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                                                Speaking of
                                                has to work
                                                both ways.
                                                others) has
                                                to clearly
                                                of potential
                                                rather than
                                                to bury that
                                                info. in the
                                                fine print in

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                                             of making
                                             extra $ from
                                             people who
                                             haven't fully
                                             read the

                                     OH no, we'll not have
                                     THAT rhetoric.

                                     "..burying the info..." It's
                                     there, and it's clear. That
                                     you don't
                                     WANT to read the contract,
                                     isn't the cellco's fault.

                                     We've been hearing over the
                                     last few years the same
                                     whining from people
                                     who bought homes without
                                     the advise of counsel. "But
                                     how could I be
                                     expected to read all that?"
                                     they whine and moan, when
                                     faced with the
                                     cold hard facts of real estate
                                     transfer, financing, and
                                     ownership. Make
                                     a $300,000 purchase
                                     without reading the
                                     paperwork? And then whine
                                     how it's someone ELSE'S
                                     fault that you didn't know all
                                     the facts before
                                     you signed on?

                             Well said! The rule is "Caveat Emptor"
                             or"Let the buyer beware!" If
                             you are buying a house or a car (new or
                             used), it's your responsibility
                             to read and understand the agreements you
                             sign. It's also your
                             responsibility to inspect the property that
                             you are buying whether you
                             do it yourself or pay an expert to do it for
                             you; the professionals know

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                                        Re: OBSCENELY large bill!!
                                 what to look for and are usually worth what
                                 they cost.

                         That may have been the case in the stone age when you were
                         born, but we
                         live in a hostile environment where the corporations are so
                         large that
                         consumers are just a numbers game to them. They have
                         entire departments
                         dedicated to bilking every last penny from their customers.

                         Do you have the time and resources to defend yourself
                         against that
                         as well as have a life?

                I've had no reason to "defend myself". When I bought my house, I paid a
                lawyer to make sure that all the I's were dotted and T's crossed and
                that my title was good. I also paid a professional to determine that
                the house was in good condition, that there were no termites, mold, etc.

        So, you are comparing a house to a cell phone now?

                I've had no problems but if I had had problems my ass was covered!
                I also purchased "Title Insurance"; if there were any problems, my ass
                was covered.

        I paid for an inspector when I bought my house, but apparently inspectors
        in this state don't check sewer lines or seepage from foundations.

House, cell phone, car, insurance any contract. It's on you to be sure
you understand it. A contract is just that − a legal and binding
agreement between parties. You are not forced into it.

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