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August 25, 2008 Dear Orchestra Parents and Students, Welcome to the 2008-09 season of the Hammond high School Orchestra! I hope it has been a great summer for all. My summer was very productive. In June, I successfully finished my coursework for my Master’s Degree at University of Maryland. In July, I served on the String Faculty for University of Maryland Summer Youth Music Camp. August was especially fun with a week’s vacation in Cape Cod, getting married, then honeymooning in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! In this packet are a calendar of activities, the guidelines for the class, a guide for good practice habits, a student expenditures form, an HHS Boosters membership form, and a Student/ Parent Information Record. This packet is provided to ensure the expectations, rules, and guidelines that are necessary for a successful ensemble. Please read in its entirety, sign the signature page, and return to me by Friday September 5, 2008. Also on the signature page please provide an e-mail address so that you may receive important updates and information. This year the music department is planning a trip to New York City April 23-26, 2009! Fundraisers, provided by the Music Boosters organization, are provided to help off set the cost of the spring trip. Mark your calendars and consider participating in the Music Boosters organization. For more information about the organization or fundraisers, please contact Rhonda Smith, President (301)-317-4596, or Pat Heinrichs, Ways and Means Chairperson (410)-3811022. It is essential that students learn, the assigned music. Besides our in class and after school rehearsals, home practice is required. The practice rooms and rehearsal space are open to students before school, throughout the school day, during lunch, and after school. In addition to school instruction I highly suggest Orchestra students take private lessons. Private lessons offer the means for your child to make enormous improvements in their playing and musicality. Students who take private lessons perform at a much higher level. Students should also listen to recordings of professional musicians and recordings of themselves playing their own instrument. As the direct result of a strong and rapidly growing strings program, there will be two Orchestra classes this year. One will be held during 1st period and the other during 4A. The class that you are in has nothing to do with grade level, playing ability, instrumentation, or teacher preference. You have been assigned the class that best suits your schedule requested. I look forward to another year of directing the Hammond High School Orchestra. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say hi feel free to contact me. Sincerely,

Allen Leung Hammond High School Orchestra Director Howard County Public Schools 410-313-7624

Hammond High School Orchestra Guidelines 2008-09 Director: Allen Leung Classroom Expectations: The following expectations are listed to create an atmosphere conducive to musical learning 1. Show respect for peers, teacher, and self. 2. Be in your seat with instrument and music, ready to play when the bell rings. 3. Come prepared for class with the appropriate materials: instrument, music, pencil, and planner. 4. No gum, food, drink, or backpacks in the classroom. 5. Display proper rehearsal etiquette. Refrain from talking and respond appropriately to direction given to instructor. 6. Be responsible for your music and equipment Equipment 1. Instrument, bow, rosin, mute, and extra strings (violin, viola). 2. Music (shared folder must be sent to school if absent 3. Pencil Care of Music and Instrument 1. Students are responsible for the cost of replacing music that is lost or damaged. If a folder is lost or damaged and neither student takes responsibility the cost will be shared. 2. School basses and cellos are available for use in school. Students should rent or purchase an instrument for home use. Any damage on a school instrument is the responsibility of the student Practicing 1. Students are expected to practice outside of class to be adequately prepared. Recommended practice is at least 30 minutes a day. 2. Playing tests will be assigned over the material. 3. Sectionals are mandatory. Sectionals will be scheduled after school. Please notify Mr. Leung if you cannot attend a sectional as far in advance as possible. 4. Any absence from a sectional will result in a zero. Credit for sectionals can be made up with a parent note explaining the absence and that the student has practiced the missed material for the amount of time of the sectional.

Grading 1. Grades are determined on the following grading scale Classroom participation/ Daily Grade 40% Performances 20% Playing tests 20% Written tests/ quizzes 20% 2. Each student will have a daily grade of 10 points. Your daily points represent the following: class participation, preparation, behavior, and overall conduct. a. Loss of daily grade points include the following: Unexcused absence, unexcused tardy, forgotten music and/ or pencil, failure to put away equipment, food, drink, gum, forgotten instrument, lack of participation 3. Concert attendance is MANDATORY for all students a. Only two excused reasons apply for missing a performance: Illness or Extreme Family Emergency b. A written note from a parent is required for a performance absence. Whether the absence is excused or not will be determined by director. c. An unexcused absence from a performance will result in a letter grade reduction for the quarter. d. An excused absence or tardy will result in a loss of points. Points may be made up by the following: Written report (approved by teacher), teaching another student (teacher assigned with no pay), Community service (solo or small ensemble performance, no pay) e. Loss of concert grade points are as follows: Unexcused tardy 25% Unexcused absence 100% Attendance *According to Howard County Public Schools, any student missing more than five percent of class is subject to denial of credit for the semester. If a student has missed five percent or more of classes he/she may not make up the assignments for credit. Five percent of classes equal nine days out of the semester. Tardy Policy First tardy: Warning from Mr. Leung Second tardy: Orchestra detention Third/fourth tardy: School detention/ Call home to parent Fifth tardy: Administrative action Uniforms 1. Girls: Black concert dress $65 (sizes 0-14, $75 (sizes 16-32). Black dress shoes, black hose provided by student 2. Boys: Tuxedo rental fee $15, Tuxedo shirt $28, bow tie/cummerbund $15 (purchases through Mr. Leung). Black dress shoes, black socks provided by student

Calendar 2008-2009
Note: Please add to your calendar the dates that apply. If you have any questions about which dates may apply, please contact me at school. If there is a conflict, please let me know as soon as possible. AUG 29 Gianni’s Pizza Fundraiser #1 Begins SEPT OCT 9 3 10 14 20 30 5 11 15 17 22 7 9 16 18 5 13 31 2 2 7 10 27 3 10-11 15 16-18 TBA Music Booster Meeting, 7:00 P.M. Application deadline – Jr. High All-State Orchestra Application deadline – Sr. High All-State Orchestra Music Booster Meeting 7:00 PM Fruit Sale #1 Begins Haunted House Fundraiser Tentative Poinsettia Sale Begins Music Booster Meeting 7:00 PM Jr. High All-State Orchestra Auditions Fruit Sale #2 Begins Sr. High All-State Orchestra Auditions Basket Bingo Fundraiser at the Elks Lodge Music Booster Meeting 7:00 PM Music Department Winter Concert 7:00 PM Music Department Winter Concert 7:00 PM Gianni’s Pizza Fundraiser Begins Booster Meeting 7:00 PM Host Vocal Solo and Ensemble Festival at Hammond HS Fruit Sale Fundraiser #3 begins Valentine Flower Grams Fundraiser Begins Howard County Solo and Ensemble Festival, Mt. Hebron High School Music Booster Meeting 7:00 PM All-State Senior Orchestra , Baltimore Music Booster Meeting Hosting the Howard County Middle School Band Festival 3-9:00 PM Booster Meeting 7:00 PM All-State Junior Orchestra in Frederick Howard County District Orchestra Festival






APRIL 14 23-26 27 28 MAY 9 11 12

Booster Meeting 7:00 PM Music Department to New York City Music Department Spring Concert 7:00 PM Music Department Spring Concert 7:00 PM Maryland State Solo and Ensemble Festival (Strings) Music Department Awards Banquet Booster Meeting 7:00 PM Graduation (TBA)

Minimum Time, Maximum Achievement

A Guide to Good Practice Habits
Place  Musicians need a place to practice that is quiet and minimizes interruptions.  Musicians need a music stand, a metronome, and a straight back chair. Duration  It is better to practice often for short periods of time than seldom for long periods. This is for skill and muscle development that needs frequency for best results.  Twenty minutes to a half an hour each day is perfect for students who are working on lessons and orchestra music.  Students taking private lessons and/or working toward an audition should practice half an hour to an hour a day. Method  Start with a warm-up for about 5 minutes  Review scales.  5-10 minutes of lesson material where musicians should be working out difficult passages, slowly and with a lot of repetition.  5-10 minutes of orchestra music where musicians should be working out difficult passages, slowly and with a lot of repetition.  End with something fun…Just play through a favorite selection. Suggestions for Parents  For most students and adults practice is not fun. Playing your instrument is fun but practice is tedious work and is difficult. Most students will not practice without encouragement.  Occasionally, take time to sit and listen to your child in the same room.  Set up a convenient time each day for practice.  Never use music as a punishment.  Intervene if you do not hear the type of practice session outlined in this paper. Useful practice websites

Student/Parent Information Record
(Please Print) ________________________________________ Student’s Name Address_________________________________ _________________________________ ___________________________ Home Phone

_______________________________________ Parents’ e-mail addresses

___________________________ Private Teacher’s Name

________________________________________ Mother’s Name

___________________________ Work Phone ___________________________ Cell Phone

________________________________________ Father’s Name

___________________________ Work Phone ___________________________ Cell Phone

Your signature below simply means you have read the HHS Orchestra Guidelines and Information Packet. Please sign, date, and return by Friday September 5, 2008. Thank you. ________________________________ Student Signature ________________________________ Parent Signature _____________ Date _____________ Date

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