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									Bus 225 Retail Management
                Milton Law
           Any Kwik Shop to get fuel

100 points = 10¢ off per gallon for 1 fill-up
200 points = 20¢ off per gallon for 1 fill-up
1,000 points = $1 off per gallon for 1 fill-up

How do I earn points?
There are 3 ways to earn points in Baker’s
Spending on Groceries (normal exclusions
apply): $100 in Groceries = 100 points

Non Federally funded Prescriptions::
2 Prescriptions = 100 points

Double Gift Card Points (normal exclusions
apply): $50 in Gift Cards = 100 points

Do purchases made inside Kwik Shop
count toward my fuel points?
Yes, purchases in Kwik Shop locations do
Bakers Reward
 It is very easy to get a Bakers Plus Card.
 When you check out fill out s very short form: name
  and address.
 If you want can go to the Bakers web page:
 You can set up an account that will give you more
Bakers Reward Account
   Weekly Ad
   Sign up to receive your weekly ad by e-mail
   Coupons
   Download coupons directly to your Baker's Plus Shopper's
   Baker's Plus Shopper's Card
   View your Baker's Plus Shopper's Card points and savings
   E-mail Exclusives
   Receive e-mails for specials offers, coupons & more
   Local Specials
   See what's happening at your Baker's store
   Shopping List
Bakers Rewards

                 Not only does Bakers has its
                 own Reward card but you
                 can also get a MasterCard
                 that will give you points for
                 Certificate to buy food at
         Bakers Reward Summary
 We go to Bakers about one or two times a month to shop. Using the Bakers card
    saves us, my wife and myself, about $5 to $10 per trip.
   There are different specials each week that you can save more money than what the
    paper ad shows.
   Have not had a problem with using the card.
   The extra saving is only of some items each week.
   This would be one area that could be changed by increasing the number of items that
    are discounted each month.
   This week there are 141 digital coupons worth $220 that you could print out. This is
    just on the web site. If you have an account then you can get more buy the way you
    shop in the past.
   They do keep track of what you buy.
   We have noticed that most of the Health and pharmacy has better prices than other
    grocery stores.

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