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									                                 RTS N EWS
Volume 4, Issue 7
                       BS O SP O                             Bethlehem Special Olympics Newsletter
  October/November 2012

Bethlehem Special Olympics                                           Car Show Success!
PO Box 536                                              October 21 brought a beautiful, sunny, fall day
Bethlehem, PA 18016-0536
Phone: 610-264-3616                                     with a parking lot full of cars, music, games, and
                                                        celebrations for the third BSO Car Show.
       Inside this issue:                           Approximately 115 cars participated, along with
                                       many vendors, an awesome tricky tray collection, and delicious
    Car Show Success            1      food prepared by Chef Adam from Widow’s Restaurant.

    E. Fall Sectionals          1
                                       Soccer teams held their practices at Freedom HS and were able
                                       to meet the participants, volunteers and vote for favorite cars.
 BSO Christmas/Holiday
                                1      Many thanks to Ashley Amato who coordinated the car show,
  Party Announcement
                                       all VOLUNTEERS who worked before, during,
    Polar Plunge Info          2-3     and after the event, and to everyone who par-
   Winter Sports Info           3      ticipated in the fun.
                                                         Best In Show winner ==>>>
     Picture Gallery            4
                                                    See more pictures on page 6
   Thanksgiving Note            5

  Mark Your Calendar            5           E. Fall Sectionals on Oct. 7th
                                       Rain washed out the sectional soccer competition at E. Stroudsburg Universi-
    Training Schedule           6
                                       ty, but BSO was well-represented by the volleyball team, who earned a silver
   Lindgren Memorial            7      medal and qualified for Fall Festival, volleyball skills, and eight powerlifting
                                       athletes. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the event.
     Coach Training
                                                    BSO Christmas/Holiday Party
                                                              For Coaches and Athletes
                                                     Celebrate the holidays with dinner, dancing,
                                                            and Special Olympics friends!
                                                             Saturday December 8, 2012
                                               3:30 PM to 7:30 PM (Dinner served at 5 PM)
  Identify This Coach — Can you name
                                                 St. Peters Evangelical Lutheran Church
  the person shown here? Hint: Think                   474 Vine Street, Bethlehem
  HOD! Answer Page 5
                                       PLEASE RSVP by November 28 by calling or sending email to :
    Have news or photos to be
                                           Connie Berni 610-346-6257 or
        published in the
    Send info to Mark Cole at

             Remember to check the BSO website often for updates:
          Saturday, January 19th
 Join Bethlehem Special Olympics – Team BSO!
    Register Today at PLUNGEPA.ORG
   Create your own team, join an existing team, or plunge on your own,
               donate to Team BSO, or sponsor a plunger!
 Use promotional code BETHLEHEM to donate to Bethlehem Special Olympics.

   Event Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
   Location: Scott Park, Easton, PA
   Plunge Time: 1:00 p.m.
   Admission: Free to spectators. All Plungers are required to
   raise a minimum of $50 in pledges or personal donations.
Every minute you spend in the cold will warm the hearts of
thousands of Special Olympics Pennsylvania athletes! Ask your
friends and family to sign up, jump in and feel warm!

    For more information: visit PLUNGEPA.ORG or e-mail
                          Special Olympics Winter Sports
    Did you know that Special Olympics PA offers several winter sports for training and compe-
tition? The sports of skiing (both downhill and cross country), snowshoeing, and
figure skating are all official SOPA sports. Athletes train during the winter months and travel
to compete in Winter State Games near Johnstown, PA.
                 HOW FAST can you move in a pair of snowshoes? Want                        to
                 find out?
                                     Sign up for snowshoeing!
                     LOVE TO SLIDE DOWN HILL FAST? Try skiing!

             LIKE TO MOVE TO MUSIC? Try figure skating!
              Beginners and all levels are welcome to join.
                  Coaches and volunteers are also needed for winter sports (see p. 7 for up-
                  coming coach training opportunities).
              If you are interested in participating in these sports, contact Joe Talavera at
              610-248-0444 for figure skating, and Alice Moat at 610-264-3616 for skiing or
              snowshoeing. If there is interest, we will offer all these winter sports training

    Lehigh Valley Polar Bear Plunge, Saturday January 19, 2013
The Polar Plunge is a major fundraiser for Special Olympics PA and our local BSO program. Several
“plunges” are held across the state, but this year will be the first held in the Lehigh Valley Area.
On Saturday January 19, plungers will meet at Scott Park in Easton for the opportunity to jump into
the Delaware River. Individuals may plunge or get together with friends to form a team of plungers.
Each plunger needs to donate a minimum of $50, which can be raised by either individuals, or by teams
working together to raise the funds needed to cover team members. Teams are invited to dress up in
costume for extra fun! There is no minimum donation required for athletes to participate in the plunge.
And, if you want to participate without plunging, you may choose to receive an official “”Too Chicken
To Plunge” shirt . Here’s how you can help:
•   Distribute the poster on the opposite page (also available on the BSO web site and from BSO Booster
    Club members) to encourage friends to “shiver in the river” to benefit Bethlehem Special Olympics.
•   Sign up to Plunge as an individual, join a team, or get a group of friends together to form your own
    team. Two teams have been created so far for BSO: The Bethlehem Sleepyheads (Team Captain:
    Rose Ann Reiss), and Team BSO (Team Captain: Alice Moat).
•   Donate to an individual plunger, or to a plunging team. Visit to sign up as a plunger
    or to donate to an individual. Make sure you use the code BETHLEHEM in the program identifica-
    tion area on the web form so that your participation will be credited to BSO. After you sign up, you
    can email the link to family and friends for additional support
•   Ask your employer to consider being a sponsor for the event. Sponsorship levels range from
    $1,000 to $10,000.
•   Just come out and join the event for a morning of fun and excitement celebrating Special Olympics!
50% of the money raised by our program for the Polar Plunge will be returned to Bethlehem Special
Olympics. The other 50% goes to Special Olympics PA (SOPA) to support sectional and state competi-
tions, and their operating costs.
       Questions? Contact: Sue Reddinger,           Rose Ann Reiss,          or Alice Moat.
                           (484) 554-1191           (610) 703-6136           610-264-3616
                                      Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all we have to be thankful for:
 We are thankful for BSO Coaches who dedicate their time to teach skills to
  athletes, organize practices, learn new techniques, and celebrate success.
  Without each of you, our program could not exist.
 We are thankful for the BSO Management Team and Athlete Advisory Committee Members
  for the leadership, guidance, and organization provided to the overall program.
 We are thankful for every BSO Volunteer who supports our program in so many ways — many
  times working behind the scenes doing countless tasks that help everyone accomplish goals
  and get the work done. If you have pitched in and helped in any way during the year, your
  efforts are truly appreciated.
 We are thankful for BSO Donors, Grants, and Community Partners who fund our program and
  make it possible for us to have training facilities, uniforms, sports equipment and transportation
  to competitions.
 We are thankful for BSO Families and Friends who join together to form our large “BSO Family”
  of supporters, making sure athletes get to training and events, and have opportunities to shine.
 Most of all, we are thankful for each and every BSO Athlete who shares the joy of sports, ac-
  complishment, success, acceptance, friendship and just plain old FUN with each other and with
  everyone in the program. You are truly an inspiration to all of us.
     Make sure you take time to think about all you are thankful for this holiday season!

                                         Wednesday, November 7
                    First Rhythmic Gymnastics practice at ASA Packer Elem. School

                                          Thursday, November 8
                First Artistic Gymnastics practice at Parkettes National Training Center

                                           Monday, November 19
                              Fall Fest Coaches Meeting—BSO Office, 7:00 PM

                                          Thursday, December 6
                      Booster Club Meeting — Valley Family Restaurant, 6:30 PM
            The Booster club is moving its meeting date to the first Thursday of each month.
              Dates for Spring 2013 meetings are Jan. 3, Feb. 7, Mar. 7, Apr. 4, and May 2

                       Saturday, December 8—BSO Christmas/Holiday Party
              Dinner, Dancing, and FUN! 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM, St. Peters Lutheran Church,
                         474 Vine Street, Bethlehem— Don’t forget to RSVP!!!

Answer to “Identify this Coach” on page 1: Did you guess that Coach Rose Ann Reiss was underneath all those layers
       trying to stay warm while watching soccer at Fall Fest ? She served as Head of Delegation for Fall Fest.
                              SPORTS TRAINING SCHEDULE
      Start Dates, Times, Locations subject to change. Please contact coach to confirm your
          participation and that the information has not changed prior to listed start date.

                                                                                     GYMNASTICS       GYMNASTICS
               AQUATICS          BASKETBALL         BOWLING          GOLF
                                                                                       ARTISTIC        RYTHMIC

   SEASON    Sept 18 - June       Jan - June        Jan - June    March - Aug          Oct - June       Nov - June
    DAY         Tuesday            Monday          Wednesday          &                Thursday        Wednesday

             Rookies: 6-7 PM                                     Sun: 2:00 PM
    TIME                        6:00- 8:00 PM                                       7:30 - 8:30 PM    6:30 - 8:00 PM
            Advanced: 7-8 PM                                     Wed: 5:00 PM

              Liberty High     Northeast Middle Town & County                                           Asa Packer
   WHERE                                                          Execuve 9        Parkees Center
              school Pool           School         Lanes                                                  School
                                                                  hole course
                                                                                      401 Marn
             1115 Linden St    1170 Fernwood St    1770 Steo    400 Illicks Mill                     1650 Kenwood
  ADDRESS                                                                           Luther King Dr,
               Bethlehem          Bethlehem         Blvd, Beth    Road, Beth.                            Dr, Beth
              Jeanie Earich
             (610) 865-0876
               Fred Knauss      Bonnie Kuronya     Sue Reddinger   Ron Lewis      Kari Benne         Rose Ann Reiss
             (610) 264-0237     (610) 861-7347    (484) 554-1191 (610) 759-6837 (610) 360-8713        (610) 703-6136

              ICES SKATING      POWERLIFTING                        SOCCER             SOFTBALL        VOLLEYBALL

                                                                                Starng Feb
   SEASON      Nov - April        Sept - May                       Aug - Nov                   Aug - Nov
                                                Rollerskang                       to July
    DAY                           Tuesday        training will     Sunday      Wednesdays       Monday
    TIME                       6:00- 7:00 PM      start again  3:00 - 5:30 PM 7:00 - 8:00 PM 6:30 - 8:00 PM
                               Freedom High     aer the new      Hanover
                                                                                Nitschmann     Northeast
   WHERE    Steele Ice Center      School      year — watch Community
                                                                               Middle School Middle School
                                Weight room    the newsleer       Center
                                                 and web for      Field #2
                                                  announce-                                  1170 Fernwood
            320 East First St 3149 Chester Ave                 Harriet Lane & 909 West Union
  ADDRESS                                           ments!                                          St
               Bethlehem         Bethlehem                      Crawford Dr,     Blvd, Beth

                                                  Kim Vanbuskirk                Jorge Cancel
              Jose Talavera                                       Donna Boyle Hilda Cerrrato       Amanda Sehee
               Josetalav1          Ron Lobb        484-646-9604
   COACH                                                         (610) 317-6033  hildacerrato      (610) 419-3285
          (484) 542-0462                             
             (610) 248-0444
                                                                                    (484) 478-2203

For additional information, contact BSO Manager at 610-264-3616 or
                                              Memorial Tribute to Shirley Lindgren
                                   The plaque shown here will be hung in the BSO office in memory of the numerous contribu-
                                   tions made to Bethlehem Special Olympics by Shirley Lindgren. Shirley was a co-founder of
                                   BSO. In 1976, there was little support and practically no community activities for people with
                                   intellectual disabilities. Shirley stepped up and did something about that. She partnered with
                                   another parent, Barbara Steidinger, and started the first parent advocacy group in the Bethle-
                                   hem School District, which became the roots of BSO She was instrumental in organizing the
                                   first BSO competition, a track and field meet, held in June, 1977. The determination of these
                                   two women, led to the establishment of the permanent management team for BSO, and
                                   created the opportunity for the first Bethlehem athlete to attend Special Olympics World
                                   Games in 1979, held in Brockport, NY. Since then, many Bethlehem athletes, including her
                                   daughter Kathy, have had the opportunity to travel globally and compete in National and
                                   World Games. The Bethlehem program has grown to offer more than 15 sports with year-
                                   round training and competition to approximately 200 athletes. Shirley was a vital part of the
                                   BSO Management team from 1976 to 2011, serving primarily as secretary. Through the
years, she served as a coach, chaperone, head of delegation, sports coordinator, and all-around volunteer. In 2011 she was
inducted into the Pennsylvania Special Olympics Hall of Fame. Memorial Contributions to Bethlehem Special Olympics will be
earmarked for special events that honor the memory of Shirley. Shirley’s legacy will live on in the triumph of every BSO athlete
as they participate in training and competition, learn new sports and celebrate their accomplishments through participation in
Bethlehem Special Olympics and as part of the community.

Announcing the Winners of the Stefano’s Golf Tournament Raffle:
            Diamond Jewelry - Darlene Condit
            Flat Screen Television - Kim Golden
            Jewelry Box - Pizza Village
A great big THANK YOU from Louise Tusak to all of you who helped sell tickets and to those who
bought tickets—we sold 132 tickets!!!! That’s $1,320.00 WOW !!!

                                         ATTENTION COACHES!!
Contact Bob Sehee, Volunteer Coordinator, if you are interested in
attending any of these events.
1. Bowling Skills Training - December 2, 2012 (Area M)
   Location - ABC East Lanes, 1001 Eisenhower Blvd., Harrisburg, PA 17111
   Time: Registration 8:30 am—9:00 am, Training: 9:00 am
   Clinicians - Joe Wass and Harry O'Brien
   Registration Fee - $10.00
2. Bowling Skills Training - December 16, 2012 (Lawrence County)
   Locations - Shenango Bowl-A-Way, 422 E. Butler Rd., New Castle, PA 16101
   Time: Registration 12:30 pm, Training 1:00 pm
   Clinician - Chuck Jones
3.   Snowshoe/Cross Country Training: December 1 or 2, 2012 (TBD if the 1st or 2nd) (Somerset)
     Location: Putman Place, Clinician - Sue Putman
There is one additional eastern bowling, and two Alpine ski trainings in the making along with a multisport
training including snowshoeing, cross country, ice skating, floor hockey and bowling) in Lycoming County. As
soon as the dates are confirmed we will let you know but you can check the SOPA Web-site under
coach/training schools. Contact Bob Sehee if interested.

 Many Thanks to Sonny Slonaker for donating proceeds from the Haunted Woods to Bethlehem
 Special Olympics and another thanks to all volunteers who participated in “spooking” the Haunted
 Woods visitors during October weekends.
                                                                             NON-PROFIT ORG
                                                                               U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                        Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-9652
                                                                              PERMIT NO 492

    PO Box 536
Bethlehem, PA 18016


Bethlehem Special Ol
                    ympics              The mission of Special Olym
                                                                        pics is to
        PO Box 536                     provide year round sports
                   6-0536                                           training and
Bethlehem, PA 1801                       athletic competition in a va
                                                                        riety of
                                       Olympic-type sports for ch
                                                                      ildren and
    SPECIAL OLYMPICS OATH            adults with intellectual dis
  Let me win, but if I cannot win,                                abilities, giving
                                     them continuing opportunitie
  Let me be brave in the attempt!                                   s to develop
                                      physical fitness, demonstra
                                                                    te courage,
                                        experience joy, and partici
                                                                     pate in a
                                      sharing of gifts, skills and
                                         with their families, other
                                      Olympics athletes and the

                                           Created by The Joseph P. Ken
                                                                         nedy, Jr. Foundation.
                                     Authorized and Accredited by
                                                                   Special Olympics Internation
                                          the Benefit of Citizens with Inte                       al for
                                                                            llectual Disabilities

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