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                                Roseville Area Senior Program Newsletter

 1910 County Road B W, Roseville 55113 651-604-3520 Mon-Fri, 8am- 4pm

New! Advanced Care Planning: Let’s                             New! Healthy Minds, Healthy Aging
Start the Discussion                                           Learn what being mentally healthy looks like; discuss
Deb Bowman, Lyngblomsten Community Wellness Nurse              stigma and myths associated with mental illness and aging
will give you ideas on how to get the discussion started       (not a normal part of aging); discuss ways to know if you
in your life and with your family. Who would speak for         or someone close to you is experiencing sad, anxious or
you if you couldn’t speak for yourself? Advanced care          nervous moods and what can be done to help. There will
planning is a guided conversation about end-of-life care       be discussion on common stressors, how stress impacts
wishes and preferences. This conversation should take          us, and ideas for managing stress. The presenter will
place between loved ones and with people that you want         review what happens in counseling, and provide ideas on
and trust to speak for you. There is no right or wrong in      how to help others that might see struggling. Presenter:
advanced care planning, just simply letting others know        Joan Stauffer, LICSW, CSW-G Volunteers of America of
your decisions and values. We will also discuss completing     MN. Co-sponsored by Roseville Area Senior Program and
a Health Care Directive and naming a Health Care Agent.        Lyngblomsten’s 5-5-1 Club
Copies of Honoring Choices Minnesota will be one of the
resources available for writing your Health Care Directive.    Wed, March 20: 2-3pm                           Free
Co-sponsored by Roseville Area Senior Program and              Applewood Pointe of Roseville, 1480 Applewood Ct.
Lyngblomsten’s 5-5-1 Club.                                     Register by contacting the RASP office by Mon March 18.

Tue, April 16: 10:30-11:30am                      Free         Roseville Area High School’s Drama
Applewood Pointe of Roseville, 1480 Applewood Ct.
Register by contacting RASP office by Fri April 12.            Department Sponsors Free
                                                               Older Adult Matinee!
Don’t Miss! Ask the Expert about                               “How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying”
Caregiving Choices and Resources                               is a musical with lyrics and music by Frank Loesser
You may discover that your parents or loved ones               and book by Abe Burrows, Jack Weinstock, and Willie
aren’t doing as well at home as you thought. Attend            Gilbert, based on Shepherd Mead’s 1952 book of the same
this session and learn about options and resources to          name. The story concerns young ambitious J. Pierrepont
ensure optimal health, autonomy and safety for them.           Finch who, with the help of the book, HowTo Succeed
Get resource choices for care in the home, in facilities,      in Business Without Really Trying, rises from window
and other services that are available to older adults in the   washer to chairman of the board of the World Wide
community. Costs and strategies for evaluation and quality     Wicket Company.
care will be explored. We will share tips for discussing
care options with your loved ones. Presenter: Jaymee           Wed, April 3, 1:00 pm                             Free
Chanen, LSW, Roseville Area Senior Program (RASP)              Roseville Area High School’s Nielsen Performing Arts
Service Coordinator                                            Center
                                                               1240 County Road B-2 West, Roseville
Wed, April 10, 3-4:30pm $15.00 per family                      Register by calling box office by Mon. April 1.
Register by contacting RASP office by Mon April 9.             If you need more information, visit the website at http://
                                                     , e-mail or call
                                                               their box office at 651-604-1481.
In this Issue
 2       Program Activities/News                               The Roseville Area Senior Program will be closed on:
 3-4 Programs Activities/Volunteer Opportunities               March 29 - Holiday
 5       Essential Services
 6       Community Outreach/Health
 7       Health and Wellness                                                     March/April 2013
     Program Activities/News
A complete calendar with dates and times is available in the RASP office or online at Detailed program activities are also listed in the Community
Education brochure in the Adult Enrichment section. An activity fee may apply.
    Monday                Tuesday               Wednesday               Thursday                   Friday
    Women’s Wellness      Religious Study       Foot Care Clinic        NSSC Meetings              Invest Forum I
    1-2:30pm              9:30-10:30am          1st & 3rd Wed           9-11am                     9:30-11:30am
    3rd Monday            1st & 3rd Tues        by appointment          2nd & 3rd Thurs            Weekly
    Mahjong               Caregiver Support     Health Ins Counsel      Blood Pressure             Clip ‘n’ Sip
    1-3:30pm              12:30-2:30pm          9-11:30am by appt       10-11:30am                 10-11am
    Weekly                2nd & 4th Tues        4th Wed                 Weekly                     Weekly
    Ballroom Dance        Book Discussion       Market Place Talk       Vision Loss                Music in the Lounge
    1:15-3:45pm           1-2:30pm              9:30-10:30am            10-11:30am                 10:30-11:30am
    2nd & 4th Mon         4th Tues              2nd Wed                 1st Thurs                  1st Friday May-Nov
    Card Recycling                              Men’s Discussion        Bridge                     Stitch ‘n’ Chat
    1:30-3:30pm                                 10-11:30am              12:30-4pm                  1-3pm
    2nd & 4th Mon                               Weekly                  Weekly                     Weekly
    Invest Forum II                             Pocket Billiards                                   Chorus Practice
    1:30-3:30pm                                 6-8pm                                              1:30-3:30pm
    2nd & 4th Mon                               Weekly                                             Weekly
                                                                        Drop-In Lounge open Monday-Friday 8am-4pm
                                                                        Wii Drop-In Sports, Computer Station, Pool tables,
                                                                        Library.Craft Shoppe open Monday-Friday
                                                                        9:30am-3:30pm. Indoor walking open
                                                                        Mon-Thurs 1:30-4pm

Three Ways You Can Help RASP’s Meals on Wheels Service:
1. Recommend Meals on Wheels to a friend or family member that has difficulty accessing or preparing
   nutritious meals.

2. Donate to support RASP Meals on Wheels service and contact RASP office for details. Clients pay what
   they can afford for meal service; generous donations help make a difference.

3. Check out volunteering. Try packing the cold part of the meal, bag decorating or meal delivery; work with
   an experienced volunteer to get started. Based on current openings.

     Bag decorating brings smiles           Xcel Energy meal delivery                      Packaging volunteers
2           to volunteers                          volunteers

            For more information, call 651-604-3520 or visit
    Program Activities/Volunteer Opportunities
Current Volunteer Opportunities                                 CarFit and Keeping the Keys
Medical Appointment Driver
Transport older adults using your own vehicle to
medical and dental appointments. The schedule is
Monday through Friday, 8:30am-3:30pm. Training is
provided and mileage reimbursement is an option.
Special Events
Assist with conducting designated special events
including health fair, fundraisers, etc.                      Do Your Car’s Adjustable Features Fit You
To receive application materials, contact Roseville                          Properly?
Area Senior Program at or call            CarFit is a free, interactive and educational program
651-604-3520.                                             designed to improve older adult driver safety and
                                                          comfort. Trained volunteers provide information
Mahjong                                                   to ensure the safest “fit” for older adult drivers and
Mahjong is a game that originated in China and            their vehicles, including positioning of seat, seatbelt,
is similar to the Western card game Rummy, but            mirrors, and other adjustable features. Appointments
played with tiles. Popular in the United States since     take approximately twenty minutes and advance
the 1920s, Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy,          reservations are required.
calculation and a degree of chance. Come enhance
your brain skills by learning a new game or helping       Driving After 60: Keeping Healthy and Keeping
others learn.                                             the Keys: Stay healthy and fit in order to keep the
                                                          car keys as long as possible. Presenter Cindy Albing,
Weekly, Mon               1pm                     $1.50   Lyngblomsten’s 5-5-1 Club Education Coordinator
                                                          Monday, May 13, 2013
Recycling Card Group                                      Roseville Skating Center, 2661 Civic Center Drive,
Come for a fun time making note cards, memo pads,         Roseville MN
gift tags and other items for the Roseville Craft and
Gift Shoppe. The sale of these items goes toward          CarFit Appointments            Free
the North Suburban Senior Council/Roseville Area          10:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Senior Program. New volunteers are welcome!               CarFit in the north parking lot off of Woodhill Drive
Mon Mar 11 & 25, Apr 8 & 22 1:30-3:30pm           Free    Keeping the Keys Presentation and Lunch
                                                          12:00 pm to 1:00 pm       Cost $3
Religious Study                                           Presentation and lunch in the Rose Room, Roseville
A nondenominational study. New participants are           Skating Center.
                                                          Deadline to register is Thursday, May 9. Space is
Tues Mar 5 & 19, Apr 2 & 16 9:30-10:30am $1.50            limited. Contact Roseville Parks and Recreation,
                                                          651-792-7006 to register. You have the option of
On the Dance Floor                                        registering for one or both a Carfit appointment
Social dances with refreshments.                          and the lunch presentation.
Monday          1:15-3:45pm            $4.50/person
                                                          Co-sponsored by Lyngblomsten’s 5-5-1 Club,
March 11 Tony Jambor                                      Roseville Area Schools/Senior Program, Roseville
March 25 Jim Armstrong                                    Police and Parks and Recreation Departments, and
April 8    Hank Thunander                                 Volunteers of America’s RSVP Volunteer Program
April 22 Jim Armstrong

                    For online registration visit
     Program Activities
    Women’s Wellness Group                                 Drop-In Computer Station
    Obtain helpful information and discuss wellness        A computer work station is available for individuals
    topics in a social and supportive group. With a        to use on a drop in basis. You can use the internet,
    general theme of wellness, we seek to broaden our      check email accounts, etc. You must be an
    understanding of living not only a longer, but also    independent user. Print copies are limited to five
    healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.           pages and cost .10 each. Get password from RASP
    Upcoming topics include: Humor and Healing,            office. First come, first served basis. A .25 donation
    Grief and Loss, Aging Self Image, Exercise Basics,     is requested.
    Longevity, Acceptance of Mortality, Nutrition          Daily, no Wednesdays                  8:30am-3:30pm
    Basics, Mind/Body Connection and End of Life
    Work. This group is facilitated by Tara
    Jebens-Singh, who teaches yoga and older adult         North Suburban Chorus
                                                           The North Suburban Chorus is supported by the
    fitness for Roseville Community Education Adult
                                                           North Suburban Senior Council Inc. and Roseville
    Enrichment. Please feel free to contact Tara with
                                                           Area Senior Program. The Chorus does singing
    suggestions or questions at 651-500-8529 or                             engagements in the metro area. There is a need for
                                                           tenor and bass voices. Anyone who likes to sing is
    Mon Mar 18 & Apr 15           1-2:30pm         $1.50   welcome. Call Bob Schmidt at 651-488-6379 for
                                                           more information.
    Investment Forum I
    Gain valuable information about stocks, mutual         Friday practices                         1:30-3:30pm
    funds, taxes, trusts, fund managers, etc. Speakers
    share information that will help you make informed     Great Decisions – Foreign Policy
    investment decisions. Beginning to experienced         Series
    investors are welcome. Data and discussion provided    This program is a series of lectures and discussion
    to the group should be considered information only.    on foreign policy topics. Sessions are held at
    Co-sponsored by Roseville Area Senior Program and      RosePointe, 2555 Hamline Ave., Roseville. Contact
    Lyngblomsten’s 5-5-1 Club                              Roseville Area Senior Program for 2013 topics and
    Fri Weekly, except Mar 29 9:30-11:30am $1.50           speaker schedule at 651-604-3520 or
                                                           Selected   Wednesdays             2pm          Free
    Investment Forum II
    Participate in an informal discussion regarding        Sponsored by Roseville Area Senior Program,
    management of your money. Call 651- 604- 3520          RosePointe Senior Community, and the Minnesota
    for more information. Co-sponsored by Roseville        International Center
    Area Senior Program and Lyngblomsten 5-5-1 Club.
    Mon, Mar 11 & 25, Apr 8 & 22 1:30-3:30pm $1.50
                                                           Bridge Class
                                                           This class is for those who wish to continue to update
                                                           their skills by using Books Four, and Five. The
    Book Discussion                                        emphasis of this course is on basic bidding, scoring
    Anyone who likes to read and share their               and protocols of the game. An American Contract
    impression of book selections is welcome.              Bridge League approved text is available from the
    Mar 26 - “Nothing Daunted: The Unexpected              instructor to accompany the eight week sessions
    Education of Two Society Girls in the West”            ($20 per book). Purchase book from class instructor.
    by Dorothy Wickenden                                   Mignon Nearmyer is a Bronze Life Master and an
                                                           ACBL accredited teacher of more than 15 years.
    Apr 23 - “In The Garden Of Beasts: Love, Terror,       Limited class size. Pay online or at the RASP office.
    and an American Family In Hitler’s Berlin”
    by Erik Larson                                         Tuesdays 1:30-3:30pm           8 weeks          $45.50
    Tues               1-2:30pm                    $1.50   Mar 19 - May 7: Book 4
                                                           May 14 - July 2: Book 5

             For more information, call 651-604-3520 or visit
  Essential Services
Transportation                                                  Meals on Wheels
The Roseville Area Senior Program offers                          Meals on Wheels is available Monday
transportation services to the City of Roseville                  through Friday to adults 60 and older,
and District #623 residents, ages 60 and older,                   and certified disabled adults living in
who do not drive and to disabled adults under age                 the Roseville Area School district who
60 with disability certification provided.           are unable to access and/or prepare food. An intake
                                                     process and in-home assessment are conducted as
Bus Service                                          part of this service. Daily, hot nutritiously balanced
Our bus provides transportation to locations         meals are prepared by the Roseville Area Schools
within Roseville School District #623. The bus       and delivered by volunteers from area churches,
is lift equipped and has spaces for wheelchairs.     organizations, and the community. A suggested
Drivers are Special Transportation Certified.        donation is requested, based on ability to pay. For
                                                     more information call 651-604-3524.
   • Roseville Bus Transportation Schedule
   The bus schedule is 8am-4pm Monday
   through Friday. A cost share donation is          Service Coordination
   requested, based on ability to pay. Bus rides     The Roseville Area Senior Program has a
   include to and from Roseville Area Senior         Service Coordinator to assist older adult residents of
   Program activities, shopping, banking, hair       ISD 623 find resources, dialogue and problem solve
   appointments, medical appointments, etc.          on health, safety, and housing issues. Receive help
   • Bus Ride Scheduling                             navigating community resources with the goal of
   Five business day advance notice is suggested     living safely and independently in your home. Home
   for a ride request. Call 651-604-3535 between     assessments and phone consultations are available.
   8am & 1:30pm, Monday through Friday.              Seniors, family members, and caregivers are
                                                     encouraged to contact the Service Coordinator. If
   • Bus Ride Standing Orders                        home health care service is desired, the Service
   Standing orders may be scheduled for rides
   that take place on a regular basis. They need     Coordinator can refer clients to a variety of resources.
   to be at the same day/time, and the same          A suggested donation is requested, based on ability to
   pick-up and drop-off destination.                 pay.

Medical Rides Available                              Homebound Support Volunteers
Volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to          After a needs assessment is completed by the service
provide rides to medical and dental appointments     coordinator, trained volunteers are available to
within the metro area, for people who have no
other transportation options, and who can walk       provide services to help homebound seniors in the
with minimal assistance.                             Roseville Area School District. Services include:
                                                     errand running, shopping assistance, minor home
   • Medical Rides Available                         repairs and friendly visiting in the home. A suggested
   Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 3:30pm           donation is requested, based on ability to pay.
   A cost share donation is requested, based on
   ability to pay.
  • Medical Ride Scheduling                          Call 651-604-3528 for:
  Call 651-604-3535 between 8am & 1:30pm,            • Service Coordination
  Monday through Friday. Ten business day            • Home Health Care Services
  advance notice is suggested for a ride request.
  Limit your ride request to one ride per week.      • Homebound Support Volunteers
                                                     • Caregiver Support.

                  For online registration visit
     Community Outreach/Health
The Flaming Spoon Café                                       Roseville Craft & Gift Shoppe
Fairview Community Center                                    This shop is supported by the Roseville Area Senior
Lunch: 11:00am-12:15pm                                       Program and North Suburban Senior Council.
No Time? Get Your Meal to go!                                Volunteer consignors make hand crafted items to sell
Full Meal Deal: $4.00 Choice of main entrée or the           and staff the shop. 651-604-3529.
salad bar, milk or coffee. Ala Carte for $0.55 to $2.50
includes sandwiches, soups, salads, rolls, cookies,          Mon-Fri                                9:30am-3:30pm
fruit, chips, etc.
                                                             Roseville Bus Transportation Has
All are welcome. Bring a friend or neighbor. No
individual reservations needed. Groups of six or more        Openings for the Spring Schedule
                                                             RASP Bus Service has openings for riders. Contact

                                                                                                                        Caregiver Education and Outreach
                                                                                                                        Caregiver Education and Outreach
                                                                                                                        Caregiver Education and Outreach
are requested to call in advance, 651-604-3518. We
accept cash, check, or establish a pre-paid meal code.       RASP transportation by calling 651-604-3535,
Monthly menus available at the Fairview Community            between 8am-1:30pm. See page 5 for scheduling
                                                             details for the bus.
Center or online at
and look for Flaming Spoon Café - The Best Meal
Deal in Town!                                                Clip ‘N’ Sip - Donate Campbell
                                                             Labels for Roseville Area Schools
Remember the Roseville Area                                  Have fun while clipping and sorting labels to be
Senior Program In Your Will or                               donated to Roseville Area Schools for educational
                                                             supplies. A donation container is located in the drop
Estate Plan                                                  in lounge. Donate the label that has the UPC code
If the Roseville Area Senior Program (RASP) is               (barcode) with Label for Education logo on it. For
                                                             more information call Michelle Waterworth, Kaposia
important to you, here is a significant and long lasting
                                                             Inc. at 651-789-1890.
way to express your appreciation. Consider making
a planned gift. Using planned bequests through a             Fri                 10-11am                        Free
will or estate plan, revocable living trusts, real estate,
appreciated stock, IRA’s, and retirement accounts and        55+ Defensive Driving Courses
life insurance are a meaningful way to define your           Brush up on your driving skills and receive a 10%
legacy.                                                      discount on your car insurance for three years. No
A planned gift can provide much needed funding to            driving test required. You will receive a certificate of
sustain the future of the Roseville Area Senior              completion to provide to your insurance company.
Program activities and services. Gifts may be                Class size is limited. Prerequisite: 8 hr. course.
designated to a specific service such as Meals on            Preregistration is required through the Roseville Area
Wheels, transportation, service coordination                 Senior Program (RASP) in person, by mail or register
activities and classes or you can leave it to the            online one week prior to class.Information needed:
program as a whole.                                          your name, address, phone number, and birth date.
                                                             Make checks payable to RASP. No senior discounts
A planned gift to RASP is best made with the                 apply. MN Safety Council Instructor.
counsel of one’s financial advisor or attorney. To
discuss a “future” planned gift confidentially contact       Sat       Mar 23       8:30am-12:30pm              $20
Janell B Wampler, Program Coordinator at janell.             Thurs     Apr 25       1:30-5:30pm                 $20 or call 651-604-3520.
Memorial gifts are another option. A name plaque
will be made to honor your loved one with a
memorial donation of $25 or more. The memorial
plagues are on display in the RASP drop-in lounge.

            For more information, call 651-604-3520 or visit
    Health and Wellness
New! Intergenerational Gardening                           Vision Loss Group
Opportunity                                                This group provides consumer information, speakers,
Do you enjoy gardening? Consider getting involved          and good company. Anyone who has vision loss
with the intergenerational garden. Co-sponsored by the     from macular degeneration, glaucoma, stroke or
Roseville Area Senior Program (RASP) and the Fairview      other diagnoses that impacts vision is welcome.
Alternative High School (FAHS grades 9-12).                Cosponsored by Roseville Area Senior Program and
                                                           Vision Loss Resources.
FAHS has received a grant from the Roseville Area
Schools Foundation to build raised garden plots located    Thurs     Mar 7 & Apr 4    10-11:30am           Free
at the Fairview Community Center. This will be a
learning opportunity for FAHS students and any adult to    Caregiver Support Group
                                                           A caregiver support group is available twice per
share ideas, and have ownership in a common project.
                                                           month for caregivers of older adults. The support
If you would like to get involved or have questions        group provides information, resources and valuable
contact Janell B Wampler, RASP Coordinator at              emotional support. New participants are welcome.
651-604-3520 or by March         Tues    Mar 12 & 26, Apr 9 & 23 12:30-2:30pm    Free
31, 2013.
                                                           Market Place Morning Talk
Health Insurance Counseling                                A monthly educational program that provides current
A volunteer from the Metro Area Agency on Aging will       and new health and wellness information.
be available to help you understand and track medical
bills, forms, and benefits you are entitled to under       Market Place Bingo Hall
Medicare, Medical Assistance, Medicare supplement or       2900 Rice St., Little Canada
long term care policies. The insurance counselor is not    Blood Pressure checks from 8:45-9:20am, speaker
connected with any insurance company and does not give     begins at 9:30am. To register call 651-604-3520 by
legal advice. Call 651-604-3520 to schedule an             the Monday before each session. $1.00 per program
appointment one week prior to the session. Space is        Wed March 13 - Neuropathy and New Treatments
limited. In-home health insurance counseling is also       by Jennifer Norine and Dr. Joshua Norine, Total
available to older adults in Ramsey County who are         Healthcare & Physical Medicine and Neuropathy
unable to travel. For information call the Senior          Relief Center.
LinkAge Line at 1-800-333-2433.
                                                           Wed April 10 - Vaccines for Life: What Older
Wed         Mar 27, Apr 24        9-11am           Free    Adults Need To Know
                                                           By TBA
Blood Pressure Screening
Free screening provided by qualified volunteers.           Co-sponsored by Roseville Area Senior Program,
                                                           City of Little Canada Park and Recreation,
No registration required.                                  Lyngblomsten and Golden Living Center/Lake
Thursdays              10-11:30am                  Free    Ridge, Refreshments by Little Canada Recreation
                                                           Association and the Little Canada Bingo Hall
Foot Care Clinic
Jeanne Polaichik, RN will do assessments, trim nails,
and teach you how to care for your feet. During the
initial visit, a comprehensive health assessment will be
done. Call 651-604-3520 to schedule an appointment.
For questions regarding foot care call Jeanne at
Wed          Mar 6 & 20, Apr 3               9am-3pm
Initial Visit $32/30 minute session
Subsequent Visit $25/30 minute session
                                                                                                           7 7

                      For online registration visit
       Roseville Area Senior Program
       Roseville Area Schools Community Education                                    Non-Profit Org
       1910 County Road B West                                                       US Postage Paid
       Roseville, MN 55113                                                           Twin Cities, MN
       651-604-3520                                                                  Permit No 3248

 Roseville Area Senior Program                                                Staff Directory
         Roseville Area Schools                             Program Coordinator                    Janell Wampler
         Community Education                                651-604-3520      
                                                                                                 Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
1910 County Road B West
Roseville, MN 55113                                         Secretary/Transportation                 Linda Nelson
Mon - Fri, 8am-4 pm                                         651-604-3520/651-604-3535
Office: 651-604-3520 ---- Fax: 651-604-3565                                                      Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
MN Relay: 1-800-627-3529
Email:                                      Program Asst/Meals on Wheels            Tara Garvin
Website:                       651-604-3524       
                                                                                              Mon-Fri 8am-2pm
Program Funding
The Roseville Area Senior Program is a program of           Services Coordinator/Outreach       Jaymee Chanen
Roseville Area Schools Community Education with support     651-604-3528              Mon-Thur By Appointment
from the North Suburban Senior Council, and individual                      
contributions. Additional funding is received from Ramsey
County, and Senior Services Consortium of Ramsey County,
PRISM Express via the Older Americans Act administered
through the Metro Area Agency on Aging and the Minnesota
Board on Aging.

      A special thank you to the Ramsey County
     Commissioners for continued support in 2013!
             For more information, call 651-604-3520 or visit

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