:00-11:00 pm.     Vice President          ...           .       .Mike Krieger
guest speaker will be Paula                                                 Treasurer                   ...          ...Shannon Roys
                                                                            Secretary                       ...      ..........Ann Keller
Branshaw Carlson, the Director of     September 4th-7th Labor Day           Sgt. At Arms                           .....David Prichard
Husbandry at the Dallas World         Weekend at Lake Ouachita,             Dir. Of Club Affairs...                         .Gary Gibbs
Aquarium.                             Arkansas.                             Social Director         ...           .. ..Sylvia Evelyn
                                                                            Newsletter Editor            ...      .....Angela Krieger
“Meet, Greet and Eat” Social Hour     October 3rd—New         Braunfels
                                                                                          2009 Board of Directors
starts at 6:30 pm.      The meeting   Trashfest
begins promptly at 7:30 pm.                                                                  All above officers and
                                      October 10th—Pumpkin Dive at                               Henry Aschner
Our next meeting will be Thursday,    Tyler State Park                                            Judy Aschner
June 4th.                                                                                        Philippe Douet
                                                                                                 Sonny Gaither
                                                                                                  Patrick Lynch
                                      See our website for up to date
        Upcoming Events               details on each event!

June 7th—NTSRA Fun Day at Clear
Springs Scuba Park
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                                      Facebook...look f or        W al do
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