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Friends meeting 5th Feb - Holy Family Catholic School and Sixth Form


                 Meeting held on Tuesday 5th February 2013 @ 7:30pm
                       In Dr. Stone’s Office, Walthamstow Site.
1. 1. Present: Dr. Andy Stone (Head Teacher/Chair), Calista Feltham (Assistant Head Teacher), Joanne
Rogers (Vice Chair), Michael Maynard (Treasurer), Mary Hare, Regina Neves, Socrates, Aimee Farquhar,
Michelle Njie Susan Bailes, Alison George, Joanne Westerby (Secretary),

Apologies: Vicky Headley, Marvia Bernard-Borrell
2. Minutes of Meeting of 6 November 2012 were reviewed. `
The Minutes were agreed as being a true record of the meeting and signed off as such by
Dr. Stone.

3. Matters arising from last minutes
Any outstanding items were agreed were covered in the Agenda for the current meeting

4. Treasurer’s Report
Michael provided a Treasurer’s Report showing the difference between balances at the November meeting
and February meetings, which included the two main fundraisers since then – the November Tabletop which
had taken on the day £ 723.99 with expenses of £ 51.07 plus floats and the Christmas Raffle which had
taken £ 1,927.37 with expenses of the raffle prizes of £ 706.98. This gives a balance in the Current account
of £ 5,624.83 and in the Reserve Account (now known as the Mini Bus Account) of £ 954.54.

Andy thanked Michael for his report and for looking after the Friends banking and financial records –
especially for the banking of the coins collected from the raffle sales; Calista added her thanks for Michael
being able to collect the monies on the last day of term.
5. Feedback on Christmas Tabletop – Saturday 17 November 2012
This had been a very successful event; all the tables had been reserved and paid for a week before the
event, a mixture of regular and new sellers. Good feedback from both sellers and buyers, sellers keen to
come back again and overall the event went very smoothly. A big thank you to Andy, Calista, Aimee,
Michael, Jean and Maggie who had stepped in at very short notice to run the refreshments after Wendy was
unable to help because of ill health, and as always to Joy and the girls in the office and Kevin and Richard
whose help we could not do without.

6. Feedback on Christmas Raffle
As previously notified via both ParentMail and the Friends email the winners were:
                            1 PRIZE - Ipad mini; Winner: KIRSTY HUGHES 13.3
                       2 PRIZE –Nintendo DSI; winner: RICHARDSON TAWIAH 10.3
                       3 PRIZE - ipod nano; winner: EDEL CHAN (Shannon Chan 8.5)
                 4 PRIZE - Dinner for 2 at Windmill restaurant; winner: RORY DRAKE 7.3
                           5 PRIZE - £20.0 Westfield gift cards; winner: MR DELF
                6 PRIZE - £20.0 Westfield gift cards; winner: MICHAEL SINGARAJAH 10.1
                  7 PRIZE - £20.0 Westfield gift cards; winner: SARAH NYESONGO 12.5
                    8 PRIZE - £20.0 Westfield gift cards; winner: ERNEST AGYEN 7. 1

Michael explained that we had had to upgrade the first prize to the 32G version because of the unavailability
of the base model when he purchased it which was approximately £ 80.00 more expensive than we had
intended. The 2 prize was actually a Nintendo 3DS as the DSI is no longer available brand new. We had
also thought that we had an Ipod Nano donated to use as a prize, unfortunately this was not the case and so
this also needed to be purchased.

Andy expressed a slight disappointment in the overall ticket sales, although more sold than last year, it would
be good to aim for sales nearer £ 2,500.00 with every student purchasing a minimum of £ 2.00 tickets in
exchange for a non-uniform day and many students buying more than this minimum. However, teachers are
not obliged to collect monies from students and so there is no uniform way of collecting the raffle sales within
the registration groups at Tutor time. Calista and Andy to investigate different ways, of ensuring that all the
money is collected with the tickets, perhaps using school council members and/or sixth formers. Mary
suggested and inter-class or inter-form competition to see who could raise the most, with the Friends
providing a small prize for the winners?

Students and staff had all been very excited about the prizes given and the school had run out of additional
tickets to sell.
7. Second Hand/Nearly New Uniform Stall
Further to previous discussions, Joanne W had started the sales of these at the Subject Teachers Parents
Despite appeals in Family Matters and freshly laundered unclaimed Lost property items, we have not got a
huge range of stock, but JW felt it was something that would take time for awareness to develop. To date
she has been at the Year 8 meeting on the 17 January which sold £ 5.00 items, and the Year 11 meeting
on the 24 January which sold nothing – but hadn’t been expected to as she had felt it was more about
showing parents that if they did have unwanted uniform in a couple of months’ time when their children
finished their exams, they could pass them back to the school.
Mary will man the stall at the Yr 9 meeting on the 28 February on the Wiseman site and it was felt that the
busiest nights would probably be the Year 7 night on the 7 May and the incoming transition night in July.

8. Allocation of Friends Funds
The Friends had received 31 different bids from various departments and groups within the school which
including the intended transfer of funds to the Mini Bus fund of £ 6,666.34. With the current account
standing at £ 5,624.83, it was obviously not possible to grant every request. Calista had kindly produced a
overall spread sheet with a breakdown of the bids and also had with her the actual requests to help with the
decision making process.
In what at times was a very difficult decision making process the committee went through every bid, granting
at least part payment to every request, in the end making an overall payment of £ 5,166.34.
JW to write the letters to the relevant individual detailing the amount of money granted, Michael gave Andy
the cheque to pass on to Howard so that he could allocate it against the correct area.
Included in the successful bids were payments particularly relevant to the Friends – the Technology
Department had included a bid for the making/producing of signs for use at Friend events and the Music
Department had included a bid for the provision of restoring the wheel on the piano so that it can be moved
out of the Hall when needed instead of having to be lifted manually.

9. Forthcoming Fundraisers
       Spring Table Top (Indoor Boot Sale) Walthamstow Site
       Saturday 23 March 2013, 10:00am-1:00pm
       This event to go ahead on the above date as planned. With another meeting to be held before the
       event, final planning for this can take place at the next meeting. JW had produced a poster/booking
       forms for this which the school will print. JW to arrange normal advertising and open the booking for
       the tables in the usual way. Aimee apologised in advance, would not be able to attend next meeting
       or be available for helping at the Table Top, due to have an operation on her foot. JW wished her all
       the best and said she will be missed.
       To be confirmed at next meeting – Help for setting up and on the day, along with a shopping list for
       the day.

10. Other Fund raisers:
           o Spring Quiz Night Saturday 27 April 2013 to be finalised at next meeting
           o Jubilee Family Festival, Saturday 29 June 2013 - to be discussed at next meeting

11. Confirm Any Dates for the Arabic School
Andy explained that the Friends would need to confirm dates as early as possible for the next academic year
to give the Arabic school who use the Walthamstow site on a Saturday, sufficient notice to arrange their
school calendar and avoid any potential clash – the Table Top dates and summer fair can cause problems.
To look at future dates at the next meeting.

12. Any Other Business
Regina said she had thought that the appeal to parents (via Parent mail) for donations of no longer needed
uniform items and unwanted Christmas presents had been a good idea. Unfortunately we had not received
anything in from these appeals.

Michael said it was time again to review the need for the UKPTA insurance, he still feels that the school have
sufficient insurance to cover Friends events, Andy to check this out with Howard. General feeling is that
Friends need to be covered, and the amount involved does give peace of mind, but Andy will look into this
and report back at the next meeting which will give time to renew before the Table Top, if necessary.

13. Date of next meeting:
           Tuesday 12 March 2013 @ 7:30pm in Dr. Stone’s Office, on the Walthamstow site

                                                                                    Meeting ended at 8:50pm

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