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									Academic Advising
  Office Hours
Monday 8-11
Friday 8:30-11, 1-4

By Appointment:
Phone: 272-4223

                               Find us on North Campus
                                            in Room 255
                      of the Pharmacy/Nursing Building
    Role of Academic Advisors
 Help students navigate the College of Nursing and
 UNM by directing them to appropriate departmental
 and university resources.

 Maintain updated students records.

 Be regularly and easily accessible to all CON students.
Academic Advisor Roles

Academic Advisors should be used for general academic questions and as a liaison between all
   UNM Offices/Departments. Specific course questions usually need to be answered by the

                           Academic                       UNM Offices/Departments:
Student                     Advisor                         Financial Aid, Library ,
                                                         Records and Registration, Etc
  Academic Advisor Roles
 We’re like a phone book. We don’t have all the answers, but we can help you find the
  resources that you need.



         Policies/                                                      Deadlines

       Student Responsibilities
 Utilize GroupWise email for all official College of Nursing
  correspondence and check it on a regular basis for
  important information

 Acknowledge it is your responsibility to understand
  University policies and procedures

 Contact the College of Nursing Student Advisement office
  the term before you wish to graduate to indicate your

 Use the “UNM Links” page at the Nursing website for easy
  access to important UNM departments and services
   Frequently Asked Questions
            When can I register?

▶ Appointment dates are based on the number of earned
 hours. Check your earned hours through >
 Student Life > LoboWeb > Student & Financial Aid
 Menu > Registration and Records > Check Your
 Registration Status.
                How do I register?
Use your LoboWeb account
 Go to
 Get your Net ID and password at
 Log into My UNM with your Net ID and password
 Click on the Student Life tab
 Click Loboweb
 Click Registration and Records
 Click Registration Add/Drop
 Select appropriate term
 Enter call number of course you want
 or Search Class Schedule for Classes to add

If you have trouble with your Net ID and password contact 277-4848.
What does the three term schedule mean?

 Students admitted to the RN to BSN program in the
  College of Nursing will have the option to attend
  school year round.

 The term start and end times differ from the
  traditional semester schedule as follows:
   Fall term: September – December
   Spring term: January – April
   Summer term: May - August
       Can I take all of my classes
 All the RN to BSN track upper division nursing courses are

 This Completion track is offered on a part-time basis and
  not every course is offered every term. Check the Course
  Planning Schedule for course availability.

 Each online course has an additional fee added to the
  regular tuition rate.
Do I need to complete any clinical
 Nurs 447: Family and Community Health Practicum has a
  community practicum component requiring students to
  complete 80 hours of community based practicum outside
  of the hospital and clinic settings.

 Because of the nature of community work, these practicum
  hours are accomplished during daytime hours Monday
  through Friday.

 Prior to initiating the clinical experience, the student must
  submit copies of the required immunizations, BLS, HIPAA,
  OSHA, Criminal Background Screening and drug test.
         Do I have to take a class
            every semester?

 You must complete a class in your first term of
 admission. After that, you will be an active student
 until you are absent for three or more semesters
 (including summer).
    Where can I find updated
information on tuition rates and
      current course fees?
Tuition rates and course fee information are
           from the Bursar’s Office
                 505-277-5363 or on the
         College of Nursing website at
       What is the course refund
 Because we are on the term system, our refund
 deadlines will be different from main campus. Be sure
 to pay close attention to those deadlines by logging
 onto the Bursar’s home page.
   How do I park on campus?
 Parking on the UNM campus is by paid
  parking permit, paid parking meter, or
  paid hourly parking at Cornell Parking
 Permits may be obtained online at
 or by calling 505-277-1938.
     Where do I get books?
  The Medical-Legal Bookstore is located in
       the Domenici Education Center.
                505-277-5828
                800-354-5585

 Text books can also be purchased online at
  What are the RN to BSN specific
     program requirements?
 Students are subject to the general policies and procedures described in
  the appropriate UNM Catalog found at

 Students must hold a current New Mexico nursing license. For recent
  graduates, enrollment is contingent upon passing the licensing exam

 Students must complete English Composition II prior to enrolling in
  any upper division nursing course

 Students are required to register for Nurs 340 – Advancement of
  Professional Nursing as a pre or co-requisite to all other upper division
  nursing courses
             Student Advisement Staff

Diana Baca                 Jeri Belsher
 Administrative Support    Coordinator, Student Advisement
(505) 272-4223             RN-BSN Program
 Room 152                   PhD Program

Ann Marie Oechsler                 Karen Wells
Manager, Academic Advisement       Sr Academic Advisor 

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