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Digicel Business Conferencing
       Save time and money by reducing travel

       Conduct global meetings with voice

       Easy to set up and use

Savings. Service. Solutions. Security.
            We perform so your business can succeed.

Bring People and Ideas Together                               Seamless Communication
More than ever, maintaining a competitive edge requires       Gather team members quickly to share ideas with Voice
strategic planning, harnessing the newest technologies and    Conferencing.
flawless execution. Digicel Business Conferencing makes
                                                              You decide when the meeting takes place. The
it easy to run business without boundaries.
                                                              moderator then sends registration details to the invited
Whether you operate offices around the world or work          participants. They join the conference as required. Simple.
from home, your team members and clients can’t always
be at the same place at the same time. With Digicel           Superior Service
Business Conferencing, you can bring people and ideas         The Digicel Business network is monitored
together – wherever they happen to be. Participate in a       round-the-clock. Our Help Desk provides 24/7 support
meeting at your desk, in your car or on the golf course.      and problem resolution. That’s real service.

Digicel Business can provide you with a comprehensive         Call us today. Start Digicel Business Conferencing
solution with options for Voice Conferencing.                 and cut travel costs.

                                                              We perform so your business can succeed.
Reduce Travel Costs
With Digicel Business Conferencing, expensive and             At Digicel Business we’re committed to making the
time-consuming travel becomes obsolete. You pay               best even better. Call now for great choice and the best
only per minute, per participant as call moderator for        value from Digicel. Call us directly from your handset on
starting a conference. In addition, each participant          600 or via landline at 1 868 299 6600. You can also
(including the moderator) pays a connection charge based      e-mail us at digicelbusinesstt@digicelgroup.com
on the number dialed and the participant’s
own rate plan.

There are no setup costs for Digicel Business
      Conferencing. Once activated, you just pay per use.

                                                             Get Ahead. Now.

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