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English Songs _ Western Culture


									English Songs & Western Culture:
         An Adventure?
          Musical Performance
• Snow White (music style, travesty, guitar and
• Cinderella (blocking, costume, performance)
• Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (travesty, setting
  design, theme: inter-racial conflict and reconciliation)
• A Story of Jingyanggang (Song choice, Plots,
  Performance; Choreography; Environmental
• Youth and Love (originality, music, dance, singing,
  theme: love)
•    平时成绩30%
1.   Presentation 10%
2.   Musical 10%
3.   Attendance and quizzes and writings 10%
•    期中成绩30% (paper)
•    期末成绩40%
I.       Fill in the blanks with the appropriate song titles given in the box.
         (2*5=10 points)
II. Identify the songs from which the following lyric lines are taken.
         (2*5=10 points) 歌词、歌名
III. Decide whether the following statements are True or False (2*10=20
IV. Brief essay questions (2*5+2*10=30 points)
V. Long Essay questions (2*15=30)
• I-III题范围:学期初下发歌词和教学计划安
• IV-V题范围:本学期所有在课堂上讲解过的
• 见表格
     Olde British Greensleeves, What Child Is This?
           Songs    As Vesta Was from Latmos Hill Descending
African-American    Swing Low, Sweet Chariot; Steal Away;
           Music    Amazing Grace
American Country    Sutter's Mill; Rocky Mountain High
      and Western   Coat of Many Colors
           Music    Thank God I'm a Country Boy
   Popular Music All You Need Is Love; Love Changes Everything
                 Heal the World; The Rose
                 Substitute for Life, 21st Century Digital Girl
                 Same Mistake; Poker Face
        Musicals Angel of Music; The Phantom of the Opera;
                 Music of the Night; All I Ask of You; Wishing
                 You Were Somehow Here Again; Ending
           Olde British Songs
Greensleeves        16th century; Henry VIII and Anne
                    Boleyn; Craving for Greensleeves;
                    Unanswered love; love and wealth

What Child Is This? A Christmas Carol; The birth of Jesus
                    Christ in a Manger by Virgin Mary, his
                    contribution to Christianism, and his
As Vesta Was from Thomas Weekles; 16-17th century;
Latmos Hill       Vesta, Diana and Oriana; Cult of
Descending        Elizabeth I
       African American Songs
Swing Low, Sweet   1860s; Wallace Willis (Native American); the Prophet
Chariot            Elijah being taken to heaven by a chariot; claimed to be
                   related to Underground Railroad
Steal Away         Wallace Willis Underground Railroad, an informal
                   network of secret routes and safe houses used by 19th-
                   century black slaves in the U.S. to escape to free states
                   and Canada with the aid of abolitionists and allies who
                   were sympathetic to their cause.
Amazing Grace      A Christian hymn written by English poet and
                   clergyman John Newton; 1779; forgiveness and
                   redemption are possible regardless of the sins people
                   commit and that the soul can be delivered from despair
                   through the mercy of God
American Country and Western Music
Sutter's Mill     Dan Fogeberg, 19 The California Gold Rush (1848–
                  1855) and its short-term and long term effects;
                  California Dream and American Dream; narrative;
                  pioneering spirit
Rocky Mountain    John Denver, 1972; Primarily inspired by John Denver's
High              move to Colorado state three years earlier and his love
                  for the state; individualism; love of the nature and
Coat of Many      Dolly Parton, 1971; a true story from her childhood.
Colors            Family values;
Thank God I'm a   Family values, self-reliance; pioneering spirit
Country Boy
               Popular Music-Love
All You Need Is   Beatles; world-wide live-broadcast; love is
Love              powerful; important

Love Changes      Andrew Lloyd Webber; love is
Everything        powerful, important

Heal the World;   Michael Jackson; feminine, war; philanthropy

The Rose          Westlife; the multi-facets of love
         Popular Music-Social Concern:
Industrialization, Capitalism, and Social Alienation
Same Mistake     War, social alienation, skepticism

Substitute for   TV culture; capitalism; social alienation

21st Century     Industrialization and social alienation; wealthy
digital girl     life and
Poker Face       Lady Gaga, social alienation
Musical-The Phantom of the Opera
•   What is a musical?
•   The phantom of the Opera
•   Plot
•   Theme
•   Characters: Christine, Rauol, Phantom
         Songs and Culture
• Cultural studies helps us to understand a
  song better
• Cultural studies helps us to understand the
  social and cultural appeal of a song better.
• Song studies helps us to understand

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