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     MORE THAN AFFORDABLE                                                                                                              HOME & AUTO
     The Sobeys Group Home and Auto Insurance
     Program offers so many unique features:
                                                                                                                                        EXCLUSIVELY FOR
                                                                                                                                       THE EMPLOYEES OF:   INSURANCE
     • Flexible payment options
     • OneStep™ – our 24/7 claims service
     • Waiver of premium due to disability or death
     • Automatic coverage when you replace your car
        (Exceptions, limitations and restrictions apply)

     • Automatic coverage for most new insurable items
       until your next renewal date
        (Exceptions, limitations and restrictions apply)

     • Blanket limit of up to $2 million                                                EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS
        (Some conditions may apply; tenants policies are not eligible)                        SINCE 1980
     • All current customers and anyone who calls for a
       quote is automatically entered in each of our ongoing

     Now’s the time to call for details!

     Plus, when you insure both your home and auto with
     The Sobeys Group Home and Auto Insurance Program,
     you’ll only have one deductible to pay in the event you
     are making a claim on both policies (for example, a fire
     in your house that damages your car).

     Respecting your privacy and protecting the confidentiality of your personal
     information are important to us. Please contact us for details on the many
     benefits of insuring with The Sobeys Group Home and Auto Insurance

     OneStep™ and COSECO™ used under license from Co-operators General
     Insurance Company. Underwritten by COSECO Insurance Company and
     administered by HB Group Insurance Management Ltd. Member
     companies of The Co-operators Group Limited., in association with A.P.
     Reid Insurance Limited. Discounts, coverage and eligibility vary by           Your Best Insurance        is an Insurance Broker
     province. *Auto insurance not available in British Columbia, Manitoba and
                                                                                                 Toll Free Aross Canada



WHO IS A. P REID                                           JOIN THE GROUP AND SAVE                                   ONESTEP™ – THE CLAIMS
INSURANCE STORES                                           By purchasing through the The Sobeys Group Home
                                                                                                                     SERVICE THAT NEVER SLEEPS
Our company was formed in 1980. We’re in the               and Auto Insurance Program, you’ll be able to enjoy       It’s true. Our claims service is open 24/7 because
business of designing and managing group insurance         all the benefits and savings this program has to offer.   accidents happen 24/7. It doesn’t matter when you
programs for collective groups of employees;               The more people who join the program, the stronger it     call; our Claims Service Advisors are always available
association members, or groups of small business           becomes and in the long run, the more you will stand      to assist you. They’ll start to work on your claim right
people with common general insurance needs.                to gain from this increased purchasing power.             away.

GROUP RATES EXCLUSIVELY FOR                                SAVE on home and auto insurance with discounts            And just like the OneStep™ name suggests, 80% of
SOBEYS EMPLOYEES                                           of up to 30% or more (varies by province).                claims are handled in one phone call. We think of
                                                                                                                     everything, because we know if you’re calling us, you
The collective buying power of Sobeys has enabled
                                                           HOME                                                      already have enough on your mind.
us to negotiate premium savings for members and
their employees. Call us for a free no-obligation quote    • 5-10% off if your home is less than 15 years old
                                                                                                                     Discover the benefits of The Sobeys Group Home
today to see how you can save on your house, mobile        • 5% off if your home is 16-20 years old                  and Auto Insurance Program - find out why it pays
home, apartment or condo and automobile insurance            (Ontario and Alberta only)
                                                                                                                     to be part of a group! Call today - there's never
                                                           • 10% off with a centrally monitored burglar alarm        been a better time to get a free, no-obligation
                                                           • 5% off if you’re 45-49 years old                        quote.
                                                           • 10% off if you’re 50 years or older
As a Sobeys employee, the following are just some of
the unique benefits you receive by taking part in The      Plus, when you insure your home in The Sobeys                    For a fast, no-obligation quote on your
Sobeys Group Home and Auto Insurance Program:              Group Home and Auto Insurance Program most                         home or auto insurance, call us at:
                                                           insurable items you purchase will be insured at no
Automatic coverage when you replace your car: If                                                                                    1-877-469-4768
                                                           extra charge until your next renewal date. Even if you
you replace your car before your coverage expires,
                                                           buy a new home, new jewellery or a seasonal
you’re still covered. If your coverage doesn’t change,
                                                           residence, you’re automatically protected in the event
no additional premium is required until your policy is
                                                           of a claim.

Waiver of premium due to disability or death: In           AUTO
the event that you suffer a long-term disability and are
                                                           • 10%–15% off when insuring more than one vehicle
not receiving a paycheque, we will waive your
premium for the balance of the policy term or until you    • Save 5-15% on your auto insurance when you
                                                             insure both your home and your automobile
return to work, whichever occurs first.

OneStep™: Our 24/7 claims service puts you in touch
with a Claims Service Advisor no matter when you


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