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									Global Ride Releases Box Set of Hawaii Rides

The original series is retired and the first of 3 new box sets have been

Pittsburgh, PA, April 08, 2013 -- Global Ride Productions, has returned
to its roots to re-shoot and reproduce their most popular cycling video
series; The Hawaii Rides. This time however, instead of just 3 DVDs,
there will be 3 box sets totally at least 9 DVDs. Today’s release of the
Big Island Rides is the first with the Kauai Rides currently in the final
stages of editing and enhancing. These are all one hour cycling training
videos and are available on their website as well as
through Amazon for $24.95.

Even though the standard box set price has been $74.95 since the company
was founded, these DVDs have excluded the previous cross training section
and have instead reduced the price to $59.95. In 2007 Global Ride
Productions set out to transform the Spinning® experience into a more
cycling specific and realistic outdoor biking experience. This brand of
virtual cycling videos targets health clubs, fitness facilities, and
independent indoor cycling studios, but is loved by cyclists riding at
home as well.

In the winter of 2006, Gene Nacey, founder of Global Ride Productions
found himself spinning at a local health club to stay in shape for the
upcoming mountain bike race season. With the first class, Mr. Nacey felt
something was missing in that room, and in his mind – it was the beauty
and challenge of riding outdoors. The vision for an indoor group class
that could see what he sees when he rides outdoors started to become more
and more clear with every class he took.

After improving his fitness over the winter through indoor cycling that
year, it was clear that the experience and even the training could be
enhanced by creating an environment that brought the outside in. That set
him on the journey that today has come full circle, from the initial
exploratory footage on Hawaii to the current footage that was shot with 3
times the crew and cameras.

While this seems like a logical business endeavor, what made it unique
was his intent to create the virtual cycling experience in group cycling
classes (often called Spin® classes) in health clubs and independent
studios. To introduce the concept he took the show on the road after the
first box set was completed in 2008. Now, 5 years later, they have
tripled their production and have produced the first remake of rides that
will captivate and challenge any bike rider or serious cyclist.

“What I’m most proud of is that we have completed this project in just 3
and ½ months. While we shot it last spring, we had to get out our Spain
series before we could even touch Hawaii, but we did it. I think our
customers will be delighted with the different type of terrain and riding
this new Big Island series has to offer.” Said Gene Nacey, founder of
Global Ride’s DVDs
The second box set is set on “The Garden Isle”; the island of Kauai. This
is the smallest of all the islands, and yet it offered the most
challenging ride of all. In addition, the feedback from the Spain series
regarding our mic’ing of our coach while he was riding on the road and
being filmed was so good, we put a mic on both Coach Gino and Coach Tom
to create a more dynamic give and take of instruction and ride tips as
they ride through paradise.

The final DVD we completed in order to release the box set is Big Island,
Big Ocean View. This is meant to serve as a type of replacement for the
Oceanside ride that became sold out in December of last year. That ride,
while almost 100% flat, was one of our most popular of all the single
DVDs. Now riders will be able to purchase the upgraded Oceanside ride
for less than the original at only $24.95.

Global Ride Productions, 367 Plum Street, Oakmont, PA   15139, Contact:
christina at cyclingfusion dot com

About Global Ride Productions:
Global Ride Productions is the market leader in the virtual cycling
experience. The training DVDs are produced and used in both the home and
group indoor cycling or Spinning® environments. Film editing and other
post production work is conducted at the Cycling Fusion Film studio based
in Oakmont, PA (about 20 minutes outside of downtown Pittsburgh.), where
riders are trained for improved performance and indoor cycling
instructors are trained and certified to lead very cycling specific
Indoor Cycling classes.

Gene Nacey
Global Ride Productions
367 Plum Street
Oakmont, PA 15139

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