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									                               CENTRAL SUSQUEHANNA INTERMEDIATE UNIT
                                     90 Lawton Lane – Milton, PA 17847

                                           JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE: Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Out of School Time (OST) Coordinator

ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIP: The STEM OST Coordinator reports directly to the Statewide
Afterschool/Youth Development Network (PSAYDN) Director and in their absence the Senior Program
Development and Organizational Manager.

JOB DEFINITION: The STEM OST Coordinator has primary responsibility for the activities necessary to
increase awareness of the importance and impact of quality afterschool programs as well as develop and
promote practice and policy that supports sustainable quality programs. The coordinator will be responsible
for technical assistance, program planning and coordination, and delivery of trainings and coalition meetings
and partnership activities; information gathering and development of resources and products to support
Network goals.

Project Development and Planning:
          1. Work with team members to develop project action plans and implementation strategies to
              reflect goals and objectives of PSAYDN.
          2. Implement the STEM OST pilot program
          3. Ongoing research of model programs and projects in related areas
          4. Prepare materials for posting on the web site.

Project Implementation:
          1. Coordinate program activities for statewide afterschool providers and STEM partners to
             reflect goals and objectives of Project Accelerate including implementation of statewide and
             regional meetings, trainings, workshops, advocacy events and conferences, provision of
             technical assistance, and preparing regular correspondence to the field.
          2. Coordinate web-based and in-person training activities for PSAYDN partners and members.

Public Outreach and Promotion:
          1. Develop and implement in collaboration with the Project Accelerate Leadership Committee
             and Workgroup public awareness and outreach plans to reach targeted audiences including
             afterschool providers; parents; youth; government, K-12 education, higher education and
             business sectors; local, state and federal elected officials; and other stakeholders.
          2. Develop materials as needed for Project Accelerate meetings in partnership with PSAYDN
             Director, CSC Resource Development Staff and/or consultants.

Communications and Networking
        1. Develop and implement strategies to network and share STEM resources, best practices,
           training and funding opportunities among providers of afterschool and youth development
           programs, PSAYDN members, partners, and stakeholders.
        2. Coordinate Project Accelerate communications products such as, Take Ten; Newsletter
           STEM editions; list-serve and/or social network platform through ongoing research of model
           programs and projects in related areas.
        3. Prepare written and oral communication including reports, media releases, and stakeholder
STEM Afterschool Coordinator
                 and public information materials.

             1. Develop and maintain contacts with appropriate Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit staff,
                other service agencies and other related Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit programs.
             2. Attend Pennsylvania Departments of Education and Labor and Industry-sponsored workshops
                and relevant stakeholder meetings regarding project implementation.
             3. Participate in Center staff meetings and participate in special meetings and/or task force
             4. Attend specified conferences and trainings to inform and engage stakeholders in the STEM
                OST Systems Action Plan as well as remain current in the field.

Data Collection/Evaluation
          1. Train providers in use of data collection instruments to demonstrate effectiveness of trainings
              and programs.
          2. Assist with data collection and processing
          3. Assist with preparing reports.

Grant Writing
         1. Collaborate with CSC Staff and the PSAYDN Director in writing grant and other funding
             proposals to develop and sustain the PSAYDN STEM OST Systems Building Goals.

      Other duties as assigned

     Minimum requirements are a Bachelor's Degree in education, one of the social sciences or in
       Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM), and 5 years related experience.
     Extensive knowledge and experience in effective youth development and/or afterschool practices.
     Excellent writing skills, including experience in promotional and technical writing for
       professional publications including resource and research articles, grants, web newsletters and
     Excellent verbal skills, including excellent public speaking skills and public speaking experience.
     Experience in development and delivery of professional trainings.
     Excellent research skills, utilizing the internet as well as print and other sources.
     Excellent critical and analytical thinking skills.
     General understanding of program evaluation methodologies.
     Understanding of adult theories of learning and organizational training.
     Ability to prioritize and organize multiple activities.
     Ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with colleagues and clients both internal
       and external.
     Experience in program planning and development.
     Experience with work involving children, adolescents and families.
     Word processing experience, skills in Microsoft Office programs.
     Current Act 151 (Child Abuse) and Act 34 (Criminal Record) and Act 114 (FBI Fingerprint)
       clearances are required.

      Ability to use keyboards, monitors and computers without assistance
      Ability to use a telephone without assistance
STEM Afterschool Coordinator
            Lifting boxes and moving materials for meetings/conferences up to 25 lbs
            Ability to travel to variety of work locations

      12-month position
      Overnight travel for site visits, meetings and conferences.
      Attendance at work is a requirement of this position; any and all absences must be approved by
       the immediate supervisor.

   1. All property, including intellectual property, materials, equipment or actual products and services
      developed or accrued as part of the job duties and responsibilities listed above, is the property of the
      CSIU. It may not be used for personal profit or gain and will be relinquished to the CSIU upon
      termination of employment from the CSIU.
   2. The person employed in this position shall maintain confidentiality with regard to the personal and
      private information about clients and coworkers, programs and services and any other proprietary
      information accrued as a result of CSIU employment or as required by state or federal laws and
   3. The person employed in this position must adhere to all requirements identified in the code of
      professionalism entitled "Ambassadors Are Professionals, Too."

The position holder must be able to perform the essential job functions with or without reasonable
accommodation. It is the responsibility of the employee to inform their supervisor and the Director of Human
Resources of any and all reasonable accommodations that will be required

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STEM Afterschool Coordinator

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