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									                                                                        March 2009

Dear Friend,

As part of the party’s ongoing policy development, we will be organising a day of
discussion and debate on sustainable futures on Saturday, April 25th in the National
Botanical Gardens.

We envisage the morning sessions will be spent outlining the context of sustainable
development and outlining the key challenges including living with diminishing oil
reserves and producing food close to home. We envisage that the afternoon will be
spent in panel and open floor discussions to develop practical ways forward at
County Council, Assembly, Westminster and European Parliament levels.

As a key stakeholder in environmental issues and sustainability, we would be
delighted if you could attend. We look forward to seeing you!

Yours truly,

Myfanwy Davies                                            Nerys Evans AM
Director of Political Education                           Director of Policy

                                                                       Plaid Cymru
                                                                       Tŷ Gwynfor
                                                                  Marine Chambers
                                                                      Anson Court
                                                                    Atlantic Wharf
                                                                         CF10 4AL

                                                             Phone: 029 20 472272


Plaid Cymru
Gwanwyn Gwyrdd Conference 2009
Saturday 25th April 2009
The National Botanic Garden of Wales
Llanarthne, Carmarthenshire

On Your Side for a Greener Future

                                                        Guest Speakers


                                                        How to Find the Gardens

                                                        How to Book a Place

                                                        Terms & Conditions

        The Great Glasshouse, National Botanic Garden

P4    Introduction

P5    General Information

P8    Guest Speakers

P8    Exhibitions and Stalls

P9    Provisional Conference Timetable

P10   Delegate Booking Form

P11   Stall Booking Form

P12   Terms & Conditions

                                     Principality House, National Botanic Garden


Plaid Cymru Director of Political Education


It is a pleasure to welcome you to Sustainable Spring, our first dedicated policy
seminar which will be held in the magnificent suroundings of the National Botanical
Gardens. In these past few months we have heard the rhetoric of equality, control of
markets and environmental sustainability from the other side of the Atlantic. The
financial crisis that began last September marks the end of the thinking that has
dominated world economies since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Nonetheless, the
analyses offered by the main UK parties are depressingly similar and all draw on the
discredited belief in the free market and light-touch regulation.

At the same time, we are facing the growing crisis of our over-dependance on oil
which will profoundly effect the ways we live in the near future. This seminar is an
opportunity for members, activisits and service providers to have a focused
discussion to develop integrated responses to the financial and environmental crises
that reflect our values of social solidarity and community activism.

We need to use this time to plan for a better future and to get there by new means.

Dr Myfanwy Davies
Director of Political Education
Plaid Cymru Westminster Candidate for Llanelli

General Information

The National Botanic Garden of Wales is a centre of world significance dedicated to
horticulture, conservation, science, education, leisure and the arts. The 568-acre
Garden and its centrepiece, the Great Glasshouse, opened fully on May 24th 2000.

The vision of the Garden of Wales – a world where we understand, value, use, enjoy
and sustain plant life to create a balance of life on earth – is particularly suited to
Plaid Cymru’s one-day Gwanwyn Gwyrdd policy development event.

As this is the first of our one-day policy development conferences, we want as many
people as possible to be able to attend. Because of this, the cost of a ticket to
Gwanwyn Gwyrdd is NOW FREE (if you have already sent us a payment it will of
course be returned to you immediately, in full). This includes lunch, morning and
afternoon tea and coffee and entrance to the Botanic Gardens themselves as well as
all aspects of the conference. However, we would be grateful if you would send us a
booking form so that we are aware of numbers before Friday 3rd April 2009.

How to get to the Botanic Gardens

The 166 bus runs from Carmarthen Train Station to National Botanic Gardens and
drops off within the Gardens car park.

Alternatively, Traveline could help you with your public transport queries. You can
visit their website www.traveline.info, call them on 0871 200 22 33, or text 84268.


The National Botanic Garden of Wales is situated 10 mins from the M4 and ¼ mile
from the A48 in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales, midway between Cross
Hands and Carmarthen.

Caernarfon      3 hours
Aberystywth     1 ½ hours
Cardiff         1 hour
Swansea         30 minutes

Driving from Swansea

Take the M4 west towards Carmarthen and Pont Abraham services. At the services
take the A48 towards Carmarthen. Take the third exit at the Crosshands
roundabout, remaining on the A48. After about 4 miles there is a slip road

signposted B4310 to Nantgaredig. It has a brown leisure sign for National Botanic
Garden of Wales. Follow the directions to the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

Driving from Carmarthen

Take the A48 towards Swansea and the M4. After approximately 8 miles, take a slip
road signposted B4310 (Nantgaredig). It has a brown leisure sign for the National
Botanic Garden of Wales. Follow the directions to the National Botanic Garden of

Conference dates and times

The date of Gwanwyn Gwyrdd is Saturday 25th April 2009.

The times of the Conference are 10.15am-1.00pm and 2.00pm-5.15pm.

Ticket availability and stand space is limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

How to book
Complete the booking form(s) and return to National Office by e-mail, post or fax
for the attention of Lowri Jackson, Research and Policy Officer. All bookings must be
received by Friday 3rd April 2009.

For more information about places to stay in and around Carmarthenshire, please
visit http://www.visit-carmarthenshire.co.uk/.

The Garden is accessible to all visitors. There are several motor powered and
manual wheelchairs available at the Gatehouse free of charge but it is advisable to
ring 01558 667148 before your visit to book one of these.

The Garden has been designed to be wheelchair friendly and the paths around the
Great Glasshouse have recently been re-surfaced to improve wheelchair access.
There is also a regular shuttle buggy service to take you to most parts of the Garden
and return you to the Gatehouse.

No pets are allowed on site except Guide Dogs. Unfortunately, no bicycles or
scooters of any type are allowed into the garden.

Shopping and Eating
Morning and afternoon tea and coffee and a buffet lunch are included in the cost of
the day. For any other requirements, there are various facilities on site:

The Seasons Restaurant
The Mediterranean Café
The Gatehouse Coffee Shop
The Garden Shop

Map to the Corporate Entrance of the Botanic Gardens


If you require further information please contact:

Lowri Jackson, Research and Policy Officer

Tŷ Gwynfor
Plaid Cymru
Marine Chambers
Anson Court
Atlantic Wharf
CF10 4AL

Tel: 02920 475926 E-mail: lowrijackson@plaidcymru.org

Guest Speakers
We are proud to announce guest speakers from across Plaid Cymru, including
members of the Party, councillors, Assembly Members, Members of Parliament and a
Member of the European Parliament.

In addition to Plaid Cymru elected representatives and members, experts in the field
of green issues, energy generation and the climate crisis will be taking part in panels
and workshops.

We are determined to make this a fascinating and informative event for all those
who attend. There will be networking opportunities during breaks and at lunchtime,
and environmental organisations will be on hand to discuss green topics.

Politicians confirmed to attend:

Jill Evans MEP
Adam Price MP
Nerys Evans AM
Leanne Wood AM
Helen Mary Jones AM

Please see the next page for more speakers and a provisional conference timetable!

Exhibition Stands/Stalls
We are now very pleased to offer organisations the opportunity to run a stall at
Gwanwyn Gwyrdd FOR FREE (if you have already sent us a payment it will of
course be returned to you immediately, in full). This will be a superb way of reaching
an interested audience of both the environmentally active and new converts! Please
get in touch with Lowri Jackson, lowrijackson@plaidcymru.org for more
information. We have limited space available so please book as soon as possible!

Setting up and access times
Our Exhibition area will be located in the marquee during breaks and at lunch time
while delegates are enjoying a buffet lunch. We believe that this is a great
opportunity for networking and for getting your message out.

Exhibitors can gain access to the venue from 9.30am on Saturday 25th April. You are
expected to be ready by 11.00am.

Dismantling can begin after 4.00pm on Saturday 25th April and should be completed
by 5.30pm.

* Please make your booking by filling in one of the following forms.

 Provisional Conference Timetable

10:00 - 10:15                                       Registration
                               Open of Conference: ‘Painting the World Green’
   10:15                                     with Adam Price MP

   10:20            Welcome from Rob Jolliffe, Chair of Trustees, National Botanic Gardens

                                                  ‘Eat Your Greens’
                             chaired by Myfanwy Davies, Plaid Director of Political Education
   10:30         with panellists Leanne Wood AM, Patrick Holden, Director of the Soil Assocation and
                                                     others TBC

   11:15                                      Tea / Coffee Break
                 ‘The Economy and the Environment – Two Sides of the Same Coin?’
                                             chaired by Adam Price MP
                 with panellists Jill Evans MEP, Andy Middleton, MD of TYF and Dr Calvin Jones

                           ‘Green Technology and Natural Resources in Wales’
                                                 chaired by Nerys Evans AM
   12:15        with panellists Jake Hollyfield, Director of the West Wales ECO Centre and others TBC

   13:00                                                 Lunch
                                           ‘Local Action, Green Results’
                                               chaired by Cllr. Arwel Lloyd
   14:00        with panellists Helen Northmore, Head of Energy Saving Trust Wales, Llewelyn Rhys of the
                British Wind Energy Association Cymru and Gordon James, Director of Friends of the Earth

                                                 ‘A Sustainable Wales’
                               chaired by Leanne Wood AM, Plaid Spokesperson for Sustainability
   14:45        with panellists Helen Mary Jones AM, David Jones of Green Solutions, Vicky Moller, Transition
                                             Cilgwyn and Newport and others TBC

   15:30                                      Tea / Coffee Break
                                         ‘Working with Westminster’
                                             chaired by Janet Davies
   15:45                 with panellists Adam Price MP, Myfanwy Davies and others TBC

                                           ‘Wales in a Green Europe’
                                    chaired by John Dixon, Chair of Plaid Cymru
   16:30        with panellists Dai Davies, President of NFU Cymru, Jill Evans MEP and Eurig Wyn

                              Close of Conference: ‘Towards a Greener Future’
   17:15                                      with Jill Evans MEP

 ... Many Other Speakers Still To Be Confirmed!

Gwanwyn Gwyrdd Delegate Booking Form







Do you have
any other

Gwanwyn Gwyrdd Stall Booking Form









Terms & Conditions
In these Terms & Conditions, “Organiser” means Plaid Cymru the Party of Wales.
The “premises” means the conference centre being used by the Organiser for
Exhibition purposes. “The Hall Owners” means the Conference Centre.
“Authorities” means the local authority, fire authority or any other relevant body or
person having jurisdiction over the premises.

Each Exhibitor is responsible for the security and insurance of his / her own stand
and exhibits and for his / her own employee’ insurance cover. In no circumstances
will the Organiser or the Hall Owners accept responsibility or be liable for loss or
damage whatsoever arising.


The Organiser reserves the right to alter the layout of the exhibition at any time in
any respect.

Exhibitors shall be responsible for arranging their own insurance and shall keep the
Organiser indemnified in respect of (a) any loss or damage to any property of the
Organiser, (b) all claims and demands by third parties (including servants and agents
of the Organiser and the Conference Centre, other Exhibitors and their servants
and agents and members of the public) in respect of personal injuries or loss or
damage to property, caused by or occasioned by the Exhibitor, or any of his / her
employees or servants or agents or property, arising out of or in consequence of his
/ her occupation of the stand or exhibition of an article or process of thing or
otherwise howsoever. The exhibitor will respect all risks of every kind whatsoever
in respect of any such risks. The Exhibitors shall make good any damage done by him
/ her, his / her servants or agents to the premises of any furniture or fixtures therein
damaged by fire caused upon his / her site. The Organiser reserves the right to
request the sight of any insurance policy prior to the exhibition.

No exhibitor’s nameplates, signposts or notice boards will be allowed outside the
stand area allocated without permission.

Stands must be open for business in accordance with the published daily opening
hours of the Exhibition and remain open continuously until the closing times.


All goods delivered to the Exhibition premises must be accompanied by or received
by a representative of the Exhibitor. Advance notice is required of any large items of

No stand, exhibits or materials may be removed before the official closing time
without permission from the Organiser. In the event of the Exhibitor failing to clear
his / her exhibits by the prescribed times, a charge shall be paid by the Exhibitor for
every hour after the time during which the space shall remain uncleared, and if the
Exhibitor has failed to do such work, the Organiser may arrange for the work to be
done and a charge shall be applied thereafter. The charge will be equivalent to the
costs incurred by the Organiser as a result of failure to comply with these

Non-transferable exhibitors’ badges will be allocated and should be worn at all times


a) Any exhibitors bringing exhibition / display fittings higher than 3 metres, or
   heavier than average, should check with the Organisers.
b) No part of any stand may overhang any gangway or exceed the allocated
   boundaries of the stand space. Exhibitors must not display their goods so that,
   in the opinion of the Organiser, they distract the light or impede the view along
   open spaces or gangways or inconvenience other Exhibitors.
c) No petrol, spirit or other hazardous spirit, liquid or vapour is to be brought into
   the premises unless previously approved in writing by the Organiser.
d) All materials used for building, decorating, draping or covering stands must be
   non-inflammable or impregnated with fire-proofing solution in a way as to comply
   with the requirements of the authorities.
e) Empty cases, cartons and packing must be removed from the premises for storage
   or during the access period of the exhibition left in the gangways for clearance by
   the Organiser’s staff.

Any Exhibitor displaying equipment operating a sound system of any type will
demonstrate only at low volume and will, if required by the Organiser, cease from
playing. Likewise if it is considered that they are continually hindering or annoying
other exhibitors.


a) Each Exhibitor is bound in all respects by these Terms & Conditions and in
   addition, shall be bound by and comply with and be deemed to have full
   knowledge of the Rules, Conditions and Regulations of the Hall owners.

b) Each Exhibitor must bring to the notice of all agents or contractors employed by
   him / her such of the provisions of these Terms & Conditions, any claim arising
   from failure of the Exhibitor concerned.
c) Any complaint must be submitted in writing to the Exhibitions Organiser or
   representative of the Organiser within seven days of the Event. A complaint made
   in any other manner will not be considered.
d) The Organiser reserves the right to waive, add to or alter any of these Terms &
   Conditions in the interest of the Event either generally or in any particular case.


If any reasons the fringe cannot be opened and held at the site on the dates specified,
the Organisers may at their discretion: -

a) postpone the opening of the Exhibition until such a date as in the circumstances
   of the case appear to them to be reasonable; or
b) obtain such premises as in their opinion are suitable and hold the Exhibition on
   the date originally specified; or
c) declare the Exhibition abandoned.


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