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					                          BETWEEN THE LINES
                                  Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.,
                                  Chapter 20
                                                                                      November 2005
                                                                                            Issue 82

                          PG. 6
                          Tribute                                        Chapter 20’s version of Reflections.

                                                                                                       PG. 3
                                                                       Cecil Young Wins Award

                                                                                                       PG. 10
                                                                        What’s Up with Attica?

                                            TOGETHER THEN...TOGETHER NOW
President’s Message            Placement of wreath at POW/MIA
                               monument at Ontario Beach.

                                                                                                                                         JOANNE PECK

                                 The big event for the
                                chapter this month was
                                POW/MIA day, for which
                              the Marching Unit traveled
                              to Washington, D.C., to do
                               their annual presentation
                                at the wall and at the
                               graves of the local POW/
                                  MIA’s that have been
                                returned since the war.                                                                                  JOANNE PECK

                                 Local VVA and VET Net            should bring additional revenues        past Congressmen Amo Houghton
                                                                  as we move forward. The Board of        to set up a town meeting here in
                                placed a wreath at the            Directors met to hear the LLC’s         Monroe County, so that all of the
                                POW/MIA monument at               presentation and expectation for the    local vets can have a chance to dis-
                                                                  next six months at our board meet-      cuss the future of the Canandaigua
                                     Ontario Beach.               ing in early September.                 Hospital. We had originally set
                                                                       Nancy Switzer and Madeleine        a date of October 2nd, but Mr.

                                                                  Cuciti are working on developing        Houghton was unable to make it.
                                  September was a quiet month     a plan to help veterans for the Gulf    We are planning to have the event
                              with many people working on         Coast region, and it is proving to be   at MCC. Jean Cray has been very
                              important projects. The LLC is      a difficult task with so many other     helpful in procuring a meeting loca-
                              working on implementing new         organizations asking for donations      tion for us.
                              solutions, both with the Thrift     at the same time.                            The big event for the chapter

        2                     Store and the Car Business, which        Kathleen Ryan is working with      this month was POW/MIA day, for
which the Marching Unit traveled       look for more ways to generate             ated committee.

                                                                                                                            Pres. Mess. • Free Fire Zone
to Washington, D.C., to do their       income. The chapter still plans on              This month I ask for your prayers
annual presentation at the wall and    handing out the current scholar-           for Sue Oleksyn who a few days ago
at the graves of the local POW/        ships and there will be a vote at the      underwent surgery for breast cancer.
MIA’s that have been returned since    October 10, 2005, meeting to get           Also please keep Wally G. in your
the war. Local VVA and VET Net         them paid immediately. The dona-           prayers as he has had some com-
placed a wreath at the POW/MIA         tions are still on hold for the year,      plications from his radiation treat-
monument at Ontario Beach. Dick        but the board will be determining          ment, as well as Bev Prinzing and
Oleksyn represented VVA and            in what order and if we can pay all        Rick Switzer. Please keep Wayne
we had a good turnout to sup-          of those as promised.                      Miller in your thoughts; he is in
port the event, including Jack and          On October 5, 2005, I gave            the Gulf Coast repairing all of the
Bev Prinzing, just back from receiv-   a presentation at the Lions Club           electrical facilities there.
ing the Chapel of Four Chaplains       in Avon on the Vietnam Veterans                 Let us all continue to pray for
Legion of Honor.                       Memorial and on the following              all of the homeless veterans and
    The Board, LLC and the             Saturday, Ron Trovato and I headed         their families in the Gulf Coast and
Executive Committee have been          to Attica Prison to open the com-          Texas areas, as well as for all of our
working hard to find ways of reduc-    munication with their chapter after        service men and women in harm’s
ing the budget without removing        a four-year absence. Pat Pudetti,          way. As always may God bless all of
any necessary things from anyone’s     Wayne Miller and Kathleen Ryan             you.
budget, and the LLC continues to       are all a part of the veterans incarcer-                                  Nelson

                                              Cecil Young Wins Award A Word of Thanks
                                                                                  Bruce McDaniel, Editor
                                                   Congratulations to Cecil
                                              Young, who took first place              By now, most of you have
                                              for his diorama of military         heard that at the VVA National
                                              aircraft at the ROCON               Convention last August Between the
                                              2005 scale modeling contest         Lines won the Chapter Newsletter
                                              put on by the Historical Scale      of the Year Award for chapters of
                                              Model Association/Inter-            over 200 members. I wish to thank
                                              national Plastic Modelers’          all those who help make the BTL a
                                              Society on September 18,            success-- our writers and photogra-
                                              2005.                               phers, those who supply informa-
                                                                                  tion, the people at ADNET Direct
                                                                                  who handle layout, printing, and
                                                                                  mailing, our Administrative Assistant
                                                                                  who maintains our mailing list, our
                                                                                  advertisers, and all of you who read
                                                                                  the BTL each month.
                                                                                       I also wish to give special thanks
                                                                                  to Kathy Stone, who helped edit
                                                                                  some of the articles this month.
                                                                                  Kathy has written articles and sub-
                                                                                  mitted photos for this and some
                                                                                                                             BETWEEN THE LINES

                                                                                  other recent issues, and handles
                                                                                  placement of the issues on our web-
                                                                                  site. She brings a strong writing
                                                                                  background to Between the Lines and
                                                                                  I look forward to her contributions
                                                                                  in the future.
Front and Center

                            Marching Unit                         the names on
                                                                  Memorial Day.
                            Ray Melens, Commander                      This year’s
                                 Once again our Toronto           trip to Washing-
                            Warriors’ Day Parade contingent       ton, D.C., for
                            did the Chapter proud by taking       National POW/
                            first place in the Allied Division    MIA Recognition
                            led by their fearless leader, Tim     Day was a great
                            Sturm. Tim is to be congratulated     success. I say
                            for the job he does every year in     success, because
                            this parade. He only has a handful    there were a lot of people that we    and the Honor Guard renders a
                            of members there to march, but        met or saw at the Wall that did       salute. From there, we proceed to
                            they seem to know how to get 1st      not realize that the third Friday     the Three Soldiers Statue and the
                            Place every year. Congratulations     in September is National POW/         American Flag, where once again
                            to Tim and his crew!                  MIA Recognition Day. So, being        a salute is rendered. Then it’s into
                                 Veterans Day is quickly          the kind and considerate people       the Wall, where we conduct our
                            approaching. I am still looking for   that we are, we let everyone know     ceremony at the Apex. A salute is
                            volunteers for our annual Veterans    what day it was. It always amazes     rendered, the wreath placed and
                            Day ceremony. It will again be        me about the crowd we can draw        then our POW/MIA Chairperson,
                            held on Friday, November 11th at      there. When we start out from         Gail, conducts the ceremony. She
                            6:00 PM at the Vietnam Veterans       the Lincoln Memorial, and are         lets everyone know who we are and
                            Memorial in Highland Park. I need     walking over to our starting point    why we are there. Then it’s time for

                            Marching Unit members for the         by Constitution Avenue, we get a      the POW Flag to fall out, to sym-
                            Color Guard and the Rifle Squad.      following. Many people follow us      bolize that they are still missing
                            If you have not already notified      through our whole ceremony there      from our ranks and their families
                            me of your participation and wish     at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.     deserve to have an accounting.
                            to participate, please let me know    We start out from the east entrance        When the Honor Guard leaves

                            right away. We will not read names    and march to the Women’s              the Apex, the POW Flag remains,
                            at this ceremony. We only read        Memorial, where a wreath is placed    by himself, alone and unaccounted
for. Just like our POW/MIA’s. Just      Unit, Honor Guard or both, just        with no advocacy? Together, we

                                                                                                                       Front and Center
before the Honor Guard reaches          get in touch with me and I’ll guide    will try to make a difference.
the end of March, a Halt is called      you and get you started.                    Do not feel sad for those who
and the POW Flag is ordered to               Until next month.............AT   suffer from cancer. Reach down
rejoin the ranks and the Honor          EASE!!!!!!!!!                          inside yourself and commit your-
Guard continues their exit into the                                            self to helping find answers so
distance. When we finish at the
Wall, we drive over to Arlington
                                        Agent Orange/Health Affairs            that they are ready if, God forbid,
                                                                               someone you love gets this diagno-
National Cemetery and conduct           Sue Oleksyn                            sis. It doesn’t discriminate. It goes
our ceremonies at the graves of Rex     “Cancer”                               to anyone. As always, we will stand
Dewispeleare and John Crowley.               The word cancer strikes terror    together to see this through.
Wreaths are placed, a prayer is         in the hearts of those diagnosed            God bless our troops (who are
read by our POW Chairperson,            and those who love them. You look      coming home with depleted ura-
and Taps is played. This year while     into the eyes of your loved ones.      nium exposure and cancers), their
at Rex’s grave we had a surprise        Their eyes are surrounded with         families, our beloved veterans and
flyover. The timing was perfect! It     tears and horror as they desper-       may God bless America. Peace.
was a helicopter and fighter jet fly-   ately try to console and encourage
over at the same time! Of course,
they were for another service being
                                        you. You have no choice as to your
                                        outcome - live or die. We are going
conducted elsewhere in the cem-         to openly explore cancer and face
                                                                               Meg Lewczyk
etery, but we felt they were flying     it instead of fearing it. All of you        On September 24th I went
over for Rex and John. Another          who faced war to defend and pro-       to Owego to the State Council
thing about this year’s trip is that    tect our liberties did so with cour-   Meeting where the AVVA held
as far as I know, we came in under      age. That same courage is going to     an election for officers for a cor-
budget. At least as of this writing     carry us through this task. We will    porate AVVA State Council. Val
we were under budget. So yes, all       fight for scientific truth.            Henrickson and I ran for president
in all, this year’s trip was a suc-          Rest assured that with the        of the corporation, Barbara Allen
cess.                                   amount of cancer that our VVA          for Vice President and Cherie
                                        family is facing, we all must com-     Steers for Treasurer. Val was elected
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!                   mit ourselves to openly talk-          to the State President and Barb and
     To all who attended this year’s    ing about it, sharing pathology        Cherie to their positions.
ceremonies, I say “THANK YOU            reports, finding families who suffer        Remember your TASTEFULLY
for a job well done and for helping     (husbands/wives - what cancers in      SIMPLE orders are due by
to continue to make Chapter 20 a        each). The only goal we have is to     Halloween. This is a nice idea for
Chapter to be proud of.”                live as long and as well as we can.    those Christmas or Holiday gifts.
     On Turkey day this year, let’s     To that end, we will move heaven            The Holiday Party is on
all remember to take a minute           and earth to find truth - causes,      Sunday, December 4, 2005 at the
to remember those that can-             treatments, cures, early interven-     Ira Jacobson Post from 2:00 P.M.
not be home with their families         tion, and rights to medical and        to 5:00 P.M. Please sign up or call
because they are in harm’s way this     VA benefits. I promise you all that    the office at 482-7396 to make res-
Thanksgiving. Remember what it          I will dedicate myself, no matter      ervations. Remember - You must
was like for you so many years ago,     what, to finishing this. Never again   call or sign up, giving the gender
so far from home and family and         will good, noble Americans serve       and ages of your children so that
in a strange foreign land? So let’s     their country and be dismissed         Santa can bring them a gift.
keep them in our thoughts and           and ignored as they suffer and              Because of financial hardships,
                                        die. Truth and open communica-         we are asking each family to bring
                                                                                                                       BETWEEN THE LINES

prayers this Thanksgiving.
     The Honor Guard will not           tion will lead to a better outcome     a plate of Christmas desserts in
hold their monthly meeting this         for all. Did you know that Celine      place of the dinner this year. When
month. In fact we won’t be meet-        Dion’s husband got head and neck       signing up your children, please let
ing again until the January meet-       cancer? He is cured and fine. How?     Barb or myself know the type of
ing. Again, if anyone is interested     Do connections bring you a differ-     dessert item you can bring. Thank
in joining either the Marching          ent outcome than a poor person         you. Hope to see you all there!

                                                                                                      article and photos by Kathy Stone

                           thought it would be simple,      and I wandered ahead so I would be       ily or friends.
                           just go along and help. I’d      ready to catch the group on its way.          We moved to the Wall. Tourists,
                           been to our nation’s capital     Tourists began to buzz, wondering        looking like they followed the Pied
                           numerous times, visited the      who this group was and why they          Piper of Hamlin, joined the group.
                    Wall a few times, seen the rows of      were there. Was there a special event    The still silence was almost eerie
                    markers in Arlington. I thought I       they could be part of? Had they not      as my eyes viewed the pride in the
                    had done it all. I didn’t count on      been told of some special day?           faces of our guys, then noticed the
                    the emotions, the pride, the overall         So with all this a seemingly        reflection in the Wall. My compo-
                    tribute that I would both see and       routine ceremony, I was unprepared       sure slipped and tears formed as the
                    feel as I accompanied the Honor         for the catch in my throat as I saw      POW/MIA flag and bearer stood
                    Guard for their 9th annual POW/         the flags wafting in the light breeze.   alone at the apex and the others
                    MIA ceremony.                           I positioned myself at the Women’s       marched away.
                         Even the brief walk-through on     Memorial and felt my heart tighten            I made it through the remain-
                    the afternoon of our arrival made       as the wreath was solemnly placed        der of the events wiping tears from
                    the ceremony seem routine. Start        and colors presented. I snapped          my eyes at the sound of Taps, feel-
                    here, march here, stop, salute, place   a few pictures and followed the          ing my breath catch yet again as

                    wreath, move on. I was commis-          Honor Guard to the Three Soldiers        we viewed several funeral details
                    sioned with snapping photos, so         and flag post and watched curi-          in Arlington. I sighed deeply as we
                    was pleased I could observe and feel    ously as the tourists began to form.     concluded with a group hug and I
                    free to move around.                    Several placed hands over hearts in      relaxed, thinking the somber side of
                         Friday morning found the entire    tribute; others placed themselves in     the weekend was done.

6                   group at the side of the Lincoln
                    Memorial. Preparations were made
                                                            front of the Honor Guard so as to
                                                            be in the picture taken by their fam-
                                                                                                          However, I continued to observe
                                                                                                     a deep sense of respect, honor and
                                                                          So with all this a seemingly
                                                                              routine ceremony, I was
                                                                          unprepared for the catch in
tribute throughout the remainder of     on private pilgrimages to         my throat as I saw the flags
our stay in D.C.                        visit memorials or return
     I wondered at the small flags      to the Wall for private            wafting in the light breeze.
sticking out of back pockets – these
were eventually placed at a gravesite
                                        moments. Others attempt-
                                        ed a visit to Walter Reed
                                                                           I...felt my heart tighten as
to honor a soldier’s ultimate contri-   Hospital, but were told that         the wreath was solemnly
bution, a grave found after search-     this needed advance notice
ing by area and plot number, a          and planning. At one point        placed and colors presented.
grave of someone not well known,        in the weekend, I finally
but known.                              braved my own reluctance
     I stood on the bottom step at      and touched the Wall, sliding my               So, I thought it would be sim-
the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers        finger over a name, a high school        ple, just go along and help. This trip
watching the guard change. Prior to     acquaintance. It all became real –       that seems a superfluous expenditure
the ceremony I had learned numer-       suddenly very real.                      to some, an unnecessary venture to
ous details of the Old Guard and             I, like many, skipped through       others is, in my opinion, essen-
the ceremony itself. At one point       the Vietnam Era somewhat oblivi-         tial. The public becomes aware, in
                                                                                                                          BETWEEN THE LINES

I turned to glance behind me and        ous, not wanting to read the head-       a matter of moments, that there
noticed our guys, hands over hearts,    lines, not wanting to hear all the bad   are still soldiers missing, that there
again paying respect and honor.         things the media so eagerly shared.      are still people grieving, that there
This surreptitious view was equally     I didn’t have to cope with a loved       remains unfinished business. And
poignant.                               one lost, killed or even injured. I      unwitting participants, like myself,
     Even on Saturday, tribute was
the order of the day. Some dispersed
                                        was, for all intents and purposes,
                                        unmarked by this period of time.
                                                                                 find that not only is the trauma still
                                                                                 present, it is painfully real.              7
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     Work done at Ira Jacobson and the VVA Thrift Store
                     What’s Up with Attica?                                    reoccurring because of new staff
                                                                               advisor Sgt. Schiefer. It was sure
                                                                                                                        knocked out.
                                                                                                                             There are 177 veteran inmates
                     Ron Trovato                                               nice to have a “white shirt” escort      at Attica, most of whom were never
                          What’s up with Attica                                us from the front door of the prison     notified of the chapter’s meetings.
                     Correctional Facility Chapter 489?                        to the chapel where the meeting          Chapter officers and the veterans in
                     That was pretty much my thought                           was held. I think some incarcerated      attendance discussed ways this situ-
                     process when Nelson Peck and I                            chapters are best served with cor-       ation could be rectified. Another
                     arrived there on October 8 to attend                      rections counselors as advisors and      problem is with the call out proce-
                     their membership meeting. Chapter                         others are best off with corrections     dures to get the veterans from the
                     489 officers had asked us in and                          officers. Sgt. Schiefer, I think, is a   various blocks to the meetings, and
                     were inquiring why their corre-                           good fit for Chapter 489.                this is pretty much a crap shoot at
                     spondence to Chapter 20 had gone                               The fourteen veterans of            the present time. I asked the guys at
                     unanswered and ignored. Nelson, on                        Chapter 489 who attended the             the meeting to spread the word as
                     the other hand, was wondering why                         meeting more than made up for the        best they can to the other veterans
                     his correspondence to the chapter                         lack of turnout. They were most          there and I believe they will do this
                     had not been received and whether                         definitely a vocal, straightforward      for us. I’ll bet you a steak dinner
                     BTLs that were regularly sent in                          group of veterans who extended           we’ll have more guys at the next
                     had been received. It turns out an                        to Nelson and me every courtesy.         meeting, scheduled for November
                     employee there was deliberately not                       The chapter is having its prob-          5. Any takers?
                     sending Chapter 489’s mail to us                          lems, but I assure you they are a             A wide range of topics was dis-
                     and was not getting our stuff to the                      focused group of veterans. They          cussed by the veterans who attend-
                     veterans at Attica. We are happy to                       have been knocked down by the            ed the meeting, including the VVA
                     say that situation has been corrected                     total breakdown of communica-            Constitution (Nelson will be send-
                     and regular communication with                            tions with outside supporters, but I     ing in an updated version), election
                     Chapter 489 has been reestablished.                       got the distinct impression that, like   of officers, nominations for future
                     I don’t think that problem will be                        Rocky, they were not close to being      elections, and fundraising possibili-
                                                                                                                        ties, as well as a donation for the
                                                                                                                        Kriegers, a local veteran’s family. I
                     Searching for a job?                                                                               like the idea of appointing block
                                                                                                                        reps to put out the word of the next
                                                                                                                        meeting; it’s a good way to build
                                                                                                                        chapter leadership.
                                                                                                                             I have no idea where exactly
                                                                                                                        Chapter 489 stands at this point,
                                           presents                                                                     but I do have an idea about where
                                                                                                                        it’s going. The 177 veterans of
                                                                                                                        Attica deserve to be groomed to

                      Veterans Job Fair 2005
                                                                                                                        someday become candidates for
                                                                                                                        the Veterans Residential Treatment
                                                                                                                        Programs that are so successful, like
                                                                                                                        the one at Groveland. I have no
                      Wednesday • November 9 • 10 am - 2 pm • Free Admission                                            idea where Chapter 489 stands with
                                                                                                                        VVA although I would like to see
                          Eisenhart Auditorium at the Rochester Museum & Science Center
                                                                                                                        some type of financial statement be
                                             657 East Ave • Rochester
                                                                                                                        generated and a chapter newsletter
                                                                                                                        be reestablished. These are things

                      Meet employers with career opportunities in:
                      Health Care • Communications • Customer                                                           we can help the guys do. I will also
                      Service • Warehouse/Distribution • Retail                                                         be putting the arm on Pat Pudetti
                      Operations • Utilities • Security/Maintenance                                                     and Ken Moore once again because
                      Food Service • Manufacturing • Hospitality                                                        the men there have many benefits
                                                                                                                        and medical questions that they can

                     For All Military Service Veterans. Bring your Military
                     Separation/Discharge document (ex: DD214) if available.
                                                                                                                        better answer than I.
     Once again, I want to thank the    who made the ultimate sacrifice in
officers and veterans of Chapter 489    the Vietnam War. Please:
for inviting us in and for our most     • Respect this Memorial and the

                                                                                   Don’t miss
welcome reception there. I also want      people commemorated here.
to thank Sgt. Schiefer for coming in    • Refrain from any form of trans-
so the meeting could be held and
for immediately straightening out
                                          portation other than walking,
                                          wheelchairs or strollers (skate         our upcoming
                                                                                 meetings & events!
the problems he could resolve on          boards, bicycles, or any motorized
his own. My best regards to the vet-      vehicles are PROHIBITED).
erans of Chapter 205 (Auburn) and       • DO NOT wash any of the bol-                Membership Meeting at
Chapter 603 (Groveland) and for           lards or stainless steel posts or             Ira Jacobson Post
all they do for their communities         attach anything to them using              Thursday, November 10
and for each other.                       wire or duct tape (this causes                   at 7:30 pm
     So what’s up with Attica             oxidation and rusts the stainless
Chapter 489? They’re like Rocky;          steel, permanently damaging the            Veterans Day Ceremony
they’ll be there for the next round.      bollard).                                  at the Vietnam Veterans
                                        • DO NOT LITTER.                            Memorial in Highland Park
                                                                                      Friday, November 11
Vietnam Veterans                        • DO NOT shovel or scrape snow
                                          from granite stones since this
                                                                                           at 6:00 pm

Memorial Board                            chips the stone creating perma-               No December
Chuck Macaluso,                           nent damage.                                Membership Meeting
                                        • DO NOT sell anything or collect
Chapter 20 Representative                 contributions. The sale of mer-              Annual Holiday Party
     In order to stop the damage to       chandise       or      fundraising           Sunday, December 4
the bollards from the use of wire and     on Memorial grounds is                           2:00-5:00 pm
duct tape, and in order to protect        PROHIBITED.                                    Ira Jacobson Post
                                                                                    See the AVVA report in this
from a liability perspective against    • Understand that flowers, flags and
                                                                                    issue for more information.
people using skateboards or other         memorabilia will be collected
means of progressing through the          regularly as part of scheduled
Memorial illegally, we are attempt-       cleanup times.
ing to create new signage for the            Finally, we hope you enjoy the
Memorial. A draft of the signage is     Memorial as treat this area as sacred
as follows:                             ground. Help us keep the Memorial
     Thank you for honoring and         in beautiful condition as a tribute to
                                        those who gave all of their tomor-
                                                                                    Thrift Store
for paying your respect to the 280
men from our six county region          rows for our today.

                                                                                                     ter 20
                                                                                 Help support Chap
                                                                                                     d inkjet

                                                                                 by donating your ol
                                VVA Chapter 20                                                       phones
                                                                                 cartridges and cell
                                                                                                      e. The
                                                                                  to the Thrif t Stor
                                                                                                                  BETWEEN THE LINES
                                                                                                                  BETWEEN THE LINES
                                                                                                                  BETWEEN THE LINES

                                                                                                     s which
                                                                                  store has source
                                                                                   will pay for these

  Save the Date
                                       September 30, 2006                         and help our bottom

                                          Help Build
                       Veterans Walk
                         at the Rochester Vietnam Veterans Memorial
                       Any past or present member of the United States Armed Services, Active
                       or Reserve, is eligible for an engraved paver brick. For information
                       and an order form, please contact the Chapter 20 office at 482-7396.

                      The only store where you can buy
                      America’s Flag
                         America’s Veterans

                                                                   BETSY LOMBARDO
                                                                   Veterans Advocate
                                                                                          Get your raffle tickets for two 8 x 12 walnut and bronze plaques of the flag
                                                                      DEBRA SLOANE        raising at Iwo Jima, commemorating the 230th anniversary of the Marine
                                                                Retail Office Assistant
                                                                                          Corps. Tickets will be sold at the November meeting and at the Holiday Party
                                                                                          for $ 1.00, with the drawing for both plaques held at the January meeting. All

                     A project of the Veterans   455 South Avenue • Rochester, NY 14620
                     Outreach Center, Inc.        Tel: 585-546-FLAG • Fax: 585-546-5978   proceeds will go to the 25th Anniversary fund.
Peter M Galle                               job requiring speed and coordination        than 210 miles of pipeline connect

                                                                                                                                                         Virtual Vet
Email:                   and is carried out by the petroleum         1st Log ocean terminals to their
                                            operating companies at each port.           inland storage facilities.
Landline: (585) 272-9873
                                            Delays are both militarily and mon-             Regular contact is maintained
                                            etarily costly. 1st Log soldiers from       with combat units in the field, and
                                            petroleum                                                                                   in case of
                                            companies                                                                                   emergency
                                            work around                                                                                 require-
The POL Story:                              the clock to                                                                                ments, the
                                            off-load and                                                                                directorate
To Keep ‘Em Running                         store petro-                                                                                coordinates
                                            leum ship-                                                                                  the airlift
     More than 50 percent of all ton-       ments. All                                                                                  arrange-
nage delivered to troops in Vietnam         tankers must                                                                                ments for
is petroleum products. The mam-             be off-load-                                                                                prompt
moth operation of petroleum supply          ed as quickly                                                                               delivery.
and distribution is planned, admin-         as possible,                                                                                   On the
istered, and regulated by 1st Log’s         usually with-                                     U.S. Army Quartermaster Center and School
                                                                                                                                        ground, in
Directorate of Petroleum, located           in 40 hours                                                                                 the air, on
at command headquarters in Long             of       their          Once the product has been                                           the water,
                                            arrival.                                                                                    from large
Binh. Through the U.S. Army
Support Commands at Saigon, Qui                  The dis-
                                                                approved, it is pumped from the                                         oceangoing
Nhon, Da Nang, and Cam Ranh                 tribution of         tanker ships, through hoses and                                        tankers, to
Bay, the petroleum products are             POL prod-                                                                                   55-gallon
received, tested, and distributed to        ucts from         pipelines, to nearby storage areas or                                     drums, in
U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine,
South Vietnamese, and other allied
                                            the       port
                                            to the for-
                                                              into smaller tankers for distribution                                     large cities
                                                                                                                                        or isolated
forces, and various civilian agencies       ward areas             along South Vietnam’s coast...                                       units, the
throughout the country.                     is a complex                                                                                petroleum
     Large ocean terminals are              operation.          All tankers must be off-loaded as                                       supply sys-
equipped with modern docking and            Through             quickly as possible, usually within                                     tem of the
pumping facilities. Once the product        pipelines, in                                                                               1st Logistical
has been approved, it is pumped from        tank trucks,             40 hours of their arrival.                                         Command
the tanker ships, through hoses and         on barges                                                                                   is a vital,
pipelines, to nearby storage areas or       and aircraft, 1st log supplies nearly       continuing effort to keep U.S. and
into smaller tankers for distribution       $20,000 worth of petroleum every            Free World forces on the move in
along South Vietnam’s coast. This is a      hour to troops in the field. More           Vietnam.

                        Veterans, the following businesses have referred and participated in support
                               of the VVA Chapter 20 Car Donation Program. Please return
                                   the support by recommending and using their business!
                                         — Cindy Rowley, Administrative Manager,VVA 20 Car Donation Program, LLC
                                                                                                                                                         BETWEEN THE LINES

         HOSELTON                  JOE BISHOP                DARRYL’S AUTO SERVICE               BOB JOHNSON CHEVROLET
       909 Fairport Rd.           114 Route 104                 994 Carter Street                   1271 West Ridge Road
  East Rochester, NY 14445      Ontario, NY 14519              Rochester, NY 14621                   Rochester, NY 14615
        585-586-7373               585-265-0040                   585-342-3160                          585-663-4040
   Thank you, Joe Centanni!    Thank you, Joe & Carrie!                                            Thank you, Mike Flanagan!
                                                                                                    (Service Department)
                                    Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 20
                                         Membership Application
                                Return this application, along with a copy of your DD214, to:
                                        Vietnam Veterans of America, 1199 E. Main Street, Rochester, NY 14609

                     Name: ___________________________________                    Date of Birth: ____________________ Sex: M / F

                     Address: __________________________________                  Home Phone: (_____) _______________________

                     City: _____________________________________                  Work Phone: (_____)________________________

                     Zip: _______________ Country: ______________                 E-mail Address: ______________________ W / H

                     Chapter # ________ (if known) _______________                Sponsor: __________________________________

                     I am not a Vietnam veteran, but I want to help Vietnam veterans and their families.
                     Please accept my donation: ___________________ ❑ AVVA Membership
                     _______$10 _______$20 _______$50 _______Other ($_______)

                     Eligibility: Vietnam and Vietnam-era veterans who served on active duty in the U.S. Military (for other than training
                     purposes) between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975 (in-country Vietnam), or between August 5, 1964 and May 7,
                     1975 (for Vietnam-era veterans).

                     Term: _____ 1 year ($20) _____3 years ($50) _____ Life Membership:                       $250 (ages 49 and under)
                                                                                                              $225 (ages 50-55)
                                                                                                              $200 (ages 56-60)
                                                                                                              $175 (ages 61-65)
                                                                                                              $150 (ages 66 and over)
                     Payment Option: _______ Check _______ Money Order

                                                      VVA is a non-profit veterans service organization.
                                            Programs and services are funded by member dues and public donations.

                                   BETWEEN THE LINES
                          Between the Lines is published monthly by Chapter       York 14609. If you want to submit something on disk,
                     20, Vietnam Veterans of America. The views and opin-         call the office (585-482-7396) to check on compat-
                     ions expressed are not necessarily those of Chapter 20,      ibility. If you want your manuscript returned, include
                     or the Vietnam Veterans of America, its officers, board      a self-addressed envelope with postage. We reserve the
                     of directors, or the general membership. No subscrip-        right not to use materials we think are not appropriate

                     tion fee is charged for this publication, and inclusion      for the publication, and to edit for space and clarity.
                     on the mailing list is available on request. Between the     We’d also like to have a phone number as well as your
                     Lines can also be seen on the Chapter 20 website, www.       name in case there are any questions.
                                                                   The deadline for submissions intended for a par-
                          We welcome letters to the editor, poetry, original      ticular month’s issue is the 5th of the preceding month.

14                   articles, and suggestions. Submissions can be sent to:
                     Between the Lines, 1199 E. Main Street, Rochester, New
                                                                                  If the 5th falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is
                                                                                  the first business day following the 5th.
                                          Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20

                                                                                                                                                       Numbers to Know
                                         1199 E. Main Street, Rochester, NY 14609
                                  (585) 482-7396 • Fax (585) 482-5513 •
                        CHAPTER OFFICERS                                            VETERANS ORGANIZATIONS AND INFORMATION
President: Nelson Peck ...........................723-6267 (h)              Ira Jacobson American Legion Post #474 ..... 663-7030
1st Vice President: Nick DeLeo...............334-7043 (h)                   VA Clinic - 465 Westfall Road ..................... 463-2600
2nd Vice President: Rich Isaman.............594-8022 (h)                    Veterans Outreach Center ............................ 546-1081
Secretary: Pat Pudetti ..............................482-2387 (h)           Vet Center .................................................... 232-5040
Treasurer: Larry Schulman.......................271-6967 (h)                Veterans Administration ........................ 800-827-1000
                                                                            NYS Council....................................... 888-678-VETS
                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                    Monroe County Veterans Service Agency ..... 753-6040
Dan Corona ............................................349-1828 (h)              e-mail:
Pete Galle ...............................................272-9873 (h)      Veterans Benefits Hotline ...................... 800-827-1000
Wally Gekoski .........................................659-2563 (h)         “Veterans Bill of Rights”........................ 800-342-3358
Tom Gleason ..........................................638-7805 (h)          VA Hospital in Batavia ................................. 343-7500
Joe Harkness ...........................................889-9728 (h)        VA Hospital in Buffalo.......................... 716-834-9200
Dave Hooker...........................................544-8815 (h)          VA Medical Center in Canandaigua ............. 394-2000
Meg Lewczyk .........................................381-3036 (h)           VA Medical Center in Bath ................... 607-664-2111
Dick Oleksyn .........................................663-5255 (h)          V.V. of America in Washington ........... 800-VVA-1316
Ralph Pascale ..........................................755-2560 (h)        V.V. Memorial Fund “The Wall” ........... 202-393-0090
Jack Prinzing ..........................................624-4891 (h)        Nat.’l Lge. of Fam. MIA/POW Updates.. 202-223-6846
Kathleen Ryan .............................................. 507-9855       Richards House ............................................ 506-9060
Skip Snell ..................................................... 747-8760   The Resource Center.................................... 546-4250
                      COMMITTEE CONTACTS                                    Stars & Stripes ............................................. 546-3524
Agent Orange/Health Care ......Sue Oleksyn 663-5255                         Persian Gulf Vets, Inc. .................................. 385-4097
AVVA ..................................... Meg Lewczyk 381-3036             Operation Welcome Home .......................... 234-4694
Between The Lines .............Bruce McDaniel 482-5314                                     MISCELLANEOUS
Chaplain ................................ Tom Gleason 638-7805 VVA 20 Thrift Store, LLC Mgmt., Ruth Close.....482-8036
Chapter Gear .....................Joseph Harkness 889-9728 
Comm. Service/Pub. Affairs ....Jack Prinzing 624-4891 VVA Vehicle Donation Pick-up, Cindy Rowley ....224-8484
Constitution...............................Fred Elliott 288-5756 OR
Finance ....................................Rich Isaman 594-8022 VVA Chapter 20, Barb DiVico .............................482-7396
Historian ................................ Dave Hooker 544-8815
Marching Unit .......................... Ray Melens 392-2079
Membership ........................... Ralph Pascale 755-2560
OWH Liaison .........................Sheri Corona 349-1828          VVA CH. 20 BOARD OF DIRECTORS MTG. ATTENDANCE
POW/MIA ................. Gail Bologna-Melens 392-2079           NAME                      1/10  3/7  5/2    7/11       9/6   11/7
Scholarship................................Alice Popen 247-1024  President: Peck, Nelson     X    X    X       X         X
Social Events ..........................Dick Oleksyn 663-5255 1st V. Pres: DeLeo, Nick       X    X    X       X         X
Speakers Bureau ......................... Tony Cuva 317-1903     2nd V. Pres: Isaman, Rich   X    X    X       X         X
                                                                 Secretary: Pudetti, Pat     X    E    X       X         X
Traveling Education Display ........Pete Galle 272-9873
                                                                 Treasurer: Larry Schulman                               X
Veterans Affairs/Benefits............. Pat Pudetti 482-2387
                                                                 Corona, Dan                 X    E    X       X         X
Veterans Walk ................... Chuck Macaluso 225-8288 Galle, Pete                        X    X    X       X         X
Volunteer Coordinator ............. Kathy Stone 638-7805 Gekoski, Wally                      X    X    X       X         X
                                                                            Gleason, Tom               X       X       X         X     X
                 WEB SITES/E-MAIL ADDRESSES                                 Harkness, Joe              X       X       X         X     X
Veterans Widows International Network
                                                                                                                                                       BETWEEN THE LINES

                                                                            Hooker, Dave               X       X       X         X     X                                              Lewczyk, Meg               X       X       X         X     X
NYS Department Health:                                                      Oleksyn, Dick              X       X       X         X     X                                           Pascale, Ralph             X       E       E         X     X
Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Highland Park:                                 Prinzing, Jack             E       E       X         X     X                                          Ryan, Kathleen                                       X     X
Operation Welcome Home:
                                                                            Snell, Skip                                X
                                                                                                  X=Present E=Excused A=Absent
                                                                                                                                 X     X

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