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   helping people

                     changing lives

       Long Beach   Community Action Partnership

              CONTENT EDITOR: Dr. Barbara Sweet
DESIGN & PRODUCTION: Sweet Strategic Solutions, Inc.
               2011 STRATEGIC PLAN

helping people
      changing lives

                   Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                             To create and maintain an organization that serves the holistic needs of
                             families in poverty, a comprehensive strategic plan and strong leadership
                             is required to ensure sustainable success. Programs and services must be
                             created based on the needs of the community with an implementation
                             plan that considers existing environmental factors. Long Beach Commu-
                             nity Action Partnership reviews the effectiveness of existing programs
                             and the feasibility of new ones in order to strategically leverage resourc-
                             es that will create a stronger community. Working in collaboration with
                             leadership from all community sectors is the ultimate strategic outcome
                             and a thorough plan keeps us focused on such success. Indeed, such
                             strategic planning is the essence of community action at work.

                             Karen T. Hilburn
                             Board Chairperson
                             LBCAP Board of Directors

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Long Beach Community Action Partnership (LBCAP) has developed a management team based
on unique strengths, creative genius and leadership ability. A primary objective of the team is to
develop sustainable programs for our customers and community partners that will be measured by
standards of excellence on a national level. Such goals can only be attained by understanding the
implications of economic, environmental and political change on low-income families.

To begin the strategic planning process the LBCAP management team agreed to look within first
and review every organizational belief or practice in order to assess its value. A LBCAP vision state-
ment was created and the LBCAP mission statement was revised. Pursuant to creating the agency
vision, management staff began to create an organizational framework that took into consideration
internal strengths and external environmental factors. This process allowed the team to assess what
is currently provided by LBCAP and its partners along with considering innovative new programs and
service delivery strategies.

After logging hundreds of hours in staff time over eight months the results are that the Long Beach
Community Action Partnership presents a strategic plan that is thorough, insightful and dynamic.
We feel confident that the 2011 strategic plan will be a cornerstone for leveraging agency strengths
with community partner resources to sustain program excellence. LBCAP realizes that the ultimate
success of our strategic plan will rely on strong leadership and community partnerships. We therefore
welcome any agency or individual that believes community action can help people and change lives
in Long Beach!

Darick J. Simpson
Executive Director
Long Beach Community Action Partnership
            strategic plan
                       table of contents
                         Company Background
                              Customers                             6
                              Programs and Services                12
                              Partnerships                         17
                         Strategic Planning Process                18

                     CHARTING OUR COURSE
                         Vision                                    23
                         Mission                                   29
                         Goals                                     32
                         Strategic Paths                           34

                     PLOTTING OUR COORDINATES
                         Environmental Scan Analysis               39
                         Internal Strengths                        40
                         Internal Weaknesses                       42

                     REFLECTING ON OUR 2010 JOURNEY
                         Significant Accomplishments & Progress    45

                     ASSESSING OUR ENVIRONMENT
                         External Environment                      51

                     PLANNING OUR JOURNEY FOR 2011
                         Strategic Priorities                      53
                         Strategic Objectives                      53
                              Leadership Strategic Path            54
                              Programs & Services Strategic Path   55
                              Operations Strategic Path            55
                              Human Resources Strategic Path       56
                              Financial Strategic Path             57
                              Communications/PR Strategic Path     58

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN           5
             company background

    Founded in 1979, the Long Beach Community Action           eastern Los Angeles County.
    Partnership (LBCAP) is one of 1,100 community
    action agencies throughout the United States that was      Mission
    established under the Federal Economic Opportunity         LBCAP’s mission is to provide dynamic pathways to
    Act of 1964 to fight America’s War on Poverty. LBCAP       self-sustainability for low-income individuals and
    is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and provides a      families by focusing on three core areas: Advocacy,
                                                               Education, and Energy Assistance.

                                                               Through its collaborative efforts with other
                                                               organizations and partner agencies, LBCAP provides
                                                               a gateway for individuals and families to have
                                                               convenient access to a coordinated continuum of
                                                               comprehensive programs and services designed to
                                                               help them achieve self-sufficiency.

                                                               LBCAP offers a variety of educational opportunities,
    wide variety of free services to low-income residents of
                                                               job training, skills enhancement classes and support
    Long Beach who have experienced
    educational, social, or economical
    barriers to self-sustainability.

    With the recent award of a $17
    million energy contract (annu-
    ally renewable) from the California
    Department of Community Ser-
    vices and Development, LBCAP
    has partnered with Los Angeles
    Conservation Corps Network to
    offer energy savings services as
    well as energy crisis aid to as many
    as 20,000 households each year in

6                                                   2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                                                                company background

systems to eligible participants so that they can           LBCAP’s tripartite Board format reflects and
acquire the necessary job readiness skills to obtain and    promotes the unique anti-poverty leadership,
retain employment as well as the necessary money            action, and mobilization responsibilities assigned by
management skills to build a savings plan or apply          law to community action agencies. LBCAP’s Board
investment strategies. The agency also offers youth         is responsible for assuring that the organization
programs to provide academic assistance, career             continues to assess and respond to the causes and
development, and personal enrichment to the youths.         conditions of poverty in the community, achieve
                                                            anticipated family and community outcomes, and
Energy Assistance                                           remain administratively and fiscally sound.
For low-income households, LBCAP offers assistance
with utility bill payments and weatherization services      Service Provider
to improve energy efficiency as well as critical heating/   Under the executive leadership of Darick J. Simpson,
cooling services to vulnerable populations during           LBCAP employs approximately 100 front-line
severe weather emergencies.                                 and support staff members to assist and service its
                                                            customers from three office locations and five Long
Board of Directors                                          Beach schools.
LBCAP is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors
comprised of individuals from three community               Long Beach Office (11,565 sq ft – lease)
sectors: public, private, and low-income.                   3012 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach CA 90807
                                                            Service Functions: Administrative; Training and Client
Public Sector                                               Service facility for Low Income Home Energy Assistance
• Lou Anne Bynum                                            Program (LIHEAP) Utility Assistance and Energy
• Reginald Harrison                                         Education; Community Advocacy and Family Services
• Creasie James                                             (CAFS); Leadership and Mentoring Program (LAMP);
• Gregory Mendoza                                           Leadership Employment and Activity Program (LEAP);
                                                            Green Environmental Program (GEP); Afterschool
Low- Income Sector                                          Education and Safety (ASES); Operations; Finance;
• William C. Barnes                                         Human Resources; and Executive Management.
• Karen Hilburn
• David Hillman, Jr.                                        Atlantic Office (1,993 sq ft sublet/16,620 sq ft)
• Janet McCarthy-Wilson                                     3635 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach CA 90807
                                                            Service Functions: Administrative facility for LIHEAP
Private Sector                                              Utility Assistance and Energy Education, Energy
• Charles Brown                                             Management Assistance Program (EMAP) and Direct
• Robert Garey                                              Assistance Program (DAP).
• Dr. Alex Norman
• Andrea Sulsona                                            Hamden Office (1,675 sq ft sublet/12,600 sq ft)
                                                            11908 Hamden Pl, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                    7
            company background

    Service Functions: Administrative and Warehouse
    facility for LIHEAP Weatherization and Department
    of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program (DOE

    School Sites
    Through our partnership with Long Beach Unified
    School District (LBUSD), LBCAP offers free youth
    programs at the following school sites:

    • Alvarado Elementary
    • Bixby Elementary
    • Lindsey Middle School
    • Marshall Middle School
    • Monroe K-8.

8                                             2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
          area served

 LBCAP annually serves over 5,000 low-income individuals, as defined by Federal poverty guidelines, resid-
 ing within the City of Long Beach, California. Long Beach has been ranked by the Federal Government as
 one of the top ten poverty-stricken cities in the country (U.S. Census, August 2006), with more than 25%
 of Long Beach children living in poverty. In California, Long Beach has more residents living in poverty than
 any other city.

 LBCAP serves the entire city of Long Beach with special emphasis on recruiting from lower-income ZIP
 codes 90805, 90806 and especially ZIP code 90813, which is ranked as the most impoverished area in
 Los Angeles County.

                                                With the recent award of a $17 million energy contract in July
                                                2010, LBCAP has expanded its service area to include eastern
                                                Los Angeles County, from Palos Verdes to La Verne.

                                                       Eastern Los Angeles Service Area
                                                       The demographics of area D customers are currently not available.

10                                             2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership

           the people we serve

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                  11
          programs & services

 Community Advocacy & Family Services

 The Computer Science Center (CSC)
 To increase the computer literacy and marketable job
 skills of low-income adults, CSC provides participants
 with the preparatory knowledge and skills to function
 in a modern work environment.

 English as a Second Language (ESL)
 ESL offers learners a dynamic and communicative
 approach to help them develop the language skills
 necessary to communicate effectively in English
 during work, school and personal activities.
                                                             Fathers First
                                                             Funded by the Long Beach Community Foundation,
 Financial Education
                                                             the goal of the Fathers First Program is to increase
 In partnership with Citibank, LBCAP provides
                                                             involvement of young fathers in nurturing and
 year-round classes in financial education that help
                                                             educating their children. The program consists of
 individuals develop financial skills and positive banking
                                                             classroom training and group family activities. The
 relationships. The goal is to give individuals the tools
                                                             curriculum includes relationship building, coping skills
 they need to manage their money appropriately
                                                             development, effective communication, parental
 and to empower and direct them toward economic
                                                             training, stress management, financial education,
 stability and financial success.
                                                             community resources and job readiness.

 Case Management                                             Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)
 Case management offers guidance to assist
                                                             The VITA Program provides IRS certified and trained
 participants as they move towards self-sustainability.      volunteers to assist low-to-moderate income
 This is achieved through case plan development,             individuals with free tax preparation.
 support services as well as resources and referrals.
                                                             Ramp Up Savings Program
 Skills Enhancement and Employment Program                   Ramp Up is an accelerated savings account with a
 CSULB’s College of Continuing and Professional Edu-         higher subsidized interest rate (15% to 21% APY)
 cation provides 24 hour training courses in a variety       that encourages participants to maintain a consistent,
 of areas, such as Adobe Photoshop, Customer Ser-            long-term savings plan.
 vice, Business Enterprise, Social Media, QuickBooks,
 Web Design, Business Communication, Publisher               Individual Development Account (IDA) Program
 and Hospitality. Graduating participants will receive a     This program provides participants with the skills
 CSULB Certificate of Completion.                            necessary to efficiently budget available income,

12                                                2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                                                                 programs & services

develop long-term saving habits, increase their
knowledge of the process, duties, and obligations of
home or business ownership, and assist in obtaining
higher education. Upon completion of the long-term
savings component, the program provides a 1.5 to 1
savings match.

Self Sufficiency Calculator
The self-sufficiency calculator is a web-based tool
that provides staff with the ability to match and
assist families in claiming their eligible benefits and

Support Services                                           SCE - Low-Income Energy Efficiency (LIEE)
Support Services are available to individuals and          LBCAP and Southern California Edison collaborate
families who are obtaining or maintaining employment.      to create the LIEE program. Eligible SCE customers
Support services include rental, utility bill, clothing,   can receive the following services: replacement of
tool and transportation assistance.                        incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent
                                                           light bulbs (CFLs); installation of new outdoor light
Fiscal/Program Management                                  fixtures with CFLs; replacement of old refrigerators
The agency provides funding, fiscal management             with newer, energy-efficient ones; weatherization for
and program oversight to Community-Based                   a home; and, in some climate zones approved by the
Organizations (CBOs) and for-profit entities which
                                                           CPUC, replacing existing wall/window air conditioners
offer programs and services to residents of Long
                                                           with newer ones, or installing evaporative coolers to
Beach and the Greater South Bay Area.
                                                           be used instead of air conditioners.
Energy Assistance Program
                                                           Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
Southern California Gas Company Direct                     (LIHEAP) and Department of Energy Weather-
Assistance Program (DAP)                                   ization Assistance Program (DOE WAP)
The Gas Company offers no-cost energy education as         Partnering with Los Angeles Conservation Corps
well as weatherization repair or replacement services      Network to form the Eastern Los Angeles Energy
for qualified limited-income customers. Repair and         Assistance Team (ELEAT), the agency offers utility
replacement services such as ceiling insulation,           payment assistance, weatherization services and
door weather-stripping, and installation of low flow       emergency heating and cooling services to residents
shower heads, switch and outlet gaskets and covers         throughout eastern Los Angeles County.
are provided.

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                  13
          programs & services

 Youth Programs                                              progress on individual goals. In addition, the program
                                                             provides youth participants with tutoring, studio time,
 After School Education and Safety (ASES)                    and guidance from content experts in order to de-
 ASES provides qualifying low-income children,               velop their skills in one or more of the following fields:
 ages 6–16, with structured after school academic            art & design, music production, photography, video
 enrichment, homework help, and physical activities.         production, or writing.
 The benefits to students include building self-esteem
 and self-confidence, improving academic performance,        Leadership Employment Activities Program
 enhancing social skills, and discovering other cultures     Project (LEAP)
 and character development. This program is offered at:      Participants are engaged in leadership development
 Alvarado Elementary, Bixby Elementary, Lindsey Middle       training, career/college exploration, time manage-
 School, Marshall Middle School and Monroe K-8.              ment, stress management, workplace readiness, job
                                                             preparation, resume and interview techniques, com-
 Leadership Academy Mentoring                                munity resources, effective communication and com-
 Program (LAMP)                                              munity service opportunities.
 LAMP is based on an intense, eleven-week curriculum
 that requires youth and young adults, ages 14 to 24,        Partnerships Leading Active Youth (PLAY)
 to complete a personal academic and career devel-           To inspire and educate youth to lead active lifestyles,
 opment plan. The curriculum includes team building,         Project PLAY offers a comprehensive sports program
 character development, StrengthsQuest, personal             with in-depth fitness and nutrition instruction as well
 finance, workforce readiness, computer literacy, di-        as academic support and enrichment activities. This
 versity training, nutrition and fitness, college prepara-   program is offered at The Villages of Cabrillo’s Path
 tion, and financial aid. The core program is followed       Ventures Family Commons complex.
 up with referral services for the youth and their fam-
 ily, weekly group mentoring, and meetings that track        Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network
                                                             In partnership with the Pacific Gateway Workforce
                                                             Investment Network, the Green Lab Project provides
                                                             a California Green Jobs Corp worksite program
                                                             that creates jobs and work experience for 25 teens
                                                             who are interested in developing skills and gaining
                                                             employment in green eco-friendly industries. The
                                                             program participants will complete 200 hours of on the
                                                             job training, 20 hours of community service, and 20
                                                             hours of environmental stewardship. The youths will
                                                             also be offered life skills and work readiness workshops,
                                                             California driver’s license obtainment, criminal record

14                                                2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                                                            programs & services

expungement and assistance placement for internship
and employment.

Through this partnership, LBCAP has converted a
50 x 100 standard city lot into an Urban Farmyard
including a chicken coop, small barn, green house
and drought tolerant borders. In addition, the Green
Lab Farm has transformed an acre lot into a drought
tolerant demonstration garden to promote front yard
conversions for water conservation. This lot will also
include an orchard, and host the Grow A Lot Give
A Lot program to provide the Salvation Army’s food
pantry with fresh fruits and vegetables.

The agency provides transportation assistance to all
program participants, removing a significant obstacle
participants may face as they work toward gaining
the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve and
maintain self-sufficiency.

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                     15

To build its capacity of providing dynamic pathways to self-sustainability, LBCAP coordinates and forms part-
nerships with other organizations serving low-income residents of the communities. By leveraging the strengths
of its stakeholders, LBCAP can coordinate and mobilize comprehensive programs, services, and assistance vital
to building and sustaining an enriched community.

 Non-Profit                                              Faith-Based            Government                 For-Profit
                                                         Greater Long Beach
 California CC                   Path Ventures           Interfaith Community   City of LB Parks and Rec   Gravity Summit

 Children Today                                                                 Internal Revenue Service   Los Angeles Dodgers
                                 Long Beach

 CC of Long Beach                Salvation Army                                 Pacific Gateway WIN        Los Angeles Clippers

 Foundation for Scholars                                                        *Fed/State/Local
                                 San Gabriel Valley CC                                                     Naples Rib Company
 & Champions                                                                    Political Partners

                                 United Way of                                                             Southern California
 Goodwill SOLAC                                                                 *Long Beach DHHS
                                 Greater LA                                                                Edison

 Grammy Foundation               Villages at Cabrillo                                                      The Gas Company

                                                                                                           *Alternative Energy
 LA Corps                        *California Endowment
                                                                                                           Service Providers

 LA Prom Closet                                                                                            *Technology Companies

 Montebello Housing DC                                                                                     *Corporate Sponsors

 Consortiums/                    School                  Post-                  Finance/                   Statewide
 Collabs                         Districts               Secondary              Banking                    Associations
 Building Healthy
                                 Long Beach Unified      CSULB - CCPE           Citibank                   Cal/Neva CAP

                                                                                                           Association of California
                                                         *Other Institutions    *Other Financial
 Connected Corridor              Alvarado Elementary                                                       Community and
                                                         of Higher Ed           Institutions
                                                                                                           Energy Services

 Weed & Seed                     Bixby Elementary

 *Southern California
                                 Lindsey Academy

 *Civics Clubs                   Marshall Middle

                                 Monroe K-8

                                 Lincoln Elementary

   *Italicized text indicates potential partnerships.

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                                          17
              strategic planning process

 For over 40 years LBCAP has dedicated its efforts to
 advocate for the low-income people of Long Beach.
 The agency’s recent award of $17 million contract
 provided a new pathway to have greater opportunities
 for serving its clients and fighting poverty.

 Embracing these new opportunities, LBCAP set
 out to create its first annual strategic plan to guide
 the organization into the future. The strategic plan
 includes a vision, mission, environmental scan analysis,
 strategic priorities, goals, and objectives. To create the
 strategic plan, the Agency embarked on an 8-month
 strategic planning journey. The journey included four
 core phases.
                                                              and develop a strategic direction for 2011 and
 During the eight-month journey, LBCAP engaged                beyond. This plan reflects the collective time, effort,
 management, staff, and the Board of Directors to             dedication and commitment of these individuals to
 identify important trends and opportunities, recognize       seek new dynamic pathways to self-sustainability for
 internal strengths and weaknesses, establish priorities,     low income individuals and families.

     Phase                 Description                                       Timeline 2010
     I.                   • Vision                                          April – June
                          • Mission
     II.                  • External Opportunities, Threats, & Trends June – October
                          • Internal Strengths & Weaknesses
                          • Strategic Pathways
     III.                 • Goals                                           October – November
                          • Outcome
                          • Strategies
                          • Objectives
                          • Planning Calendar
     IV.                  • Written Strategic Plan and Presentation         November
                          • Annual Operating Plan

18                                                2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                                                 strategic planning process

                                                                       and qualitative environmental analyses with the Board
                                                                       of Directors (BOD), the Strategic Planning Committee
                                                                       (SPC) and a Staff Focus Group (SFG) respectively. The
                                                                       quantitative analysis consisted of an online assessment
                                                                       that solicited feedback regarding the perceived internal
                                                                       strengths and weaknesses of the agency and the ex-
                                                                       ternal opportunities, threats, and trends of the remote
                                                                       and industry environments. The qualitative analysis
                                                                       consisted of a series of meetings discussing and clari-
                                                                       fying the results of the quantitative assessment, col-
                                                                       lecting additional data, listing the major themes that
                                                                       emerged, assessing accomplishments and progress as
Phase I                                                                well as areas of improvement. Each data collection ac-
On the onset of Phase I, the organization formed a                     tivity was designed to be inclusive and open, respect-
Strategic Plan Committee (SPC) under the leadership                    ing the diverse perceptions, opinions, and views of the
of Dr. Barbara Sweet, Human Resources Director.                        individuals participating in the process. Based upon
Dr. Sweet served as the facilitator for the strategic                  the results of the data collection, the SPC prioritized
planning process and written plan. The SPC included                    the key issues for each strategic path.
the following committee members:
                                                                       Phase III:
• Darick J. Simpson, Executive Director                                During Phase III, the SPC further explored the emerg-
• Tricia Heath, Operations Director                                    ing priorities and discussed potential strategies for
• Maeve Milstead, Youth Program Director                               addressing those issues. With the development of a
• Megan Nunley1, HEAP/ECIP                                             revised vision and mission and the identification of
  Energy Education Manager                                             key strategy priorities, the agency established strate-
• Chamroeun Nuon, Accounting Clerk                                     gic goals. The strategic goals are broad, qualitative
• April Pongtratic, Executive Assistant                                statements that describe the desired results that will
• Marisa Semense, Community Advocacy                                   be accomplished through pursuing the vision and ful-
  and Family Services Director                                         filling our mission.
• Arnulfo Yanez2, Compliance Manager
                                                                       Next, the SPC determined the desired outcomes, broad
     Ms. Nunley joined the Committee during Phase II of the process.   strategies, and specific objectives. Objectives are state-
     Mr. Yanez joined the Committee during Phase III of the process.
                                                                       ments of results and include specific, measurable, and
During Phase I, SPC reviewed the current vision and                    time-bound attributes. For each objective, the SPC de-
mission and proposed that these statements guide the                   termined which of the five goals would be addressed
agency over for the next five years.                                   if the agency were to be successful in achieving the
                                                                       objective. Once the objectives were agreed upon, the
Phase II:                                                              SPC summarized the objectives chronologically, ac-
During Phase II, Dr.. Sweet conducted quantitative                     cording to their due dates, in a planning calendar.

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                                   19
              Strategic Planning Process

 Phase IV
 During this final phase, the SPC presented the
 Strategic Plan to the board members for their review
 and approval of strategic priorities and objectives for

 The SPC also created an internal Annual Operating
 Plan as a guide for plan implementation and ongoing
 monitoring. The annual operating plan includes
 pertinent information for each objective such as
 the committee chairperson (accountable for project
 completion), committee members (persons responsible
 for the action), and detailed action steps with target
 dates of completion.
                                                           Phase VI
 Two additional phases are included to ensure that         The designated committee chairperson and committee
 the approved plan is communicated fully to staff and      members will provide regular updates regarding the
 it is implemented in accordance with the approved         progress of their strategic action steps to the Executive
 objectives and time lines. These phases will be part of   Director and Strategic Plan Facilitator. The Strategic
 the 2011 plan year.                                       Plan Facilitator will provide monthly updates to the
                                                           board in Item 8 of the board report. As appropriate,
 Phase V                                                   strategic planning presentations will be conducted
 Based upon the approval of the strategic priorities and   throughout the plan year for projects and activities
 objectives for 2011, the SPC will host a strategic plan   that require board approval. At the November 2011
 kickoff for staff in January of 2011 to communicate       board meeting, the SPC will formally present a review
 the strategic plan and build enthusiasm, support, and     of the implementation steps and accomplishments
 commitment for plan implementation.                       made throughout the plan year.

         Phase Description                                                  Timeline 2011
                     V. Strategic Plan Kickoff for Staff                  January
                    VI. Implementation and Monitoring                     January - December
                        of the Strategic Plan

20                                               2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                               charting our course

   To be the recognized leader creating the standard for

    service excellence in the fight against poverty. Long

        Beach Community Action Partnership collaborates

     with a cohesive alliance of partners and stakehold-

        ers offering innovative programs and services that

         promote self-sustainability, celebrate community

   diversity and cultural differences while preserving the

                  dignity and integrity of each individual.

    Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN   23

  Vision without action is merely a                         Previous LBCAP Vision
                                                            To be a leading agency in the movement to eradicate
  dream. Action without vision just                         poverty in Long Beach:
                                                            • A value added service provider referral source.
  passes the time. Vision with action                       • A provider of quality programs and services
                                                            • Innovative center for youth and adult training/
  can change the world.                                       education

  Joel Barker                                               The SPC concluded that the former vision statement
                                                            did not communicate the level of enthusiasm or
                                                            excitement to encourage a high level of engagement
                                                            and commitment from our key stakeholders. Therefore,
The community vision is a guiding image of perfor-          the SPC would create a new vision statement that
mance excellence that is believed to be achievable if       would be dynamic and compelling for customers, staff
enough agencies and organizations share the vision          and key stakeholders to fulfill the mission of helping
and work towards it.                                        people, changing lives, and building communities.

The Promise of Community Action                             When developing the new vision, the SPC envisioned
Community Action changes people’s lives, embod-             what the future desired state of the Agency would
ies spirit of hope, improves communities and makes          be in terms of our target customer population, avail-
America a better place to live. We care about the           able programs, services, and resources, the degree of
entire community, and we are dedicated to helping           advocacy and governance regarding self-sustainabil-
people help themselves and each other.                      ity as well as the service relationships with our allies,
                                                            collaborative organizations, funders, local agencies,
Considering the community vision, the SPC reviewed          private sector, and other stakeholders. The SPC dis-
its existing vision statement to determine if it captured   cussed what the agency would need to be as an or-
the desired spirit of the Agency and community action       ganization in the future to have a profoundly positive
movement. The vision describes the future impact and        and memorable impact on the lives of our customers
benefits for the agency’s customers, stakeholders,          and stakeholders as well as the community. As a re-
and community, if LBCAP were to be successful in            sult, the SPC created a vision for the agency that sets
achieving its mission, goals and objectives.                the standards for excellence and reflects high ideals.

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                       25

 Revised LBCAP Vision
  To be the recognized leader creating the standard for
 service excellence in the fight against poverty. Long
 Beach Community Action Partnership collaborates
 with a cohesive alliance of partners and stakehold-
 ers offering innovative programs and services that
 promote self-sustainability and celebrate community
 diversity and cultural differences while preserving the
 dignity and integrity of each individual.

26                                              2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership

   We are passionately committed to providing dynamic

      pathways to self-sustainability for low income indi-

   viduals and families through advocacy, education, and

        energy assistance. With our collaborative partners,

   community resources, and strength-based leadership,

     we coordinate and mobilize comprehensive training

  and technical assistance vital to building and sustaining

                                  an enriched community.

     Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN   29

The mission is the core message of the agency’s             or address the coordination of our partnerships and
purpose for existence. It is an action-oriented blueprint   resources.
that describes the agency’s distinctive competence
in terms of the programs and services, collaborative        Previous LBCAP’s Mission
                                                                       The mission of Long Beach Community
                                                                       Services Corporation, Inc. is to empower
                                                                       individuals and to foster personal devel-
                                                                       opment through education, training, and
                                                                       cultural awareness.

                                                                       To realize the vision of being the
                                                                       recognized leader creating the standard
                                                                       for service excellence in the fight against
                                                                       poverty, the SPC developed the following
                                                                       mission and received enthusiastic approval
                                                                       from the Board of Directors at the July
                                                                       Board Meeting.

                                                                       Revised LBCAP’s Mission
                                                                       We are passionately committed to
                                                                       providing dynamic pathways to self-
                                                                       sustainability for low income individu-
partnerships, and customer outreach. With a clear and       als and families through advocacy, education, and
concise mission, the agency can focus its activities on     energy assistance. With our collaborative partners,
the priorities that move the agency towards its vision.
                                                            community resources, and strength-based leader-
                                                            ship, we coordinate and mobilize comprehensive
The SPC examined the previous mission and deter-
mined that it did not clearly define the customer,          training and technical assistance vital to building
describe the current array of programs and services,        and sustaining an enriched community.

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                    31

 From the newly revised vision and mission, the SPC created goals that highlight the overarching themes
 which guide the agency in its decision making and formulation of strategies and objectives. Goals are broad,
 qualitative statements that describe the desired outcome that will be accomplished through pursuing our vision
 and fulfilling our mission.

 The SPC considered the overarching themes of the agency’s vision and mission and prioritized them into five
 (5) goals.

 Goal 1: Recognized Leader
 LBCAP is the recognized leader in the fight against poverty and is well known by its customers, stakeholders,
 partners, policy makers, and the general public for providing dynamic pathways to self-sustainability and
 creating the standard for service excellence.

 Goal 2: Advocacy
 LBCAP is a leading advocate for low income Long Beach residents to have a better quality of life and move
 towards self-sustainability. Advocacy is influencing others to support the actions, events, and initiatives that
 ameliorate or eliminate causes and conditions of poverty. Advocacy is also teaching individuals to effectively
 advocate for themselves and their communities.

 Goal 3: Gateway
 LBCAP provides accessible and dynamic pathways to self-sustainability through a comprehensive range
 of innovative programs and services that celebrate community diversity and cultural differences. LBCAP
 coordinates and mobilizes comprehensive training and technical assistance vital to building and sustaining an
 enriched community.

 Goal 4: Standard for Service Excellence
 The agency sets the standard for service excellence with a knowledgeable, caring, and service-oriented staff
 who promotes self-sustainability while preserving the dignity and integrity of each individual. The agency also
 has the value-added processes and optimal organizational capacity in place to meet and/or exceed the needs
 of the customers.

 Goal 5: Innovative Programs and Services
 Through its customer focus approach, creative ideas, and innovative platform delivery systems, the agency
 continually renews and transforms the ways in which it promotes self-sustainability for low-income residents.

32                                              2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership

As a gateway to self-sustainability, LBCAP offers         • Leadership Development/Advocacy
four (4) dynamic pathways for our customers to gain       • Youth Enrichment
greater access to a comprehensive range of innovative     • Technical Assistance
programs and services.
                                                          Pathway 2: Resource
Pathway 1: Direct Provider                                The agency serves as a liaison between agencies,
The agency is a strategic provider of direct services,    stakeholders, information sources, and service pro-
training, professional facilities and expertise that is   viders and provides a holistic wrap around resource,
valued by a myriad of public, private and individual      referral, and support system for low income clients
stakeholders.                                             and agency partners.
• Energy                                                  • Support Services
• Education (Adult)                                       • Benefits
• Asset Development/VITA                                  • Educational Opportunities
                                                          • Health & Human Services
                                                          • Economic Development

                                                          Pathway 3: Coordinator
                                                          The agency is a coordinator of community collabo-
                                                          rations that leverages the resources and strengths of
                                                          the individuals or agencies for financial, political and
                                                          social gains which benefits the greater good of all
                                                          • Facilitation
                                                          • Development
                                                          • Liaison
                                                          • Resource Center
                                                          • Partnerships/Facilitation

                                                          Pathway 4: Fiscal/Program Management
                                                          The agency serves a fiscal role of manager, funder, and
                                                          intermediary to those strategic initiatives, partners and
                                                          agencies that provide assistance to the low-income
                                                          community and complement LBCAP’s mission.
                                                          • Manager
                                                          • Funder
                                                          • Consultant
                                                          • Intermediary

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                     33

              strategic paths
 Strategic Path 1: Leadership                               edgeable of the agency’s programs and services, is
                                                            fully engaged at board meetings, shows support at
 Vision and Mission                                         agency’s sponsored events, and initiates community
 This standard addresses the agency’s vision and mis-       outreach efforts.
 sion and its level of effectiveness in addressing pover-
 ty and supporting the Promise of Community Action.         Advocacy
 This path also considers LBCAP’s ability to have the       The board, executive director, management and des-
 vision and mission articulated consistently through        ignated staff actively engage legislative, regulatory,
 the agency’s message to the community and fulfilled        and/or community institutions to focus, support, and
 through its daily operations and activities.               advocate issues affecting the low-income community.

      Charting a course that you believe is wise, then adjusting that course as you
                           gain more information and experience. (Wilder Foundation)

 Continuous Engagement
 This standard considers the level
 of engagement and visibility from
 the LBCAP’s board members,
 staff, partners and community
 stakeholders to be focused on the
 agency’s goals and strategies in
 the fight against poverty. In order
 to cultivate a continuous improve-
 ment process for addressing pov-
 erty, succession strategies need
 to be in place for board members
 and employees.

 Active Board Participation
 The board membership is knowl-

34                                               2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                                                                                   at a glance
                                                                  strategic LBCAP

Low-Income Involvement                                    and learn from them regarding key expectations
The board and agency have adopted, acted upon, or         about the agency’s programs and services.
formally supported issues specifically identified by or
recommended by low-income representatives of the          Feedback System
board or other low-income community groups.               The agency systematically assesses, tracks, and
                                                          responds to feedback collected from its targeted
Noteworthy Community Recognition                          key stakeholders about the agency’s programs and
and Innovation                                            services. The agency systematically produces formal
The agency has an established track record of inno-       reports using trends and comparative customer/
vation and community recognition for its achieve-         constituent feedback data.
ments and commitment to its mission, vision, and
operations.                                               Customer Focus
                                                          The agency systematically collects, tracks, and reports
                                                          stakeholders’ satisfaction results with programs and
Strategic Path 2: Stakeholders                            uses this information as part of its performance
                                                          management and improvement strategies.
Key Stakeholders
The agency has identified a group of key customers,       Internal Customers
constituents, partnerships, and other stakeholders,      The agency has adopted a systematic approach
including funding sources and has deployed multiple      for internal customers to solicit feedback from
listening mechanisms to actively listen, understand      the agency’s stakeholders about the efficiency
                                                                          and effectiveness of internal
                                                                          operations, procedures, and work
                                                                          environments, and tracks such
                                                                          information as part of the agency’s
                                               The    future              performance management system.
                                               belongs to those
                                               who invent it.               The agency assesses, tracks, and
                                                                            reports the benefits and impact of
                                                                            current financial and non-financial
                                                                            partnerships and identifies strate-
                                                                            gies and opportunities to expand
                                                                            local relationships that support the
                                                                            organization’s strategic and opera-
                                                                            tional goals. The agency also col-
                                                                            lects, analyzes and tracks data on
                                                                            partnerships to improve current re-

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                   35
              strategic paths

 lationships or establish new partnerships.                 a current and regularly updated supplier list of goods
                                                            and services and specific solicitation of bids from
                                                            minority and disadvantaged business owners.
 Strategic Path 3: Programs and Services
                                                            Information System Technology
 Service Delivery System                                    The agency has an effective, technically proficient,
 The agency effectively and efficiently delivers a ser-     and highly interactive information system that links
 vice system of intake, eligibility, assessment, and case   agency programs and services and maintains real-
 management and ensures that customers’ expecta-            time, accurate counts of individuals served and level
 tions are met and results support the overall agency’s     of participation (services per customers) so that the
 goals and desired outcomes.                                agency can respond quickly to the needs of the agency
                                                            and stakeholders. In addition, the information system
 Impact on Self-Sustainability                              allows the agency to monitor and track the progress,
 The agency systematically collects, tracks, and reports    success and integrity of the programs and services.
 the agency’s progress and accomplishments toward
 moving individuals and families from poverty to            Knowledge Management
 self-sufficiency. The agency informs the board, staff,     The staff has access to reliable and accurate information
 and the broader community its progress and results         from the information management system so that
 in addressing the causes, conditions and impacts of        they can be well versed in the customers’ needs, level
 poverty for individuals, families, and the community.      of participation, and program satisfaction. The system
 The six national Results-Oriented Management and           also allows staff to monitor progress and results
 Accountability (ROMA) goals are fully integrated into      towards the agency’s objectives and goals.
 the agency’s strategic and operational approach and
 are utilized as part of the organization’s performance
 management and reporting system.                           Strategic Path 5: Human Resources

                                                            Employee Engagement/Participation/Well-Being
 Strategic Path 4: Operations                               The agency’s staff members are actively engaged and
                                                            have the necessary equipment, tools, and supplies to
 Infrastructure                                             achieve excellence in their jobs. The agency’s work
 A formal building and equipment maintenance system         environment is also safe, secure, and supportive.
 is in place to support regular inspections/maintenance
 and upkeep services that follow a periodic, pre-set        Personnel Systems, Policies and Procedures
 schedule.                                                  The agency’s personnel procedures and employee
                                                            records are compliant with employment-related federal
 Purchasing/Procurement                                     and state laws and a formal personnel handbook is in
 A formal procurement system is in place to maintain        place. A compensation plan including a formal salary

36                                               2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                                                                   strategic paths

structure and benefits package is in place to address      agency’s financial health is sound and audit reports
the employees’ medical and retirement needs.               are in compliance.

Employee Performance Management                            Financial Management System
The agency’s job descriptions and performance              The agency’s financial management system provides
evaluation criteria are clearly linked to and support      financial trend data, including cost efficiency ratios,
the agency’s stated strategic goals, strategies, and       allows management and applicable staff ready access
performance measures.                                      to pertinent program data and financial information,
                                                           and is integrated into the agency’s performance
Staff Development and Learning System
                                                           management system.
The agency assesses employee-training needs
and deploys a formal and systematic approach for
                                                           Funding Sources
conducting staff skill and professional development.
This includes an employee orientation training that        The agency’s funding management system ensures
covers the Promise of Community Action, the agency’s       that the organization is in good standing with
vision, mission, goals, and objectives.                    current funding sources and provides a financial
                                                           dashboard system for users to have timely access to
Low-Income Staff Opportunities                             financial information in order to track program data,
The agency promotes hiring of low-income individuals       performance, and spending. The agency deploys
and ensures that low-income community members              strategies to expand existing funding as well as
are informed of and have opportunities to apply for        acquire new funding sources.
employment with the agency.

Human Resources Results                                    Strategic Path 7: Communications/Public
The agency systematically collects, tracks, and reports    Relations
employee feedback, well-being, and satisfaction in
order to assess and improve its internal administrative,
                                                           The agency has adopted and deployed a formal
operational, and work processes.
                                                           communication plan to convey a consistent brand
                                                           image and positive agency news about its programs,
                                                           activities, and overall success. This plan includes
Strategic Path 6: Financial
                                                           utilizing a variety of communications media with
Financial Health and Accountability                        customers and community stakeholders, including
The agency meets regulatory requirements, is in            periodic press releases, newsletters, media events, and
good standing with current funding sources and             reports. The effectiveness of the plan, its message,
required accreditation entities, and demonstrates          and public perception of the agency are assessed and
high integrity in its annual risk assessment report. The   measured periodically.

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                    37
                                              environmental scan analysis

            plotting our coordinates
Environmental Scan Analysis                             Internal Weaknesses
During Phase II, Dr. Sweet conducted quantitative and   Weaknesses are the deficiencies in resources or com-
qualitative environmental analyses with the Board of    petencies that can impede the agency’s performance.
Directors (BOD), the Strategic Planning Committee
(SPC) and a Staff Focus Group (SFG) and obtained        External Opportunities
feedback regarding their perceptions of the agency’s    Opportunities are favorable situations in the agency’s
internal strengths and weaknesses and the external
                                                        remote and industry environment.
opportunities, threats, and trends of the remote and
industry environments.
                                                        External Threats
                                                        Threats are unfavorable situations in the agency’s re-
Internal Strengths
Strengths are the distinctive core competencies, re-    mote and industry environment.
sources, and capabilities that are the basis for the
agency’s accomplishments and progress towards ful-
filling its mission.

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                39

              internal strengths

 • Board diversity
 • Dynamic board of directors with core areas of expertise
 • Key board members demonstrate commitment and participation

 • Strength-based leadership of Executive Director
 • Ability to respond to opportunities and lead agency in the right direction
 • Proven track record of providing program deliverables
 • Ability to meet deadlines
 • Professional standards in communications and staff interactions
 • Reputation as a leader in the communities

 • Quality partnerships due to the selection criteria and the high service standards
   we set for ourselves and others

 Programs and Services
 • Direct provider of education, training, programs and services
 • Comprehensive menu of programs and services
 • Addresses the needs of the low-income families in our community
 • Creative and innovative programs that receive high praise and recognition
 • Proven track record of program delivery, compliance, and reporting
 • Participant satisfaction with programs/services
 • Strong professional youth presence

 • Facility is centrally located and accessible to our customers and stakeholders
 • Effective use of the available office space
 • Effective operational processes and procedures are in place
 • Staff is provided with the necessary equipment and tools to do their job

40                                              2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                                                                       internal strengths

• Provides up-to-date technology (e.g., cell phones, laptops, etc.) for staff as well as for customers (e.g.,
  computer lab, computer classes, and LAMP video production, etc.).
• Available and reliable information technology services

Human Resources
• Excellent employment opportunities and growth in professional abilities
• Employee focused organization (e.g., employees are happy with the work atmosphere, salary and
  benefits, flexibility with work schedules), etc.

• Passionate about our purpose and our clients
• Experienced and dedicated staff
• Strong skills, knowledge, and abilities
• Good teamwork, cooperation, and reliance on each other
• Outgoing, personable and approachable staff

• Strong commitment, capabilities, and enthusiasm
• Extensive skills, experience, and interest
• Delegates appropriate workload
• Supportive (i.e., employee guidance and responsive to issues)
• Attends weekly management meetings
• Timely completion of tasks
• Performance tracking of staff
• Good employee guidance

• Financially sound
• Strong budget
• Fiscal policies in place
• Strong compliance
• Stable funding base
• Good funder relationships
• Ability to get funding through grant writers and other means

Communications/Public Relations
• Social Media (i.e., Broadcast, You Tube, Facebook)
• Advertisements

Strategic Planning
• Newly revised vision and mission
• Strategic planning meetings

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                   41

             internal weaknesses
 • Lack of full board attendance, participation, and engagement at board
   activities (i.e., meetings, and conferences) and staff events
 • Limited community outreach efforts
 • Lack of board training

 • Lack of a formal agency evaluation system (i.e., milestones & impact)
 • Preliminary stage of establishing political contacts and relationships
 • More company-wide communications (i.e., all staff need bulletins and meetings)

 • Community partnerships with influential partners needs improvement

 Programs and Services
 • Lack of formal survey/evaluation of programs and services offered to our customers
 • Outreach to a more diverse community
 • Lack of communication between departments about programs/services
 • Need greater member participation (i.e., parents, students, community) in our programs and services

 • Agency growth may outpace facility space
 • Internal operations need to embrace the “going green” movement
 • Lack of comprehensive set of operational reference documents
 • A more comprehensive website needs to be in place

 Human Resources
 • Lack of formal staff recognition program
 • Lack of a company-wide pay structure to ensure fair and equitable pay
 • Limited training opportunities for staff and management
 • Organizational “culture clash” between existing/newer employees
 • Low engagement/disconnection between departments and staff members

 • Need to upgrade the investment strategy
 • Absence of a formal fund development strategy
 • Lack of fund raising strategies

 Communications/Public Relations
 • Lack of brand identity and awareness
 • Limited publicity
 • Marketing brochure needs to be updated

42                                            2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                                               significant accomplishments

             reflecting on our
                  2010 journey
To establish a baseline of the current state of the      Providing Local, Regional,
agency, the SPC reflected on the major accomplish-       and National Leadership
ments and the significant progress that have been
made in 2010 towards the fight against poverty.
                                                         • Chair of LBPD Chief’s African-American Advisory
                                                           Committee and WIB youth council
Here are some of the highlights of the work that
LBCAP has accomplished in 2010 in support of its
commitment towards building and sustaining an
enriched community:

Building Partnerships and Engaging
Leaders to Reduce Poverty

• $345,000 distributed to community partners
  for infrastructure, program development
  and implementation.
• $3,945 provided for staff development, retention
  or training for community partners
• Awarded $71,500 annual contract to be the new
  youth program provider at The Villages of              • Darick J. Simpson, Executive Director, is a well-
  Cabrillo’s Path Ventures                                 known and respected StrengthsQuest trainer
• Received $61,125 contract to provide Green Jobs          and motivational speaker for CAL/NEVA and other
  Training for up to 50 low income teens                   Community Action Partnerships
• 1.5 acres donated by The Salvation Army to create      • Darick J. Simpson and April Pongtratic were
  two community gardens (for at least three years)         well-received presenters of “Social Media
• Provided 20 agencies with access to the Self             Marketing Strategies” at both the Regional and
  Sufficiency Calculator. Over 90 individuals were         National CAP Conferences
                                                         • Host agency of the Cal/Neva conference reception
• Requests are being made to have one-on-one
                                                           for attendees, including CSD representatives and
  meetings with every Congressional representative,
                                                           CEOs and staff of other California Community
  State Legislator, County and City official to advise
  them of ELEAT progress and LBCAP.                        Action Agencies

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                  45
            significant accomplishments

 Touching People’s Lives                                  • Grant writing efforts
                                                             – Three proposals working - $400,000
 • Recognized at NAACP Founders Dinner                       – Five proposals submitted (pending a response) -
 • Recognized for involvement with Fulfilling the             $625,000
   Promise Campaign                                          – 29 additional grant prospects - $3,150,000
 • Recognition as a Partner of Re: Boot Haiti Project
   and LA Prom Closet
 • Recognition from political offices (Governor’s
   office, Senator’s office, Assembly person’s office,
   Council member’s office, and Mayor’s office)
 • LAMP Youth Program recognized by
   council member’s office and BLAST
 • Recognized Organizer of Digital Media Arts
 • Appeared in
     – Signal Tribune for Ground-Breaking
       Garden Ceremony                                    Educating and Caring for Our Children
     – Press-Telegram (and website) for
       ELEAT Announcement                                 • Over 1,000 youths served every day after school
     – Press-Telegram (and website) for
                                                          • $500,000 savings in child care cost for parents
       Goodwill SOLAC Partnership
                                                          • Up to 51% improvement in math test scores in
                                                            certain categories
 Leveraging Resources to End Poverty
                                                          • Over $90,000 in total earnings for low-income
                                                            teens in summer internship program.
 • Awarded $1.6 million in American Recovery
   and Reinvestment Act Funds.                            • Served over 200 students during the Winter,
     – All ARRA funds were expended by the                  Spring, and Summer breaks
      September 30, 2010 deadline in accordance           • 80 low income youth were provided free lunch
      with contract guidelines                              during the 8 week summer break
 • Received $50,000 from the Long Beach
   Community Foundation to develop and implement          Strengthening Our Customers
   the Fathers First program
 • Received $10,000 grant from AT&T to implement          • Over 250 students trained through SEEP, CSC,
   a post-graduation planning component                     and ESL with a completion rate of over 90%
                                                          • $53,000 provided for family support services such

46                                               2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                                                 significant accomplishments

 as rental assistance, utility assistance, clothing,   Advertisement
 tools and transportation assistance.                     – Palacio Magazine
• Provided Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)         – Television & Radio PSA
  to over 200 individuals and families.
  – Total Earned Income Tax Credit $99,995             Feeding the Hungry
  – Average EITC per family $1,471
                                                       • Grow A Lot. Give A Lot will provide fresh fruit
  – Total Child Tax Credit $14,099
                                                         and vegetables to the 1,700 that visit the
  – Average Child Tax Credit per family $705             Salvation Army food pantry each week

Keeping Homes Warm and                                 Embracing Information Technology
Making Them Green
                                                       Secured the services of a new Information
Utility Assistance (9/1 - 11/5)                        Technology Services vendor allowing the agency
  – 2,725 households served                            to meet its rapidly expanding technology needs,
  – $ 925,775.00 allocations spent                     including the deployment of:
  – Community Agencies - Identified                    • Two new servers
   for Sub-Site Location
                                                       • One major database application, ServTraq, which
                                                         has allowed the agency to serve over 2,300
SCE - Energy Management Assistance Program
                                                         clients between August 30 and October 29
  – 3,514 applications processed                       • 23 desktops
  – 2011 - Leveraging with LIHEAP                      • 18 laptops
                                                       • 54 Macbooks in three mobile labs
SCG - Direct Assistance Program
                                                       • 26 cellular phones
  – 315 applications processed
                                                       • 23 mobile broadband cards
  – 2011 - Leveraging with LIHEAP                      • Three T-1 voice/data lines at the agency
                                                         headquarters and satellite facilities
Home Weatherization
                                                       • Two PBX phone systems at two satellite facilities.
   – Identified approximately 186 homes to
     be weatherized; 46 are home owners.
                                                       Introduced automated systems
                                                       and processes
                                                       • 1513 checks~ $3.2 million processed with
   – ELEAT logo, brochures and education booklets
                                                         automated checking printing system
                                                       • 2,940 resumes processed with a newly created
                                                         online recruitment tracking system

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                 47
           significant accomplishments

 Social Media Marketing                                • Improved traffic flow and added five additional
                                                         parking spaces by restriping the headquarter’s
 Facebook                                                parking lot.

 • 190 Friends                                         • Constructed semi-private interview rooms
                                                         with mobile partitions which allow for clients to
 • 147 Fans
                                                         be quickly served in a more confidential
 • 21 Monthly Active Fans                                environment.
 • 147 “Likes”                                         • Newly formed Green Committee to promote
                                                         awareness and encourage participation in
 Twitter                                                 environmental friendly processes and procedures
 • 247 Followers                                         in the workplace.

 • 12 Listed Groups
                                                       Facility Expansions
                                                       • Atlantic Office (fully operational)
                                                       • 15 office staff
 • 661 Channel Views
                                                       • 8 field staff
 • 2080 Total Upload Views
                                                       • Hamden Office (ready for occupancy by
 New website scheduled to launch in January              December 2010)
 2011 with the following features:                     • 4 office staff
 • Intranet                                            • 6 field staff
 • Google Language translator                          • 15 staff from Los Angeles Conservation
 • Drop-down Menus for each page with unlimited          Corps Network
   add on pages
 • Specialized Design                                  Enriching our Staff’s Lives
 • Photo Gallery
 • Ability to update and maintain website in-house     • $755 provided for staff development, retention
                                                         or training for LBCAP and community partners
 • Ability to add writable forms or PDFs
                                                       • Hired 19 employees for the Energy Services
 • Unlimited training to all staff
 • User-friendly format
                                                       • Created and facilitated customer service training
 Improving our Service Locations                         as part of the Customer Service Training Academy
                                                       • Formed a Social Committee and hosted the
 Facility Improvements (Headquarters)                    first Annual Harvest Festival
 • Replaced front door opener with a new,
   fully-ADA-compliant system.

48                                            2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                                                       assessing our environment

             external environment
The purpose of the external assessment is to identify       lating to the economy, unemployment, poverty, and
the trends and issues in the remote and industry en-        housing market.
vironments that will have a significant impact on LB-
CAP in 2011 and beyond. The external factors include        Environmental
social, technological, economical, environmental, and       The environmental issues and trends include factors
political issues and trends.                                relating to the environmental changes, energy assis-
                                                            tance, renewal and conservation.
The social issues and trends include factors relating to    Political
demographics such as age, gender, race, family size,        The political issues and trends include factors relat-
values, and lifestyles.                                     ing to the political and funding trends, and new and
                                                            changing laws and regulations.
The technological issues and trends include factors re-     SWOT Strategies
lating to the changes, challenges, and breakthroughs        To leverage its position, the agency pursues strategies
in technologies and communications.                         that strengthen existing capabilities or mitigate weak-
                                                            nesses. The following table illustrates how the agency
Economical                                                  can use the various SWOT combinations to gain le-
The economical issues and trends include factors re-        verage in its fight against poverty for its customers.

                  Opportunities                         Threats                              SWOT Strategy
Strengths         Pursue opportunities that are good    Use its strengths to reduce its      Strength Building
                  fit for the agency’s strengths.       vulnerability to external threats.   Capabilities

Weaknesses        Overcome weaknesses to                Develop plans to prevent the         Weakness Mitigation
                  pursue opportunities.                 agency’s weaknesses from
                                                        making it highly vulnerable
                                                        to external threats.

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                      51
                                                                      strategic priorities
                                                        strategic objectives

             planning our journey
                 for 2011
Strategic Priorities                                        measurable, and time-bound objectives for 2011.
After gathering and categorizing data from the              Each objective was categorized according to the best
environmental scan analyses, the SPC identified the         strategic path and outlined in the following section.
issues that would have the greatest impact on the
organization’s ability to fulfill the vision and which
opportunities must be capitalized upon immediately to
achieve the agency’s mission. To select and prioritize
the strategic issues that would be addressed in 2011,
the SPC considered the following criteria:

Internal Capabilities Needed for External Effect
The SPC realistically assessed the issues that the
agency has the current capability and influence to

Focus on the Vital Few
To efficiently allocate and manage its limited resources,
the SPC decided to select a realistic number of issues
that would have the greatest impact in 12 months.

Return to the Goals, Mission, and Vision
The SPC ensured that each strategic issue that was
considered a priority related directly back to the goals,
mission and vision of the agency.

For each strategic issue identified and prioritized, the
SPC defined the outcome that would be realized if the       Strategic Objectives
agency were to be successful in addressing the issue        Objectives are statement of results and include
fully. Given the desired outcome for each issue, the        specific, measurable, and time-bound attributes. For
SPC brainstormed various strategies for addressing          each objective, the SPC identified which of the five
the specific issue. Next, the SPC selected the optimal      goals would be addressed if the agency were to be
strategies and translated these strategies into specific,   successfully in achieving the objective

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN                                                   53
                                                                      Leadership Strategic Path

                                                                  Outcome                           Strategy                           Objectives

                                                                To determine whether the          1. Complete a feasibility study.   1. Present the feasibility study to
                                                                agency can and should establish   2. Disseminate the feasibility     the Board of Directors by 6/30/11.    • •     •
                                                                a CAZ in Long Beach.              study to key stakeholders.         2. Present the feasibility study to
                                                                                                                                     the 9th District Council Office
                                                                                                                                     and designated neighborhood
                                                                                                                                     committees by 10/31/11.

                                                                To increase civic engagement      1. Develop advisory guidelines     1. Develop advisory guidelines for
                                                                in Long Beach                     for youths and adults.             older youths and adults by 7/1/11.    • •     •
                                                                                                  2. Develop an advocacy             2. Complete training of 20 older
                                                                                                  institute to train constituents    youths (18 - 24) and adults
                                                                                                  to advocate for themselves.        in advocacy by 12/15/11.

                                                                To enhance board participation    1. Increase board’s awareness      1. Create and distribute
                                                                and advocacy towards our          and knowledge of LBCAP’s           Board communication/PR                • •
                                                                fight against poverty.            and the CAP movement.              materials by 1/31/11.
                                                                                                  2. Define the Board’s role and     2. Present a Board of Directors
                                                                                                  participation in advocacy.         Manual by 5/31/11.
                                                                                                  3. Establish an advisory board.    3. Conduct orientation meeting for
                                                                                                                                     new advisory members by 12/31/11.

2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                                                                      Programs & Services Strategic Path

                                                                  Outcome                               Strategy                                Objectives

                                                                Establish an evaluation system        1. Develop agency wide programs         1. All programs and services
                                                                for programs and services             and services evaluation tool.           pre-evaluated by 9/30/11.               •
                                                                that will deliver quantitative
                                                                and qualitative results.

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN
                                                                      Operations Strategic Path

                                                                  Outcome                               Strategy                                Objectives

                                                                Prepare for a building acquisition    1. Develop building acquisition plan.   1. Present the agency’s
                                                                plan in 2012+ to provide greater                                              acquisition plan to the Board   •   •
                                                                client engagement and accessibility                                           of Directors by 9/30/11.

                                                                to our programs and services.
                                                                      Human Resources Strategic Path

                                                                  Outcome                                 Strategy                              Objectives

                                                                An ongoing supply of well trained,      1. Establish career paths and         1. Publish a career path manual
                                                                broadly experienced, well-motivated     identify training opportunities and   to all staff by 8/31/11.                •
                                                                individuals who are ready and able      on-the-job experiences to prepare
                                                                to step into key positions as needed.   employees for succession planning.
                                                                An attractive benefit to improve
                                                                recruitment and retention
                                                                strategies of qualified staff.

2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                                                                      Financial Strategic Path

                                                                  Outcome                              Strategy                         Objectives

                                                                Decrease payroll-processing times,   1. Automate the agency’s         1. Implement new payroll/human
                                                                reduce paperwork, and make           payroll and HR process through   resources system by 6/30/11.             •
                                                                pertinent payroll and human          the use of technology.
                                                                resources information accessible

Long Beach Community Action Partnership • 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN
                                                                to applicable managers and
                                                                individuals as they need them.

                                                                To expand and diversify              1. Increase funding from new     1. Secure additional funding
                                                                our revenues to ensure               public and private sources.      of $200,000 by 9/30/11.              •       •
                                                                continued growth.                    2. Generate revenue from
                                                                                                     programs and special events.

                                                                      Communication/PR Strategic Path

                                                                  Outcome                           Strategy                                Objectives

                                                                To ensure significant community   1. Publicize LBCAP efforts to           1. Board of Directors activities
                                                                attendance and constructive       address poverty and invite the          will be attended by a total of     • •
                                                                input at Board activities.        public to participate in the process.   50 individuals by 12/31/11.

                                                                To establish formal political     1. Establish relationships with         1. Receive 10 letters of support
                                                                support for the promise of        legislators and their staff.            from local, regional and state     • •
                                                                Community Action Partnership.                                             legislators by 08/31/11.

2011 STRATEGIC PLAN • Long Beach Community Action Partnership
                                        strategic planning
                           VISION                                                         MISSION
             To be the recognized leader creating the standard for          We are passionately committed to providing dynamic

              service excellence in the fight against poverty. Long         pathways to self-sustainability for low income

               Beach Community Action Partnership collaborates              individuals and families through advocacy, education,

               with a cohesive alliance of partners and stakehold-          and energy assistance. With our collaborative

                ers offering innovative programs and services that          partners, community resources, and strength-

                 promote self-sustainability, celebrate community           based leadership, we coordinate and mobilize

             diversity and cultural differences while preserving the        comprehensive training and technical assistance vital

                           dignity and integrity of each individual.        to building and sustaining an enriched community.

Goal 1             Goal 2                         Goal 3                         Goal 4                 Goal 5
Recognized         Advocacy                       Gateway                        Standard for            Innovative Programs &
Leader                                                                             Service               Services

                                                              Strategic Paths
Leadership    Customers, constituents, partners   Programs & Services   Operations   HR              Finance   Communications/PR

Strategic Priorities
Annual Operating Plan

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