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					                                                                                                         DANÆG Products A/S
                                                                                                                Maglegårdsvej 13
                                                                                                          4000 Roskilde, Denmark
                                                                                                         Phone: +45 - 46 38 18 00
                                                                                                           Fax: +45 - 46 38 18 01

Cater® egg whites, 6x1 Kg                                      Units
                                                               Amount in Pieces: 6 unit            EU tariff number: 35021990
                                                               Gross weight in g: 6330             Net weight in g: 6000
                                                               Height in cm: 23.0                  Width in cm: 19.0
                                                               Length in cm : 22.0                 Volume litre: 9.6
                                                               EAN number 5709176027037

                                                               Exterior packaging: krymp

                                                               Pallet layer
                                                               Amount in Pallet layer: 20
                                                                                                   EU tariff number: 35021990
                                                               Gross weight in g: 134000           Net weight in g: 120000

                                                               Exterior packaging: Stretch foil

                                                               EUR 1/1, Pallet
                                                               Amount in EUR 1/1, Pallet: 80
                                                                                                   EU tariff number: 35021990
                                                               Gross weight in g: 533000           Net weight in g: 480000

Master information                                             Max. Temperature in centigrade:                                    5
Item no: 1002703                                               Life, unopened in fridge in days:                                105
Product: Cater® egg whites, 6x1 Kg                             Life, opened in fridge in days:                                   28
Brand: DANÆG
Type of storage: Chilled product                               Allergenes
Revision date: 14/02-13                                        Does the product contain any known allergen:                     Yes
                                                               Grainproducts containing gluten:                                  No
Product description:                                           Shellfish and products based on shellfish:                        No
Cater®egg whites are chilled, pasteurized hen`s egg            Eggs and products based on eggs:                                 Yes
                                                               Fish and products based on fish:                                  No
Serving suggestions:
                                                               Peanuts and products based on peanut:                             No
Can be used for meringue, soufflés, breading, stuffing etc.
                                                               Soya and products based on soya:                                  No
Ingredients:                                                   Milk and products based on milk:                                  No
Pasteurized hen's egg whites (90%), water, preservative:       Nuts and products based on nuts:                                  No
potassium sorbate, acidity regulator: citric acid and          Celery and products based on Celery:                              No
sodium citrate, stabilizer: guar gum.                          Mustard and products based on mustard:                            No
Preparation:                                                   Sesame seeds and products based on sesame seeds:                  No
1 dl = approx 3 egg whites. Cater® egg whites must be          Lupins:                                                           No
carefully shaken before use. Do not freeze. Cater® egg         Molluscs:                                                         No
whites used in recipes can be frozen. IMPORTANT: The cap       Sulphurdioxide and sulphitter:                                    No
must be replaced quickly after use. Put the product back       Bacteriological parameters
on cold immediately after use. Never pour the product          Aerobic bacterial count at 30°C in 1 g:                  < 10000
back into the can.                                             Enterobacteriaceae/g:                                      < 100
                                                               Salmonella in 25 g:                                      Negative
                                                               Bacillus cereus in 1 g:                                   < 1000
Energy: 180 kJ / 40 kcal
Fat: 0 g                     Fat energy %: 0%
                             Carbohydrate energy %:
Carbohydrate: 0.5 g
Protein: 10 g                Protein energy %: 95.24%


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