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19 September 2008


Dear Parents Few people would realise that it is seven years since we had the last Arts and Craft Fair. They were very successful events in their time and a great source of fundraising for our fledgling College. Last Sunday the new order was reborn with the equally successful Spring Fair, For those who were able to attend you would have been amazed, as we were, with the crowds of people from the Peel Region who attended and were treated to a smorgasbord of stalls, rides, games and the various choices of food and drinks. From face painting through to bouncy castles and animal farms to lazar skirmishes, there was something for every child and young person. With over 30 stalls ranging from cake and produce through to the white elephant stall and even to a fashion stall there was plenty to interest the adults. Apart from some early showers passing through which tended to leave some a little damp, at the end of the day the whole event was declared a resounding success. Of course, anyone who has ever had any part to play in the organisation of a fair or fete would realise the huge amount of planning and preparation that has to be done. Under the ever present direction of Mrs Wendy Faulkner a whole team of dedicated workers from the Parents and Friends Association gave generously of their time and effort over many weeks to guarantee that the Spring Fair would be a winner. On behalf of our whole community I would like to say a very big thank you to anyone and everyone who had a part to play in last Sunday‟s success. Remember our students are the ultimate winners. Well done! As our term draws to a close I would like to briefly mention some events of the past week.  In-term swimming lessons for our Junior School children. Although an interruption to the classroom timetable this is a vital activity for our children to keep them water safe.  Inter-House Theatre Sports started this week with the various teams displaying their dramatic talents in the wonderfully entertaining form of competition.  Our Junior School students participation in the Inter-school Athletics Carnival held in Pinjarra.  Friday will see the showcasing of the talent of our students in the Music Concert to be held in the gymnasium.  Finally, be aware and if possible participate in St Monica‟s „Walk for those who can‟t‟ Wheelchair event leaving from Hall Park at 9.30 on Sunday. May God bless you and your family.

The Lord will fight for you; you only have to keep still.

How often do we fall into the trap of wanting immediate answers to our prayers? In a world that demands instant gratification, the anticipation of expecting the answer at once has become normal. Someone once said: 'Don't push the river; it flows by itself'. I know God has many answers to prayer, including Yes, No and Not yet. We need to listen in the waiting for nudges from him, as to what he asks of us in this situation. Lord, grant me patience and a listening ear, trusting your answer will be life-giving for mine and for me. Amen

Graeme J Mander
Dates to Remember Sunday, 21 September Monday, 22 September Wednesday, 24 September St Monica‟s Walkathon Y10 Dance Y11 Dinner Dance

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I am sure that the Spring Fair has been the topic of conversation on most people‟s lips this week. What a great day, even if the weather was not as favourable as would have been hoped. Even though it ultimately was a fund raising event the fact that we were able to come together as a community was just fantastic. To all parents, students, families and staff members who helped either before or on the actual day: thank you. Our Year Three students have written some interesting reflections about the fair: Enjoy! The Spring Fair
On Sunday it was the Spring Fair. My mum was running the show bags and some of the book marks. I loved going Sumo wrestling it was like a big suit putting weight on you so it is hard to get up off your back. I also liked going on the little black car. I looked for the candy floss all over and my mum told me it was on the oval. So when I got the fairy floss I got all sticky like a pot of honey. I got a big pie from the servery. I went in the show bag store to get ready to go home but I had to get my big sister first. We had a fantastic time. Madigan Cairnduff On the weekend we went to the Spring Fair. We had to be there by ten past eight in the morning. We had to help set up the spring fair. A bit past ten o’clock I had a square of chocolate cake. Then me and dad did some mini golf. Then after that we went back to mum and my sister. Nearly all the chocolates were gone. You toss 20c and it has to land on the chocolate. Then some Year Five boys got the rest of the chocolate. Later in the day I went on a ride on a slide. Then I went on a car race and it was fun. Then I had a pie and had a look at the plants. Stephen Le Tessier On the weekend I went to the amazing Spring Fair on Sunday. First I went on the big green frog with the balloons in it. When we got in it we tried to watch out for the balloons but that was impossible. Suddenly we went to the glow store. After that we went to where my mum was working ‘the brilliant Year 3 stall’ to win chocolates. Mikayla Ieraci-Pettitt On Sunday we had a Spring Fair it was fun. I did the laser skirmish it was fun and I also bought a show bag. I bought a slushy with all of the best flavours. I went in the cars. I bumped someone into the wall. Then I went to the plant stall saw my brother. He was running it with other Year Sevens. Then I went home. It was an awesome day. Hayden Carey

As you are aware many students have been unwell over the last few weeks and we have had low numbers in many classes. The symptoms are high fever, gastro and coughing. With the swimming program on at the moment I ask you to please monitor your child carefully to make sure they are fully recovered before they return to school so we can reduce the chance of the infection spreading to others. The Inter-school Sports were held at Pinjarra this week. I must commend the students as their teams were very depleted due to so many absent students and many had to step up to participate in extra events. Thank you to Mr Scarle for preparing the students for the carnival. READING SURVEY: Thank you to all those people that took the time to fill out our reading survey. We have been able to gather some valuable data that will enable us to gain a greater insight into home reading. Your comments are valuable to us. As a staff we can now look at the data and make some decisions about the reading programs we are running in the classes. Thank you once again. If you would like to know any of the results from the data gathered please don‟t not hesitate to see Ms Ray or Miss Mitchell. Please note that Term Four commences on Monday October 13 for Junior School. It is only a Pupil Free day for the Secondary. However, we have contacted the bus companies and unfortunately no buses will be running on the first day. We apologise for this inconvenience but it is out of our hands.

What’s coming up in the Junior School….
Monday, September 22 Friday, September 26 Monday, October 13 Year Three Reconciliation Celebration Final Day of Term Three Day One Term Four for Junior School [Mrs Kerrie Merritt, Head of Junior School]

May God‟s blessing be with you all.

Applications Close Friday, 26 September 2008
At Mandurah Catholic College academic, cultural and sporting achievement are valued and recognised. Students are encouraged to strive for excellence and develop their potential to the full, in accordance with the College‟s Mission Statement. In 2009 the College will offer three Music Scholarships (1 each for students of Years 8, 9 and 10 in 2009) tenable for 1 year. If you would like for your child to apply for a Music Scholarship please contact Mrs Lorraine Kingham, Principal‟s Secretary to obtain an application form. All applicants will be auditioned and the results from the audition will provide a shortlist from which successful applicants will be selected. Audition requirements will be as follows: Two contrasting pieces of music performance; Aural test; and Basic music knowledge.

NAIROBI 2008: I am leaving for Nairobi at the beginning of Week 10 this term to continue the work of our College in the slums of Nairobi. We are looking at completing a project to build a science and computer classroom at St Mary‟s school which prepares underprivileged children for sitting University Entrance Examinations. To do this I am seeking financial donations towards the purchase of sea containers, carpentry and electrical work. If you are able to make a donation, large or small, please contact me on 9531 9500 so we can make arrangements to receipt your donation, alternatively it can be made directly to accounts in the front office. Thank you in anticipation. [Mr Jamie Chappell, Head of Senior School]

The following scholarships, valued at $500.00 each are offered to students entering Year 11 in 2009: The Year 11 Catenians’ Association Encouragement Award Criteria: The successful applicant would –  Demonstrate by past academic performance that he/she had worked to the best of his/her ability;  Come from a family where such a financial addition would be appreciated; and  Clearly show that he/she is a worthy recipient of the award, by the manner in which he/she is involved in the life of the College. The Year 11 Tuckey Trust Award Criteria: The successful applicant would –  Demonstrate by past academic performance that he/she has an excellent academic record; and  Clearly show that he/she is a worthy recipient of the award, by his/her active involvement and participation in a form of Christian Service where care and concern for others was shown.

The following scholarship is valued at $1000.00 and is offered to students entering Year 12 in 2009: Year 12 The Chanel Dufall Memorial Scholarship Criteria: The successful applicant would –  Demonstrate a marked improvement in work habits over the past year in his/her chosen subjects,  Be achieving satisfactory results  Be active in school life Application forms for all Scholarships are available from Mrs Kingham in Administration. Closing date for all Scholarships is Friday 26 September, 2008.

NOTICE OF INTENTION TO LEAVE THE COLLEGE In order for us to plan for the future needs of our students and accommodate families seeking a Catholic Education it is requested that you notify the College if it is your intention to cease the enrolment of your child(ren) at the end of this year. Please be assured that all intentions to leave the College are confidential. If you need to discuss this matter further please do not hesitate to contact me on 9531 9502. Mrs Lorraine Kingham, Principal’s Secretary

ANNUAL MUSIC CONCERT You and your family are invited to the Annual Music Concert of Mandurah Catholic College. This is a showcase of our many ensembles and selected solo items. Featuring for the first time the Peel Region Combined Catholic Primary Schools Band. Friday, 19 September 2008. Commencing at 7pm in the College Gymnasium. Tickets available from the Mandurah Catholic College Arts Faculty Phone: 9531 9620. LOST PROPERTY: If not collected by Friday, 26 September items will be donated to charity: Board Shorts Blue track pants Rash Shirts Black Fleecy Jacket Surf Booties Sport Shoes (mens) School Tie & Caps School Shoes St Bernadette Shirt White School Shirt size 34 Hot Chilli Pencil Case(no name) Towel (PFL Grand Final Reserves Umpire 2006)

Please come to Student Reception as soon as possible for collection. UNIFORM NEWS
UNIFORMS FOR TERM 4: All students are to return to school next Term in Summer Uniform, with the exception of Year 12‟s, who may continue to wear their Winter Uniform. BOYS SUMMER UNIFORM: This is the Final Term that the khaki uniform may be worn. As from Term 1, 2009 all boys are required to wear the grey shorts, grey socks and white shirts. The Uniform Shop will be open daily for the first week of Term 4 Monday (pupil free day for secondary), Tuesday and Wednesday 8.00am – 1.00pm Thursday & Friday 11.00am – 3.45pm and thereafter during Term 4 on Mondays 11.00am – 3.45pm, Tuesdays 8.00am – 1.00 pm and Thursdays 11.00am – 3.45pm. SECOND HAND CLOTHES: The school holidays is a great time to get uniforms cleaned and ready for resale, as next term the Uniform Shop is busy with new students looking for second hand items. The Uniform Shop will purchase second-hand clothing priced according to the condition of the garment. Please note the following points when presenting uniforms for resale.       A second-hand clothing form and a Statement by supplier form (for GST purposes) needs to be completed when leaving goods, and these may be obtained from the uniform shop or student reception. We will only take brand names that are sold by our uniform shop. We will not take any discontinued stock. All items must be in good condition and cleaned. Blazers are to be dry cleaned and if „Colours‟ or „Honours‟ are embroidered on the pocket, the pocket must be removed and replaced by a new one which is available from the uniform shop. Payment will be made within the month for items purchased by the uniform shop. [Mrs Debbie Cole, Uniform Co-ordinator]

CAREERS APPOINTMENTS: Any students who would like to discuss their career options please make an appointment by filling out a request form at student reception or in the library. After school appointments can be arranged for parents wanting to attend with their child. Please contact me by phoning 9531 9746. NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY APPLICATIONS ARE DUE: Year 12 students applying for admission to Notre Dame are required to submit their applications by 4 pm, Friday, 26 September. WESTERN AUSTRALIAN ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS (WAAPA): is currently taking applications for 2009. The closing date is 30 September, 2008. Apply online at www.waapa.ecu.edu.au or for further information contact the admissions officer by email waapa@ecu.edu.au or phone 9370 6594.

CAREERS NEWS (continued)

WOMEN IN UNIFORM:- Tuesday 7 October 2008. Female students interested in a career in the defence forces as an Officer Cadet are invited to come along to an information day. The day will include tour of HMAS Stirling Fleet Base West (Garden Island), and a presentation outlining the many career paths available to women including cadet officer training and life at the academy. For further information a nd a registration form see Mrs Wilson in the library, registrations close Friday, 26 September 2008. PEEL EMPLOYMENT DIRECTIONS NETWORK SCHOLARSHIPS: The local Peel Employment Directions Network has on offer 16 Scholarships each worth $1,000.00 to assist with further education and Training. The scholarships are open to students in the Peel region, to be eligible students must write in explaining what career they would like to pursue and their plan to achieve this. For further information and an application form please see Mrs. Wilson in the library or go to www.csi.org.au UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS: All universities offer a number of scholarships for prospective students. The scholarships can be very beneficial in assisting with the payment of university fees. Many of the scholarships are now available for application. For more information go to the following university websites and follow the links: The University of Western Australia: www.studyatuwa.edu.au Curtin University – www.curtin.edu.au Notre Dame – future@nd.edu.au Edith Cowan University – www.ecu.edu.au Murdoch University – www.murdoch.edu.au

NEW SUMMER MENU IS ON IT’S WAY: The summer menu is being prepared for distribution with the reports for the Secondary Students. The Junior School Students will receive theirs in the afternoon trays on Thursday, 25 September 2008 if you do not receive your menu please see Kim in the Canteen or Donna in Student Reception ASAP. The Menu will now be colour coded for easy identification, in this case the summer menu will be orange, and will be effective Term 4 2008 and Term 1 2009, please do not order from this menu until then. Please discard all yellow menus at the end of Term 3. NEWSLETTER INSERTS: The Canteen Staff hope that all families are enjoying the weekly inserts provided by Nutrition Australia.

Consumi ng mi nerals from a variety of f ood so urces assists in mai ntai ning a heal thy lifestyle . Below are some of the mos t comm on minerals, why the y are neede d and what fo ods the y are in. Minera l Calcium Essent ia l for Buil ding tee th a nd bones, transm itting si gnals betwee n ner ves, co ntrolling secretion of hormones. Forming haemo globi n whic h assists in carryi ng o xygen thr ough bl ood stream to tissues. Assist sin m uscle a nd nervo us system f unc tions as well as regulati ng water in the blood, cells and tiss ues. Imm une s yste m, cell growth and healing of w ounds. Foo ds found in Dair y pro duc ts suc h as mil k, c heese, yoghurt, fish wi th edible bo nes, almonds, sesa me seeds, broccoli. Red mea t, chi cke n tuna, sal mon, legumes, e ggs, dried fruit, w holegrains, dar k green leaf y ve geta bles. Nuts, fruit (es peciall y dried frui t and citrus), raw vege tables, le gumes, bran. Beef, pork, lamb, peanuts a nd other legumes.




SERVERY ROSTER COMMENCING: Term 3 Monday 22 September 2008 MONDAY 22/09/08 WEDNESDAY 24/09/08 FRIDAY 26/09/08

Karen Cluning Jo Gleeson CANTEEN ROSTER COMMENCING: Term 3 Monday 22 September 2008
MONDAY 22/09/08 Leonie Conley TUESDAY 23/09/08 Debbie Weller WEDNESDAY 24/09/08 Joanne White Carmel Hodges

THURSDAY 25/09/08 Jill Toovey

FRIDAY 26/09/08 Nikki Woolcott

SPRING BALL: Now that the hard work of the Fair is over it is time to dress up, relax and have a great night out at our Annual Spring Ball. Which will be held at the RAAFA, Meadow Springs on Saturday, November 15. Tickets will be available early Term Four. SWEET TOOTH BEWARE: Order forms for the Superslice Drive will be distributed next week. They have to be returned early Term Four. THANK YOU-SPRING FAIR: The 2008 Spring Fair Committee are deeply appreciative of the many, many people who helped to make the Fair happen. There are too many people to name, but it is thanks to these people, who helped in the kitchen and food hall, provided entertainment, assisted in the art exhibition, cleaned and sorted items for the white elephant stall, nurtured plants, collected and sold rides tickets, worked in food vans, helped set up stalls, photocopied, ran errands, help set up on Saturday and clean up afterwards and generally made the day happen. THANK YOU... To the Class Co-ordinators who set up stalls and activities THANK YOU… To the staff who offered their assistance and resources THANK YOU… and lastly, to all the students and their families who came to the Fair and made such a great atmosphere THANK YOU. The Spring Fair would not be what it was without you and the 2008 Spring Fair Committee applaud you for your efforts.

LITTLE CHURCH: Volunteers needed to assist with Little Church on Sunday mornings during 9.30am Mass. If you would like to help or would like more information please contact Marion Ryan at Mandurah Catholic College or Sr. Kathleen at the Parish Office on 9581 2061. SERPENTINE PCYC: Vacancies in Indoor Soccer for both Beginners and Junior sessions. Beginners Mondays 3.30pm – 4.30pm & Jnrs 4.30pm-5.30pm. Roller Disco Saturday, 20 September. Entry $4.00. See you there!!!!!!! SCHOOL HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS AT FALCON e LIBRARY AND COMMUNITY CENTRE: Tuesday, 30 September CARDMAKING, and Wednesday, 8 October BEADING. Bookings essential on 9550 3230 or at the library desk, Falcon eLibrary & Community Centre, Cnr Flavia St & Cobblers Road, Falcon. WORLD OF ENERGY: During the school holiday the following activities will be available at World of Energy (Western Power‟s Energy Education Centre), 12 Parry Street, Fremantle. Tuesday, 30 September – Friday 3 October, “Junior Science Explorers” and Monday, 6 October – Friday, 10 October, “Kids in the Kitchen”. For bookings, please ring World of Energy on 9430 5655. CATHOLICS CORNER: Specialising in Gifts, Cards and Apparel for Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Flower Girls and Page Boys. Large range of styles and sizes. Personalised candles for all occasions and much more. Telephone 9456 1777 for more information. TENNIS ANYONE: Summer will soon be here. For your closest tennis club call Tennis Headquarters on 99381 7756. Children of all ages and abilities are welcome. SPRING IN THE VALLEY ART EXHIBITION: The Spring in the Valley Art Exhibition officially opens Friday, 10 October from 7-10pm in the Laurence Murphy Hall. For more information contact 9274 6266. MANDURAH SURF LIFE SAVING CLUB: Registration and Family Open Day. For further details call 9581 9178. SPRING IN THE VALLEY ART EXHIBITION: The Spring in the Valley Art Exhibition officially opens Friday, 10 October from 7-10pm in the Laurence Murphy Hall. For more information contact 9274 6266.

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